Private, Don’t Look Ch. 04

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Author’s Notes: This story involves elements of incest (step-siblings), lesbianism, group sex, and exhibitionism/voyeurism. I would like to thank sexy_skittles for her editing assistance.


“Can I buy you a beer after work?” a familiar voice said. I looked up to see Joe standing in front of my desk. It was late Monday morning and my mind was still in a fog replaying all the incredible events of the previous evening. Erica, Kim and I had actually had the 3-way sexual fantasy they had schemed up and lured me into. And what a fabulous experience it was.

Joe continued, “You have been behaving differently today and I was thinking maybe you needed to talk again. Buy you a beer after work?”

“Yeah, great. I could use one right now.” I replied. Then I thought better than to drink during the workday and added, “See you about 5:30 at the pub.”


A little after 5:30 I walked into the pub and spotted Joe at a booth in the back corner. I supposed he knew we needed as much privacy as possible to talk. Joe waved at the barkeep and soon two cold beers were delivered to our table. We sat in silence for a moment, sipping our beers. I could tell that Joe was waiting for me to speak first.

“Man, I really needed this.” I started, “My head has not been focused all day.”

“What’s up? Does this have anything to do with your problem a couple of weeks ago?” Joe asked.

I raised my eyes up from my beer and looked straight at Joe. “Problem solved.” And a big grin opened across my face.

“What? You didn’t? You DID! You dog! Tell me what happened.” Joe spoke loud enough for the people at several nearby tables to hear.

“Please quiet down Joe. I don’t anyone else to know. May I finish my beer first?”

“Oh man, I’ll buy you another. Tell me, what happened.”

I kept Joe waiting a short time while I finished my beer. Then I waived my empty glass at him and he waived at the barkeep for two more beers.

“Did you do it?” Joe pressed me.

“Yes, I did it. Well, actually WE did it.”

I proceeded to tell Joe about my one-on-one meeting with Erica and how that sealed the deal for the 3-way to happen. I gave him some of the details about why the girls lured me into the 3-some, that it had to be with both of them together in a shared sexual experience. Then I gave him the highlights of the previous day and expressed how it was an incredible experience that I never could have fully considered.

“I am used to the man’s role of taking the lead, seducing the woman. This was nothing like that. They knew what they wanted and I think they got it. At least I am fairly sure they had their fantasy fulfilled.” I finished my story.

“How can you be unsure?” Joe asked, “You fucked them both really well, didn’t you?”

“I am still not sure what they really wanted. I don’t know if they really know what they wanted. If they wanted to experience a male cock, then ‘Yes’ they got that good. And they wanted a great 3-way experience, I am fairly certain we all had that. But I don’t know if this was a onetime event or a new direction for our relationships. They dropped hints but were unspecific.”

“So what did they say?”

” ‘See you next Sunday, Charlie.’ But we almost always see each other on Sundays. It was an incredible experience. Maybe it will happen again or maybe not. I will always be grateful to them for the experience.”

“So what is the problem? What do YOU want?” Joe was full of questions today.

“I think that is my problem. I don’t know what I want. Do I want to start an ongoing sexual relationship with two young women, together? Where could that possibly lead? But the sex was incredible. I do want that again. Maybe I should ride this out and see where it goes. However, it is important that none of us gets hurt by this experience. There are so many ways this could go wrong.” My head was beginning to spin again so I stopped talking and took a big swig of my beer. I then waved my empty glass at Joe and he ordered another beer for each of us.

“Maybe you should eat something with all this beer before you think about driving home.”

I nodded in agreement and we each ordered a large burger with fries. I think Joe understood my new dilemma and steered the conversation into other topics while I regained a grip on my thoughts and emotions. Eventually, about the time we finished our meal, Joe added some wisdom, “The three of you need to discuss this to make sure no one gets hurt. It is obviously most important to you, and probably to them as well. Then just go with it and see what happens.”

Our waitress brought our tab which Joe picked up to pay. He had only offered to buy a beer and I ended up having three with a meal. I thanked him for his generosity and his wisdom.

As I was leaving Joe’s final words to me were, “If you ever need a substitute to fill in sometime, you know where to find me.”

And he had the nerve to call me a ‘dog’. gaziantep zenci escort I laughed. He knew how to help me keep perspective.


Monday and Tuesday nights I checked for updates in Kim’s online Drive account, specifically the ‘Private / Don’t Look’ folder but there were no new updates. I was wondering what their thoughts were about our encounter and where our relationships were going. As concerned as I was, I knew I just had to take it easy and let the girls come to me. They had been driving this whole affair and I thought it best to let them continue to do so.

Wednesday morning I received a text message from Erica:

“Can I meet with you tonight?

Your place about 7?

Kim has her study group tonight.”

I could imagine a wide range of reasons why Erica wanted to meet with me alone, from very good news to very bad news. It was my nature to question all situations. Fortunately she wanted to meet in a few hours so I wouldn’t have to wait long to find out the reason.

“Yes. See you @ 7.” I replied.


Erica arrived at my door just after seven that evening. She wore a tight fitting yellow t-shirt. Looking at her ample chest it appeared that she was wearing a bra, but it must be made of a thin fabric as I could still see her nipples. I wondered why she ever bothered with the bra, but I supposed she needed some support for those beauties. She also wore a short flirty pleated blue skirt that showcased her long shapely legs that ended in her wedge sandals. And she wore a fabulous smile. She was pleasure to behold. I was dressed casually in a polo shirt, summer shorts, and sandals.

After she entered my house and I closed the door behind her she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big lingering kiss. I loved kissing Erica, maybe the best kisser I have experienced.

“Glad to see you. Please come in. Can I offer you something to drink? Do you need another bottle of water to re-hydrate?” We laughed at the reference to the ‘half-time’ of Sunday’s activities.

“Do you have one of your great red Zinfandels?” Erica asked, knowing I always kept an ample supply of my favorite wine.

“For you, only my best.” As I poured two glasses of my favorite red wine.

We walked to the media area, and I sat in an easy chair. She sat down on the sofa directly in front of me. I was remembering my meeting one week earlier with Erica on a weekday night. This time Erica was very relaxed and smiling. And I remembered the fantastic outcome of our previous meeting. Could this lead to something only better?

As Erica took a sip of her wine, I started the conversation. “I really wanted to talk with both of you. But I am okay just talking with you as I know you will tell Kim everything we discuss. We need to talk about what happened, how it affects our relationships, and moving forward from here in a way that no one ever gets hurt.”

Erica spoke up, “I am glad you feel that way Charlie. Kim and I have talked about what happened nearly constantly since Sunday and we knew we needed to talk with you also. Honestly, Kim still has problems talking with you about sex. Sometimes she still feels that you two are siblings and feels that having sex with you may be wrong. She is sometimes a bit uncomfortable with that. However, we couldn’t wait until Sunday to talk with you. So I made the effort to meet you today, even if without Kim. I assumed this would be okay with you.”

I continued with what I wanted to say, “The two of you gave me an incredible experience last Sunday, one that I could never have imagined being so fantastic. I hope that for both of you it was the experience you were seeking. But I wonder if it was a one-time fantasy experience, or whether you want something more. Where do we go from here?” I talked without letting Erica interrupt.

While I was talking, Erica was nodding her head as if in agreement. She was sitting directly in front of me on the sofa, looking me straight in the eye, her legs together and both feet flat on the floor. However, as I spoke Erica started parting her knees while her hand caused the hem of her short skirt, already above the knee, to shift up even higher to nearly mid-thigh. She was intentionally flashing me and I could clearly see she was not wearing any panties. My cock began twitching in my pants. Erica’s display was making it difficult for me to focus on what I wanted to say.

Erica replied, “Charlie our experiences were likewise far beyond our expectations. We never considered the emotional impact of the compound love that would be created from a 3-some such as we had. It caught both of us by surprise, a very pleasant surprise. When we left and were driving home, we were so emotional we could hardly talk. We went straight to our apartment bedroom, stripped naked and climbed into bed and held each other, kissed each other, and wished you were still with gaziantep escort us. I don’t think we’ve had such a powerful emotional experience since high school prom night, and this may have been even better than that. We know the sex was hotter.”

“Wow!” Was all I could say. But my eyes were fixed upon her parting legs and rising skirt hem. It was obvious she was flashing me and I couldn’t resist staring. I knew I shouldn’t be looking, but it was obviously what she wanted me to do. It was my turn to drink more wine. In an uncomfortable and sarcastic voice I asked “So what now? Back to our old routine of drinks and dinner on Sundays?” I was hoping she would disagree.

Erica continued, “Charlie you know that we often described our planned escapade as a ‘3-way fantasy’. Our intent was to experience a male cock, and to do it together. You were chosen as an ’emotionally safe’ male, someone that could not jeopardize the existing relationship between Kim and me. Kim actually did not think she would enjoy the experience as much as she did. I think she believed that, as a lesbian, it would be wrong to enjoy a male cock.”

Erica paused her speaking but not the action below the waist. By now her legs were splayed wide open and her short skirt was bunched up at her waist. While holding her wine in her left hand, she had begun fingering her slit with her right hand. I know my eyes were as wide as saucers and staring intently at her pussy as she touched herself. I just couldn’t stop myself, so I let her continue talking.

“Kim and I originally intended the event to be a one-time thing and then we would return to our loving, two-person relationship and keep you as a big brother in our lives. But we cannot do that, Charlie. The love was too intense. The sex felt so good. It was a fabulous experience for both of us. You are a fantastic lover, so sensitive to our needs and desires. And we really did not anticipate the additive love and the powerful emotions we each felt by having two lovers at the same time.”

By this point I was openly rubbing my hard cock through my shorts while watching Erica rubbing her wet pussy and occasionally sliding a finger inside herself. She was obviously enjoying herself, and the show she was giving me. I was thinking about how her pussy tasted, and how good it felt to bury my cock deep inside her. I also began to feel very uncomfortable about what we were doing, especially since her lover, my step-sister, Kim was not with us.

“Erica! We must stop. I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish but this is wrong without Kim being here.”

“Charlie, you must know by now that Kim and I share everything. We have no secrets.”

“But this? You are going to tell Kim about what we are doing right now?” I said in protest.

Erica set down her wine glass and reached over into her purse, pulling out her cell phone. As she was flipping through some screens, she spoke “We knew you would stop me at some point and protest. Just a couple of hours ago Kim recorded this for you.” And she handed me her phone with a video cued up to play. Just as I hit the play button, I could see that Erica had resumed diddling her clit.

“Hello Charlie,” Kim was speaking to me in the video, “Sorry I cannot be with you and Erica tonight. You know I need to pass my classes and tonight’s study group will be so helpful. Otherwise I would be there with you.” I could see in the video that Kim was sitting on the edge of her bed. She was also wearing a short, flirty skirt and was hiking up the hem, exposing her bare pussy to me, just as Erica was doing right in front of me. “I know you two have some serious things to discuss and I want to hear all about that from Erica later tonight. She should also ask you about rescheduling our plans for this Sunday. So if she doesn’t ask about that, please remind her to ask.” This last statement caught me a bit by surprise. Were they going to cancel our Sunday dinner? I wondered.

In the video Kim had pulled her skirt up around her waist, spread her legs, and raised her knees, giving me the best view of her pussy. She was fingering her labia as she continued speaking to me. “Charlie, if you are watching this video, then you have probably interrupted Erica, probably because you think she is doing something she shouldn’t while I am not there with you. We know you care so much about both of us that you don’t want to do anything that might harm what Erica and I have. This is another reason we love you so much. Please know that Erica and I talk about everything we do, and this evening is no different. Erica has plans for you tonight. Please let her continue. And I have a favor to ask you Charlie. Please video record what Erica is doing so I may enjoy watching it with her later. Good night Charlie.” And she blew me a kiss as the video ended.

I looked up from the screen to see Erica sliding a finger into her pussy, pleasuring herself. She had a big smile on her face.

“So you see Charlie. This was all planned with the assistance of Kim. She knows what I want to do, and she wants me to do it. Please start the video record app for me, will you Love?”

I fumbled a bit with the cell phone switching from the video playback to the video record app. Again the girls were driving the evening’s agenda and I realized that I didn’t need to worry about what we might do in Kim’s absence.

Many thoughts filled my head about the events of the past few weeks. I had learned that my step-sister Kim and her apartment mate, Erica, were lovers. They are apparently highly sexual young women who, together, decided that maybe they are bi-sexual and wanted to have a shared experience with a male, more specifically, with a male cock, with my cock. I don’t know if our 3-way sexual encounter this past Sunday was a one-time event, or the beginning of a new relationship between us. I was quickly becoming of the mind that they intended to have more sex with me, and likely on a regular basis.

Erica stood in front of me and began removing what clothes she had on, her t-shirt, her bra, and finally she wiggled her ass at me as she pulled down the short skirt.

“You are supposed to ask me about rescheduling Sunday?” I asked Erica with some hesitation. I had started the video record and captured most of her striptease.

Erica stood naked in front of me, swaying her hips in a sensual way as if slow dancing to music while running her hands over her body. My cock was getting very large and I felt the confinement of it within my shorts.

“Kim and I would like to come over Saturday for dinner instead of Sunday, if you don’t have other plans. We will bring pizza and beer for dinner and intend to keep you occupied all night long, if you will let us stay.” Erica spoke slowly with a sultry voice and she continued her dance in front of me.

This was an invitation I couldn’t refuse. In the past, after their Sunday visits, they had to leave to get back to campus. What they proposed was coming over on Saturday and staying the night, obviously implying the activities we would all most certainly enjoy. “Sounds like a wonderful idea. It is a date!” I said with some amount of eagerness.

“Keep the video recorder going.” She said as she dropped to her knees between my legs. “Sunday I had your cock cum in my cunt. Tonight I want you to cum in my mouth.”

My cock practically exploded right then and there. Erica wasn’t asking a question, she was making a statement of fact. She was going to give me a blow job and I was to record her so that Kim could watch this later. They really were a pair of sluts out to use me for their sexual pleasure. And I was loving this. I was thinking that I might really enjoy becoming their male sex toy.

Erica reached forward and grabbed the waist of my shorts. I lifted my ass off the chair allowing her to pull down my shorts and briefs. My engorged cock sprung free, throbbing and leaking pre-cum profusely. She stared at my cock and slowly wrapped her hand around the lower part of my shaft. She then looked up at my face and the cell camera and smiled. “Kim, I hope you enjoy watching this and I am sure Charlie will let you have your turn soon.”

My cock twitched and more pre-cum flowed out of the head. Erica leaned forward and licked the fluid from my cockhead. “Mmmmm, Tasty Charlie. Let’s see if I can get more.” And with that she slowly started to take my cock between her buttery soft lips and into her mouth. Soon she was bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock, occasionally pulling off and running her tongue over and around the swollen head. She had a hand wrapped around the base of my cock and she was pumping it up and down. Her skills had improved and I was enjoying a very pleasant blow job. I could see that her other hand was between her legs, pleasuring herself. She appeared very focused on her task at hand.

I moaned as my arousal increased. Sexual tingles flowed over my body. I was having problem remembering that I was recording this for Kim and sometimes the camera drifted away from the activity. Knowing that Kim wanted us to record this so she could watch it later was also quite a turn-on. These two girls really shared all their sexual activities.

“Squeeze my cock harder. Go faster.” I urged Erica on. “That feels so good.”

“Mmmmm,” replied Erica and she continued sucking my cockhead and stroking my shaft.

I lay back in the chair very relaxed as the sexual energy flowed between us. I held the camera on my chest viewing straight at her face and her hand on my cock. I could feel my ball sac draw up. My release was approaching. “Erica, I am about to cum. Do you really want me to cum in your mouth?”

“Um Hm.” She mumbled while looking up into my eyes and without missing a stroke. She was increasing the speed and the firmness of her grip, both with her hand and her lips. For a person with little blowjob experience, she was doing one hell of a job. Almost instinctively I placed my free hand on the back of her head urging her to take my cock deeper into her mouth. She responded by doing just that, not into her throat, not causing any gag reflex, but further back in her mouth.

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