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Jake walked into his side of the duplex. It was a small place on a somewhat decent part of town. He had picked it because it was a two bedroom place, and the rent was low. Very low. A few months later the other side of the duplex was rented, by a family. He had seen the parents coming and going often and figured they worked odd hours. Over a month or so, he had been talking to them, helping them out with some of the yard work, that they could not get to because of their jobs. And then there was their daughter. She looked just over eighteen. Long blond hair, and an average build. Not too thin, and with decent sized breasts. Or at least he thought they were. She almost never wore any thing that showed skin.

He rarely saw the girl, just her parents, but one day he happened to look out the window of his bedroom that over looked the back yard and saw her tanning herself. She had on a very skimpy bikini, and was laying on her stomach. Jake felt lewd, but kept watching, till the she removed her top and rolled over. It was then he noticed her belly was larger then the last time he had seen her. “Pregnant?” He said as he kept watching. He had always loved pregnant women, yet had never been with one.

He kept watching, wondering how far along she was. And then it crossed his mind. “Is she single?” He asked aloud. He watched for a minute more, then walked away from the window. For three weeks he did his best to keep the image of the pregnant girl out of his mind. He saw her outside several more times, wearing the same suit, and each time she moved closer to his side of the house. Then one day there was a knock at his door. He got up from his favorite chair in the living room, where he had settled down to watch one of his favorite DVD’s. It was nothing but Pregnant sex, and he watched it whenever he could. He stopped the movie and then he walked over and opened the door, to see the pregnant girl standing there.

She stood in the doorway with a worried look on her face. Her long hair hung loose past her shoulders, one lock curling just above large, full breasts that showed under the deeply cut v-neck of her shirt. The shirt covered but did little to hide the large, round bulge of her stomach, accentuating whatever curve was left at her waist before ending just past her hips. The blue jeans that she wore seemed to have been well worn-in, and were clearly a favorite item. “Hi.” She said, her voice feminine and soft. “Uhm… my dad said that… if I had any trouble… I should come over and see you.” There was a soft, melodic lilt to her voice that was at the same time alluring as beautiful. “They’re away… and it’s… well… kind of creepy over there. I… I was wondering…”

“Wondering what?” He asked. “Here, come on in. Better then standing out in the evening air. He waited for her to pass by him and he shut the door, watching her ass move as she walked in. “How can I help you?”

“I was… well… kinda lonely over there.” She admitted. “I’d kinda like some company… if you’re not too busy, I mean.”

“Sure, I don’t mind company. Name’s Jake.” He said

“Ashley.” She smiled as she extended a hand.

He shook her hand then walked past her to the living room. “You want to watch a little TV? Maybe something to eat?” He turned and looked at her, letting his eyes wander over her body, taking several moments to look over her breasts, then her stomach.”

“Sure.” She smiled. “What are you watching?”

“Me? I was just flipping channels.”

“Yeah?” She said, flopping down on the nearest chair “Anything good on?”

“Not really.” He picked up the remote and handed it to her, not remembering the DVD player was still on. “Want something to drink? Water? Soda? Maybe something to eat?”

“I’d love a soda… and I could eat. What do you have?”

“Cookies? Crackers? what do you want?” He asked, trying not to stare at her belly.

“Ooooh… cookies!” She said happily, placing one hand on her large stomach. “The kid has a sweet tooth.” She laughed. “I can’t blame him.”

Jake walked off to the kitchen, down the long hall from the living room. His mind kept thinking about hte young woman in his chair. He started to undress her with his mind as he rummaged through the cupboards.

As she sat on the chair, she noticed that the DVD player was on, despite no movie currently playing. ~I must have caught him just about to start the movie~ She thought. ~I wonder what one it is….~ Picking up the DVD remote with a curious expression, she pressed play and the TV came to life.

Her eyes widened at the first moan that came from the speakers, not to mention the sight of a particularly well-endowed man being sucked off by a very pregnant woman. Her jaw dropped, but she couldn’t turn away, her eyes locked in amazement and erotic fascination on the screen. “Woah….” she whispered with wonder.

He was in the kitchen for several minutes, looking through the cupboards for where the cookies hid, and after he found then, he grabbed a bag of chips for himself. Then he tucked two soda’s under his arm. “Well, so much for fun tonight.” He muttered to himself.

He was in his own thoughts most of the way back up the hall, till a loud moan pulled him back to reality. He stopped just inside the living room, standing behind her, but slightly to the side, and he froze. She sat in the chair, her eyes glued to the television. He stood there for a few seconds, wondering how to get out of the awkward situation that was sure to follow. It was only when he noticed her arm moving across her chest that he dropped the bag of chips. “Shit.” He said as it hit the floor.

She jumped, standing up from the chair as quickly as her body would allow, staring with wide eyes and cheeks flushed with arousal, looking extremely guilty. “Uhh… I… uhm…. sorry, I… the…the DVD player was on, and I…”

“Oh god, I forgot to turn that off. I’m sorry.” He replied as a loud moan drifted from the speakers. His eyes widened as he watched the man in the video stick a pair of fingers into the woman’s shaved slit. “I should have turned it off.” Between the movie and the beautiful teen in his house, his dick was getting hard on it’s own. He moved the bag of cookies lower to block it from view.

She caught the gesture, as distracted as she also was by the movie. “It’s… it’s ok.” She gave a small, shy smile. “Do… do you like this stuff? With… with pregnant women, I mean?”

He blushed for a moment and sheepishly replied. “Yeah, just never had the chance to live it, ya know?”

“I’ve… I’ve seen you watching me, you know.”

“You… You have?” He replied, and began to step back slightly.

Her smile grew a little bolder. “Do… do you like what you’ve seen? Maybe… maybe you’d want to live it out? These fantasies of pregnant women? No strings attached, just…”

“Really? You mean you’d…? You and me?” He asked, very stunned.

“Sure, why not? You don’t have any, like, STDs or anything, do you?”

“Um, I’ve not been with a woman in about six years. Not since I was in high school.” He replied, as he looked to the floor, feeling ashamed. “So, no STD’s”

“Good.” Sex hikayeleri She grinned happily. Her attention wandered back to the screen. “You know… a lot of girls don’t like porn… but I do. I like imagining that I’m the girl in the video, thinking about what the guys are doing to her, and imagining that they’re doing it to me.” She bit her lip, looking coy and mischievous at the same time. “I’ve never seen any with pregnant women before.”

“I have a few different movies, all are just pregnant women.” He replied, now looking over her body with great interest as the moans kept sounding from the TV. “Your tits looked nice in your bikini the other day.”

She grinned. “Thanks.. but y’know what? They look even better in my bra.” She winked “Take my shirt off, and you’ll see.”

He walked over to her and dropped the soda’s and cookies into his chair, then turned to her. “You don’t mind?” He asked as he pulled her close to him.

“I wouldn’t have asked you to if I did.” She smiled.

He lifted the shirt up, over her swollen belly. He stopped for a moment, then bent over and kissed her belly. Then he continued to lift the shirt up, exposing her breasts, still hiding in a lacy blue bra. He lifted the shirt up and off, then his hands went to her side, and ran down till then found her belly. “My god, they’re huge.”

“I know.” She smiled. “Like them?”

Without asking he moved his hand to her bra and began to lightly squeeze them, taking time to rub the nipples through the fabric.

She moaned softly, her moan coinciding with one from the woman on the DVD. “That feels good.” She breathed, letting her own hands move up his arms, inviting him to continue touching her.

His hands kept working the breasts through the fabric till he pulled her close to him and put his arms around her. He began to fumble with the clasp to her bra. After several failed attempts, he managed to release them from the fabric prison that held them away from him. He let the bra fall to the floor next to them as he began playing with her tits again. with each hand, he took his thumb and forefinger and rubbed her nipples between them.

“Mmm…” She moaned softly. “That feels so good. Think they look better out of the bikini?” She smirked, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations of his fingers on her nipples.

“Yeah.” Came his reply. He bent down and took one of the nipples into his mouth and began to suck on it, then he slowly added pressure from his teeth, just enough to make her moan.

“Ohh….” She placed a hand on his head, urging him to continue as her other hand stroked his back. Her eyes stayed closed and her head tilted back slightly. She hadn’t realized how much she’d needed this.

He kept working s breast with one hand, and the other breast with his mouth. his free hand began to move in circles over her pregnant belly, moving slowly and lightly. “How long’s it been?” He asked as he lifted his mouth off her breast.

She moaned again. “Seven months… oh god, this feels good…. don’t stop.” It felt so unbelievably good. Her hands began to move to lift up his own shirt. She wanted to feel his skin under her hands.

“So the last time was when you got pregnant?” He asked as he squeezed her breast.

“Yeah.” She moaned. “Bastard… ohh… he ran off… didn’t like the thought of parenthood… yeah, I like that.” She stroked his hand on her breast, as if to encourage it to continue.

He removed his shirt all the way, then switched his mouth to the other breast for a few moments, making sure to give it the same treatment. Then he raised up and kissed her on the lips, one hand still on her belly, the other kneading her breast.

She returned the kiss passionately and deeply, with a hunger inspired by his attention to her breasts. She wanted more. She needed more. “Take off your pants.” She said in a throaty whisper. “I want to see it. I want to taste it.” She smiled devilishly, full pink lips curled upward in a smile. “And I want it in me. Doesn’t have to be in that order.”

“You take them off.” He said.

Slowly, the devilish smile still on her lips, she began to lower herself to her knees, leaning heavily on the nearby chair. “You realize that, once I’m down here, I’ll probably be here for a while?” She teased. “But… I’m sure I can make myself useful.” She gave him a sly wink as she unfastened the top button of his jeans and, looking up in to his eyes, slowly unzipped the fly. She continued to look at him as she slid the jeans down his legs and helped him to step out of them.

One slender hand reached up to stroke the huge bulge in his boxers. “Mmm…” She cooed appreciatively. “Bet you’re huge.”

“I’d like to think so.” He replied as he ran a finger along her cheek bone

With a playful smirk, she took the elastic of his boxers in her hands and slid them down his legs, staring appreciatively at the treasure she’d uncovered. “I knew it.” She gloated as her hands both closed around the stiff shaft and began to move slowly but confidently in unison.

He let out a low groan as her hands moved along his length. “God that’s good.”

Without any sign that she was going to switch gears, she took one hand off and slid her mouth slowly down over the tip of his large cock, moaning happily as she took as much of it in to her mouth as she could. The fingers of her free hand raked down one leg lightly as she slowly moved her mouth further down the length of his shaft.

“You keep this up, and I wont last too long.” He said in a whisper. “Just means I get longer with your pussy.”

She began to pick up the pace a little, a few quick strokes as if to tempt fate and his assurance that he wouldn’t last long. “Yeah?” She said as she pulled her mouth off. “I think I could deal with that. We have all night, after all… or at least as long as your movie collection holds out.” She laughed before wrapping her lips around his large cock once more, starting with a teasingly slow stroke, then moving quicker once more.

“Oh god, k-keep going.” He said as his hands went to the back of her head. He began to thrust slighly towards her as her mouth came down the shaft. “You’re good.” He grunted.

“I hope so.” she said between quick and otherwise rhythmic strokes.

After a few minutes, he couldn’t hold back anymore. “Ugnn. I’m… I’m cumming!” He shouted

She pulled his dick out of her mouth, letting his cum spray on her face before putting it back in and swallowing the last spurts. “Mmmm….” She moaned. “You taste good. I might need to do that again sometime.” She looked around before picking up her bra to wipe her face off. Once she was finished, she gave his now flaccid cock a quick lick before smiling at him. “Enjoy that?”

He placed his hand on her cheek and smiled at her. “Yeah.” He replied as he nodded. “That was great.”

“I’m glad” She continued to smile

He began to drop to his knees. When he was next to her, he kissed her once more.

She kissed back, a hungry passion still behind her lips as she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close.

He broke the kiss and began to help her Sikiş hikayeleri lie on the carpet. “It’s your turn now.” He said before kissing her breasts, and undoing the top button on her pants. He moved the zipper down and began to lower the jeans.

She lifted her hips to help him slide the pants down her body. “My turn? That sounds fun.” She winked as she turned to the TV and watched a very pregnant woman being eaten out. She trembled with anticipation.

Jake pulled the jeans off her tender young legs and tossed them to the side, then he looked at teh thin lacy panties. He placed a hand on either side of her hips, and looped a finger under each side, then began to move the panties down her legs, running his other fingers on her legs as he did.

She gave a small, happy sound of pleasure as she lay there naked before him on the floor. She parted her legs just slightly for him, as if in invitation. “No one’s ever done this to me before.” She admitted. “But I heard that it feels really good.”

“Let me guess, first time was a quickie, and got you this?” He placed a hand on her belly.

“Well… not so much a quickie, he just wasn’t as interested in making sure I enjoyed myself.” She shrugged. “Football jocks.”

“Well then, I’ll have to make sure this just blows your mind.” He said as he ran a hand down the insides of her legs. “Been a while Ashley, but I think you’ll love this.”

“I’m sure I will.” She smiled excitedly, moving her legs to give his hands more access. “I can’t wait to have my mind blown.”

“You’ve been wanting this for a while, haven’t you?” He asked as his hands moved up and down her legs, taking time to slow down and brush lightly over her shaved pussy. He kept moving his hands past, then took one hand and ran it up and down the her pussy lips, barely moving them.

“Yeah.” She breathed, arching her hips toward his hand. “Quite a while. And you, too… since I saw you staring at me in my bikini. I always thought you were pretty hot.”

“You’re damn sexy yourself.” He replied as his fingers dipped in slightly, causing a slight moan. “You should have come over sooner.” He said as he began moving the finger in and out, while his other hand began to play with her breasts.

“Ohh….” She moaned softly. “Maybe I… maybe I should have… ooooh…”

He moved her leg and lay on the floor, with his nose, inches from her moist mound. His finger kept moving in and out, at a quick pace, then his tongue lightly touched her clit and moved around, barely making contact.

She gasped with the touch of his tongue. The light touch was unbelievable! It felt more amazing than she had thought possible. “God that… god… feels so good…”

He kept working his fingers in and out, and moving his tongue across her clit, He added a second finger into her tight hole, and kept pumping. His other arm stayed stretched up, and playing with her breasts, first one, then the other.

Her moans grew louder. “Oh god… so good.” She fought not to lift her hips in to his face too much… even though she couldn’t help but do so just a little bit. “Close…”

He sifted his weight to as his dick began to rise once more, his fingers moving in and out at a frantic rate, hit tongue trying to keep up, pressing down harder. With his free hand, he grabbed her wrist and placed her hand on the back of his head. He pulled his mouth away, but kept ramming his fingers in and out. “You’re in control now. Guide me.” He put his mouth back over her pussy and kept licking and sucking on her pussy.

“Oh god, don’t stop!” She protested, pushing his face back down. “Like before… oh god… I’m so close, don’t stop, don’t ever stop….”

He added a third finger, and began to suck on the clit, as hard as he could. Then he’d let it go and rack his teeth gently against it, then suck on it again. His other hand squeezed the nipples, and rolled them around between his fingers, while the moans from Ashley fought to drown out the TV.

“Oh god!!!” She screamed, her body beginning to tremble uncontrollably as a powerful orgasm took over her body. “Oh my fucking goooooooood….” She shouted loudly as her body continued to shake under his attentions.

Her juices flowed out, covering his face, yet he didn’t stop. He moved the hand from her breast and lifted her leg, hten moved to give himself a better angle with his hand. He pulled out his hand and turned it slightly, then shoved two fingers in her, searching for her G spot. As he fingers found it, he resumed the sucking, scraping, and licking her clit had been recieving. His fingers began to dance over her tender spot with in her most pussy.

Her eyes widened at the new and exciting sensation. Feeling his fingers inside her was one thing – one really incredibly good thing – but she didn’t know that there was a spot like that inside that could feel so good. Any chance that she’d had to calm herself down once his attention had been diverted from her clit vanished in an instant. “Oh my god!!!” She screamed loudly.

His fingers kept moving as he kept licking and sucking her tender clit. He pulled his head back for a second and stared at her face. “I thought you’d like that.” He said with a grin.

“Oh my god, I do…” She moaned loudly, starting to feel very overstimulated.

He began to suck harder and then pinch lightly with his teeth. Fingers rubbed the g spot rapidly and his thumb joined in on the clit with his tongue. Her body began to spasm under his, and he wanted her to enjoy every last second of this new experience.

She screamed as a second orgasm shook her body and she pushed his head away. “No more… oh god… so fucking good, but no more… let me… need to… catch my breath…” She gasped, her eyes burning with need. “I want you in me. Now.” Her voice was a low growl.

“No.” He said as the hand still in her moved over her g spot, and the thumb rubbed her clit. “You’ve got one more in you. Don’t you.” He moved his head back to her pussy, just before his tongue touched her. He spoke softly. “Once more, and I promise, you’ll get your wish.”

She gave a faint moan of protest, pouting slightly as she looked at him with her big, blue eyes, batting her eyelashes in the hope of getting her way… not that she really minded a whole lot if she didn’t, but, she did need a bit of a break first. “Kiss me first?”

He crawled up slowly, keeping his hand in her as best as he could. He stopped inches from her face and lowered his head. Then with one last twitch, he pulled his fingers from her wet pussy and move them up her side.

She watched him move, tiredly smiling at him, her eyes exploring the gorgeous body that she was so desperate to feel every inch of.

He bent down and kissed her, gently at first, letting her take over

She kissed him deeply, all of her desperate need for him conveyed through her lips, tongue, and the hands pressing him close to her. “I need you.” She whispered breathlessly, moving her lips to kiss along his neck as her hand reached down to wrap around his hard cock. “I want you inside me. Please.”

He moved so his cock was inches away from Erotik hikaye her wet pussy. He let her trembling hands guide his dick closer till the tip was resting on the edge of her warm cunt. “You sure?”

“Don’t you want it?” She asked, thrusting her hips toward him. “I’m so sure… I need you… take me… please.” She begged.

He pushed forward, letting the tip of his cock enter her tight, wet hole. A soft moan escaped her lips as he stopped for a second, then he slowly pushed in, letting his dick slide as far as it could go.

“Ohhhh….” She moaned happily. “God… that feels so good… you’re so big….”

He moved his hips in and out, slowly at first. Then he reached under her legs and lifted them up till they were pointing straight up. His dick began to move faster, and drove as deep as it could go.

She rested her upper body on her elbows, trying to use them as leverage to push her hips in toward him, adding more force to each thrust as she moaned, still sensitive from the orgasms. “Fuck me, Jake… fuck me hard!” she urged. “Make me cum again.”

He pushed her legs up more, forcing her to lay back down as he picked up his speed. He began thrusting in, harder and faster, his balls making a rhythmic slapping sound on her body as he fucked her as hard as he could.

Ashley’s moaning grew even louder, drowning out the sound of the all-but-forgotten couple on the TV screen. “OH YEAH!” She shouted, feeling herself getting close again. “so… ohhhh… so goood….”

With his hands he began to pinch her nipples again, afraid to push her legs against her belly any harder. He kept slamming his cock out of her hole.

Her moans grew even louder and more emphatic. She was so very, very close.

His hands left her nipples and went to her shoulders as he pulled her to him and each thrust. “Come on! Cum baby! Cum hard!”

The encouragement was all she needed. With a loud scream, a third orgasm shook her body. The muscles in her pussy spasamed, holding on even tighter to Jake’s large cock. Her passionate screams grew ragged and hoarse as she threw her head back, enjoying every last tremble.

He slowed down the thrusts and let her legs fall to her side. “Still want more?” He asked as he kept working his still hard cock in and out.”

She nodded, whimpering happily. “More… all that you’ve got… cum in me…”

He thrust in again, and let the cock stay there, before slowly pulling it out. Thrust it in again, quickly, then let it slowly pull out. He kept up the slow motions, trying to excite the young girl, more then she was already. “You want it hard? Or easy?”

“Anything… I just want more.” She pleaded. “I could do this all night… how about both?” She smiled devilishly. “Mix it up.”

His hips thrust in at a medium pace, pushing his cock in as far as it could go, then pulling out and repeating the process. His hands began to fondle her breasts once more, till he looked at her and quietly asked. “Want to try something?”

“Sure” She smiled shyly. “What do you want to try?”

He lifted off of her and put a hand on her belly. Roll onto your side. She rolled to him, and he lifted one of her legs, then lay between then, still able to see her face. He lifted the upper leg and stuck his dick into her pussy. “If I hurt you, say something,” He began to thrust in as far as he could go, and then resumed his pace.

He felt heavy on her bottom leg, but what he was doing felt far too good to complain. “It’s good…. ohh… I like this one.” She said with a smile, closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of him moving in and out of her. She pushed down toward him with every thrust.

His body met hers, and his balls slapped her legs. He kept meeting her when he stopped for a few seconds. “Let me move.”

“Ok.” She agreed a little breathlessly. “How do you want me?”

“I’ll move you.” He slid one leg under hers, then moved her till she faced upwards, He put her other leg near his chest. while he straddled the other one. “Just thrust towards me when you can.” He said as he rolled to face her and slipped his dick in again. He went back to his pace and added. “Didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Oh, don’t worry.” She grinned. “What I feel is far from pain right now.” She thrust down toward him. “Ooooh, this one is good too… ohhh… ” She moaned, clearly getting even more excited by the somewhat exotic positions.

“So tight.” He grunted as he broke the pace for a second to thrust hard into her. Every few moments, he’d thrust hard, pushing as deep as he could. He moved a hand till it was resting on the top of her pussy

Each deep thrust elicited a moan of delight from Ashley, and she pushed hard against him to get him even deeper. “God, you’re good at this…” She moaned softly.

He began to roll her clit between his fingers as he kept the rhythmic pace into her pussy.

Her moaning grew louder again as she stopped thrusting so that she wouldn’t dislodge his hand. She could feel him hitting her G spot from within, and it produced such powerful sensations that they threatened to overwhelm her again. “Oh god… oh god… don’t stop… so good…” She begged.

He responed by picking up the pace of his thrusts. Slamming into her as hard as he could, while his hand kept working her clit roughly. “So close.” He moaned as he kept hammering away at her tender hole.

Ashley’s moans grew even louder. “OhgodohgodohgodohgodOHGOD!!!” She screamed as another powerful orgasm exploded within her. Her body shook, more powerfully this time, and the muscles along her huge belly seemed to ripple slightly as it took control of her whole body.

Jake slammed into her, grunting with each thrust. With one final thrust, he shoved in as far as he could go, as shis balls emptied themselves into her tight hole. His body twitched slightly for a few seconds as he lay backwards, still moving his hips slightly.

Ashley’s screams and moans quieted to soft whimpers as she smiled at him. “That was…. wow.”

He raised his head and looked at her with a soft smile. “You were awesome.” He slipped out from between her legs and moved till he was laying next to her on the carpet. “You should have come over weeks ago.” His hands began to move about her body, one hand slowly outlining the breasts. the other hand rubbing her clit again.

“If I’d known this would happen, I totally would have!” She smiled. “Maybe I’ll just have to come over often.” She gave a small purr of pleasure as she moved toward his hands, one of her own lazily exploring his chest while the other drew soft lines along his cock.

“You know, two can play that game.” He said as his fingers dipped into her pussy again, searching for the G spot on more time. “So was this a first for you? First oral sex?”

“Well… I’d given it, but never gotten it before.” She admitted.

“Did you like it?”

“Couldn’t you tell?” She chuckled. “Yeah… a lot.”

“Good.” His fingers began to move inside of her again. “Anytime you want anything. You come on over.” His thumb moved over her clit as her other hand kneaded her breasts lightly

“It’s a deal.” She moaned. “Hard to say no to anything when you’re doing that, you know.” She gave another moan. “Maybe I should stay here tonight? Just in case I need something over night?”

“I’d love that.”

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