Prairie Love

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This story takes place out west, before there were states in the area. It involves the love of a family, the loss of its matriarch, and the renewing of that family. I have included more detail in it due to the comments from my previous stories. Please enjoy and comment afterwards.

Prairie Love

Ch 1 Making it through the storm

Mary and Abigail were huddled together in the back of the wagon under every blanket we had. I could still hear their shivering voices through the howling wind. The snow was blowing right into my face as I held onto the reins. My hands felt like they were frozen to them, even through my gloves. The horses were having a hard time plowing through the almost knee high deep snow. The only thing on my mind, was to make it to the stand of trees that were in sight. There at least, we would have some shelter and be able to some how make a fire. The scarf around my face gave little relief from the biting cold. Ice formed on the outside of the scarf from my breath, making it more difficult to breathe. My hat was tied down with some cord. We were traveling alone.

The reason we were in this predicament, was because we were left behind because I needed to fix a wheel. Also, the hub was almost devoid of grease. The wagon master said that he could not wait for us due to the approaching storm. So with some help from a couple of men, who were on horse back, we were able to grease the hub and fix the wheel. We were not able to complete this before dark. So we were stuck for the night. The men who helped us were able to ride off after we were done. So my wife Mary and daughter Abigail were left alone to fend for ourselves. Our only hope was to be able to catch up in the following couple of days.

I really don’t know how we made it, but I finally made it to the stand of trees before we all froze to death. I said a small pray of thanks and unhitched the horses, moved some snow to be able to start a fire, and get my family warm. Using one of the blankets, I created a shield from the wind. The snow was only a few inches deep amongst the trees. So gathering wood for a fire was not too difficult. It took several tries, but I was finally able to start the fire and get Mary and Abigail warm. I filled a pot with snow to melt and heat for some coffee to help get us warm. After we all had some coffee, Mary and Abigail bundled together and went to sleep. I went and gathered more fire wood, to keep it going all night. I finished the last of the coffee and put on another pot. I was not going to sleep, for fear of us freezing to death if the fire went out.

The morning sun was bright as it reflected off of the snow. The wind had stopped blowing and the temperature was at least bearable. Mary made more coffee and breakfast while I packed what was removed from the wagon. Hitched the horses and we tried to continue our journey. The stand of trees that I spotted yesterday was really a large forest. I followed the trail amongst the trees, hoping that this was the way the other wagons went. The blowing snow had wiped out any trace of anyone passing this way. Mary came beside me and asked if this was the way. I told her that we are heading west, but that I am not sure that this is the way the wagon train had gone. She placed a kiss on my cheek and said that she loves me and believes in me. She started coughing and was unable to catch her breath. I asked her if she was alright, and she said that she was. It was only the cold that made her start coughing. She then crawled back under the blankets with Abigail.

The horses were having an easier time pulling the wagon and my hands were not as cold as yesterday, but I stopped about midday anyway. Mary came back out and asked what was wrong. I told her to look up. As the trees thinned out, there in front of us was a mountain, several miles ahead of us, that looked impassable. I was going to have to see if there was a pass somewhere, that would allow us to continue. I told Mary and Abigail to set up camp while I explored the area. I unhitched the horses and took their harnesses off. It might just be a couple of days before we start our journey again. We gathered wood for a fire, then I started my search. I grabbed my rifle just in case I came across some game or a threat.

I was gone for a couple of hours before I came back to camp. I was able to kill a couple of rabbits for dinner, but did not find the much needed pass. I cleaned the rabbits and Mary cooked dinner. We sat down and talked about what we were going to do while we ate.

“I can take one of the horses and ride back some to see if there is a trail going to either side, or we can just go back the way we came.”

“John, either way we will loose precise time to catch up to the wagon train.”

“I don’t feel that we ever will. We have to prepare that we are on our own.”

“Daddy, what ever our decision, I will do what ever I can.”

“Thank you Abigail. As long as we stay strong and rely on our faith, we will get through this.”

My 18 year old daughter looked at both my wife and I with bright eyes and a beautiful seks hikayeleri smile. She did not show any apprehension as to our situation. This gave my wife some relief from her own fears. Mary, at times, would start coughing and have some difficulty breathing. This gave both Abigail and myself some concern. Mary would always put it off as to the cold. After dinner Abigail and I gathered more firewood for the night. My ladies huddled under the blankets for the night and went to sleep. I sat down on a blanket wrapped around my shoulders with my back against the wheel. Rifle in hand, I put more wood on the fire, and closed my eyes to get some rest. Ready to protect my family. Always hearing my wife’s labored breathing.

The fire crackled and popped which caused my mind to flash back when Mary and I were first married. It was a warm spring day, the roaring fire, that was started first thing this morning for the roasting of a side of beef for our wedding ceremony, was now a large bed of hot coals. My brother Joshua was tending to the coals for the beef to cook over, and turning the beef. My parents were speaking with Mary’s parents as to the little farm where we were going to live. Mary’s farther offered to bring a team of horses over to help pull the stumps. Dad said that he would be there as well, when he was not needed on his farm. Mary’s mom said that she was worried that two young 18 year old kids will have a very hard life. My mom said that is what parents were for.

The pastor walked up them and said that it was time to start the ceremony. Both moms started to cry. Joshua walked up to what would be the altar, and stood next to me. He is my best man. My uncle started to play his fiddle to start the ceremony. Then there she was, my Mary. All dressed in a lovely dress, with a ring of flowers around her head. Her father at her side with Mary’s arm through his. When they reached the altar, he placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. The pastor asked the usual question, he said yes, and stepped away. Then Mary and I took our vows, and pronounced man and wife. The whole ceremony lasted only minutes. My brother gave a huge hurrah and yelled let’s eat. It was well past nightfall before the celebration ended.

Mary and I entered our new home. We were laughing and looking into each others eyes, when I took hr into my arms and told her how much I love her. She said the same. I kissed her lips and she returned it, only stronger. I guided her to our bedroom. We stood next to the bed and disrobed.

“I love you Mrs Mary Adams.”

“I love Mr John Adams.”

“I promise you that I will make a proper home here for us. This little farm will be one of joy, happiness, and little feet prancing throughout the house.”

“Then if there is to be little feet prancing throughout the house, don’t you think we should get started on making those little feet?”

We fell onto the bed in each others arms. Our lips locked together. Our hands roaming over each others body. Both of us not knowing the art of lovemaking, since we are both virgins. But we were willing to learn as we went along. My hands traveled to her breasts, playing with the tiny nubs on top. They grew hard with my rubbing. I placed my lips over one and flicked my tongue over it. This brought forth a moan and a yes from Mary. I switched to the other, not wanting to neglect any part of her body. Her moans grew louder. Mary’s hands roamed over my back. One grabbed a cheek and the other slid between us and found my stiff cock. She slowly rubbed it, not really sure how to properly play with it. This brought forth my own moan.

Mary moved and positioned herself so that I was between her legs. Holding my cock, she brought it to her pussy entrance. She let go of my cock and pushed me up. I went to a kneeling position between her legs, and took my cock in hand. I slid it up and down along her slit.

“I was told that it will hurt at first. I do not want to give you any pain my love.”

“I know it will hurt my love. Mother told me all about it. But it must be. We will take it slow. This is the only way that we will make those little feet.”

With that, I placed the head at her entrance and pushed in. As the head disappeared Mary showed pain on her face. I held my position. Mary said to continue after a short while. I pushed in further, Mary groaned and her hips pulled back some, then pushed up. I stopped again. She was very tight, and my cock was squeezed to the point that I needed to hold off releasing too soon. After a short break I pushed in some more. I came to her barrier and stopped. I held my position until Mary was more comfortable. I leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips. I told her again of my love and she said the same. I told her that I was sorry for causing her so much pain, but she said that it was worth it to be able to give me children. That this was the way for her to show her love for me. I pulled back some, kissed her again, and pushed forward, breaking her barrier. Mary let out a scream, but placed her hand over her gaziantep şişman escort mouth to muffle it. I held still until she was ok.

Her breathing continually came in short gasps, and at times gulps. Tears rolled down her cheeks after I broke her barrier. I leaned down and kissed her tears away. She put her arms around my neck, and pulled me to her.

“I love you John. The pain that has just occurred, I bear gladly for it will bring forth joy and happiness into our lives. Now complete this act of love, and put a baby in me.”

I pulled back some, then pushed in slowly. I did not want to cause Mary any more pain. I kept this pace up for a few minutes, until Mary urged me to go faster. I picked up speed, soon Mary said that she was about to release. I told her the same. A few strokes later, Mary lifted her hips off of the bed and yelled that she was releasing. I felt her release on my thighs. I continued for only a few strokes and felt a strong tingle in my groin. Then my own release shot out of me and into my new wife’s pussy. This brought another release from Mary.

Suddenly a felt a sharp burn on my cheek. Light was entering my eyes. I rubbed my cheek that I felt the burning. Apparently, the fire popped sending a drop of sap flying into my face. I had slept through the night.

The morning sun shone brightly once again, promising a beautiful day. It did not turn out that way. Mary said that she could not get warm. We put her as close to the fire as we could. Placing all of the blankets on her. At times she would throw the blankets off of her, sweat dripping down her face, soaking her clothes. Abigail and I changes her clothes several times during the day. Her face would go from bright red to ashen white. We continuously had Mary drink some water, but she would bring it back up. I asked her how long she had been sick. She said that it has been over a week. I told her that we could have had her see a doctor in the last town we past through. She said that she did not want to hold up our traveling. I needed to get us out of this situation, and get Mary to a doctor.

“Abigail, I need to find a way around this mountain. If I don’t, things will not turn out well. I need to find a town with a doctor for mother. I trust you to take care of your mother. You have plenty of fire wood and just keep melting the snow for water. Keep putting the cold cloths on her forehead to help break any fever. I should be back before it gets dark. I love you.”

“I love you too daddy. Don’t worry, I will take care of mom.”

I grabbed my rifle. Gave the pistol to Abigail, then mounted a horse, bareback, and headed to the south, finding a trail, then turned to the west, in search of a trail around this mountain. I admonished myself for getting my family in this situation. I rode for nearly 3 hours before I came to a large meadow. The mountain still loomed large to my right, but there was a possible trail further down. I decided to return and bring the wagon this way. At least there was the possibility of meeting other people here. Plus we still had the forest for game and wood for fires.

It was nearly sunset by the time I arrived back at camp. Abigail was tending to my wife with a very worried look upon her face. She ran to me and through her arms around my neck. She said that her mother was not doing well. I went to her and kneeled at her side.

“Mary, how do you feel?”

“John, I am going to die. I am not able to breathe and my heart feels like it is tied into a knot.”

That simple statement took my wife over a minute to speak. Her breathing was ragged and she spoke more in gasps. Abigail stood by my side with tears running down her face. When she wiped them away, it left a thin layer of ice on her cheek. Mary reached her hand out and took mine. She motioned for Abigail to kneel by her, and took her hand as well.

“Abigail, I need you to take care of your father in every way. What ever his needs are, you are to do them. You are the woman of the house now. Do you understand?”

“Yes mother. I will try to be just like you.”

“John, take care of our daughter. Live your life with her as if it was with me.”

“You have been my life from the very beginning. Death will not end that. But I will continue it with her. I will make sure that she finds a man that will provide for her, as I have for you.”

“John, you are that man.”

Mary became too weak to speak anymore. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. Abigail sat there and cried. I got up and tended to the horse. It gave me time to begin grieving for the love of my life. From time to time I looked over at my wife and felt as if I was going to collapse. The love of my life was dying, and there was nothing that I could do. I cursed myself for having brought her out here. We should have stayed back east on our little farm. But I was hit with the gold fever and had to come out here to get rich. Now one of the only true riches in my life was dying. My stomach growled, for I had not eaten in gaziantep sınırsız escort the past day. There were some biscuits leftover, so that became my dinner. I went over to Abigail and wrapped a blanket around her shoulders. Placed a kiss on her cheek and gave her a hug.

“Everything will be ok. Your mother will always be with us. All we can do now, is to pray that she gets better. If not, then she will be in God’s hands.”

Abigail laid down next to her mother, placed a kiss on her cheek and told her that she loved her. She promptly fell asleep. I put more wood on the fire and sat next to my wife wishing that I could do more for her. I listened to her labored breathing. Her gasping breaths were piercing my heart. My body shivered with the bitter cold and the ache in my heart became a chasm.

The morning sun once again shone brightly, but it also brought sadness. My wife, my love and the reason for living was dead. God had taken her during the night. Abigail fell into a fitful crying rage at the loss of her mother. I held her tightly and talked to her, trying to calm her. It took some time before she did. I left Abigail there as I took my pick ax and shovel to go and dig my wife’s final resting place. Because of the frozen ground, it took more than a couple of hours to do this. Wrapping my wife in her favorite blanket, I laid her to rest. We prayed over her. I made a small marker for her grave. Abigail and I both had a very restless night.

In the morning we packed the wagon and headed along the trail that I discovered the day before. When we reached the meadow we decided to go further. At night fall we made camp. Abigail made dinner and we talked about what we were going to do.

“Father, I think we should just stay here. There is plenty of good grass for cattle and there is a stream for water that we passed.”

“We could, but we need a town nearby so we can get supplies that we will need. Besides, even though that stream has not frozen over yet, there is no reason that it will not freeze over in the future. Then where will we get the water that we will need?”

“Alright, let’s make camp here more than an overnight one and ride the horses to see if one is nearby. If there is one, then we can settle down here. We can always either dig a well or dam up the stream and make a small lake.”

“You are just as smart as your mother. I will go and get more wood for the fire. In the morning we will see if we can find a town near here.”

Abigail and I huddled together for the night. Her body felt soft and warm. My body started to react to hers. What my wife said started to replay in my head. ‘John, you are that man’. The question in my mind was ‘could I really take my daughter as my woman?’ My cock started to answer that question. I tried to put that out of my mind and go to sleep, but it was a long time coming. The questions kept running through my mind. Did my wife really tell me to take my daughter as my woman? Could I really do it? I tried to put those thoughts out of my head and get some sleep. It was fitful at best. We stayed at the edge of that meadow for a few days, allowing the horses time to rest and for Abby and I to grieve. We had decided at dinner that night to continue our travels west in the morning. At least the temperature had gotten warmer. It was not as bitterly cold as it was a few days earlier.

During our last night in the meadow, my hand found its way to Abigail’s breast. Her hand was over the top of mine. Her hand was moving over mine forcing it to rub her nipple and kneed the flesh. My cock responded to the stimulation, and was in between the crack of her ass, pushing the cloth of her skirt against her skin. I could hear Abigail softly moan and little gasps would come from her mouth.

“Father, mother said that I should take care of you in every way that a woman takes care of her man. Let me do that for you?”

She turned to face me and repeated her question. She wrapped her arms around my neck and placed a soft kiss upon my lips. I returned her kiss and ran my hand through her hair and down her back.

“I want this to be the last time that I call you father. I want you to make me your woman, then, hence, I will call you John. For you will be my man and I will be your woman.”

“Are you sure that this is what you want? We have just laid your mother to rest.”

“Yes. More than anything. We left our home as a family, but we lost a very important member of it. I will grieve for my mother, most likely for the rest of my life. But she told me to take care of you. I will do that now by starting a new and different family. Where I will be the woman of the house and you will continue to be the man of it.”

The love for my daughter just grew to the size of the mountain blocking our way. I ran my hand down her back until I reached her skirt. Slowly, I pulled it up until it was bunched up around her waist. I pulled her undergarment down and exposed her virgin pussy. I ran my hand through the hair that covered it. There was moisture soaking the hair. The aroma coming from her pussy, was both sweet and pungent. She had begun to moan and her breathing came in short gasps. Her hips moved up and down spasmodically, with the stroking of my hand. Her inexperience showing. A finger slid into her pussy as she pushed up and let out a large gasp and moan. The moisture increased to the point that it was running down her cheeks, soaking the blanket.

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