Pool Fun

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I am a member of a Hispanic family, and we lived in Southern California. We had a very large family, and a large house. My brothers and I were the three youngest, the elder brothers and sisters having moved out of the house some time ago. We had a pool, and our pool was really large and fancy, and my two brothers always kept it sparkling clean.

We’ve always been very playful, and as we grew, that playfulness never seemed to leave us. One day, though, it got a little out of hand, so to speak. Our play was always jokingly sexual, and I felt that one day, it might turn into something else. I had no idea that it would. I was prepared, though, if it did. Several times, I knew that one or the other of them had copped a quick feel of my ass or my tits, but didn’t mind. It was always in fun.

It one Sunday morning in summer. Our folks had gone away for the day, and there wasn’t much to do except be lazy and lay around the pool and drink tea. It was a great time. I loved the pool, and I loved the way they sometimes grabbed my chaise and threw me in the pool. We had lots of fun together.

Ricardo was a handsome guy, and he had muscles and the body of a really macho guy. What was really interesting was the bulge in his swimming trunks, which he always seemed to reach down and adjust. It was interesting, watching him do that, adjusting his continually growing and shrinking cock. I wondered what turned him on so much. He seemed to always do it when I was around. I wondered if he did it other times, like when I wasn’t there.

Eduardo – Eddie, I called him – looked very much like his brother, and was a year younger. He, too, had a good-sized cock bulge, and sometimes – though I tried to deny it to myself – sometimes, I played with myself, thinking about what their big dicks must have looked like as they were stroking them, cumming in the shower, or lying in the bed, cumming on their bellies. I felt that their girlfriends were probably pretty lucky. When I thought about their girlfriends, I always felt a little tinge of jealousy come up within me.

That particular Sunday, I lay out by the pool, sipping a glass of tea, when both of the guys sneaked up behind me. I felt the chaise being lifted in the air, and I reached out and grabbed the closest thing to old onto-Ricardo’s cock bulge! As I went flying in the air, I held onto his trunks, and pulled them away from his body, all the way down to his knees, and then, he fell in the pool with me. We wrestled, and I tugged at his trunks. They came off, and I swam to the edge of the pool and got out, holding them in the air triumphantly. I swung them around above my head, keeping my distance from Eddie, should he try to save his brother’s dignity.

“Gimme my shorts, Marlena,” he said.

I held onto them tightly, smiling. “You gotta come and get them,” I said.

“I can’t do that, come on, gimme my trunks, Marlena.”

I shook my head. I saw Eddie out of the corner of my eye, laughing. “Come on out, Ricky, come on and get ’em,” he said, a big grin across his face. “Toss them to me, when he comes and gets them,” he whispered.

Ricardo swam to the shallow end of the pool, and the stopped. Standing, his cock was just below the water line. I could see a dark line of pubic hair, and I could almost make out his cock under the water.

He shrugged and smiled, and then began making his way to the steps that led out of the pool. I watched in amazement as his cock bounced with every step. His cock was long and thick, uncircumcised, and his hairless, wrinkled balls were held tightly to his body by having been so cold. As he walked, his cock grew. He walked out of the pool and straight toward me, his cock pointing right at me. As he approached, I tossed the trunks to Eddie, who ran to the other side of the pool with them.

“I’ll teach you, Eddie,” he said, turning and walking away from me. I couldn’t help myself as I saw his brown, muscular buttocks tighten with each step. I quickly reached down and pressed the area where my clit was. The sensation was electrifying.

If the two guys hadn’t şanlıurfa escort been right there, I would have pulled my bikini bottom down and finger-fucked myself to one orgasm after another, believe me. His brown ass was just that beautiful, and so was his dick.

Ricardo suddenly ran, catching up with Eddie. Instead of reaching for his own trunks, Ricardo tugged at Eddie’s, and pulled them straight down. Eddie fell into the pool, dropping Ricardo’s trunks, pulling Ricardo into the pool with them.

There was a lot of splashing, shouting, and laughter, and suddenly, Ricardo surfaced with Eddie’s trunks in his hand. He tossed them to me. I ran over and picked up Ricardo’s trunks, too. Now, I had both of them. There was no way they could come out of the pool without giving me a real treat.

They wrestled around for a while, and then they surfaced, out of breath. I held the two trunks up, victorious. “Come and get them,” I


They waded to the shallow end, and then, I watched with anticipation as they held a conspiratorial pow-wow of some sort. Ricardo whispered in Eddie’s ear, and vice-versa.

They looked at me, and then, they started wading out of the water to the steps. I could feel my pussy tingle as I saw that both of them had hard-ons, Eddie’s sticking nearly vertically in the air, Ricardo’s at an angle. Both of them were uncircumcised, and I could actually see the purple head of Eddie’s cock poking out a little way as it bounced with every step.

I saw them coming toward me, both cocks bouncing and swaying, their balls held tightly against their bodies, slowly loosening. I knew what they were up to. I backed up, and then they darted toward me.

They caught me, and I felt one of them grab the strings holding my top on, and the other one grabbed the bottom. I wrestled with them-and my hand touched one buttock and then a cock. I nearly came at the touch, I was so excited. I just stood there and let them take my suit off. I was too turned on to do anything else.

“Madre Mia,” said Ricardo, looking at my tits and cunt. He reached down to adjust his cock, and then discovered that it didn’t need adjusting. He stroked himself, slowly, looking at my tits.

Eddied went one better than that. He reached out and tweaked one of my erect nipples, gently. His touch was all it took. It sent fire through me, a sensation I had never, ever expected to come from such a touch. I weakened, and I reached out and touched both of their dicks, feeling the moist cock heads with my thumbs. Ricardo’s cock had a little, sticky drop on the tip of it, and I swirled the precum around with my thumb.

“You gotta nice pair of titties,” said Eddie.

“You gotta nice pair of dicks,” I said. I slowly moved my hand down both shafts, feeling the soft, pliable skin atop the strangely hard membranes beneath. Damn, I thought, this was the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life.

I looked around. The back yard was protected by high wooden fences. Still people could see inside the back yard, if they wanted, by peeking through the cracks in the fence. Suddenly feeling very naked and vulnerable, I grabbed a towel from the chaise, letting go of my brother’s brown, hard dicks.

“What’s the matter?” asked Eddie, looking around.

“Someone might see,” I said.

Ricardo looked around, and grabbing my hand, pulled me toward the house. We all walked slowly with my falling behind, just to watch their naked butts move so seductively. I was a sight to behold, one that makes my pussy tingle to think about it.

In the living room, both of them turned to me. I let my towel drop to the floor, and Eddie once again reached out and tentatively touched the tip of one of my nipples with his nervous, shaking fingers. His touch was electrifying, chilling! I felt bumps move up and down my spine, and fire suddenly rage in my crotch.

I slowly lowered myself to the floor, holding onto both brown, throbbing dicks. I peeled the foreskin all the way back on Ricardo’s cock, revealing gaziantep sarışın escort a large, bulbous, purple head, glistening with pre-seminal fluid. Eddie’s foreskin was peeled almost all the way back by itself, and I noticed that both pairs of balls had distended, hanging heavily, tugging at the skin of their scrotums.

On my knees, I stroked both of their dicks toward my face. Ricardo had a lush little forest of pubic hair, while Eddie had a large, triangular-shaped tuft just above his cock. I knew that some Hispanics were very hairy, and some were nearly hairless, depending on their ancestry, and how much Spanish blood they actually had.

I loved the sight of their balls. Neither of them had very much hair on their balls, somehow making them look more naked, more sexy. I pulled Ricardo’s cock to my lips and kissed it, eliciting a moan of pleasure from him. I stroked Eddie’s cock really slow as I kissed Ricardo’s stiff prick, and then, teasingly, without putting it in my mouth, I moved my lips away from it and kissed Eddie’s brown shaft.

I went back and forth between the two, kissing their balls, kissing the heads of their dicks, then slowly running my tongue all along their hard poles.

Then, I opened my mouth wide and took Ricardo’s cock deep in my mouth, moving my tongue around and around on it, sucking on it like it was a sucker. I pulled my mouth off it and then stuck Eddie’s dick in my mouth, doing the same to him, going all the way down on his hard pecker till my chin pressed against his balls. I reached around him and grabbed his muscular ass, fondling it and feeling of it. I caressed his balls, sucking on his cock hard at the same time, and then, I knew that he was about to cum. His knees began to move a little, and I could see the muscles in his stomach begin to contract and expand. Then, there were spasms -little erupt ions of muscular movements – all over his body. He jerked and moaned, the sounds coming from him surprising for me. I had never heard grunts like that before, ever.

He thrust his hips forward, gagging me with his big brown boner. His cock suddenly grew in size at the back of my throat, and I moved my mouth up and down on him faster, holding his cock with my fist, right even with my lips. I was sucking him and jacking him off at the same time, and I knew that he was going to shoot a big wad of cum in my mouth any second. I could hardly wait, wondering what it was going to taste like.

His cock erupted like a volcano, sending an enormous gob of cum into my mouth, just as his balls suddenly lifted up and tightened against his body. I massaged his balls as he came, keeping up and suction, trying to swallow his enormous loads of hot, creamy jizz. It fell from my mouth, though, running down my chin and onto his cock, where it dripped down to his balls.

All the while, Ricardo stood there, watching, stroking himself very slowly, intensely interested in his brother’s blow job.

I swallowed as much of it as I could, and then turned to Ricardo. Meanwhile, Eddie shifted position, moving under me. I could feel his tongue at my ass hole, and then at my wet pussy. One touch of his tongue was all it took, and I was in orgasm heaven. I came and came, glazing his face with my cunt juices. I moved all over his face, shifting position, writhing around. I even felt my ass hole slam down on his nose. I moved, knowing he couldn’t breathe with his nose up my ass.

I engulfed Ricardo’s cock then, taking it all the way into my mouth. I ran my tongue over the head of it, then tried to move the foreskin around with my tongue. I had never experienced such a thing. It felt strange, and tasted almost delicious. I moved my head farther against him, impaling my throat with his cock. I swallowed, and he moaned with the sensation of having his cock sucked by my throat.

I felt his balls against my chin and my nose in his pubic thatch. Without warning, his knees buckled, and he shot his load into my throat. I gagged on the white-hot, creamy jizz. He shot şehitkamil escort and shot, his cock expanding to enormous proportions in my mouth with each jerk of it. It dripped out of my mouth, running down my chin. My face was sticky and slimy, with several loads of cum already dripping from it. I knew that Eddie’s face was glazed with cunt juices. I wondered what we must have looked like.

I pulled away, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

He dove under me, and Eddie moved away. He lay on the floor, his cock once again hard and throbbing, laying on his belly. I bent over and stuck my tongue against his balls, loving the smell and the taste of his manly skin.

Ricardo moved behind me, and I felt his still-hard cock pressing at my cunt. I spread my legs wider as he entered me from behind. I felt his hard dick press into me, and then, I could feel his balls against my pubic hair as I bent way over.

I continued licking Eddie’s wrinkled, hairless ball-sac. I reached up and stroked him slowly as I did so, hearing him moan words that turned me on even more, words like, “Oh, My God, that feels so goddam good.”

Ricardo started to pump his hard dick into me with earnest now, his balls slapping against my cunt with every stroke. I moved my mouth up to Eddie’s cock then, running my tongue along the shaft, leaving along snail-trail of saliva from his balls to the head of his dick. I swirled my tongue around on the head of his dick for a few moments, watching his eyes close with pleasure at the sensation of the touch of my tongue.

I plunged my mouth onto his hard dick again, and I didn’t even need to move my head. My body was being forced back and forth by the power of the thrusts coming from Ricardo behind me. His cock was filling my cunt, and I heard him, too, moaning all kinds of obscene and illicit things that really thrilled me.

I came, my moans coming out of my nose and mouth around Eddie’s hot cock. I moved and writhed, cumming again and again as Ricardo’s hot dick slid in and out of me.

To my complete surprise, Eddie pulled away from me and turned around, his face in my crotch, his dick now in my face again. He had an extreme close-up of his brother’s cock sliding in and out of my juicy pussy, and I just knew he was going to get a face full of glaze again if he stayed there.

Suddenly, I felt his tongue on my clit, and then I felt it move to my cunt. He was licking my pussy and his brother’s cock as it moved in and out of me. The thought of that turned me on so much, I came again and again, feeling my pussy juices run out and onto poor Eddie’s face.

Ricardo suddenly stiffened, his whole body seeming to plunge deep inside me. He shouted, and his fat dick suddenly exploded deep inside me, filling me with his hot load of jism. I came again, making about the twentieth orgasm for me.

Then, Eddie erupted in my mouth, his hot dick sending loads of cum deep in my throat again. I swallowed and swallowed the slimy jism, wondering what a diet of the stuff would be like. I could lose some weight, I thought, since it was supposedly all protein. A steady diet of the stuff at that time didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

There was so much of it, it dripped out of my mouth again, but this time, I licked at it as it fell, trying not to make such a slimy mess on Eddie’s dick. Big deal, I thought. I was a slimy mess – we were all sweaty and sticky. I loved it, though.

We collapsed right where we were, a big pile of sweaty, naked brown flesh, glazed with all kinds of scum all over our faces and genitals. We lay there after slowly disengaging various parts of our bodies from one another.

We were all breathing hard, and slowly, we relaxed. It was hard not to fall asleep in the arms of my two naked brothers. Eventually, though, I was able to sit up.

“Anyone seen my glass of tea?” I asked.

“I think it’s in the pool,” said Eddie.

“We need to get in the pool for a few moments and wash all this slime away.”

Eddie laughed. “Hey, it might clog the filter.”

We went back outside, and sure enough, there was a plastic tumbler at the bottom of the pool. We all dove in to see who could get it first. Winner got to decide who sucked whom, and which position we were going to use next.

I won.

Have you ever seen two brothers suck each other’s cocks, while you licked their balls?

I have.

– Marlena R., La Puente, CA

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