Pink Bikini Ch. 01

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Scott Sanderson had a big problem, and she was standing right in front of him. His beautiful daughter Jenna was a brand new eighteen years old, and was celebrating by prancing around the house in her new string bikini. Such articles of clothing were never allowed in the Sanderson household, but as Jenna had flatly put it, she was now an adult and was going to pick out her own clothing, whether he liked it or not.

That was probably about the time a normal parent would step in and give the last warning “Follow my rules or find a new house”, but the Sanderson household was anything but normal. After his wife had left him alone with a thirteen year old Jenna and a note saying she wouldn’t be back, so don’t look for her, he had pretty much raised her on his own.

But to his dismay, he soon realized that the sight of a blossoming young teenager running the household was more than a man his stature could stand. With a toss of her blond hair or a bat of her long lashed blue eyes, she could make a man harden with lust from a fifteen foot distance.

Her body had filled out completely this past summer, losing the last traces of the babyfat that had plagued her stomach and cheeks, leaving model material behind. Her firm curves were usually encased in something stylish but utterly unrevealing as Scott had struggled to ignore the fact that his baby girl was becoming one heck of a beauty queen.

But today was the day Jenna had finally put her foot down. With a touch of a whine in her soft voice, she had firmly told him that she was going to wear what she wanted, when she wanted, and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it. Besides, she had added, it wasn’t as if she was out partying and having sex, was it? What harm could a few new clothes do?

Staring at her young, curvy body encased in the thinnest pink fabric imaginable, Scott realized just how much harm it could do. With a giggle, Jenna whirled around, causing several particular areas to bounce prettily. His mouth ran dry as he stared in horror at the straining fabric that struggled to keep his daughter encased in a somewhat suitable manner.

“There is no way in hell you’re going out in that…that…thing.” Scott said sharply, trying to ignore the lust that flared to life inside him every time a flash of Jenna’s long tanned thigh was revealed.

“But Daddy…” Jenna’s full lips fell into a pout, “We talked about this already. It’s just a bathingsuit, and it’s just a little party with a few friends. All the other girls have been wearing bikini’s for years, I don’t see what the problem gaziantep özbek escort is!”

The problem was standing right in front of him, with her lips pursed and her hands on her hips. Scott shook his head, trying to clear it, “No, I’m sorry sweetie, but I can’t in my right mind allow you to go to a party like that. Why, the guys will fall on you like raving beasts if they saw your body like that!”

Jenna eyed him strangely, “What do you mean, Daddy? It’s an all-girls party, I made sure of it. I know how weirded out you get when you think I’m going on something that resembles a date.”

“Yeah, you say that now, but I know how you girls are. Some guys will stop by and insist on coming in, and before you know it, its a co-ed party thats more than just a little bit dangerous.” Scott said stiffly, crossing his arms over his chest.

Jenna giggled again, “You think walking across the street in a tank top is dangerous, Daddy. The minute some guy sees me, he’ll crash into a pole and there will be a twelve car pile up. You sure do have a high opinion of me.” Her smile faded into a frown, “But I don’t think that would happen, I mean really! I swear, if any guys show up, I will leave, honestly!”

“No way, try again chica. You’re just going to have to take that bathingsuit back. I did agree you could start wearing some things more to your own taste, but I’m not going to have my daughter go out and look like eyecandy for any male who has eyes.” Scott said firmly.

“But Daddy…” Jenna’s voice rose into a whine, “Pretty please…?”

“No, and that’s final, young lady.” Scott answered

Jenna’s eyes narrowed darkly, and she whirled around to stomp out of the room. Her foot caught on the edge of the tile and sent her sprawling on the floor with a cry. Scott was at her side in an instant, his face flooded with concern as he checked her for cuts and bruises.

“Babygirl, are you alright?” He murmured, gently stroking back her long blond hair that had covered her face.

She nodded slowly as he ran his fingers though her hair, “Mmm…Daddy that feels good. Remember when you used to brush my hair when we watched television? I don’t know why we stopped doing that, it could put me to sleep it feels sooo good.”

Scott winced inwardly as her purring voice caused him to harden instantly. He quickly shifted positions so she wouldn’t feel anything, and then continued stroking her hair softly as she blinked up at him, “I don’t know either, sweetie.” His hands reached her porno videolar neck, and he intensified the pressure to a slow rub that had her arching against his hand.

“Ahh…Daddy, I haven’t had a massage in ages! Will you do my back for me, please? I think I hit it a little when I fell, and it’s a little sore…” She moaned softly as he rolled her shoulders under his palms, “Ohh…yes…thats it, right there…mmm…”

Scott felt his mouth go dry as she wiggled under the motion of his hands. The tanned line of her back was marred only by the tiny pink string that held the bikini top fastened tightly. Her delectable rear end was lushly outlined in the fabric, and he gently ran his fingertips down the line of her back, causing her to raise up slightly, giving him an even better view.

“Oh!” Jenna giggled as goosebumps broke out on her back, “That tickles! Oh…don’t stop!” She protested as he drew his hands back. He obligingly continued to barely brush his fingertips across her back in reply, and she settled down with a contented whimper.

His breath fragmented into ragged intakes of air as he slowly traced the line of her bikini bottoms that broke the sleek line of her back. When his fingers traced over to her side, she let out a tiny squeak that made him break out into a sweat, “Babygirl, I think we need to quit.”

“What, are your getting tired?” Jenna prettily inquired, turning her blue eyes on him, “We can move to the couch or something, but please don’t stop! It feels soooo good. I just want a little attention since I am obviously not going to that party…pretty please?”

“I won’t stop.” Scott answered, letting his hands roam over the silky-smooth baby softness of his daughter’s skin. His fingers lingered over her hips, and then trailed upward, barely grazing the sides of her plentifully filled bikini top. Jenna let out a tiny gasp and arched her hips again, her long lashed eyes closed in a look of pure pleasure.

“Oh yes…Daddy, yes…”

“You like that, baby?” Scott asked roughly, letting his hands brush against the sides of her pink clad breasts again and then waited for her reaction, silently cursing himself for his weakness.

“Yes…oh yes, please, more…I need…” Jenna whimpered and flipped over, pinning one of his hands underneath her body. The unfamiliar angle set him off balance, and he fell full against her lithe body. She gave a little squeal and clasped her arms around his back, “Oh Daddy, you feel sooo good!”

“Baby, I need to get up…” He gaziantep rus escort trailed off as she arched her hips, brushing against the straining bulge of his jeans. A jolt of pleasure shot up his body as he stared down at his daughter, blinking up innocently at him as she twirled a long lock of blond hair around her index finger.

“Don’t go Daddy…stay just a minute longer…please?” She wiggled her body to get more comfortable, and he let out a tortured moan.

“Sweetie, It isn’t proper, I shouldn’t be on the floor with you, pressed up against you like-“

“Like this?” She puncutuated her question by wrapping her long legs around my back and pressing up more tightly against him, “Please Daddy…oh please…I need…I want…oh…OH!” Scott cut her off by licking the side of her neck, “Ohhh…yeah…”

“Oh God, baby, if you don’t let me up…” Scott moaned as she rocked her hips in an unmistakable rhythm against his, “Ohhhh God….”

“Yes, Daddy, please…touch me…please, I need to feel…something…” She whimpered, rubbing against him faster as her breath caught, “Oh….oh yes….”

“Oh my god…” Scott mumbled, licking down the length of her neck towards the line of her heaving cleavage, “We can’t…”

“Oh yes…yes…yes we can!” She tugged his head lower by the curls on his head, arching her back wildly as his tongue found her nipple over the fabric, “Oh yes…oh lick it! That feels so good Daddy! Keep on…ohhhh yeah…” She clenched her fingers in his hair as he sucked the nipple into his mouth and rolled it with his tongue.

She grabbed his hand and trailed it slowly up her thigh, towards the tiny triangle of fabric darkened already by her dampness. His fingers grazed her outside the fabric, and she let out a gasp, “Oh yes! Daddy touch me…ohhhh…oh yes!”

“Oh god, you’re so wet.” Scott groaned, tracing the damp fabric with his index finger, “Oh hell….you smell so good, babygirl…” He buried his face in her stomach, lightly flicking his tongue over her sweat-slicked skin downwards.

“Mmmm…mmmm…yeah…oh yeah…oh!” She gave a tiny gasp as he licked the line of the fabric across her lower abdomen, “Lick me good Daddy…lick me so good…” She untied her tiny bikini top, and slid it slowly off her chest, revealing pert breasts with pretty pink nipples begging to be touched.

“You’re so beautiful, Jenna…” Scott moaned, running his hands up the sides of her body, cupping both tits in his hands and squeezing them gently, “I’ve dreamed about touching you this way…running my hands all over your sweet little body…”

“Oh yeah, touch me!” Jenna gasped as he flicked the tips of her nipples.

“Oh god…No, we can’t…” Scott whispered roughly, “This isn’t right, I-I can’t…” He pushed himself up, pulling away from his daughter’s straining form, “We just can’t.”

“But…” Jenna whimpered, “Please Daddy…I need you…”

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