Phoebe’s Punishment

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Phoebe was causing her parents a lot heart ache and they were at their wits end. She dressed very provocatively and was rumoured to be having sex with a number of the local lads. At home she was rude, unhelpful and prone to bully her younger brother. The final straw was when she was expelled from school for trying to seduce a teacher. It was clear that strong measures were needed.

It was decided that Phoebe would be sent to stay with her older sister. Nicole lived in a small village located on the southern tip of Corsica. Nicole herself had been far from a conventional child and in her own way had caused her parents much anguish. However, she had always been discrete and respectful.

From the very first day Phoebe caused Nicole problems. Phoebe was rude, unwilling to help out in the smallest way and was making the lives of the local teenagers a misery. Things came to a head when one of Phoebe’s antics had resulted in one of Nicole’s friend breaking her arm. Nicole’s friends made it very clear that Phoebe need to mend her ways or leave the island.

Nicole decided that a severe punishment was needed. Phoebe was given a stark choice accept the punishment or be sent home. Phoebe was in fact enjoying the stay with her sister and did not want to be sent home, so accepted the punishment.

Nicole told Phoebe that she was to remove all her clothes. Nicole attracted bells to Phoebe’s nipples and pussy lips the clips used for the attachment were viciously sharp. She packed a paddle, tawse and switch before marching Phoebe through the village to a local beach. When they arrived at the beach Nicole removed the bells, Phoebe’s reaction was immediate and she yelped with pain.

Phoebe was told in no uncertain terms to bend over with her legs wide apart. Then a blistering sixty strokes of the paddle was applied to her bottom. The local boys and girls enjoyed the show, Phoebe’s yelps turn to tears and then screams. The punishment was far from over.

Nicole had phoebe lie on her back with her legs well spread .She allowed phoebe to catch the sun on her tits and pussy, When they were suitably reddened Nicole applied some oil to these areas.

Nicole then made phoebe arch her back and applied the switch with some vigour to her tits, when they were covered in red welts she moved her attention to phoebe’s pussy.

The final part of the punishment had began Nichole got two boys to spread phoebe’s legs wide apart she then produced the three prong tawse. It was designed to catch the pussy lips and clit. She applied thirty six cuts in bursts of nine getting a girl who was a friend of hers to rub phoebe’s pussy after each set of cuts by the time the thirty six stroke had landed Phoebe was in agony. Phoebe was then paraded in front of Nicole’s friends. Who in turn took the advantage of the opportunity to inflict their own punishment.

Nicole’s words brought fresh tears, ‘next time I will not be so gentle, and if you do not mend you ways, there will be a next time.’

For a short time gaziantep sahibe escort things got better between the sisters. Nicole found her younger sister very attractive and enjoyed the many opportunities presented to lazily take in Phoebe’s naked body.

One evening Nicole was watching her sister masturbate, Phoebe was aware of this but in no sense inhibited by an audience.

Phoebe was well skilled in the art of masturbation and Nicole was mesmerised by the sight. Initially Phoebe just used one finger lightly stroking her pussy lips in one fluid motion, which finished with a flick of her clit. Over time, Phoebe moans became louder as she built up speed; Nichole senses were assaulted by the sights, sound and scent of her sister’s solo session. It was at this stage that Nicole stripped of her dress and began to finger herself vigorously.

Phoebe then produced a set of anal beads and a set of pussy beads, and asked Nicole for help in using them. Nicole slowly inset both sets of beads and then slowly extracted them. She repeated this a number of times each time a little faster, by this time Phoebe was going wild with pleasure, the final extraction of the beads led Phoebe to orgasm. Phoebe then used her fingers to bring Nicole to orgasm. They kissed but made there way to their own beds.

Nichole really believed that thing had changed between her and Phoebe. They were enjoying each other’s company and much to Nicole’s surprise,

Phoebe was helping out with the housework.

Then two days later Nichole entered her bedroom to find Phoebe reading some her most private letters.

Nichole saw red ” Phoebe, I am sending you home, I know now that I can not trust you”

Phoebe burst in to tears and could barely speak

“No, Nichole not that, I love you we just can not be parted, punish me like you promised, do any thing you wish to me, just do not send me away”

Nicole’s reply shocked Phoebe

“You stupid bitch, I could not do you what is needed, I could not bring myself to hurt you like that”

Both Phoebe and Nicole sat on the floor sobbing their heart’s out.

“Nichole, there must be a way to resolve this in such a way that I could stay with you”

Nicole looked at Phoebe and said

” Phoebe I wish there was a way”

Then stopped

“There is a way”

She grabbed Phoebe’s arm and dragged her from the house

“You are going to meet a friend of mine”

Forty minutes later they were in luxury villa, where a woman a few years older than Nicole met them.

Phoebe sat on the steps with Nicole conversing urgently with her fiend. The discussion was heated but finally came to a conclusion.

The woman took Phoebe by the hand

“Phoebe my name is Samantha, it would be wise to go home as your sister has asked”

“No, Nichole said if you punished me I could stay”

“Phoebe, I know, but if I do I will take you to a place that you will not be able to bare”

“Samantha, şahinbey escort what I could not bare is to be parted from Nicole, do what you need to do”

“I will, but on one condition, you may stop the pain any time, just form an O with your fingers. If you do you will be on the first boat off the island.”

Phoebe shock Samantha’s hand

“I am staying”

Samantha led Nicole and Phoebe into villa and asked Phoebe to strip. She had Phoebe Lie face up on a large table; she then bound Phoebe to the table. After, tightening the ropes and placing a gag in Phoebe mouth, she made herself and Nichole a cup of tea.

Tea finished, Samantha produced three cop sticks. She began to beat Phoebe’s nipples and the area around them with one of the chopsticks; the beating was systematic and relentless. Initially it was not that painfully. However, over time the pain intensified, finally it stopped.

Samantha then took the other two chopsticks and trapped Phoebe’s left nipple between them, so then increase the pressure and began to roll the sticks around the swollen nipple. Phoebe’s body strained against the ropes attached to the table as the pain grow.

Samantha then issued Nicole with a command

“Bring me the violet wand”

Samantha then began to apply the wand repeatedly to Phoebes left nipple. Nicole counted over sixty-five contacts. Once done, the process was repeated with the right nipple. By this time Phoebe was in considerable pain and had been tempted more the once to form the O that would have stopped the pain.

It was then that Samantha transferred her attention to Phoebe’s Pussy. Attaching some clips and brutally tightening them she stretched Phoebe’s lips wide open. Once again the chopsticks went into action, they were arranged in such a way that the two lips and clit were struck simultaneously the beating was relentless delivered without mercy. By the end of the session Phoebe’s pussy was bright red and raw.

Samantha then stopped, walked over to a large cabinet and retrieved a green bottle; with a cotton bud she smeared the smallest of drops on Phoebes clit. The effect startled Nichole; Phoebe went rigid, pissed herself and then began to tremble; It was a full five minutes before Phoebe’s body relaxed.

Samantha eyes and Phoebe’s met

“Phoebe, this is your last chance to bring the pain to the end by forming the O with your fingers, I strongly advise you to take it.

Phoebe’s stared up at the ceiling and uttered one word


Samantha then smeared both Phoebe’s pussy lips and clit with a generous amount of the viscous liquid. The response was immediate, Phoebe went rigid and her body began to convulse, the combined effect of the pain and sexual stimulation caused Phoebe to squirt violently.

Nichole moved quickly to her, taking Phoebes head in her arms she held it to her breast. She gently stroked Phoebe’s hair and soothed her until the pain subsided.

Nichole şahinbey escort bayan then whispered in Phoebes ear

“Thank you, sister”

Samantha then applied a balm to Phoebe’s pussy and released her. Phoebe then fell into a deep sleep, with Nicole watching over her. They returned home the next morning with not a word being exchanged. Phoebe did not speak to Nichole at all for the rest of the day and refused any food or comfort. Finally when Phoebe fell into a light sleep; Nicole herself went to bed lying naked and uncovered.

It was two in the morning when Nicole awoke, to finding Phoebe lying beside her.

Phoebe then smiled and said

“It is now the right time big sister”

She then mounted Nichole and with pussies meeting they started to grind fiercely against each other, once they settled into a steady rhythm their lips then tongues meet and salvia was freely shared. As they started to nibble on each other’s lips the salvia was soon mixed with blood. As they kissed they concentrated on the contact between their pussies, which were now sliding over each other the motion helped by the freely flowing juices. Phoebe whose clit was already highly sensitised came first; the force of her cum was such that it triggered an equal response from Nichole.

Phoebe then got up and left, she return a minute later with four lengths of rope and a single nylon stocking. She again left the room, returning this time with a bowl of water and a razor.

“Nicole, do you now trust me”

“Yes, Phoebe”

Phoebe then tied Nichole’s arms and leg to the corners of the bed in such a way the Nicole’s pussy was as open as it could be. She then shaved Nichole close ensuring that any cut was very shallow.

After donning the single stocking, she sat on a chair resting her foot on Nicole’s pussy. Slowly she began to move her foot up and down listening intently to Nichole’s grateful moans. She then began to rub with more intent, as Nicole relaxed Phoebe inserted her slender foot deeper and deeper into her sisters pussy. By this time Nichole was very wet and her pussy was contracting around Phoebes foot. The foot fuck went on and on, as Nicole’s body was racked by orgasm after orgasm.

It was at this stage that Nicole said

“Phoebe, please stop, it is my turn to fuck you”

Phoebe released Nicole.

Nicole simply threw Phoebe onto to the bed bent her over in to the diaper position. Inserting three fingers into Phoebe’s pussy and two into her anus she began to finger fuck both holes simultaneously; there was nothing at all gentle about the fuck both sets of fingers were thrust into the respective holes with relentless speed aided by Phoebes freely flowing sex. The intensity of the fuck had Phoebe begging for release.

However, with considerable skill Nicole prolonged that release for as long as possible. When Phoebe finally came, both she and Nichole were covered with her juices.

Both Phoebe and Nicole were now consumed with lust. Phoebe roughly grabbed one of Nicole’s pert breasts and inserted into her cunt frantically rubbing the engorged nipple up and down against her clit. She then inserted her other hand into Nicole’s cunt and squeezing her clit between her fingers began to knead it. They then sat there working each other’s clits until again their bodies were racked with orgasm.

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