Perfectly Normal and Healthy Ch. 06

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Janice took off her dress and put it in a laundry hamper and went to see her husband.

Danial looked up as she entered his study and said “Bitches that walk around here in heels and a choker are likely to get fucked!”

Janice replied “That’s okay, it’s a females roll in life to get fucked, if I’m not taking cock, what good am I?”

She went and sat on the edge of his desk near his chair. Danial caressed his hand up her leg and inner thigh and snaked two fingers into her ever wet snatch, he said, “I know you’re always ready to fuck, you horny cunt!”

He then turned serious and said “Now, what the fuck has got into Chantelle, the little bitch has up and gone out and blew eight guys in some adult theatre.”

Janice said “Calm down honey, its not quite like that. I was having a talk to her this morning and somehow we ended up in bed with Christine having some girl time.”

Danial surprised said “What, you went full lesbian with Christine and our daughter, well no wonder they went cock crazy, nobody can live on pussy alone. I mean fuck me the girl is eighteen, she needs a cock up her.”

Janice smiled and said “I know just the stud for the job!”

Danial looked up at her face and said “Oh, who?”

Janice raised her eyebrows and said, “Why, you silly boy, I know you want her and I know you’ll love eating her pussy, she’s very sweet.”

Danial stood up and kissed his wife, then said “Yeah, I’d love to fuck her, I’ve wanted into that tight little package of hers for ages now” never once questioning the morality of the act, he continued “Do you think she’d be in it, you’ve got her on birth control, haven’t you? because I’m not pulling out, at least not the first few times. Later I’ll have her taking loads on her angel face and perfect tits.”

Janice said “I told the girls you were bi and you know how to suck cock and could give them some pointers, so I suggest we do just that. We can have a training session with your cock, which will probably end with you losing a load or three in their tight little holes!”

Danial said “Hey I really like Christine, she gives good kartal escort bayan head and she’s probably a ripper fuck but do you think its wise to include her if we’re going to head down Incest Lane with Chantelle?”

Janice said “I’ve already had both girls myself and Christine wasn’t fazed when I ate Chantelle in front of her, she said she wished all families were like us, I think she may have a thing for her older brothers.”

Danial replied “Or her father, he’s pretty well hung, I’ve taken his cock a time or two at the golf club!”

Janice said “I’ll go and have a talk with Chantelle and see what I can arrange, what are you doing now?”

Danial thought for a moment and then said, “I might duck down to the pub for a quick pint, there’s this cute little Irish barmaid working there, I might try and get her into the store room and see how far she’ll go!”

Janice said “Okay babe, have fun.”


Janice went as she was to Chantelle’s room. She didn’t bother dressing, now that they’s had sex together there seemed little point in clothes.

When she walked into her daughters room Chantelle looked at her and said “Oh hey Mum, do you want to play again?”

Janice replied “Sure sweetie, anytime is a good time to eat pussy!” she hopped on Chantelle’s bed and her daughter slid between her thighs and started licking and tonguing her mothers cunt.

Janice lightly stroked her daughters head with one hand and rubbed her own rubbery nipples with the other. Enjoying the closeness with her own child, it didn’t take long before she shuddered through an orgasm and creamed Chantelle’s face.

Chantelle sat up, licking her lips, her face glazed with her mothers juices. Janice said, “Before I set to work on your sweet little box,” she started idly fingering Chantelle’s folds, “I wanted to talk about your Father.”

Chantelle opened her eyes and said “Is Daddy still upset? He really scared me, he was so angry.”

Janice sighed and said “I calmed him down a bit and explained how close you and I and Christine became this morning. You can’t really blame him for yakacık escort getting upset baby.”

Chantelle said, “Both of you, apparently, have sex with whoever you want, whenever you like, I didn’t think blowing a few cocks would be that big a deal.”

Janice said, “You’re right honey, sucking cock is not a big deal but your Daddy thought that his princess,” Chantelle smiled “had let other men do to you what your Daddy wants to do to you!”

Chantelle double blinked and in a surprised voice asked, “Daddy wants to fuck me? when is he going to do it?”

Janice said “Of course he wants to fuck you, he’s wanted to since you started to develop as a woman, it is only the legalities of paedophilia that stopped him, but your an adult now!”

Janice continued “You must understand baby that you are a stunning beautiful female with an incredible body, so is Christine for that matter.”

Chantelle interrupted saying “and so are you Mum, I’ve heard lots of guys at school talk about you and what they’d like to do with you, you’re one hot milf!”

Janice said “Thank you honey, but back to what I was saying, Your father lusts to use your body along with every other red blooded male. I can assure you that Christine’s father would feel the same way about her.”

Chantelle asked “How wold you know that Mum?”

Janice said “Its a fact of life dear that fathers all over the world, fathers of truly beautiful girls like you dream of fucking them, often because the daughter resembles a youthful version of their wives but mostly because young teenage girls look like they’re made for one thing.”

Chantelle said “Mum, I know Daddy loves me and he is a wonderful father to me so it’d be wrong not to let him have my cherry. Is that okay with you though?”

Janice said, “Of course baby-girl; your Dad never gets upset when My Dad, your Grandfather, or my Brothers fuck me!”

More surprised Chantelle said “What? Really? Grandpa Joe and your eight brothers, I never knew we were such a twisted family.”

Janice laughed saying “You won’t feel that way when your Daddy is hürriyet mahallesi escort hanging out of your penis packed coochie, speaking of which, smells really hot and I’m hungry.”

Chantelle giggled then moaned as her Mothers tongue found her clit. she asked “Will Daddy be satisfied once he’s had sex with me?”

Janice between swipes of her tongue said “I imagine he will, but you won’t be. After your Dad screws you and makes you cum so many times, you’ll want it every day and Honey; he’ll be more than happy to oblige you!”

Chantelle gasped out “Oh fuck Mum, your tongue is amazing. But he can’t have me every day, like when I have my period.”

Janice chuckled and said “Honey that’s why women have two holes down here for when one is out for servicing.”

Chantelle said “He’ll want to fuck my bum hole?”

Janice’s tongue was buzzing her daughters clit and when she felt Chantelle clinch in orgasm, she slowly pushed a spit slick finger into her daughters vice tight anus, Chantelle screamed in pleasure and violently squirted all over her mothers face, then collapsed back on the bed panting.

Janice sat up and said “I think we can change your mind about butt loving!” and she slowly extracted her finger from Chantelle’s gripping pooper getting another small squirt of juices from the young girls convulsing pussy.

Chantelle panted “Wow Mum that was amazing, you might be right. Can I tell Christine about Daddy?”

Janice said “Yes, but go about it slowly to see how she feels about it. We are talking about acts of incest here, she may not be as relaxed about it as we are.”

She then said “Now tell me sweetie are you still getting your period in line with mine?

Chantelle said “Yes Mum, my last was a week before my birthday.”

Janice said “Okay, that’s good, we might pay Rick a visit and get you kitted out with an enema kit and a butt plug trainer kit. Might as well drain his nuts while we’re there too!”

Chantelle asked “What do I need a butt plug for? my bum hole is tight enough!”

Janice chuckled and said, “Yes honey I just felt how tight your arse is, but your Father sports a ten inch cock that’s about as thick as your wrist, so unless you want to be bleeding from two holes we need to get your pooper gaped a bit with butt plugs.

Chantelle said “Oh, okay, yes that does sound necessary when you explain it like that!”

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