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Although when we boys get horny want to fuck any girl we come across, the girls also get hot but when it comes to fucking, they are very cautious for fear of pregnancy, losing their virginity (all false pretensions), cheating boy friend/husband etc.

But when there a good chance of not being found out, they simply take initiative for fucking. For boys after fucking when they ejaculate their heat vanishes and it takes time for them get ready for the second fuck.

But for a girl even the first good fuck only increases her appetite and she is always ready for the second or even third fuck. When you do the first fuck softy for fear of hurting her, they want real hard at the end and for the second or third fuck. It was shocking experience for my friend Raju.

He was staying as a paying guest in one of houses of his relative in Chennai. He had job rotation and when he does his night duty he has to sleep during day time. He was 24 with robust body, 5ft 6in tall handsome figure.

The landlord Venkat, was a middle aged man and his wife, Girija was just 29, with a beautiful figure but without any issues. Venkat was a workoholic went to his office early and returned late. The couple did not seem to go out for any enjoyment but Girija visited the neighbouring temple

regularly. She was a good cook and her dishes were very much relished by Raju and he told her so on many occasions. She used to ask him to buy his favourite vegetables from the market and she cooked for him. He was very lavish in praising her cooking ability.

He met Venkat only during holidays or Sundays and on other days they seldom met. Raju in the evening used to sit with her and ask her why she did not have any children, is there any health problem. But Girija used to avoid questions about her infertility.

Raju used to praise her for her looks, Girija one day replied dejectedly that good looks alone would not beget children. Raju knew the answer now. Her sex life was miserable. How can she conceive if the husband is not capable of impregnating her.

He went according to his routine without indulging into any controversy. One day Venkat had to Mumbai on urgent official work. He may be away for about a week. Girija packed his suitcase and he left by train which leaves Central in the night.

Venkat never suspected his wife or Raju because he trusted Raju to be a honest and straight forward youngster. Raju saw Venkat off at the railway station and returned home. Girija was waiting for him eagerly.

After Raju’s return she closed the door and bolted from inside which she usually does. Raju had taken his supper with Venkat and hence he retired to his room for sleeping. Next was was a Sunday, Girija asked Raju to come and keep company with her to watch TV.

Raju was happy that he got a chance to watch late night movies. He sat in the sofa facing the TV and Girija sat in the gaziantep minyon escort nest sofa. It was a romantic cinema and the hero and heroine were singing and running around the trees in the park.

There were scenes when they embraced and were about to kiss. But the camera man turned the camera and did not film the kissing scene. Raju was aroused. He wondered how can he watch such scenes in the presence of another lady who is not even related to him.

He kept his cool but his tool was forming a tent in the lungi. Raju never gets a chance to think about sex since he was busy in the office. Girija watched him with the corner of her eye and could understand his discomfiture.

Raju wanted to change the channel, but Girija said it is a nice movie let us watch it. Hero and heroine were embracing and rolling in the sands in the beach. The heroine was smoching the hero and hero was trying to capture her lips with his own.

Raju got up and saw his own erection and sat down hurriedly to hide it. Girija laughed loudly and came and sat near him. She put her hand on his thigh. Raju shockingly looked at her face and she was turning her face to him inviting him to kiss her. Raju did not know what to do.

He was so inexperienced in this that he sat tansfixed. Girija got up, came in front of him and took his head with both her hands and kissed him on his lips. Having come upto this he put his both hands around and tightly embraced her and kissed her stomach.

She put her hands under his armpits and raised him and when he got up, tightly embraced him. Her boobs were pressed against his chest. Though he held his hip away from for fear of his cock touching her, she ran her hand over his bulge and got hold of his cock over the lungi.

He used to call her akka meaning elder sister. Akka, my dear akka, what is this, he asked. Instead of replying him she raised her head and sealed his mouth with hers. She understood his lack of knowledge and she did not wait for him to take initiative.

She just unhooked her blouse and bra and brought out her boobs and rubbed them on his chest. Raju by instinct touched them with his hands and nimbled her nipples with his fingers. Girija gave a tug to his lungi and it came off making him nude waist below and his 7 inch cock stone

hard was standing erect. She unbuttoned his T shirt and threw it off and he was there standing totally nude. She was sighing heavily with passion and unclothed herself. Her nude body was a sight for Raju. He held her in tight embrace.

All his inhibitions vanished but he did not know where and how to start. But Girija was taking him by her arm to her bed room and made him lie down on her bed. Hungrily she took his cock into her mouth and sucked it most greedily. Her breath came faster.

Her firm boobs were touching his body nizip escort and he was trying to squeeze them. But Girija sucked his cock so fiercely that he was getting nearer to his orgasm. They both shivered with passion and both were moaning softly. He pulled back his cock from her mouth which she was not

prepared to leave, made her to lie down and then went on his knees to examine her cunt. Her public hair was not so thick, he parted them with his finger and opened the lips and took a peep inside. Though he has heard his friends talk about the clitoris, he did not now which is this.

The moist orifice was very inviting and he could not prevent his instinct to lick the cunt. His tongue travelled from bottom to the top of the orifice. When his tongue touched the clit, Girija gave out a cry of happines and asked him to do it again. Raju was overwhelmed.

He continued his licking with move vigour. Girija opened her legs wide and kept her hand over the head of Raju and pressed it down. Her hips were raised and Raju’s nose was buried inside the cunt. He was choked and he raised his head to take a breath.

Girija asked him to get up and put his cock on the cunt hole. Raju did as he was asked to do. His cock fully erect entered the hole and he was wondering how deep it will go. Girija with her both hands pulled him so that his cock may go in completely.

The hole was tight on account of unuse. She reassured him that the whole thing will go inside but he has to apply pressure. This is all Raju wanted, he pushed it down and again down and down and finally the whole thing went in up to the hilt.

She asked him to move it in and out softly and then with more force. Raju did it. It was a great experience for him. He had heard people talking about fucking but he never knew that this is so complicated. Leaning on his both hands he pulled back and pushed in in a rythm,

Girija was squirming with pleasure. His cock larger than her husband’s went deeper in and touched all the nerve ends and a whole storm was in the offing inside her cunt. She asked him to squeeze her boobs also or suck them.

Raju did as he was told and the final moment was coming. The spasm was building up and both were moaning at each stroke. Finally Raju squirt his cim inside with great force that she also reached her orgasm. She put her legs around his and embraced him with her hands.

Raju was pressed hard against her body and his squirting did not stop for a long time. But his erection did not fade. She asked him to continue again. Raju did it with ease. All the fluids inside made a sound wnich was like music to their ears.

Raju was at her command and she insisted him to go on with full force. Raju banged his body against hers and she kept her legs wide open and closing her eyes she was moaning. Second fuck took more time and nurdağı escort more pleasure to both of them. Raju now knew the trick.

After the second fuck more fluids were pumped and it was a mess. But Raju did not pull out but went on ramming against her with his third fuck. It went on and on and Girija compensated for all the celebacy she practised all these days.

The squirt at the end of third fuck was small but the pleasure was great. She asked him to get up. Rajus pulled his still erect cock out of her messy cunt. Fluids were dripping from his cock. Girija wiped his cock with his lungi and wiped his cunt also.

Without uttering a word she went to the bath room and cleaned herself and came to her bedroom totally nude. Opening her almirah she took out one of the lungs of her husband and gave it Raju for covering himself up.

She held him in tight embrace and kissed him and they sat in the same condition on the bed to talk. She said her husband never fucked her and it is more than four years she had a fuck. Her tool was small and he cummed very easily.

She used to suck him often but after his cumming he could not get next erection for fucking. She asked Raju, fuck me in the night or day time or whenever you feel like. Even if my husband is at home I will allow you to fuck. But give me a child. There is nothing wrong with him.

But I have to be fucked so that I may conceive. Many a times she said she thought of asking a neighbour to fuck her. But for fear of a scandal she did not do it. Now that Raju you are here, I am free from scandal. I was wondering why you are also not looking at me as fit for fucking.

Is there something wrong. I had decided today I will make you fuck me come what may. As soon as you come back from office, remove your underwear and other dresses. I will suck you all the time to make you ready for fucking. But fuck me daily till I conceive.

Raju told her that he has never fucked anybody in his life and he needed to be told how to go about fucking. Girija, you were my teacher, give me all the lessons and I will do whatever you want. Girija noticed that Raju’s cock was already erect.

He asked him to lie down and she putting her legs across straddled him and took his tool in her hand and inserted into her cunt. Her expert movements of her hip took the whole cock inside within no time and leaning over him like a frog she fucked him.

Stretching full over him she moved up and down so that his cock may brush against her clit. In three or four different poses they fucked and did not know how the time sped. They fell asleep with full lights on and woke up only in the morning.

Girija totally nude rushed to the kitchen made coffee for him and called him to get up. He was in deep sleep. She leaned over and took his limp tool in her mouth and sucked. Raju got up and they laughed and went on with their routine.

Thereafter, each day was a fucking celebration for Girija and Raju till Venkat came. Venkat was in a hurry to go to office and as soon as he left they fucked and fucked. Raju told me that Girija bore a son for him before he left Chennai. Venkat was happy that he became a proud father of a son, although his contribution was almost nothing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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