Party Night

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I couldn’t help but giggle to myself as I filled the bowls with chips. The clowns! I thought about the many antics watching these kids grow up, now 18 and graduating, it’s hard to believe.

Baseball, football and basketball games. Travel teams. My son, Billy, always insisted that I was the team mom, so I’ve been actively involved in all of their lives. They are good kids, just high spirited, although the local cops and school principal my disagree a bit. I will admit they are a lot to handle. Mostly I just give in to them and let things roll.

So, I filled the bowls, set out soft drinks, cups, etc., all the “fixins” for a great party. My friends said that I was crazy throwing a party for them with my husband out of town, but I’m not worried, it will all work out. They deserve a celebration and no one else was stepping up.

I had my hands full with a tray of barbecue stuff when the first batch of 10 or so muscle heads arrived. Big, strong athletic guys, and a few cute, feminine girls pushing and shoving each other, playfully oblivious to me. I was scrunched against the hallway wall, “Ugh!” I grunted as my face made harsh contact with plasterboard.

“Sorry, Mrs. C,” said one as he gave my butt a quick, gentle squeeze. “Didn’t see you there,” he said giggling. Laughter followed as we were all jammed up together in the hallway, unable to move.

“Guys! Guys!” I yelped, holding the tray of food up high. Feeling hands on my boobs and ass now, I squirmed and wiggled. “Stop! Stop it!” I pleaded, only to hear more laughter.

All I heard was, “Mrs. C, you are always a blast!” The hallway cleared and I caught my breath, finding myself, face fully flushed, twirling in the shuffle of all those bodies racing for the swimming pool.

A never ending stream of beautiful kids kept coming in. I call them kids but they are all really young adults. Most every one gave me a hug and a kiss. It’s always been this way, they just love to touch me.

They don’t much like helping out though. I worked like a slave putting food out, pouring drinks, cooking hamburgers but it was great fun and a lot of laughs. The kids were having a ball and I felt great about it all!

As I moved about doing my chores I was constantly brushing up against people, often jammed against them. “You’re so cute when you blush,” said Sally, a tall blonde volleyball star as she planted a kiss on my cheek.

“You can’t kiss Sally and not me,” said the long legged Shellie as she planted one on my lips.

I giggled and blushed my way into the kitchen after taking 4 or 5 more kisses from guys and girls. With music blaring, I finally stopped for a second at the sink, taking a long drink of water. “There you are Mrs. C,” escort gaziantep bayan tanıtımları mumbled an obviously drunk Eddie Freeman as he reached both long, hairy arms around my petite frame and hugged me for dear life. He squeezed so hard that I gagged up some water and spilled the rest all over my front.

“MMMMMM Mrs. C,” he mumbled softly over and over as he lifted me, swaying back and forth, snuggling his scratchy beard into my sensitive neck.

“Ow! Ouch! Eddie, you’re hurting me,” as I struggled to get free, giggling at the same time knowing his playfulness. Being so big and strong he had no problem turning me around and seating me on the counter facing him. Looking into his sparkling eyes I couldn’t help but be captivated by him.

“One kiss, just one kiss,” he demanded softly as he moved in. Tired from all of the work, loosened up by all of the prior roughhousing and excited by all of the intimate contact, I couldn’t help but melt into his mouth and invading tongue.

Who knows how long we held that kiss but when I came to the kitchen crowd was chanting, “Mrs. C! Mrs. C!” I blushed profusely as we came up for air.

A shot glass replaced Eddies mouth on my lips and my head was tilted back. Before I knew it, tequila burned my pipes causing my eyes to water. Everyone laughed as I gasped for air. Where did they get the liquor? A 2nd shot was poured down my throat as my face exploded into a ball of heat! “Stop! Stop! I can’t do shots!” The kids all laughed and clapped as Eddie helped me to my feet.

“Mrs. C, you’re all wet,” he said while grabbing a handful of napkins and dabbing my cleavage. “Let me help you,” he giggled unbuttoning my drenched blouse.

“Yes, we’ll take care of you Mrs. C,” said Allie a stunning redhead with deep blue eyes unbuttoning my blouse completely.

“My, my what a mess,” offered Ashley, a bikini clad brunette unsnapping my bra and removing it. Meanwhile, Allie loosely tied my unbuttoned blouse, mid-drift, while Eddie finished drying my boobs.

I finally caught my breath and each of them kissed my cleavage and laughed. “There ya go,” they exclaimed proudly, “ready to go back to work,” pushing me back into the crowd with a hard slap to my ass.

The chaos, noise and body heat placed me into a fog. I slid among and through the masses of swimsuit and bikini clad bodies, finally catching a whiff of fresh air off the lanai, near our large fir trees. From the corner of my eye I saw Joey, our big star defensive end approach me. “Mrs. C, you look awesome tonight,” as he grabbed me tenderly, beginning to dance slowly. I rested into his shoulder gliding to the music. “Awesome, escort gaziantep bayan telefonları soooo awesome,” he whispered twirling me gently into the trees.

I know that I should have resisted but I just couldn’t as I let his hands roam all over me. Kissing, snuggling, melting into a mass of muscle, well I’m just weak that’s all! In no time he had removed my panties and lifted me up only to set me down on his rock hard manhood! Standing tall and proud, up and down he pumped my whole body until he filled my dripping slit.

“Uuuummmmm, awesome Mrs. C,” he panted, placing me back on my feet. “Here,” offering his still stiff penis to me, “Lick it clean so we can go back and party.” Mindlessly, I opened my mouth and sucked him clean. “I’ll keep these,” he said holding my panties up as he turned to return to the group.

I looked like I was rode hard and put away wet because … I was! Catching my breath and straightening my hair I looked upward and savored a deep breath of cool night air. I slowly walked toward the back door and into a group of girls. One handed me a drink, giggling, saying that it looked like what I needed. I gulped slowly enjoying the alcohol burning down my throat. “What she needs? Looks like she already got what she needs,” laughing and pointing at the jism running down my leg. I felt humiliated and helpless standing there as they all laughed at me.

One girl hiked my skirt laughing, “Look, no panties. Mrs. C parties commando!” And twirled me around with my skirt up showing everything. Slap! Slap! One after another starting smacking my ass.

“Slut!” Slap! They were merciless as they giggled.

“Ouch! Ohhh! OWWW! I screamed out as they spanked me. I felt another hand scoop up a dropping of cum from my leg and start feeding it to me, “You must clean up after yourself now,” laughing loudly. “Lick my finger clean.” They all howled with laughter as my face burned with humiliation.

“Stand still while I fix your lipstick,” said a cute little blonde as she gobbed bright red lipstick on me. “Pucker,” she said admiring her work. “Say thanks properly,” as she pulled down her top revealing a beautiful, firm boob with a very hard nipple. I kissed and licked her nipple adoringly. “Good girl,” she whispered approvingly.

“Hey, I want some of that!” Demanded a tall, busty brunette who, in one movement, jerked my head away from the blonde and lowered her own top into my face. I licked and sucked her big boobs carelessly smearing lipstick all over her massive chest. “You worthless cunt! Look at the mess you’ve made. You can’t even suck boobs!” Grabbing my face with one hand squeezing my lips together escort gaziantep bayan videoları and staring into my eyes she said sternly, “You are kinda cute though.” Holding her stare, she used her other hand to grab one of my nipples and squeeze hard. “How you gonna clean this up?”

“She can’t even clean herself up,” teased another girl who had just run her hand into my pussy harshly and scooped out some more leftovers to force into my scrunched up mouth.

My mind wasn’t functioning. I was dazed, confused, tremendously excited and in a fog. I could hear my own heart beat. The intense air of sex was drowning me. Overwhelmed, I just stood there as they all laughed at me, spanked me, pinched and prodded.

“Come over here,” said the tall commanding brunette as she pulled me to the side of the house. “Give me your blouse to use as a washcloth,” as she untied and tugged it off. Wiping her chest clean she walked up to me and said, “Lick them clean.” I did. She then threw my blouse on top of the house much to the delight of the crowd.

“We now have a topless waitress,” announced one of the girls as she turned on the hose and pointed the stream at me. “Clean yourself up!” She demanded as she hosed me off.

“Get to work, bitch!” Teased another as she handed me an empty tray.

Dripping wet I walked around the still crowded party collecting empties and bagging trash. Trust that I passed no one who did not pinch or kiss my boobs. People laughed, prodded and pointed at me. My face was a constant state of red! I was soooo humiliated and at the same time soooo excited my brain could not process the events. Mindlessly I continued to work and take all that they could give.

At one point, Allie came up to me sweetly asking if I would like a top. I thought how kind she was and nodded yes. “I found this string bikini top of yours hanging in the bathroom. At least I think it is yours,” she said as she tied it on me. I quickly noticed that most of the fabric had been cut out in a hole shape making the top look like two very small donuts.

“Oh my god!” I squealed as Allie tied it tighter and tighter forcing my nipples to protrude from the holes. I think the whole party stopped at that moment to gawk at me, laughing and pointing. I was slope-shouldered and defeated, totally overwhelmed by the crowd. I went back to picking up trash and getting felt up. The two string bikini ties lasted about 5 minutes as I found myself topless again by the time I reached the kitchen.

“Great party Mrs. C!”

“Thanks for so much fun Mrs. C!” Commented one after another as they kissed my cheek and or grabbed my crotch and/or pinched my boobs. How could kids so nice drain so much out of me? And why was my pussy so dripping wet? I was so sexually excited that I was actually vibrating!

One of the bigger boys grabbed me pulling me down the hallway toward the master bedroom. We never made it that far. He stopped, hugged me saying, “You need a hard cock don’t you Mrs. C?”

“You don’t know how badly I need it!” I whispered as he picked me up and did me like Sonny Corleone against the door.

It was a great party!!

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