Part 24: Initiation

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Episode II
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 24: Initiation

(in case it is necessary, when there is a … between paragraphs, we are switching between Holly and John, but it doesn’t go into first person with Holly so it shouldn’t make much difference)

Driving in my car, “You sure you want to do this?” I ask Holly. “Positive” She said. We were going to meet with the Sex club, we weren’t entirely sure what that entailed. We talked to Peter, the leader of the group, he told us to expect a kind of initiation. We weren’t sure what that would be. Holly and I had been so excited waiting for this we had fucked ourselves to exhaustion. So to make up, we didn’t have sex for two days prior to today, readying ourselves for whatever they would throw at us. “How many people are going to be there?” Holly asked. “He said it was a full group meeting, I don’t know how many are in the group.” I Said. The meeting place was at the house of a married couple that belongs to the group. Peter had e-mailed me directions. “Okay, this is it” I said, pulling up to a house, cars parked all over the street. “Let’s go” Holly said, excited. Holly was wearing a pink tank top, with no bra, and black skirt, no panties.

Holly rang the doorbell and the door was opened a few seconds later. “Hi, come on in” Peter said. We walked in to a large living room, several couches and chairs in the open room. “I’m Peter, this is my wife Kristen” Peter said, the couple were in their late 30’s. Kristen was tall, and she had long curly red hair, and small tits. “This is Matt and his wife Jenna” Peter introduced us. These two were in their early 30’s, Jenna was short, with short brown hair, and a pair of around a big C cup tits that sagged, braless, under her white shirt. “Dan and Susan” Peter continued. We continued exchanging hello’s with the sitting couples as they were introduced. Susan was Asian, she was short, with long straight black hair, and small tits on her skinny frame. They looked to be in their later 20’s. “And here is Edward and Helen” Peter continued. They looked to be about thirty. Helen was short, black hair, small tits, very skinny, pale skin. “Chris and Cindy” Peter continued. “Hey I know you” I said. It was the very same Chris and Cindy that we had ‘met’ in the video store (Part V). Cindy had bleached blonde hair, big DD fake tits, probably fake tan, looked to be in her late 30’s. “Jake and Mary” Peter moved on. They looked to be about our age. Mary was short, she had short dark blonde hair, very very skinny, a nice tan, and a nice round ass. “The other Chris and Bethany” Peter moved down the line. Chris was the only black man in the room. They looked to be in their late 20’s. Bethany was tall, nearly six feet, and had long brown hair. “And Finally Trent and Amy” Peter finished the introductions. They were the oldest couple, probably mid 40s. Amy was medium height, shoulder length blonde hair, pretty large breasts that were sagging on her chest, but overall a very nicely formed woman.

“Introduce yourselves” Peter instructed us, sitting down with his wife Kristen. We stood in front of the eight couples sitting. “Well, I am John, and this is my … my woman” I said, laughing. Holly smiled at me, “I’m Holly” She said. “We are sophomores at the college here, and we have been together for about a year and a half” I said. We stood there nervously. “Okay, lets try to break the ice” Peter said “I want you to guess who here has the biggest cock”. I kinda chuckled “you want me to guess or her?”. “Her” Peter reiterated. “Well I am going to have to go with Chris” Holly said, pointing to the black Chris. “Nope” Chris said. “Guess again” Peter said. “I don’t know” Holly said, turning red. “Well you’ll find out soon enough.” Peter said.

“You guys ready to get started?” Peter asked us. “I guess so” I said. “Alright, John, you follow my wife Kristen into the other room with the other girls.” Peter said. All eight women rose and escorted me down the stairs into the basement. There were a few couches against the walls, and large circular padded footrest like stools strewn about, and a large beanbag like cushion on the floor.

“Stand there” Kristen instructed me. I stood in the center of the room, as the eight women sat on the couches around me. “Strip” Kristen told me. I took off my clothes, releasing my growing cock. I stood in the middle of the room completely naked. “Put this on” Kristen told me, tossing a condom at me. I opened the wrapper, and pulled the condom on my growing cock. “What do you want to do to us?” Cindy asked me. “I can think of a few things” I said. “Well it’s tradition that we all get acquainted” Kristen said. “That’s a bit vague” I said, rubbing my chin, smiling. That elicited a few laughs.

“I’ll go first” Kristen said. She stood up and walked right up to me. “Strip me, and you don’t need to use that” She said pointing at my cock. “I’ll try not to jam it somewhere” I said smiling. Kristen stood directly in front of me. I reached down to the bottom of her red t-shirt. I slowly pulled the shirt up, past her tits, and she raised her arms, allowing her shirt to come over her head. I dropped her shirt to the floor. She had small, but perky tits, in her white lace bra. I reached around her, in a semi-hug, struggling to undo her strap. I pulled her bra off, releasing her perky tits, nipples poking out. I got down on my knees. I took her waistband of her black sweatpants in my hands, and slowly pulled her pants down past her knees, and she stepped out of them. All she had on now was white lace panties. I took her waistband into my mouth, biting it, and pulled her panties down to her knees, revealing her pink pussy lips and cleanly shaven pubic area. “Who’s next?” Kristen said, turning around, her nice ass in my face.

“I’ll go” Cindy said. Kristen went back to her seat, and Cindy replaced her spot standing in front of me. Still on my knees, I went for her skirt first. Cindy’s black skirt unzipped at the back, and fell right off. I pulled her black panties down, revealing her unshaven pussy. I stood up in front of her. Her large tits confined in a white shirt, that showed about as much cleavage as possible. I pulled her shirt up and off, her massive fake tits resting on her chest. I leaned forward and sucked on one nipple, while I massaged the other breast. I slowly licked from her nipple up to her mouth, and she passively embraced my kiss. “Next” Kristen said, naked in her seat.

Susan the short Asian woman, stood in front of me now. I quickly took off her shirt, releasing her slightly saggy small breasts, and dark nipples. Her pants came off next revealing a black thong. On my knees, I slowly pulled her thong down over her hips, revealing her shaved pussy. “Next” Kristen. shouted. Bethany was next up. She was the tallest girl of the bunch, a few inches above me. I unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her medium tits. Her long brown hair coming down to cover them. I left her white button up shirt on, still showing her tits. I pulled down her Jeans revealing no panties at all, and a small landing strip. I stood up and in the process stuck out my tongue and ran it over her pussy lips, sneaking it in.

“I’ll go” Amy said. Amy was the oldest woman. She stood in front of me, obviously braless, her large tits pushing her nipples against her blouse. Her shoulder length blonde hair, fell down to cover her tits Sex hikayeleri when her blouse came off. Her breasts sagged, but were very nice. She was about my height. I quickly shoved her jogging shorts down, and they fell to the floor. She had white panties on, that quickly came off. Her pussy was unshaven, bush attempting to cover her forty something pussy. Standing back up, I ran one hand up her thigh, caressing her feminine area. “Next” I said, getting into this.

Jenna stood in front of me. She had short dark hair, and her medium somewhat saggy tits augmented her slightly round figure nicely. She was very cute. Her pussy was also shaven completely. Now Helen stood in front of me. She was short, with pale milky white skin, and small tits. Her thong came off revealing a little landing strip. I smacked her ass as she turned around walking away. “And finally Mary” Kristen said. All the other seven girls were sitting naked on the couches. I slowly pulled Mary’s pink tube top over her head, her somewhat small tits, perky in front of her. Her blonde hair falling around her big smile. She had a white skirt on that came off with ease, revealing her bare pussy, completely shaven. She had a very nice round ass, that looked great on such a small figure. Mary was the closest woman to my and Holly’s age.

Mary in front of me, “Now what?” I asked, playing with her tits. “Now that we have been introduced, you will make every woman in this room cum before you will receive any…treatment.” Kristen announced. “What if I’m not very good at oral sex?” I asked the crowd, knowing full well that I was, as Holly put it, ‘god damn fucking good’ at it. I figured that they would expect less, and when I delivered, it would seem all the more better. “Well, we do have some toys, but those are for emergencies only.” Kristen said. “Like the credit card your parents give you” I remarked.

Just above us, Holly was going through the same ritual. Holly sat on a foot rest in the middle of the room, couches around her. Each guy took their turn standing in front of her, as she undressed them. She quickly found out who in fact had the biggest cock. Peter, the leader, went first in the ritual. Holly was sure he had to be the biggest, as his ten inch cock flopped out of his boxers. She had Chris, the black one, go next, to compare. The guys went on, undressing in front of her. She would tell me later, that Edward was a very buff guy, though he didn’t look it at first glance. Most of the guys had average sized cocks, Chris and Peter the exceptions.

“Now Holly, as you can tell we are a pretty wild bunch, but not crazy.” Peter led the group still. Peter tossed her a box full of condoms. “Apply, without your hands if you can” He instructed her. Trent, the oldest, went first. Holly unwrapped the condom, and placed it against her lips. Trent’s cock was growing as she sat naked in front of him. She pushed her lips against his cock, the condom on his head. She pushed forward, but dropped the condom. “oops” Holly said, taking the chance to give his cock a few licks to lube it up a bit. She picked the condom up off the carpet, and placed it in her lips again. She placed her lips on his cock again, this time the condom went on. She pushed her mouth forward, until the condom stretched down the length of his cock. She slowly pulled back, the condom applied. “Next” Holly said, excited at her new found talent. Had we used condoms on a regular basis I’m sure she would have this mastered, but she took the pill, and so we didn’t normally use condoms. The guys took turns ‘putting’ condoms on, as Holly deepthroated each of them once. Finally, Peter stood in front of her. She, with increasing skill, applied the condom to the last man. She slowly managed to get all ten inches in her mouth, fully taking in his cock.

“Now what?” Holly asked very excited, and her nipples showed it. “Holly, now that we are all ‘introduced’, it is time to have some fun” Peter said. “Now, some women can’t handle this, so if you want we will go easy on you. But we plan to have our way with you. “Peter said slowly. “I’m getting tingly already” Holly said to the rubberized octet. “We will have our way with you, and once each man has had enough, he will take off his condom, and blast you. Unless you have any objections” Peter continued. “My only objection is that we are all still sitting around” Holly said, her body shaking from the anticipation. “Let’s get started then” Peter said.

Three naked girls on one couch, three on another, and two on another, “Where do I start?” I asked them. In front of me, Cindy on the left, Bethany on the right, and Kristen in the middle on a couch. I got on my knees and crawled over to the couch. Each woman had her legs open, three inviting openings. I sat on my knees between Kristen’s legs. Each hand reached out to the other women. My left hand to Cindy’s bushy slit, right hand to Bethany’s neat pussy, and I dove right in to Kristen’s shaved pussy. All three women were already excited, dripping juices. My tongue found sweet juices, as I lapped up and down on Kristen’s tight slit. I enthusiastically played with her pussy, moving my face around, as my tongue massaged her bulging pussy. My fingers each found entrance into tight wet pussies. Looking up to Kristen, her mouth hanging open, her breathing increasing, she was playing with her titties.

As I finger fucked Cindy and Bethany, they leaned forward and started sucking on Kristen’s nipples. I sucked and licked her clit powerfully. Her chest heaving up and down now as she moaned. I shoved my tongue deep in her slit, and tongue fucked her. She was pushed over the edge, her slit pouring out sex juices. I sat back, my fingers still working on Cindy and Bethany. Kristen had her head back, back arched, as she was moaning loudly. I moved to my left to Cindy. Using both hands to open up her wet pussy, my tongue slipped in her, swishing around in her pink hole. My fingers good and wet, I pushed two fingers of one hand in her pussy, returning to the fingerfucking, and one finger from the other hand to her tight asshole. I slowly pushed it inside her ass, and then gradually pumped in and out of her ass. My tongue still working on her clit. Soon Kristen was sucking on Cindy’s right tit, and her hands were jiggling and juggling her tits. Cindy came hard. Her juices pouring out of her pussy, her muscles contracting. She screamed out very loudly, in a blur of noises that weren’t words. She uncontrollably pushed her pelvis up in the air, pushing my face into her cuming slit.

Suddenly loud high pitched screams came from the basement. “I guess we’re behind schedule” Holly said. “Better get to work” She said. All eight guys stood up, and formed a line, eight cocks sticking out. “I’ll get to work then” Holly said. She kneeled down in front of Chris, the white one, at the beginning of the line. She played with the end of his constrained cock, tonguing him as she stroked his shaft. She blew him for a few seconds before moving on to the next guy in the line. Each guy got a few strokes of the hand, and some tongue play on their head. She was making sure they were all good and hard. At the eighth and final cock, Holly deepthroated Edward’s six inch cock, and held it there for several seconds, milking him with her tongue.

All eight men sucked, Holly laid down on an ottoman. Dan stepped Sikiş hikayeleri up first. Holly on her back, he grabbed her legs and put them on his shoulders. Dan lowered his cock down to her spread pussy, and pushed his cock inside her dripping slit. Jake stood across from Dan, Holly’s head hanging off the other end of the ottoman, he put his cock in her face. Holly, her head upside down, took his cock into her mouth, and motioned with her hands, for him to face fuck her. Jake thrusted in and out of her open throat, and she massaged his dick with her tongue. Peter stood to one side of her, and Edward on the other. Then she reached out a hand to each cock, stroking them quickly as she was fucked at both ends.

I moved to the far right side of the couch, where Bethany was still sitting. Mary sat in the middle, replacing Kristen. My left hand reached out to Mary’s shaven pussy, finger fucking her as she played with her own nipples. I was eating Bethany out, she had her hands on the back of my head, pushing me down into her love slit. My nose was brushing against her clit, as my tongue was inside her. Helen took Cindy’s spot on the far left side of the couch. I moved from Bethany to Mary in the middle. Now I had a hand inside Helen and Bethany, and my mouth and Tongue working on Mary. I was fingerfucking Bethany very quickly and her pussy contracted around my fingers as I was lapping on Mary’s tight shaved slit. Mary and Helen still requiring attention, I continued my finger and tongue fucking. I repeatedly switched my mouth between the two. Mary came first, flooding juices out of her tight hole. Mary down, I moved over, concentrating on Helen. Helen didn’t take long, with three girls bent over, playing with her tits. Helen came, squirting juices in my mouth. The room had a distinct feminine smell. I had pussy juices of five women on my hands and mouth. Five down, three to go.

More screams escaping the basement, the gangbang continued. Dan pulled out of Holly. Peter and Edward stayed, getting jerked. Jake pulled his cock out of her throat. Matt stepped up, putting his cock into Holly’s waiting mouth. Holly resumed the throatfucking. Chris, the black one, crawled on top of her. His arms bracing him on top of her. He pushed his black cock inside her pussy, stretching her with his thick dick. Chris, the white one, Stepped up behind the other Chris. He put his lubed up cock at her asshole, just below her pussy that was being pounded. He had trouble getting inside her tight asshole with Chris pounding away, but he managed to get inside her. Holly was being triple fucked; ass, throat and pussy, and she was stroking two at the same time. The ass and pussy pounding continued as Peter stepped back, and Trent filled his place, getting jerked off.

I guess it was kind of cheating. Amy, Susan, and Jenna remained to be serviced. Jenna and Susan, both with medium tits, and shaved pussies, were locked in a sixty nine behind me. So I went to Amy, the busty older beauty. I grabbed her tits as she stood there, kissing and licking them, and playing with them with my hands. One hand meandered to her pussy, working her pussy into a dripping workout. I kissed my way down to her dripping slit, one hand still on her titties. Amy moaned loudly as I lapped her slit, her juices flowing. Other girls already serviced stood around Amy, playing with her tits, and kissing her all over, while I was on my knees, eating her out. I put my hands on her ass cheeks, pulling my face into her slit, licking and sucking vigorously. “oohhh, he’s good” Amy said, her knees weakening. “Little liar” Kristen said, standing behind me, her hands playing with my hair. Amy came hard, the girls holding her up, her pussy flooding sex juices. Her screeching filled the room. Amy down, Jenna and Susan to go. I turned around, seeing Susan and Jenna in a sixty nine on the carpet.

Chris fucking her pussy, stretching her, Chris fucking her ass, Matt’s cock down her throat, Her hands helping Trent and Edward. Holly came, her body shaking uncontrollably, her pussy and ass contracting hard. Her screams were muffled by Matt’s cock in her throat. Chris and Chris climbed off of Holly. The group helped Holly roll over. Now her knees were on the ground, her torso resting on the ottoman. This bent her ass, exposing her wide open. Matt climbed on top of her, putting his cock against her asshole. Peter put his ten inch cock just below Matt’s, pushing into her dripping, quivering, pussy. Both cocks forced their way in, double penetrating her. Edward and Dan knelt in front of Holly, their cocks poking towards her face. Holly reached out and grabbed Edward’s cock, bringing it to her waiting mouth. Holly switched off sucking each cock. The duo of Peter and Matt continued to double fuck her.

Jenna on top, Susan on bottom, they licked each other’s pussy. I knelt behind Jenna, Susan’s tongue working on her. They were both audibly close to orgasm from their quick breathing, sweaty tense bodies. I put my cock against Jenna’s shaved pussy lips. I guess it broke the rules, since I wasn’t supposed to receive any… treatment. I pushed my rubber covered cock into her dripping slit. Susan kept eating her. She was very close, after a few pumps inside of her, her pussy contracted and quivered, sending juices down to Susan’s waiting lips. Jenna rolled off to one side, leaving Susan last. Susan, her small asian figure dripping with juices, spread her legs out wide as she laid on the carpet. I laid down between her legs, my face resting on her pussy. I ate her quickly, stroking my tongue up and down on her quickly.

Holly thrown into a wild ear splitting orgasm, her body being filled. All the guys stood back, Holly laying face down, panting heavily. Edward moved behind her, and picked her up. Holly standing, with Edward’s cock poking her back, he lifted her up, and guided his saliva dripping cock to her asshole. Jake facing Holly, spreading her legs, shoved his cock in her dripping pussy. At instruction from the group, Edward and Jake lowered themselves to their knees, still fucking Holly between them. Trent stood to one side, and black Chris to the other. Holly sent one hand out to each cock. She pulled black Chris’s cock to her mouth. She shoved his black stick down her throat. Holly’s hair was disheveled, hanging in her face, going every which way. Her chest heaved uncontrollably. She was double fucked, pounded, as she sucked the black man’s cock. She moved over to the Trent’s cock, sucking his length down her throat.

Susan came, her skinny Asian body shaking as she pierced the air with her screams. I moved up, playing with her tits, as she continued screaming. I stood up, the other seven women all standing around me, juices flowing down their legs. “What’s next?” I asked enthusiastically. “Now you stand there” Kristen said to me. I stood on the carpet. The girls one by one knelt down in front of me, giving my cock a few licks and sucks. “Just enough to acquaint us with your man meat, not enough to get you off” Kristen said, explaining how it worked. Once the seven women each had their turn, Susan rose from the ground, her knees wobbling, she came in front of me, and licked my cock up and down over and over.

Holly came again, blasting juices on Jake’s cock. The group helped her up, putting her on her back on Erotik hikaye the ottoman. “You ready?” Peter asked her. Holly could barely hold her head up. “For what?” she barely managed. Trent and black Chris stood on either side of Holly’s head. She raised herself up, her ass on the ottoman, her arms down behind her propping her face up to cock height. Peter moved down, kneeling in front of her pussy, and resumed the fucking. Trent and Christ pulled their condoms off. Each guy stood there slowly jerking their meat. Holly opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out waiting. Trent came first, to Holly’s left, she turned her head toward him. He spurted jizz onto her cheek, streams going down her face and chin, some landing in her mouth. “mmm” Holly moaned, licking her lips, and turning to Chris, opening her mouth wide again. Chris’s black cock sprayed her face and neck with high velocity jizz. Spurting out all over her. Holly sat back again, her arms still propping her up, her whole body moving back and forth as Peter continued to fuck her with his huge cock. Edward and Matt stepped up to each side of Holly. Edward stuck his cock in her open mouth. Holly sucked on the end of his stick, licking on his head. Edward didn’t last long, his first blasts inside her mouth, he pulled back shooting his cum in her mouth and down her cheek. Matt came as soon as Edward stepped back, blasting a huge gob of jizz against her forehead, he came over and over, each stream hitting her forehead and falling down, leaving small lines of cum down her face. Holly licked her lips again, sucking any cum into her mouth she could, swallowing what she had. Peter pulled out of her pussy. He stepped up, directly above her, as he stood around the ottoman. He pulled his juiced up condom off, tossing it aside. He slowly jerked his huge cock, then stopped as he shot his load. Peter blew cum into Holly’s hair, streaming down her face, neck and to her tits. Each shot had jizz in her hair, and streamed all the way down to her tits. Shot after shot, much of the jizz landing in her mouth.

I was very excited now, expecting that I would fuck all eight women, not really sure. “Now what?” I asked smiling. “Now we go check up on your…woman” Kristen said. “Let’s go” I said, as we all walked to the stairs.

Holly’s face was covered in jizz. Some cum accumulated as it dribbled off her chin, landing on her tits. Streaks of jizz lining her hair, her tongue running out of her mouth all around her lips collecting what she could. Cum concentrated in several places on her face. She was literally glazed over. Jake was now kneeling, fucking her pussy somewhat slowly, her whole body moving with the thrusts. Her arms back holding her up. Chris, white one, and Dan stood on either side of her, jerking their cocks. Holly turned towards Chris, putting her mouth inches from his cock. Chris came, flooding her mouth with jizz, and she swallowed every drop she could. Some landed on her tits, as jizz accumulated and ran down her body. Dan was next, he came sending quick short blasts into her hair and down her neck. Jake was fucking her harder and faster now. He kept fucking until she came. I was standing next to Jake now, the women all entering the room and watching the events with the other men. Holly’s pussy squirting, Jake pulled out, pulled his condom off, and came, spurting jizz all over her belly. Jake turned around “She’s all yours” He said to me. “Congratulations, you guys are in” Peter said. I knelt down, where Jake had been. I took my condom off before hand, fucking my own woman. Holly looked down at me, with a huge smile on her jizzled face. I fucked her hard and fast, and her body couldn’t take much more. As I was approaching she came, milking my cock. I pulled out, and moved forward, standing on top of her and the ottoman. Holly leaned forward, my cock right in front of her mouth. No sex in 2 days, and being aroused for quite some time resulted in a massive load. I blasted, first over her mouth, a stream of jizz in her hair, and coming down in a neat line over her forehead, nose and to her mouth. Holly moaned as I blasted again, streaming a thick heavy load of cum down her throat. Holly leaned forward, my cock just inside her open mouth, as I blasted again and again, and she swallowed every drop of cum I gave her. “Wow” Many in the crowd were amazed as I kept coming and coming in massive wave of jizz.

I stood back as some of the girls knelt down, licking holly’s nipples, and making out with her. I stood with the rest of the guys, watching our women. “You guys have fun downstairs?” Peter asked the group, looking at me. The answer was a resounding yes from the cum slurping mob below us. “Did you guys have fun in here or what?” I asked the group of guys, their jizz covering Holly just below us. “So what’s next” I asked the group. “Okay…Partner up everyone” Peter said to the group. All the women stood up and found their man. I helped Holly to her feet from the ottoman, her whole body oozing in man juice. Peter and Kristen lead. Kristen faced away from Peter, bending over, and peter fucked her from behind. Every woman followed Kristen’s lead, all nine couples fucking while standing in a line. “I reached around to Holly’s cum soaked tits, but they were too slippery to hang on to. I just held her hips and fucked her harder. The moaning of eighteen people filled the room. Holly took quite a pounding before she came, several of the other women had cum already. Once every one had finished up, we all split up again. Each couple took turns in the shower. Holly and I were made to go last, as she was caked in jizz. “Have fun?” I asked her. “What’s it look like?” She said. “It looks like a whole lot of fun” I said.

Finally it was our turn. Trent and Amy, the oldest couple, stepped out of the hot shower, dripping wet. Holly stepped in first, and I stepped in behind her. The hot water running over her face, washing what remained of the jizz off of her body. I played with her tits from behind, as the jizz ran off of her. My cock grew again, poking her in the back. Massaging Holly’s tits, she felt my cock poking her, and turned around, kneeling down to suck me off. Holly took the head of my cock into her mouth sucking on me. She jammed my entire cock down her throat, deepthroating me. Just then the curtain flew open, and everyone was standing just outside the shower. Peter had a camera, and he snapped a photo, just as the curtain opened, and everyone yelled “congratulations”. They weren’t expecting to see us going at it again. “Christ, do you spend any time without a cock in your mouth?” Peter asked Holly. “huh uh” Holly tried to say no, my cock down her throat. This seems familiar. Holly went right back to deepthroating me, and many of the people stood watching her technique as she sucked me dry.

Finally done ‘showering’, we stepped out of the shower, and toweled off. “We have to do this again” I said. “We’re members now” Holly said excitedly. We walked downstairs and found our clothes out of the heap of clothes. “So, when do we meet again?” I asked Peter as everyone was leaving. “We usually meet once a month as a group, I’ll email you, but we also have smaller get-togethers more often” Peter said. “I don’t want to miss anything” Holly said excited. We walked to my car. We got in and I started driving. “whew, that was quite a workout” Holly said. “So, you want to relax tonite?” I asked her. “Fuck no” She said quickly. I immediately knew how the night would be spent. “Stop at a store and buy a large pack of condoms” Holly said. “Why?” I asked her. “I’ll show you later”

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