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School was over and I had made it though to the end. I was not at the top of my class but I did graduate and my papers were the same as all the others. Besides not many companies that are willing to hire kids just out of high school don’t care too much where you stood in your high school class.

However I was not in any hurry to go right out and start working. I wanted to enjoy one summer as a kid free of worrying about school and classes ever again. Well not any time soon any way. I thought I’d think about college in a year or so and work some then see what I wanted to do with my life.

My name is Jeffery Boatmen and I do want to make a name for myself in our small town. But that might be some years down the road. My step mother Alice Boatmen the recent widow of Charles Boatmen knows every single soul in our town. My Dad had been the local banker and Mom was now CEO of the town bank. Dad had done well by Alice and I do not want for much but still I knew my days of being lazy were numbered.

The first Monday after graduation found me walking around the house in a daze. I was lost for what to do. I had not planed ahead very well so here I was at home with little to do. I had breakfast with Mom as always and when she ran off to the bank I went down to the game room in the basement. I flipped through the channels and soon turned the TV off and crashed on the sofa.

I rolled over and eyed the clock. It was near noon I had carefully and methodically wasted the morning.

Great, how good was that for my first day out of school. One good thing was that Mon had said she would buy me a car if I graduated and that may have had a little to do with my last few months of studying. I told Mom to let me think about it and when I found one I liked I’d let her know.

Donna Panzer the love of my life and a few other guys as well had said she liked bright red convertibles. But I was thinking of something a little less conspicuous. Sheriff Gray had a boner on for most kids right out of school so I wanted not to be seen too often. Besides I had rolled his daughter in the hay out one night at Simpson’s’ barn. I had had my eighteenth birthday party at home in the afternoon and later that night I borrowed James Arrow’s car and took Sally Gray out and she gave me one hell of a fuck in Simpson’s barn. I was not sure if the Shaffer knew about that or not but I did not what to be with out a way to run if he ever found out.

I was still thinking about Sally and her willingness to fuck, suck and have fun in a wild way when I heard Mom return from the bank. I put my cock back in my pants as I had be whacking off when thinking of Sally. I started up the stars when I heard a man’s voice. Mom almost never had people over during the day or so I thought. With me being in school how would I know anyway?

I paused at the stop of the stairs and listened like a peeking Tom of sorts.

The man said “Come on Alice I need that loan. I’ll do any thing you want okay. I need to stay afloat so my family will have a roof over their heads.”

Mom said “Burt we’ve known each other since high school and I know your wife as well as you do. So I want you to understand I’m a widow with needs too. You give me what I need and I’ll give you want you need.” I knew what I was hearing but did not want to hear it. My mother was black mailing this guy into screwing her. Wow, holy cow what the fuck was going on. Dear Alice was no better than a fucking whore like Sally Gray or Elaine Stout or a few more girls I know around town. Now that I think about it there was one hell of a lot of girls both young and older that were willing to give up some ass for fun, money or a drink. But what was I getting out of this besides a stiff dick.

I thought about that for all of six seconds. My step Mom was not a great beauty; sure she dressed nice and always looked good. But most any woman with a few bucks can do the same. Mom is tall, slim, not much in the boobs department and her ass looked flat in a bikini. So what the fuck was this all about. Maybe Mom felt she need to black mail a guy into fucking her. I thought not. I know lots of guys that happily and willingly fuck lots worse lookers than Alice. Hell I’ve fucked a lot worse. I had even thought about fucking my step Mom. I had seen her and Dad going at in one time and I thought I’d like some of that. But never pursued that line of thought. Maybe it was time I changed my mind and take another look at my step mother as a hard up fuck and not my Mom.

In a voice the man said almost disgustedly “Oh alright Alice I’ll do it. But understand this it’s a one time deal and if you ever say anything about it I’ll deny it. It will be your word against mind and I think most people will believe me over you.”

Mom laughed and said “Sure Burt. Sure. This will just be between you and me. Now as soon as you hand me the deed to the old Miller estate I’ll give you a loan to cover all you problems at the store.”

The door slammed and all escort bayan was quiet on the Western front. Boy was I off base. I mean I was really off base when I thought my mother wanted to get laid. Shit. Well maybe she did not want this guy to fuck her but I was still thinking along those lines. But I needed a way in, an edge, some way to get started with out acting like an over sexy youngster.

I’d talk it over with my buddy James Arrow too see if he had any ideas. James is two years older than me and had fucked more women around town than any one I know.

I was still thinking about Mom / Alice. Alice had been my step mom for so long I thought of her as a real Mom and my car when I walked down town. I stopped out side the bank and thought about an idea I had formed on the walk down.

I entered Mom’s office and she gave me a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. I sat in a chair in front of her desk. Mom perched on the corner with one leg dangling off to the side. I could not see her panties but I was sure this was a practiced move to almost show her charms to whom ever she was talking too. I also guessed most of her visitors were men. I leaned back and let her see I had a hard on too. As I told her about a nice used car I had seen over on Elm St. She said she would call the owner and see if she could make a deal. With Mom I now noticed every thing was about making a deal.

I stood and let my erections point the way to the door as I said “Oh, by the way there was a strange phone call just before I left the house. I petty sure it was a wrong number and it was pretty dirty in a sexy way. Some guy said as soon as I picked up the phone. (Listen Bitch. You’ll get a hard cock soon enough and I’m just the guy to give it too you)”

I smiled at how casually Mom listened to the nasty words and did not rebuke me for using them. I told her he had hung up before I could say a word.

I left the office feeling strangely good about my chances. It was all about making a deal. I laughed.

Slipping in the back door of the pool hall I saw James sitting in a back booth drinking a beer. I slipped in across from him and waved for another round.

I told James everything I had heard and what I had said to Mother along with the idea of wanting to screw my own mother. James listened with a gleam in his eye. When I was all done we sat there for a long time not talking. Then James said “If I got this right this all started when you over heard a conversation between your mother and some guy. You thought she was trying to hustle him into screwing her but it turned out to be something else all together. But you got all hot and bothered and now you want to fuck the old girl.”

I smiled sheepishly and said “Yea that’s about it. So can you give me an idea what to do and how to, well you know.”

James said “Jeff my bud, as I see it, it all started with you over hearing a conversation so I think you should let your mother know how you feel by letting her over hear a conversation with you telling some one that you wan to fuck her. I think we can sit it up so I’ll be the one you’re talking to and that way I can kind of help you through it.”

A few more beers and some more talk and we slowly formed an idea. James told me he’d like to come by and meet my mother so when we did the conversation he’s have a better idea of what needed to be said. I liked this idea and said for him to come over later tonight. I was just about two point off true north when I left by the back door. It was a good thing I was walking rather than driving.

My head was not yet clear when I got home so I got out the mower and started to run it over the back yard. I was about half done when I had to piss like a race horse so I stepped behind a tree and got the old hose out. I was feeling better when it started and it felt so good I gave the old honker a few loving jerks. That felt even better so I gave it a few more. I got a hard on in noting flat and that felt even better. I was thinking of how good if would feel to have my cock in Mom I did not hear the car pull in the back drive. A moment later I was done pissing and so shook off the last drop and was about to put the thing back in my pants when I looked up to see Mom standing there at the corner of the garage looking at me.

I smiled like a stupid fool that I was. I said “Hi Mom. You’re home early. Thought I’d clean up the back yard.”

Mom looked at me and blinked then said “I’ll have dinner in an hour.” She smiled stupidly at me and walked away. There was no getting around the fact that she had seen me whacking on my dork.

I ran after Mom and stepped around in front of her. She stopped with surprise on her face. I said “Look Mom. I, well I. Oh shit you saw what I was doing but. But oh Shit. I was thinking of you and well it just happened. I get that way when I think of you and I guess that not right. But it happens. So what am I to do? I’m horny all the time and you’re so sexy. Well that’s just the way tuzla genç escort it is. I hope you’ll forgive me and I’ll try to control my sexual impulses.”

“Jeffery there is no need too speak of this again. I understand the needs of a young boy. I also have needs now that your father is no longer with us to take care of me. We’ll just let this pass and not talk of it again. I do understand, really. Now let me go make dinner.”

I had no idea what she said but I thought maybe we were not done with this yet. I heard her words but that is not what either of us had in mind.

I finished the yard went in took a shower and slipped into a pair of soft cotton shorts the lounging kind. My cock was out lined even if it was not hard. A white T-shirt and I was ready to go down for dinner.

Mom had also changed into some thing less formal and more relaxing. She had on a t-shirt, no bra but with her small firm tits the nipples showed right through. I was sure she did this on purpose and I liked it. Her bottom was an old pair of cut offs that had frayed until there was little left to the legs.

They were just tight enough to show off her inner thighs as being soft and fleshy. She has little ass but the out line of her fatty mound and pussy was there for me to see easy enough.

I took a good look at her and I saw she was returning my gaze. Neither said any thing of spoke of what we were each thinking.

We were about five minutes from sitting down when the phone rang. I answered it. James was on the line. He ask if my mother was close enough to hear my side of the conversation. I said “Yes. But things have changed.”

James asked “How so?”

I was about to tell him I’d see him tomorrow and tell him all about it. But what came out of my mouth was “Sure come on over and join us for dinner. See you in a bit.”

Mother looked at me strangely and asked “Who was that dear?”

“I don’t think you’ve ever met him his name is James Arrow. We’re buddy and he needs me to help him with a small problem. It will not take long however since we’re about to eat I only thought it polite to invite him too join us.”

Mom said “Yes that was the polite thing to do. Sit another place.”

James arrived a few minutes later and when he came in the back door he took one look at my mother and let out a throaty whistled. There was no mistaking its meaning. Mom smiled and said “So James do you like chicken with rice?”

James move around the table held out his hand and said “Yes. Very much. I’m sure I’ll love eating anything you have to offer.”

Mom never blinked as she said “You boys sit and I’ll fill your plates.”

I was amazed that the calm exchange of smiles and innuendos flying around this table.

Mom said “James I’m sure your old enough to drink can I offer you a glass of wine?”

Again James came back with a cheap shot “I’d love a sip of anything you have.”

Mom poured her glass and his. I said “I’m going to have a beer. Thank you very much.”

Mom looked at me but did not say anything to stop me as I opened the refrigerator and grabbed a can.

James kept up the small talk and sexual suggestions all through the meal. I had two more beers while (They) had more wine. Two beers normally is not too much I still had a hang over from this afternoon and before long I was twisting in the wind and had no idea what was being said or going on around me.

I slipped into a tunnel of sounds and mixed up words. I saw James standing at the other end of the tunnel. I needed to talk to him so I said “James, James help me find my way out.”

I heard James said “Let’s get him to his room and get him undressed.”

I was pushed, pulled and spread out on my bed. My shorts were pulled down. My shirt was pulled up and over my head. I heard James say “Naked as a baby. But I guess you seen that cock before.”

It was my mother’s voice saying “Yes. Just today I saws it while Jeffery was playing with it out in the back yard.”

James asked “What the hell was he doing that for?” I heard Mom say “He told me he was thinking of me and he was so horny. I don’t know where that came from”

James said “Sure you do. Jeff wants to fuck you. He told me so earlier today. He’s really got a bad case of fuck-you-ites and it’s you he wants to fuck.”

Mom laughed and said “Why on earth would he want to fuck me after all I’m his mother.”

James said “Step-mother I think. Well because you’re sexy as hell and because I think you’d be a great fuck.” James paused for some kind of effect then he said “I bet you’re one hell of a cock sucker too.”

Mom laughed again and said “Why, James the way you talk. I should wash out your mouth with soap.”

I lost much of what was said after that. I came and went one moment the lights were on the next time I blinked the lights were out. I had to piss so bad it hurt. I managed to get to my feet and stager out the door and down the hall. I finished my piss tuzla kendi evi olan escort and then I heard sounds. Crazy sounds like laughter and moaning along with the sounds of a bed bouncing off the walls.

I listened at my mother’s bedroom door and then opened it. Mother was on all fours with James pumping his arrow into her doggie style. I stood there watching and then stiffen my back and walked crazily across the room. I fell about the time I got to the bed. I bounced off the corner of the mattress and hit the floor. I was looking up into my mother’s face and listening to her moan.

Mom cried out “Oh, God James.” Then she closed her eyes and cried out “I’m coming. Oh, god, Oh, god. Fuck me.”

I was sitting on the floor watching my mother getting fucked by my best friend. James looked over and me and said “Jeff, you want some of this? If so you better get up here and take over. Can you get a hard-on” I’ve come twice and Alice sounds like she could take more cock if you’re up to it.”

Wobbling as I was I managed to get up and around behind my mother’s wiggling waggling ass. James helped me get up close. I grabbed her by the hips and pushed. I pushed in easily as the trail was well lubricated.

I pushed hard and drove my cock all the way in. I tried to focus my eyes but after a moment I found it was easier to just close my eyes and fuck as fast as I could. I heard nothing, I saw nothing but I did feel my balls empty out before my legs gave out and I lost all sense of where and what I was doing. When I woke it was still dark.

I was slumped over leaning on the end of the bed. My legs were asleep and I could hardly move. The lights were out and there was no sigh of life. I laid out on he floor and went back to sleep.

I woke again some time later after the sun was up. I managed to stand. Mother was naked on the bed spread eagle with semen running out of her. I laid down next to her wrapping my arms around her shoulder pulling her to me.

I held her for what seemed a long time before she came around. She blinked screwed up her face and said in a low almost inaudible voice “Oh God what have I done?”

I hugger her and said “It’s all my fault. I’m sorry. No, I’m not too sorry. I wanted this to happen and it did. If I remember rightly before dinner you were dressed kind of sexy. It just took a little wine and some help from James to get us started. You wanted this to happen as much as I did. Don’t deny it.’

Mom cried softly and said “I guess you’re right. I can not deny it.”

I rolled her over on her back and wiggled down between her legs. Mom grunted and lifted her legs high and spread them so I could reach my goal. She moaned some when I entered her. I think she may have been a little sore from last night.

Thirty minutes later we were in the kitchen and the coffee was brewed. Mom said “Do you think James would like to come over for dinner again maybe around noon Sunday after church? I could fix a nice lunch. What do you think?”

I handed Mom the wireless phone and told her to just listen. We picked up the phone at the same time as I dialed James.

I said ‘Hi Buddy. How goes it?”

James laughed and said “Christ that was a hoot. How did you make out after I left?”

I said “Well as a matter of fact it worked out really well. I want to thank you for getting the ball rolling. What did you think of Mom?”

James laughed again and said “Jeff; your mother is one wild fuck. I swear she is a nymph of the first degree. I’ve fucked a lot of older women but your mother is insatiable. I fucked her three times and she was still screaming for more. I’m sure glad you came in when you did even if you were still about half drunk. I can only guess why and how your Dad died.”

I look at Mother on the other phone and she only smiled. I said “Look why I’m calling is I was wondering if you would like to come over Sunday around noon for lunch. I’ll have Mom make us a nice light lunch and we can eat out in the screened room. I’m not sure if Mom is willing to have another three way but I’ll leave that up to her. What do you say?”

James said “Sorry Jeff old bud; I’ve got a date Sunday. Do you know Mrs. Stark? Ester Stark the old lady that lives out on Panther Creek road. We’ll I’ve been nailing her old ass for about a month and she asked me to come by Sunday. I’d love to get some more of your mothers’ fine pussy but I can get not out of this date. Ester gives the best fucking head of any one I know. Oh, yea, I thought Alice wanted to suck my cock when I got off her to take her doggie style but I got her turned around too soon and well it did not happen. But I bet Alice is one hell of a good cock sucker if you offer up your cock to her.”

I said “Well okay James I’ll tell mother you can not make it. And thanks for the suggestion. I’ll offer Mom a chance to suck my cock. It you change your mind let me know. The invitation is open.”

Mom quickly covered the mouth piece and said “Tell James to bring Mrs. Start along.”

I said “James I just had a thought. I’ll check with Mom when she gets back but why not bring Mrs. Stark to lunch and introduce us?”

James said “I’ll check with Ester and let you know. I got to go now. See’ya.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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