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Big Tits

Thanks to WAA01 for the edits.


Nora Roberts had just returned from her trip to pick out the best antiques to sell at her shop below their very feet. The top floor of the building she had turned into a warm, loving home for her family, or so she thought. She knew the troubles she and her husband were having, and she tried to spice things up once they were alone in their bedroom — But not this! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing as she stood in the doorway of her daughter’s room.

“Yes daddy! Fuck me harder!” Julie, her once reserved daughter was moaning like a harlot as her father grunted as he pounded his cock into her cunt.

Her anger flared in her brown eyes. Her nails cut into the palms of her hands as Patrick fucked their twenty-year-old daughter from behind. She had wondered if he was fucking someone since it had been months since Patrick had even touched her. At least she was right on that account, Nora just didn’t think it would be their own fucking daughter!

“Yes daddy! You’re fucking me sooo good daddy! I’m cummmming!” Julie howled as her feet beat rapidly against her bed.

Slinking out of the doorway, her heart was breaking, all the years they were together wasted! Sneaking back down to the first floor, closing and locking her office, collapsing onto her desk crying her heart out. Wondering where she had gone wrong in their marriage? Had she not tried hard enough? Did she not dress sexy enough? She knew it couldn’t be her body. She had kept herself fit and healthy so they could have as many years as they could have together. Yet, was that just another lie Patrick told her? So why? Why did he have to fuck their daughter when she was all the more willing to try out new things in their bedroom? Her dark brown hair dragged along the surface of her desk as her eyes peered over her forearms. Her anger had returned, as her mind began to race. Oh, it would be so simple to march up there and throw her husband and daughter out on their asses. Yet then she would never get her revenge. Plus, if her husband had crossed that fine line, why couldn’t she? It was only fair, right? After everything she was willing to do to make their marriage work! Her finger tapped against her lips as she leaned back in her brown leather chair. Her eyes falling on her son’s picture she always kept on her desk. Her daughter’s and husband’s pictures soon found their new home in the trash bin.

Nora wondered if her son has ever been with a woman before. She never saw him with a girl his age, but that just might be Jon waiting to keep them in the dark about it. Jon had a sneaky way about him. She bet he got that from her brother — the drifter. She just hopped Jon didn’t take after him in that way. Although Jon’s interest in journalism might just be called drifting given how he wanted to be a foreign correspondent. However, due to the hours Jon spent at the schools newspaper she doubted he was getting into too much trouble, especially with the girls. A devilish smile formed on her lips knowing exactly what she was going to do. Looking at the time, knowing her son would be home soon. The hinge of the chair squeaked as she rose to her feet. If her stupid husband wanted to throw away their marriage so be it. She’ll just get a younger, more attentive lover!

Her heels sounded on the steps. Her anger filled every inch of her body as she climbed towards her home. Her nostrils flared as she heard Julie’s giggle filling her home. Nora didn’t know how she was going to keep her cool. She wanted Patrick to be as hurt as she is when he finds out that he’s been replaced by someone far younger.

“Hi Mom…” Julie began to say watching, confused, as Nora snubbed her as she walked past the kitchen.

“That’s kind of…” Patrick quickly closed his mouth as his wife looked back at him. He had seen that look in her eyes before, he knew it was going to be a long night. Wondering what he had done as their bedroom door slammed shut.

“What’s got Mom so upset?” Julie asked, as she poured herself and her father a drink. Smiling bashfully at him as she felt how wet she still was.

“I don’t know,” Patrick sighed, “maybe the pick didn’t go as planned,” he said, his fingers brushed along the back of his daughter’s hand. Remembering how one day while Nora was at an auction upstate Julie had walked in nude while he was showering. Dropping to her knees, her sweet voice telling him that she could take care of him if Mom wasn’t going to. He knew it was wrong, yet as Julie held his cock in her mouth it just looked so right. “Let’s just keep out of her way for a while until she calms down.”

“Okay… daddy,” Julie whispered. She never wanted to hurt her mother, but if she wasn’t going to take care of her father then she would. She knew of the problems they were having; it wasn’t hard given how their voices traveled through the walls. She knew if it ever came out it would destroy her mother. That wasn’t what she wanted, she just wanted to make her father happy. gaziantep kızıl escort She knew they had to keep what they were doing as secret as they could. Turning her head as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Sighing into her mind knowing it would a while before she could feel her father back inside of her pussy.


Jon groaned as he fell backwards onto his bed. His brown eyes stared up at the ceiling he couldn’t believe his editor had asked him to do an article on sex. Not the kind you hear about in heath class, but what it’s like to be with a woman. So that the rest of the kids wouldn’t be so hesitant to experience it, or so put off by it whenever they had it. Nonetheless, how was he going to write it? He himself has never had that kind of relationship with a woman before. Could he just fake it? Would it be even believable if he did such a thing. Could he ask someone that’s had sex before what it’s like? Shaking his head at the thought, knowing he would just be laughed at for still being a virgin at the age of eighteen. Running his hand down his face, wondering what he was going to do.

“Don’t you knock?!” Jon asked annoyed, not having to look to know that it was his sister.

“Jon, I don’t have too, I’m your sister after all,” Julie huffed.

“Uh-huh, what do you want?” Jon asked, they thought they were sneaky. They thought he didn’t see how they acted around one another. Did they think he was a fool? If he knew something was going on, then it was only a matter of time before their mother found out; and lord knows he didn’t want to be around when that happened.

“Mom is in a mood, so Dad wants us to stay out of her way for the night,” Julie said, wondering if he knew what she and their father were doing, since Jon had been acting odd around her for a few months.

“Maybe it’s just the two of you that she’s mad at,” Jon said pointedly, finally sitting up.

“I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about,” Julie said, defensively.

“Sure you don’t,” Jon said, rolling his eyes.

“Just don’t do anything that would upset Mom, alright?” Julie stated in that holier than thou voice.

“Maybe stop doing whatever it is you got going with Dad,” Jon said to himself.


“Honey…” Jon’s ears perked as he sat at his desk working on his homework. “Nora?! Where are you going?” He heard his father ask as he heard heels echoing on the hardwood flooring. “Are we supposed to be somewhere tonight?” Jon heard his father ask as he walked behind his mother. “What about dinner for the kids…”

“Take your damn hand off of me!” Jon sat straighter in his chair when he heard the venom in his mother’s voice. His heart was hammering in his chest. He’d only seen his mother, or heard in this instance, this mad at his father twice, and that came to very expensive things being thrown around (His father of course, his mother knew better.)

“Whoa! Alright, alright, just tell me what’s going on Nora?”

“Nothing that you need to know about…” Jon heard his mother sneer turning his blood cold. If it felt like it dropped ten degrees in his room, Jon didn’t want to know what it was like outside of it. His heart leaped to his throat as those heels began to draw ever closer. The sweet scent of her perfume sounded his impending doom… or so he thought. Jumping in his chair as his mother knocked on his door. “Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to scare you,” Nora said, her lush, crimson painted lips curved into a motherly smile. Her lightly curled dark brown hair teased the tops of her breasts. Her brown eyes peered lovingly at her son as her elegant black dress hugged her body, a deep ‘V’ cut down the front of it. Allowing her son to peer at the sides and lush valley of her 32DD breasts. The fabric of the dress hugged her hip as it became taut at she cocked it to the right.

“W…” Clearing his throat. “What is it Mom?” Jon asked, looking up at his mother’s six foot one inch frame, adding a few more inches due to her heels. He could never understand how some men were intimidated by a woman that was taller than they were. He sure wasn’t. Even if she was his mother Jon knew beauty when he saw it. “Why is Dad doing whatever he’s doing with Julie when he has Mom?” he asked himself. He knew if he had a woman as stunning as his mother, he sure wouldn’t be fooling around on her. His eyes followed her body as she sashayed further into his room. That smooth, toned leg lifted before she rested it upon her right knee as his mother sat on his bed. The way she leaned back on her arms caused her breasts to jut out causing Jon to quickly cast his eyes down to the floor.

“Jon,” her painted nail caught his attention directing his gaze to rise, “Hi!” Nora said, in a soft giggle. “I was thinking, how would you like to join me for dinner?” she asked, her foot lightly ran up the inside of his lower right leg.


“Mmmhmm, you,” Nora cooed. “What do gaziantep köle escort you say, hmm?”

“What about…”

“Nah-uh-uh,” Nora said in a tisk-tisk voice, as her finger wagged side to side. “Forget about them,” she said, shooing their imaginary presence off. “Don’t you want to have dinner alone with me?” Nora pouted plumping out her lower lip as she tilted her head to the side. The sight of her son’s blushing face told her he definitely had no experience in dealing with women.

“I-I didn’t say that Mom, it’s just…”

“Oh, you’re worried about what you heard?” Nora inquired watching Jon nod as she lifted herself up off his bed. Feeling her son stiffening up as she slid into his lap. She wondered if the feel of her ass on his virgin cock would get a rise. “Don’t worry baby, I’m not mad at you,” Nora cooed as she played with the tips of her son’s hair. Gently laying Jon’s head on her exposed chest, knowing how those eyes of his would have a very clear view of her breasts. “So… what do you say, just you and me, a night on the town. Dinner, a dark movie…?!” Her breath was hot in his ear as her lustful words reached his innocent mind.

“O-okay,” Jon croaked. His mouth was so dry as his eyes stared down at those heavenly mounds. It didn’t matter if they were his mother’s breasts, tits are tits, regardless of who they belong to. Jon knew he shouldn’t think it, yet the way his mother’s ass on his lap felt — it was divine!

“Mmm… good,” Nora purred as her fingers stroked his hair. A devious smile formed on her lips as she felt something stirring in her son’s pants. “At least someone in this house knows how to react when a beautiful woman sits on their lap,” she muttered angrily to herself. “Now why don’t you go and get ready. You don’t want your date to show you up, now do you?” Nora asked, with a coy smile as she looked into her son’s eyes. Giggling behind her hand as Jon dashed out of the room. Her eyes roamed her son’s room, noting the awards, the prizes he had won over the past few years as she sat in his desk chair. There was no way in hell she was going to go out there and keep her cool around her cheating husband and slut of a daughter. Turning her head to the right, her eyes fell upon a curious sheet of paper. A very devilish smile appeared on her lips as she read what his editor at his school paper wanted. Who better to give him that experience than his own mother? Noting the due date for the article. She had to work fast, she had to make her son want her before Christmas break. Then once Jon experienced what she and her very fine pussy could give him, she would break her bastard husband, in just the same way he broke her heart.

“Nora… what’s going on?” Patrick asked, standing in his son’s doorway. Hoping that she wouldn’t do something. Hoping that their son’s room would be like their Switzerland. Neutral ground. Wondering why she was wearing that kind of dress around their son.

“You know exactly what’s going on,” Nora said, narrowing her eyes. “Now see yourself out of my sight before my anger gets the better of me and I have your balls in a blender,” she said, with deadly undertones. Laughing wicked in her mind as Patrick’s face paled, there was a look in his eyes that wondered if she knew. “I think it would be good for you to find somewhere else to sleep other than my bed.”

“For how long?” Patrick asked, knowing Julie’s bed would be out of the question. Knowing that look in her eye he would be on the couch for days if not months.

“Forever for all care at this point you piece of lying shit,” Nora sneered.

“Does she know or has she got some wild hair up her ass?” Patrick’s mind racing back to the day before she left for her trip. Sure it had been their biggest fight yet, and sure he knew she was trying. Then yet, why wasn’t he? Did he not love her? Was their marriage truly over, and they were only saving face for the kids? No. He did love his wife. She had every right to be pissed off at him. Maybe he did get carried away with what he and Julie were doing. Maybe the thought of fucking his daughter did get the better of him. He couldn’t blame her; he had pretty much neglected her for the past few months. Lord knows she was kinkier than what Julie would ever do. “B… Nora,” he quickly corrected himself when Nora shot him the very look of death, “I get it. You’re pissed. I’ve been a lousy husband these past few months…”

“Now you care! Now you’re worried about my feelings!” Nora growled.

“Of course, I care. I’m your husband.”

“Are you now?!” Nora’s tone was hard and cold. “It sure didn’t seem like it when you were fucking our daughter!” Nora screamed out in her mind. “I wonder how you’ll take it when I make you watch as I fuck our son!”

“Just be safe okay,” Patrick said, knowing if he and Julie were going to get together they were going to have to be extra careful from now on. He didn’t see a reason why he should cut off his daughter gaziantep kumral escort when she’s more than willing to let him have some of her sweet pussy.

“Hmpf! The nerve of him,” Nora grumbled. Crossing her arms below her breasts causing her eyes to glance down. Pulling the fabric of her dress to the side a little more. She wondered if her little display of a tad more of her breasts would get a reaction from her son. Her eyes ran down her son’s bare chest, knowing that while he didn’t have his father’s build, he had the foundations for it. Knowing that in the coming years he would fill out nicely. Now it was her turn to make sure he became a man. Smirking when he jumped as he finally noticed she was still in his room. Glancing down as his towel became loose and allowed her a peek at what it was covering. Seeing the head of his cock instinctively flexing before the gap was closed.

“Mom?!” Jon said nervously, his heart going a million miles an hour.

“I’m sorry baby, it’s just in here… I feel safe from…” Her eyes shot towards the other side of her home. “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, I mean I have seen you naked plenty of times.”

“Yeah, but I was a kid… I’m not anymore,” Jon said, he could feel the stirrings of his cock. He knew it was wrong, so wrong, and yet he was practically naked in a room with a woman. Apparently it didn’t matter to his cock that, that woman was his own mother.

“So?” Tilting her head to the side, trying to keep her smile hidden at Jon’s very blushing cheeks. “Are you saying you can’t be naked in the same room with me?” Nora cooed softly, slyly pulling on the right side of the opening of her V-neck. Watching her son’s eyes widening as the black lace of her bra peeked out. “Surely, you not affected by your mother’s old body?” she said, knowing she shouldn’t be teasing her son so, however, the way those eyes looked at her breasts. It’s been a long time since Patrick looked at them like her son was. “But if it makes you feel better,” rising from his desk chair, “I’ll wait outside for you,” Nora said, as she neared the door. “By the way, I’ve always wondered. How does this dress make my ass look?” she asked, over her shoulder. Knowing full well how it contoured to her firm backside. Her eyes slyly glanced down noting the slight rise of her son’s towel.


“Aww… come on… humor me,” Nora pouted shaking her ass at him.

“It…” Taking a dry swallow as his eyes couldn’t look away as his mother’s ass swayed beneath her dress. “Looks good.”

“Good huh?” Her tongue flicked against her teeth. “We’ll just have to work on complimenting the ladies,” Nora teased as she shut his door. She didn’t care if Patrick or Julie overheard her. She wanted them to. She wanted that bastard to feel as violated as she did. To feel that heart stabbing, chest caving in, world shattering feeling she felt as she listened to her daughter cum.

Shaking his head as he stood in his room. Unsure what his own mother was up to and why she was acting the way she was. Once he was dressed, his hand hovered over the doorknob wondering how this night would go if he stepped out of his room. Yet knew he couldn’t keep his mother waiting, then it would be him on the receiving end of her anger; and his mother was already worked up, no sense adding his name to the list. “Here goes,” Jon muttered as he opened the door.

“Oh my,” Nora gasped pleasantly at the sight of her son. She had to admit he was very dashing in his black slacks, matching jacket, and pearl white shirt. “You look very handsome Jon,” she said, flashing him a genuine smile.

“Thanks,” Jon said bashfully, rubbing the back of his head. “But you’re my mom you have to say that.”

“No I don’t,” Nora said, stepping up to him. Her fingers lightly touched his chin, lifting his gaze to meet her own. “You look very…” Feeling her skin flush, her mind seeing her son as a man and not as her son. A man that she was going to lure to her bed, yet she didn’t want to hurt her son… just his father.

“What’s that look? I’ve never seen it before?” Jon asked himself as his mother had a sultry fire in her brown eyes.

“Now come, we don’t want to be late,” Nora chirped happily, as she looped her arm around her son’s right arm. Flipping her hair over her shoulder as they passed a very stunned Julie.


“Enjoy your dinner,” Patrick called out, silently telling her not to test the waters. He had no idea what his wife was playing at, yet he wasn’t about to be kicked out of the house either. So, he would let her have her way… for now. Let her blow off some steam with Jon then hopefully work his way back into their bed.


“Did you enjoy it baby?” Nora asked, once they both had finished their meals and all that was left was their dessert. She watched how those lips pressed on the rim of his glass. Wondering how they would feel on her pussy. A pussy that was in desperate need of a tongue lashing that she hadn’t had in six months.

Jon tried to hide his nervousness, however, the way his mother was looking at him as she peered over her wine glass. Made him intrigued and highly confused. He had no bloody idea what was going on with her, or the rest of his family. It was like they all had a secret that they were all sharing, and he was the one left in the dark. “M…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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