Out of Body Experiences Ch. 02

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Alex Grey

(Note: I would like to thank all of those who sent feedback after reading chapter one. It was greatly appreciated and some of the ideas that were suggested may find their way into future installments of this saga. I had already been mulling some of them but variations of things I came up with were suggested…we’ll see where my muse takes this story. I’d be interested to hear if any couples share these stories with their significant other as a way to spice up their sex lives. Enjoy!)

Part One

I had always assumed our neighbors Brandon and Jessica were married but they weren’t. A few weeks after my last story left off I found that would soon change. Brandon came by our house one day to share the good news with my folks. Neither one of them wanted a big expensive wedding so he and Jessica were going to get married at city hall in a couple weeks. Even though there wouldn’t be a wedding, Brandon wanted a big blowout bachelor party/trip to Las Vegas before he got hitched. He invited some of his buddies to go and asked my dad to come as well. Brandon also said if Uncle Ted could make it back out he was invited too. The two of them had met on one of Uncle Ted and Aunt Susan’s trips out and the two of them really hit it off.

Even though Uncle Ted and Aunt Susan had been to visit not long before, he jumped at the chance to go to Las Vegas to party and gamble. They arrived the following Thursday night and in the morning the guys left with Brandon’s crew for Vegas. That left Aunt Susan and my mom to hang out, shop, and do whatever they pleased for the weekend.

I had some exams coming up so after I got out of school I went to the library on campus to do some studying. This was definitely not the way I wanted to spend my Friday night, but I was determined to do well in community college so I buckled down and did my best to get good grades. After frying my brain pouring over pages and pages of notes and textbooks I was done for the day. The sun was setting as I left the library and headed to a burger place across from school to grab a bite to eat before heading home.

When I got home I tossed my backpack on the ground near the front door and found my mom, Aunt Susan, and Jessica were listening to some music and relaxing with some drinks in the backyard in our new hot tub. Jessica was wearing the same yellow bikini she wore to the bar-b-q, my mom was in her usual, fairly modest, pink bikini with black polka dots, and Aunt Jessica in a teal and black one-piece.

I greeted the three of them and my mom said, “With the boys away, we decided to have our own little celebration for Jessica.”

“Sounds like you’ve been having a better Friday night than me. I just left the library and have been studying my ass off.”

“Turn around,” said Aunt Susan, and I did. “Nope, it’s still there,” she joked and the three of them laughed. They were talking pretty loudly and slurring their words a little as they spoke so I’m sure they’d been drinking for a while. Their glasses were almost empty so I offered to get them another round of margaritas. After they downed their drinks they handed their glassed to me and I headed inside.

I blended up another batch of margaritas for the ladies, and brought them out back. As I approached I heard my mom ask, “What do u think the boys are doing right now?”

Aunt Susan answered, “They’re probably drunk off their asses, getting lap dances at a strip club.”

My mom shushed Aunt Susan, worried that Jessica would be concerned about Brandon being at a strip club, but Jessica said she was okay with it. She said she’s pretty liberal and it was Brandon’s last hurrah, so if he was getting a lap dance she said she didn’t mind.

“Too bad Chippendale’s guys aren’t in town, or we could go see strippers too,” my mom chimed in.

Aunt Susan said, “Who needs Chippendales, we have a handsome young man right here,” as she looked over at me.

“Susan Marie…” my mom began to scold her sister.

Before she could finish her sentence Jessica held up her drink and yelled, “Woohoo! Yeah, take it off!”

I could see the annoyance on my mom’s face as Jessica and Aunt Susan began to chant “Take it off…take it off.”

I’m sure I blushed as they chanted but I figured, why not. I looked at my mom, shrugged, and said “Gotta give the ladies what they want,” and I began to move to the dance music that was playing. I only had on a t-shirt, blue jeans, and my boxer briefs so the show wasn’t going to last very long if all I did was strip so I figured I’d stretch it out a little.

I just danced for a bit, turning around and shaking my booty for the women, then slowly pulled my t-shirt off over my head as Aunt Susan cheered “That’s what I’m talking about!”

The two of them cheered and whooped as I went along. My mom seemed to relax a bit as I swayed and I assumed she was beginning to get into it as well. Given the fact that she was drunk, and we’d been screwing like rabbits for weeks, I’m guessing it was probably turning her on a little.

I began swinging kurtköy escort my t-shirt over my head and tried to think of what a stripper would do. I recalled I’d seen them run shirts or whatever over their butts and between their legs like they were drying themselves off with a towel so I whipped the shirt around behind myself, grabbing it with my other hand, and began running it over my ass. I then turned sideways and whipped the shirt between my legs, and began running it between my legs, thrusting my hips to the beat. I looked directly into each of their eyes, with a devilish smile, and licked my lips in what I hoped was a sexy way.

“Yeah, baby, woo!” cheered Aunt Susan.

“Ow!” added Jessica.

After running it between my legs for a few more beats I swung it over my head again and threw it to my mom.

I continued swaying and gyrating to the throbbing beat, then turned to face the hot tub and undid the button on my pants.

“Take it off” Jessica yelled.

And Aunt Susan whooped, “Show us what you got, kid, woohoo!”

I unzipped and zipped my pants a few times, then began slowly peeling my jeans down, past my ass, and down my legs. I stepped out of my jeans, leaving me standing before my mom, my aunt, and my hot neighbor in nothing but my navy blue boxer briefs. I continued to shake it for them, turning my ass to them, and moved to the music.

“Nice ass, kid!” Aunt Susan cheered.

As the next song started I walked up the stairs to the hot tub and stepped into the warm, bubbling water. I turned, shook my tush in my mom’s face, and continued to dance to the music in the middle of the hot tub. Seeing as how I was playing the role of the stripper at Jessica’s last-minute bachelorette party, I reached out for Jessica’s hand and had her stand up and dance with me.

I moved a leg between hers and thrust my hips in her direction but didn’t actually touch her as I danced. Jessica actually initiated the contact between us and began grinding her bikini clad pussy against my leg as we danced. I could feel myself getting hard as Jessica rubbed her crotch against my leg, and, seeing how I was only wearing underwear, I knew once we separated I wouldn’t be able to hide my erection.

After a moment Jessica turned around, bent over, and began rubbing her ass against my bulge as she danced. I grabbed her hips with one hand, ground my erection up into her butt, and began acting like I was spanking her with the other hand as we danced. The front of my underwear was getting soaked by Jessica’s wet bikini bottom as she pushed back against me. My rod was pushing the small piece of yellow fabric of her bikini bottom between her cheeks, turning it into a thong as we ground against each other.

Aunt Susan stood up and joined us in the middle of the hot tub and the three of us danced together briefly. Jessica moved aside and sat back down, leaving the two of us in the center of the Jacuzzi. I moved my leg between Aunt Susan’s as she faced me and we began to dance. We moved to the music, just a few inches separating our bodies, then I reached around and pulled her close, pressing my erection against my aunt’s body. She responded by reaching around and grabbing my butt. Soon she was grinding against me, and getting into it just as much as Jessica had before. I followed my aunt’s lead, running my hand over her butt as we dry humped in the middle of the hot tub.

The song soon ended and an ad came on, putting a damper on the mood. We broke our embrace and I quickly sank down into the water to hide my boner. We both sat back in the seats of the hot tub as Aunt Susan grabbed her drink and took a sip. I’m not sure if any of the women saw my raging hard-on before I ducked down in the water, but I know Jessica and Aunt Susan felt it rubbing against them as we danced. The ladies thanked me for the show and we all sat back and enjoyed the warm bubbling water, with my mom sitting next to me, Jessica next to her, and Aunt Susan across from me a little to Jessica’s left.

The discussion of what the women wanted to do next came up and the idea of watching a movie sounded good to all three. Then came the decision of what to watch.

“It’s supposed to be a bachelorette party, let’s get a porno,” suggested my aunt. Everyone laughed and mulled the idea over as she added, “Or we could watch that movie we saw last time Ted and I came to visit. What was it called, Jackie?”

“Mulholland Drive?” my mom answered.

“Yeah, that was it. That movie was as hot as a porno in my book. Have you seen it Jess,” she asked as she sipped her margarita.

“I don’t think so,” answered Jessica. As she spoke I felt a foot come up between my legs and rub against my still-hard cock through my underwear. Because of how we were all sitting, it had to be Aunt Susan’s foot reaching across the hot tub. I looked up and she raised one eyebrow as our eyes met, confirming what I already knew. My mom and Jessica were oblivious to what she was doing because they couldn’t see her leg stretching across aydıntepe escort the hot tub under the roiling water.

“It’s got Naomi Watts in it and there are some REALLY sexy scenes with her and another woman getting it on,” explained Aunt Susan.

“It WAS pretty hot,” added my mom.

“No, pretty sure I haven’t seen that one,” said Jessica.

“I’ve never been with another woman but let me tell you, after watching that movie I’d be tempted to try it!” my aunt chuckled, “Have you ever been with another woman?” she asked Jessica.

“Sue!” scolded my mom, obviously not appreciating the question she had posed to our neighbor.

“We’re all adults,” she poo pooed, as she looked to Jessica for an answer.

“Well, back in college I was pretty wild. My girlfriends and I would get pretty trashed at frat parties and sometimes we’d make out on a dare of just for shock value. Sometimes it would get pretty out of hand, but it was all just for fun.”

“What’s it like…kissing another girl, I mean,” asked my mom.

“You tell me…” purred Jessica as she moved closer to her, turned my mom’s head to face her, and softly pressed her lips against my mom’s. Their lips met and they gently kissed, then their tongues began jutting out slightly to meet each other’s pecks. In a moment they we kissing deeply, then Jessica pulled back, breaking their kiss, and asked, “Well?”

“Wow,” blurted my mom. “That was so soft.”

“What about me?” asked Aunt Susan.

Jessica slid away from my mom, moving toward my aunt, and the two of them kissed as well. Aunt Susan’s foot pressed down onto my dick as she French kissed my hot neighbor.

“Mmmm…that WAS nice,” responded my aunt, “I feel like Katy Perry because I kissed a girl and I liked it!”

We all laughed at her quip but we could all feel the sexual electricity in the air after Jessica had kissed my mom and aunt. Given the fact that they were all good and drunk, I figured I’d egg them on and see how far it would all go. “What did you mean when you said it would get out of hand?” I goaded.

She moved in front of my mom, got down on her knees in front of her, and said, “Well…we’d start like this…” and she again kissed my mom deeply. She broke their kiss, and said, “then we’d just let things go where they may…” and moved her hands up to my mom’s breasts. She began massaging them as her lips again met my mom’s. Aunt Susan continued to rub my hard-on with her foot as we both watched Jessica and my mom make out and feel each other up. Aunt Susan’s hand was underwater, and I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I could tell by how her arm was moving that she was playing with herself.

After a moment Jessica broke their embrace, pushed aside one side of my mom’s bikini top, exposing her stiff nipple, and leaned in to suck it. Jessica licked and sucked my mom’s tit, then pushed aside the other side of her bikini top, and lovingly took my mom’s other nipple in her mouth. My eyes met Aunt Susan’s and she said, “I’m feeling a bit left out, Chris,” as she took her foot away from my crotch and moved across the hot tub.

Aunt Susan sat on my lap, pressing my raging hard-on against my body, and our lips met in a passionate kiss. She ground down on my cock as our tongues mingled and I reached around to grab her ass. We kissed long and hard, my hands sliding over her butt and back around to her wonderfully large boobs. I could feel her nipples stiffen beneath the fabric of her bathing suit as I kneaded her fleshy mounds. I then moved my hands up and pushed the straps of her suit over her shoulders and down her arms, exposing her bare breasts right in front of my face. I took a breast in each hand, brought them together, and began licking and sucking Aunt Susan’s stiff nipples, moving my mouth from one to the other. She moaned as I worked her nipples, then slid back slightly off my lap to allow her hand access to my hard cock.

She pushed down the front of my underwear, wrapped her fingers around my rod, and began stroking it. That didn’t last long as she said, “Sit up on the edge, kid, I wanna suck that hard cock.”

I pushed my underwear down and stepped out of them as I sat up on the edge of the hot tub. With Aunt Susan’s suit already half off, she pushed it down and took it off the rest of the way as she moved down between my legs. I watched as my aunt opened her mouth and took my tool inside it. She began sucking it, bobbing her head up and down, as she kneaded my balls. I looked across the hot tub to see what Jessica and my mom were doing and saw that both of their bikini tops were off and they were taking turns sucking each other’s tits.

After Jessica worked on my mom’s nipples she stood up, untied the strings on her bikini bottoms, and tossed it out onto the deck. Then she moved one foot across the front of my mom, up onto the edge of the hot tub, and put her pussy right in front of my mom’s face. She didn’t need to say a word but my mom knew what she wanted and she buried her face between Jessica’s legs as Jessica tuzla içmeler escort moaned, “Mmmmm….”

I continued to watch them as my aunt worked my cock. My mom ate Jessica’s pussy as Aunt Susan lifted my cock and began sucking my balls, then went back to sucking my cock again. Even though it was my mom’s first time, she must have been doing a good job because soon Jessica’s body stiffened and she cried out as her orgasm hit.

Jessica looked across the hot tub at my aunt sucking my dick as my mom finished her off and said, “I want to get some of that.” She stepped over to where we were, tapping my aunt on the shoulder and asking, “Mind if I cut in?” My aunt moved aside and Jessica replaced her between my legs. She wasted no time swallowing my pole, hungrily sucking my cock as she stroked the shaft.

Both Aunt Susan and Jessica had sucked my cock before, but it was when I had control of their significant others’ bodies. It was so much hotter now because my aunt and my sexy neighbor were knowingly, and willingly, sucking MY cock. I didn’t get the chance to fuck Jessica when I jumped into Brandon’s body the night of the bar-b-q, but I was pretty sure by how she was going after my cock that I was going to get to now. She bobbed her head up and down, taking most of my cock down her throat a few more times, then I had her step back so I could sit down in the hot tub.

I looked over and saw my aunt going down on my mom as she was sitting up on the edge of the hot tub as I took a seat in the warm water. I had Jessica move down and straddle my lap and noticed the look of passion that was on her face disappeared as she looked down at me. It was replaced with one of concern as she realized that she was about to let a man who was not her fiancé fuck her.

Jessica put her hands on my chest and started to say, “I can’t…”

She gave a little resistance as I tried to guide her down onto my erection. I could feel the head of my cock touch her opening and knew there was no turning back. She gasped as I pulled her down onto my rod, filling her tight pussy with my manhood, until she was sitting on my lap and I was all the way inside her. Any second thoughts Jessica had immediately vanished and she began riding me, moving up and down on my hard cock.

I was finally getting to fuck my hot neighbor and it felt incredible. I kissed Jessica deeply as she rode me, then moved my mouth down to her swaying breasts and began sucking her stiff pink nipples. My cock must have been hitting her g-spot because she was moaning loudly and grinding down on me for all she was worth. I could hear my mom’s moans mixing with Jessica’s, and recognized the familiar sound of my mom getting closer to cumming.

Jessica leaned away and arched her back as I drove deep up inside her. She cried out and shuddered with her second orgasm as my aunt ate her sister’s pussy, bringing her to orgasm as well just a few feet away. As Jessica’s orgasm subsided she moved off my lap and I stood up. My throbbing cock swayed and bounced just above the bubbling water and it was aching for release.

My aunt sat up wiped my mom’s juices from her mouth as she turned, my erection catching her gaze. “Jackie, you should try it,” she said as she motioned to my mom, nodding toward my swollen member.

“Oh, Sue, I couldn’t…” she replied.

It was a great piece of playacting because she had gotten her hands, and mouth, on my dick numerous times, she just didn’t want to do it in front of our neighbor and her sister.

“Why not…I just went down on you…and I’m your sister!” Aunt Susan reached out and began stroking my dick as she said, “You know you want to, just look at this big, hard cock. Besides, you know what they say…what happens in the hot tub, stays in the hot tub.”

She pointed it in my mom’s direction, offering my hard cock up to her sister, as Jessica chimed in, “Yeah, Jackie, we won’t say anything.”

At that point my mom realized she wouldn’t be judged for joining Aunt Susan and Jessica in sampling what I had to offer and she moved closer to me. Aunt Susan moved aside and my mom knelt down in the hot tub, my erection just inches from her face. She wrapped her wet hand around it, looking like a singer holding a microphone in front of her face, and began sliding her hand up and down my shaft. As she worked my erection I watched Jessica move between Aunt Susan’s legs and bury her face in her pussy at the edge of the hot tub. My aunt tugged on her own nipples as Jessica slid two fingers in and out of her pussy and worked on my aunt’s clit.

After having Aunt Susan’s and Jessica’s talented mouths working on me, and finally getting to fuck Jessica, I was just about ready to shoot my wad. The sight of Jessica going down on my aunt while my mom was jacking me off brought me to the edge and I moaned, “Oh God, mom…I’m gonna cum.”

She tightened her grip on my shaft and opened her mouth as she coaxed a milky jet of cum out of my cock. It shot into her mouth, up onto her face, and I continued to spray my load onto my mom’s face as she jerked me off, the last of my cum dribbling down her fist as she emptied me. We sat back in the water and shortly thereafter Aunt Susan moaned and cried out as Jessica brought her to orgasm with her mouth and fingers.

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