Our First Full Swap Pt. 02

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In Part One of this story my hot wife (Maggie) and I had agreed to do a full swap with another couple, something we had never done before. After a lot of research, some phone calls and then a meeting over coffee we met Rob and Anita for a Saturday night of fun. After hours of swapping and fucking in every position imaginable, the four of us took a break slipping into a king sized bed together. We had taken adjoining rooms but decided to drink some wine and rest before the next round of activities.

Rob fucked Maggie and I fucked Anita. We had done anal, watched each other and the two hot women enjoyed Maggie’s first lesbian encounter. It was clear that both couples had chosen well and we were enjoying the evening in ways we had never anticipated. So we pick up the action on Saturday evening after ordering room service and drinking some wine.


Anita and Rob snuggled together on one side of the bed while Maggie and I snuggled on the other side. The two women were next to each other and we were all under the sheets. After the serious activity we had all experienced including multiple climaxes by all of us, especially the multi-orgasmic women, we were tired. We actually dosed off for a while after finishing the second bottle of wine.

After a short nap Anita announced that she needed to use the facilities and was also going to take a shower and try to refresh herself. Sounded like a good idea to all of us but once Anita crawled out of bed, Rob and I turned our attention to Maggie. With one of us on each side of her Rob reached for her pussy, which was still wet from the large loads that had been deposited as well as her own juices which never seemed to stop flowing.

I kissed Maggie softly at first and then more passionately as she began to move her hips to Rob’s increased stimulation. He found her clit and once Maggie gets aroused, she cums quickly. As I massaged her large and lovely left breast Rob found her right breast with his lips. Maggie writhed under our ministrations and soon exclaimed loudly that she was going to cum. And as she did her entire body shuddered as if she was having a seizure.

As Maggie returned to reality she rolled her head to me and in her sexiest voice ever said simply, “I want you to fuck me right now.”

I smiled at my sexy wife and said, “With pleasure darling.”

I rolled on top of Maggie who was in total slut mode. She spread her legs as Rob moved to the side. My cock was hard as steel as I quickly found her pussy and plunged all the way to the bottom in one deep thrust. She wrapped her legs around me and clawed my back urging me wordlessly to fuck her harder. I was so hot I pounded in to her while Rob stimulated her erect nipples. She pushed against me telling me to make her cum. And in just seconds she had a mind blowing orgasm. I was in awe of this wonderful woman and her ability to cum over and over and over.

Rob exclaimed, “What an incredible woman” and Maggie seemed to remember that he was beside her as she rolled her eyes towards him.

“Put your cock in my mouth. You need to have some fun too.”

Rob moved up on the bed and put another pillow behind Maggie’s head as I stayed firmly inserted in her white hot pussy. Rob’s big, hard cock quickly found its way into Maggie’s waiting and wet mouth and he started face fucking her in at a frenzied pace.

My face was next to Maggie’s as I was lying on top of her so every time Rob pushed his cock forward I could see the bulge in Maggie’s cheek which was against my own. It was so hot to have his cock pumping into her mouth right next to me. Maggie rolled her head to towards me with his cock still in her mouth. She reached up to stroke his cock and pulled it out of her mouth. She whispered to me that she wanted to see his cock in my mouth and pushed the head of his cock on to my lips. I opened my mouth to take it in while Maggie was kissing the side of his enormous dick.

I am totally heterosexual and had little to no experience with a man’s cock. However, in this moment with Rob’s oversized man meat in Maggie’s mouth, it felt quite natural to suck his cock. At that point he did not care who it was sucking his cock. He pumped into me and then Maggie pulled it out and sucked it some more. In a few minutes she took it out and stuck it back in my mouth. I sucked it eagerly and she whispered that it was so hot to see me with a cock in my mouth.

Maggie came again while Rob moaned and said he needed to cum again. Maggie sucked him harder until he roared and began blasting the back of her throat with another load of hot cum. She pulled it out and he spurted on to my face while Maggie stuck his cock back in my mouth. I tasted my first cum directly from the source. He spurted twice more before he was finished and when he pulled out I kissed Maggie his hot cum still in my mouth. She swallowed it all and never missed a beat while holding on to Rob’s throbbing cock. I remained inside Maggie’s hot pussy as Anita returned Betturkey to the room with the large white towel wrapped around her.

“Well, well…what have we here? What did I miss?”

Maggie, always the smart ass said, “Help me out here. These two just molested me.”

We all had a good laugh and Anita quickly dropped her towel and joined us in the bed.

As Anita crawled into the bed Maggie hopped out. “My turn.”

As Maggie moved towards the shower totally naked she turned to the bed and said, “Anybody care to join me?”

Rob and I both jumped up and volunteered. Anita protested that she would be all alone so Maggie suggested that we all get in the shower together. Anita jumped out of bed and we all headed to the large walk-in shower.

What followed next was pure fun…lots of laughter and fun with soap and shampoo. Maggie and Anita soaped each other lavishly with special emphasis on each other’s breasts. The four breasts in the shower are possibly the four best tits one could imagine and here they were together and washing each other. It was beyond sexy. Rob started washing his own cock and then reached for mine with his soapy hands. So I reached for him and we were soon stroking each other with the girls urging us on. They thought it was so hot to see us stroking a strange cock. Then they took turns washing each other’s genitals while the hot water added to the steamy action between the supercharged adults. We fed off of each other’s energy and urged each other on to whatever was happening in the moment. It was steamy, sexy and super sensual.

After we dried ourselves and returned to the king sized room we sipped some more wine and were feeling refreshed. Anita looked at us and said, “Okay, this has been fun. What’s next?”

Maggie asked if Anita had ever had double penetration and Anita said no. Maggie said she had always wanted to experience that so it appeared that would be our next group activity. Anita asked, “How do we do this so all of us can participate?”

With that, Rob and I went to work orchestrating a scene for the women to approve. We suggested that Anita get on the bed first and sit with her back against the head board. Then Rob would lie down on his back between her legs. Maggie would the straddle Rob while I got behind Maggie. It sounded funny when talking about it but we soon disrobed and started getting into position it seemed to fit nicely. At that point it became fun.

Rob got in position first and his cock was sticking straight up on the air making it a perfect target for Maggie’s dripping pussy which she quickly lined up over Rob. Anita made her way to the head of the bed and positioned herself with her knees on either side of Rob’s head so she could kiss and fondle Maggie, which she wasted no time doing.

I watched the incredible scene as Maggie and Rob quickly gathered a rhythm while Maggie and Anita were kissing passionately while groping each other’s lovely breasts. My cock was quickly standing at full attention as I stroked it while watching the threesome on the bed. It was an incredibly hot scene and there was lots of groaning and moaning announcing impending orgasms.

Maggie and Anita continued to amaze me with their ability to climax over and over. I have seen Maggie do this time after time but Anita was almost as prolific as Maggie in the orgasm department. Wish us guys had that ability.

Maggie rode Rob’s man meat with gusto and finally he announced that he was going to cum. I told him to hold back so I could get in position. He told me to hurry and I did. When I moved into position behind Maggie she held perfectly still to give me an easier entry and also to allow Rob to cool off a bit. After a bit of lubricant I slid into Maggie’s petite and perfectly shaped ass and stayed still allow her to get used to the two cocks while enjoying her first double penetration.

Now all four participants were engaged in a true foursome and it was an unbelievable feeling. We continued in this position with Maggie setting the pace while kissing and fondling Anita. Moaning and groaning was the order of the moment and Rob told Maggie he was about to cum. She slowed again and told us she wanted Rob and I to climax at the same time. I pumped furiously trying to catch up with Rob and soon I told them I was ready to cum.

Maggie urged us on telling us to fill her full of cum. Rob told us he was close so I willed myself to cum. Incredibly Rob and I started cumming at the same time and Maggie was in heaven. She came on his cock while we were filling her both cavities with our love juice. Anita was so excited she came before we were all finished and after some more groaning and grunting we all collapsed into a pile on the king sized bed. What a moment. What a feeling.

After several minutes of deep sighs and low moans, we agreed it was time for bed. Rob and Anita crawled out of bed with kisses for each of us as the stumbled back to their room. We agreed to leave Betturkey Giriş the doors unlocked but partially closed for a modicum of privacy although at this point no one had any secrets.

It is safe to say that all four of us slept like babies. It had been an incredible afternoon and evening of non-stop erotic fun and we were all totally spent and satiated. Sleep came quickly and deeply.

Around 6:30 AM I heard the sounds of someone stirring and it sounded like they were using the bathroom in our suite. Maggie was still sleeping soundly so it had to be one of our friends from next door but why are they using our bathroom? I slid quietly out of the bed and went to the bathroom door, which was closed. I listened for a few moments before pushing the door open to find Anita buck naked washing her face and hands. She was only slightly startled and said that she was trying not to wake anyone and Rob was a very light sleeper. I told her I was too and asked if she was going back to bed. She told me that one she is awake she is up for the day. So I suggested that we not waste the opportunity. She agreed and held my hand pulling me to the toilet where she sat down.

She reached for my flaccid cock while caressing my balls. She smiled sexily up at me and used one hand on my butt to pull me closer. She inserted my cock into her luscious mouth and started sucking softly. After a few minutes her expert lips had created another raging hardon, something that surprised me after the activity we had over the last few hours. She sucked me vigorously while I placed my hand on the back of her head urging her on. She grabbed my cock by the base, pulled it out of her mouth and looked up at me and said, “I have to have this cock inside me now.” I was eager to please.

She bent over the lavatory counter and spread her legs giving me a wonderful view of her lovely camel toe. It was gorgeous and I moved quickly to put my cock at the lips to her waiting pussy. She reached between her legs and started playing with her clit as I rubbed my cock up and down on her pussy, which was soon wet and hot. I played with her anus lightly while waiting to insure she was ready and soon she told me to stick my cock in her. I did and it felt wonderful.

Being in a group sex setting is erotic and stimulating but being one on one with someone else’s wife while our spouses were sleeping a few feet away was highly erotic and felt a bit taboo. Soon Anita was moaning lightly. We were trying to be quiet so that we would not wake our spouses but clearly we were both aroused and totally engaged in the moment. Although I started slowly I was soon pumping into Anita while she urged me on with her steamy and erotic whispers. She came quickly and told me not to stop but she also told me not to cum as she wanted a couple more orgasms. I slowed slightly now ready to explode myself but I coaxed her to two more climaxes before releasing my load deep inside her beautiful pussy. Looks like a great start to a new erotic day. Welcome to Swinger’s Sunday.

Anita turned around and kissed me deeply, our naked bodies wound tightly together from head to toe. I really liked this woman although not in a romantic way. She was simply a gorgeous and totally cool woman who loved to fuck but was happily married. This was essentially the same description of my life with Maggie and I told Anita how fortunate we were to have found each other. She agreed and kissed me again.

We decided to creep quietly back to our respective beds and opened the bathroom door. I slipped out first and noticed that Maggie was not in the bed…that little stinker. Guess she liked taboo as well. I grabbed Anita’s hand and we moved towards the doors connecting the room. I put my finger to my mouth to ask her to remain quiet as we pushed the door open.

There on the bed were our two spouses with Maggie’s legs up in the air, toes curled and in the middle of what was obviously a very pleasing orgasm. Rob was pumping away on top of her and neither of them noticed we were in the room until we were right beside the bed. They looked at us and laughed.

Maggie, the consummate smartass said, “Well, when I got up to use the bathroom and found the door locked I assumed you two did not want to be disturbed. So, when I came over here I found this lovely erection waiting for me. Lovely how things worked out, isn’t it?” You have to love her attitude. We all laughed as Anita and I jumped in the bed.

Rob was still sporting a huge erection and he told us that we had interrupted them prematurely. Maggie told him that she would tend to that and moved down to suck his engorged cock. Anita and I moved out of the way and let her work her magic in Rob’s impressive man meat. However, Anita could not resist the urge to work her way into position to eat Maggie’s sopping pussy while she was deep throating Rob. Here we go again.

It took almost no time for Anita to bring Maggie to a climax that was so intense she had to stop sucking Rob’s cock. After she came she asked Anita to help her out with Rob. She continued to stroke Rob’s dick and told Anita to take his balls in her mouth while she sucked his cock. It was so hot to see the two gorgeous women arousing Rob to heights he had never seen. His eyes were rolled back in this head and he was moaning and encouraging the women telling them not to stop what they were doing.

Suddenly Rob erupted with an animal-like roar. He was like a lion in the jungle fucking Maggie’s face while spewing his hot cum down her throat. Maggie never missed a beat and kept sucking softly until his cock went limp. She did not lose a drop of semen and gently licked the head of Rob’s cock to insure she had every drop. It was not even 7:30 AM and we had all climaxed to start our day. Lovely!

After we had a good laugh among the convivial group we agreed to take a shower and go for breakfast. We went downstairs to the restaurant and laughed, talked and made suggestive comments over the bountiful buffet breakfast. It was as if we had been friends for years and on some level, the couples knew things about each other that many never learn about longtime friends.

We all commented on how fortunate we were to be in the situation we were in as we had heard so many stories about failed foursomes where there was a jealous spouse or there was not mutual attraction all around, only between two of the participants. None of that happened with us. The husbands got along well. The women seemed to genuinely like each other. And, perhaps most importantly, there was a strong physical attraction between all four people.

After a leisurely breakfast, which we all needed given our light dinner the night before, we relaxed and agreed that we should return to the rooms for a little more fun before we headed back to reality. There was plenty of laughter goodwill and we enjoyed the euphoria of the extraordinary moment.

When we got upstairs we went to our respective rooms and kicked off our shoes and tried to decide whether to change clothes or shed them all together. Our decision was made moments later when Anita came in to our room and asked Maggie if she would let her undress her slowly and seductively while the men watched. Maggie said sure and Anita moved to her, took her face in her hands and kissed Maggie deeply. She responded just as passionately and soon the women were engaged in a beautiful scene of sexy seduction. Rob came in to the room and sat beside me on the bed. Not a word was spoken.

Anita pulled back from the kiss and started unbuttoning Maggie’s blouse one button at a time. Maggie never wears a bra so soon her big, beautiful breasts were exposed while Anita pulled the blouse over her shoulders. Anita took a breast in each hand, cupped them gently and began nibbling Maggie’s right breast. She pushed those gorgeous tits together and went from nipple to nipple kissing, nibbling and biting while Maggie grasped Anita’s head and locked her fingers in her long, flowing shampoo commercial hair.

Anita quickly found the zipper in Maggie’s skirt and pulled the zipper down which caused the skirt to drop to the floor in a puddle around Maggie’s ankles. She was standing in front of Anita in her tiny and lacy black G-string thong. It was such a sexy scene as Anita continued to worship Maggie’s breasts.

Maggie reached down and tugged Anita’s blouse over her head exposing her beautiful and large breasts. It was a gorgeous sight. Not sure why but there is something more sensitive and sensual when women are fondling and caressing each other. Watching Rob do the things to Maggie that Anita was doing just felt, well, different. There was a gentleness and tenderness to the touches of the women on each other, especially on their big and sensitive nipples.

Rob and I sat spellbound on the bed admiring the beauty and sensuality of the moment. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Rob had started rubbing himself and I was getting hard as well. Soon both women were naked and French kissing deeply in a full body embrace. As they moved towards us on the bed Anita looked at us and said, “Aren’t you two overdressed? It is time for you guys to get naked too.”

Rob and I looked at each other and quickly dropped our laundry leaving us facing each other buck naked and sporting gigantic erections. The women flopped on the bed still kissing and soon moved into a 69 position. It was so sexy to see these two gorgeous women almost completely oblivious to anything except the hot pussy in front of their faces. They were moaning and slurping and making each other climax over and over.

Rob reached over to grab my cock and said simply, “May I?” I moved my hand aside giving him full access to my throbbing cock, which he started stroking slowly. Soon his head moved down and he took my cock in his mouth and slowly started moving up and down on my raging hardon.

Anita and Maggie were apparently lost in each other and both continued to climax over and over. Suddenly, Anita looked up and said smiling widely, “I have an idea. I would like to watch my husband fucking Maggie in the ass while Jack fucks him in the ass. How does that sound to everyone?”

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