Our First 3-Some

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Ever since we started being an item, you’ve known I was bi-sexual. After 6 years you finally give in to my fantasy of sucking a man off in front of you. We rent the hot tub room at the Holiday Inn for the entire weekend. This is where we start, Friday afternoon…

I pick you up from work and we go to Meijers to buy lots of alcohol. I buy the $40 Jack Daniels and 3 2-liters of Coca-Cola; you add to our order a $40 Kahlua and a gallon of Milk. I grab a case of beer and we head to the hotel. We check in and go to our room. We take in all our stuff.

As soon as the door is shut you take me in your arms and kiss me deeply. I move my hands all over your body from your head to down the back of your pants.

You drop to your knees and pull my pants down. You tug my boxers down and engulf my cock with your mouth. I lay on the bed and you suck me till I am about to cum. Then you stand take off your clothes and straddle my penis. You ride me hard till I fill you and then I pull out and eat your cum dripping cunt from a doggy position. We take a nice long bath.

While in the hot tub we masturbate ourselves and lick each other all over. Saturday morning comes and I awake with your mouth on my penis! We fuck hard and long. About noon I call Brendan and tell him where we are and he says he will be here in an hour. We masturbate again in anticipation. Brendan arrives at 1:15 he walks in and I kiss him. You moan out a little and we see that you already have your hand in your panties. Brendan and I make out for a while and then you tell me it’s time to get down to business. I kneel in front of Betturkey him and unzip his jeans. You marvel at his 9″ cock and tell me to suck him.

I, wasting no time, take his entire length in my throat and work my head up and down his shaft. After about 20 minutes and 2 orgasms from you I pull his jeans off and we get into a 69. I hear a soft buzzing and notice you have B.O.B. out and are teasing your clit with it. I cum in his mouth. You instruct me to lick his ass and I do. In the same position I ate my cum from your pussy the night before. He says he is about to cum and you tell him to cum on my face. He jerks his cock off and lets his load spill on my face. You cum hard. Using your camera you take pics of me with his juice on my face.

We all get in the hot tub and he licks his cum from my face. You slide over and start to stroke our cocks. Telling him how big he is and that he looks delicious. I have you suck his monster penis while I fuck you from behind. Right as I am about to cum I ask if I can fill your ass. You say yes and I put the head of my penis in you and jerk it to fill you. When I am done you are still working his penis. He says you can ride him so you hop on. As soon as his balls touch your ass you cum and ride him hard. I get under you and lick my cum from your asshole and toy with his sack. Being too hot for me I have you two get on the bed and I beg you to let me fill your ass with my cock. You agree and we fuck in rhythm.

I cum again and Brendan fills your vagina with his cum. You pull off his cook and I clean his penis with my mouth. Then I eat his Betturkey Giriş cum from your pussy. While I am eating you I feel Brendan push his fingerer into my anus! He asks if he can fuck me and I let him. I get up and push my penis into you and he works his rod into my ass. It hurts badly but the pleasure is 1000X better. I cum almost immediately. You move out from under me and I am now bent over with my elbows on the bed with him pounding me. You get between and under me and start to lick my cock and he tells me how great your mouth feels on his rod and balls. I cum in your mouth and Brendan explodes in me. We all lie down and drink watching TV.

I feel my cock cumming back to life from staring at your naked bodies. I lean over and kiss you. At the same time I stroke Brendan’s cock. You ask me to fuck you again and I pull you on top of me and you ride me slowly. Brendan gets behind you and licks your ass and mine. Then you get this painful look on your face. I realize he is pushing his penis into your rectum. You start to cry but don’t stop. He fucks you hard and you finally stop him. He pulls out and you curl up holding your ass I turn over to talk and comfort you and he rams his penis into me. Fucking me hard! Finally he cum’s and apologizes. You are fine and we decide to go to IHOP for some food.

About 9:00 we get back and we ask Brendan to stay the night. He agrees and we decide to take another bath to relax a bit. As we are getting out Brendan grabs me by the hips and shoves his tongue into my anus. I grab the edge of the tub to steady myself. You get out and bend over in front of me so I can lick you too. You play with your clitty; but before you can cum I stand up and ram my penis into your vagina. I begin to fuck you hard. Brendan gets in front of you and you take his cock in your mouth. While you play with his enormous sack you let your fingure go to his butt hole and you penetrate him! I reach under you and guide your other hand to my hole; without hesitation you shove two fingers into me as well.

I start to cum and you pull away and drop to your knees telling me and Brendan to cum on your face! We jerk off and explode on you. Covering your face so I get in the tub and he pisses all over my body. Before he is done you tell me to bend over and him to “Fill him up”. You walk over to us and guide the head of his cock into my butt and he fills me with his golden nectar. There is so much it squirts out of me as he pulls out. Being rock hard, I tell him to bend over and I fuck him. Filling him with my cum. We wash off and go to sleep.

Sunday we wake up and it is 1:30 PM! Brendan takes a shower and gets ready to leave, but before he goes you fuck him. When you are finished I kiss him deeply and he leaves. You call me over to the bed and I slide my penis into your cum soaked hole. Filling you and then eating it out of you. Since we paid for Sunday night too we order Pizza and never leave the room that day. Sunday evening we enjoy a nice bath and you tell me you have a gift for me. You get out, dry off, and walk to the dresser. Where you open the drawer and reveal three VCRs! You take a tape out of one of the machines and put it into the VCR atop the TV. Pushing play; it reveals the three of us making out on the bed! You proceeded to explain you had set up a hidden camera in the clock on the wall. We make love and fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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