Orgasmic Hiking Trail Mystery

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Mel loved the summer time. It was the perfect weather for hiking. She walked hand and hand down a trail with her husband, Jesse. The sun peaked through the trees as they walked deeper into the woods. Not long ago, upon arrival, they noticed no other cars were parked in the lot. She was wet with anticipation. Jesse always had some kinky ideas when they were alone in the forest and no one could hear her scream.

She decided to wear a tan tank top with a bit of lace around the edges. Yoga pants clung to her body. The heat was heavy. Despite the warmth of the air, her nipples were erect against her top. Jesse wore a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He carried a back pack on his shoulders. They could only hear the sound of their own breathing, the rustling of leaves above them, and critters scurrying around in the forest.

After walking for quite some time, Jesse stopped and pulled Mel close to him. He kissed her deeply on the lips. She returned his affection as she ran her hands up his chest. He pulled away and grinned at her. He grabbed her hand and guided her off the trail. They maneuvered around tree branches and fallen logs. Eventually, they came to a clearing with a lone big tree in the middle. Mel had a feeling Jesse had scouted out the place before hand.

He set his backpack down on the barren ground. Jesse pulled out some rope and started to wrap it around the tree. Mel jumped when she heard the snap of a tree branch. She frantically looked around. The last thing she wanted was to be caught by the park ranger. Her husband Betturkey noticed the concerned look on her face.

“Everything will be alright.” He reassured her. “Besides, you want to be ready for your big surprise, don’t you?”

Mel nodded eagerly. He kept dropping hints of his intentions all week just to gauge her reaction. There was not much she would say no to. The couple had an adventurous sex life, although what they were about to do would be the most wildest escapade yet. Jesse kissed her again before tying her wrist together. He tugged the rope so her wrist were high in the air. Her body was a few feet away from the trunk. She was exposed to any ravishing from any direction. Jesse approached her from behind and rained kisses on her shoulders.

She softly moaned as his hand crept underneath her tank top. He caressed her perky breast and pinched her nipple before moving onto the other one. Eventually, he lifted her shirt over her tits and let them dangle freely. He yanked her yoga pants down to her ankles. Mel could only spread her legs so far. Jesse sat on the ground and positioned his head in between her legs.

He slowly licked from her glistening slit up to her swollen clit. Mel shuddered as he rapidly flickered his tongue on her sensitive nub. She heard him unzip his pants. She imagined he was stroking his massive erection as he was devouring her pussy. Mel moaned as he sucked on her lips and clit. She loved looking down to see his eyes peering up at her as he probed her slippery canal with his tongue.

When Betturkey Giriş he removed his face from in between her legs, his chin was glistening like a glazed doughnut. Mel wanted to turn her head to see how excited he had become. Instead, a silk blindfold was wrapped around her head. She could only see darkness. Jesse spread her cheeks before guiding himself inside her pussy. Mel groaned as she felt him plunge deeper into her. Every inch was stretching her out. He pumped his cock into her sopping wet pussy.

Mel gasped from the burn of the rope around her wrist as he pounded her. She was unable to move, unable to see, as he bucked his hips wildly into her. She moaned with careless abandon. This felt fucking amazing. She could feel her arousal coat her inner thighs as he fucked her. His hands firmly gripped her ass. Just as she was about to cum, he stopped. She could feel the entirety of his shaft pulse within her. She clenched around him.

Suddenly, she felt another pair of hands on her tits. Mel made a high pitch startled noise. Despite knowing this was going to happen, it was a surprise. After all, she had no idea who the stranger would be. Soft delicate fingers played with her tits before luscious lips wrapped around her nipples. Mel guessed it was a woman pleasing her. Her mind raced with thoughts wondering who it could be, but that was not a part of the game. Jesse said today’s adventure would be a mystery until the very end.

Jesse started to rock his hips back and forth slowly. The woman rained kisses down her torso. Her tongue danced along her clit. Mel cried out as her husband pounded her harder. It felt amazing to be licked and fucked at the same time. She was completely at the mercy of a cock and tongue. Her pussy had a vice grip on his dick. He grunted. She was attempting to milk his cock dry.

Mel cried out and came. Her hot cream swirled around his cock. Then, she felt an explosion within her. Pump after pump of semen flooded her pussy. As soon as he pulled out, a tongue filled her up. The creampie was being rapidly licked from her. Her knees started to buckle. She was overly sensitive from the physical and mental pleasure.

“God, this is too much, it feels too good!” Mel exclaimed.

The moans from the unknown woman caused vibrations throughout her nether region. All her proclamation made her do was to lick her with more vigor. Mel was screaming as she reached a stronger orgasm. She felt herself dripping wet of her own arousal as well as the load her husband left in her. Mel struggled to get her hands free, but all she did was make the rope press deeper into her flesh.

She was licked clean. Mel gasped for air and was left hanging there for a bit. Jesse and the mystery woman were barely audible as they talked to one another. Eventually, she was set free only to see Jesse. A ding from her phone went off. She checked the message. All it said was see you at work tomorrow and followed by a wink face. So it was a co-worker who joined her and her husband out in the forest for an orgasmic time out in the woods. Mel laughed to herself. There were too many female co-workers to guess which one it could be. While she had a hint to the unknown female lover, she had to wait to discover the identity another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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