Only Step Siblings Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 –

When I was born, my mum died in childbirth, my deadbeat dad left before I was even born and I was left to one of my mom’s friends, who took care of me as her own.

I lived with my new mums, sisters and our family pets that we treat as our children for most of my life growing up. My older sisters have now left for university for law and a traineeship in real estate. They’re doing really well for themselves, leaving our mums, pets and sister in a pretty big house.

It’s the first summer since my sister and I graduated high school. We spent the year working part time and relaxing before figuring out what we each wanted to do.

We’ve gotten really close over the year by ourselves, whenever we were home, we talked, played games, watched movies and just hung out.

Mum was always at work, but her strong work ethic was probably why my two older sisters were trying to be so successful, too bad it didn’t rub off on Brooke and I.

Late one afternoon, Brooke came home earlier than normal, her shift usually lasted until 9 and she had only started a couple of hours ago.

I saw her face, it was red, her eyes were full of tears, it was obvious she had been crying.

“Hey, what’s going on Brooke. Why are you crying?” I asked, putting my hands on her arms looking into her sweet teary eyes.

“I was let go. With the whole pandemic, they had to start downsizing, since I had been one of the newest hires, they chose me. I know that we had to downsize and it was out of their control, but it still sucks you know. I was saving so I could move out if I needed to.” She said, sobbing.

Brooke took a step towards me and hugged me, laying her head in my arms, I hugged back, holding her head.

“It’s gonna be alright. You might be able to find another job, or even just take a break. Have some days off in the sun and in our pool.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Still sobbing Brooke calmed down.

“Hey, maybe we can watch a movie tonight? We can grab some popcorn, ice cream, a large warm blanket and just relax on the couch tonight.” I suggested.

Brooke looked up at me, nodded and made the sound a kid would make (mmhmmm.)

I let Brooke go, and she went off to her room, she looked happier than she did, but still needed some comforting.

Once it was late, we got the movie, popcorn, ice cream, and a large warm blanket and got on the couch in the theatre room.

“Thanks for this Simon. I really needed this. I haven’t been doing well lately, all my dates have been flubs, I haven’t seen my friends islahiye escort since they went to Uni and now with my job, I feel like I’m nothing. I haven’t had a win in ages.”

“Hey, you keep your head up, you’re just loving life a little before you go settle down you know. When you get a job that leads into a career, it’ll take over your life, you won’t have time for any fun, so while you do you might as well take advantage.”

“Thanks, I’m gonna have a little break from working, maybe just do some of the things I’ve wanted to do for a while, like creative stuff, drawing, music, maybe even do some videos for online?”

“Sounds great, you never know, maybe it’ll turn into something.”

We watched the rest of the movie, making little comments about the characters and the plot while cuddled up next to each other.

We haven’t gotten this close before, I could smell the body lotion on her skin, it was intoxicating.

I never really thought about Brooke in a sexual way, she was drop dead gorgeous, but I always felt like a brother to her, even though we had no blood relation, and now something has changed.

I don’t know how I feel, but I’m now seeing her as a sexy young woman, a woman that I could pleasure and have passionate sex with.

After the movie had finished, I rushed to bed. I was embarrassed that I got hard and horny thinking about Brooke in that way. I didn’t want to think about it any longer, so I masturbated to an amateur porn actress and went to bed.


Some time went by, Brooke spent most of her time in her room, doing all sorts of things, but she always came out for food during the day and dinner when Mum came home.

It was a Thursday morning, I didn’t have work today so I slept in like usual, got up, had a shower, then got breakfast, which was also lunch.

Brooke came and joined me at the breakfast bar, drinking a juice and eating some toast.

“So I was wondering if you could help me with something today?” Brooke asked, not bothering to chew her food first.

“Sure, what is it?”

“I’m taking some photos of me, and I need a cameraman, some of the angles are really hard to get and it’s been a bitch.”

“Sure I guess, is this for instagram or something?”

“Yeah, kinda, I guess.” Brooke responded somewhat awkwardly.

“When did you want to do this?

“Soon, I just need to put some makeup on and get into the outfit. Meet me in my room in an hour?”

“OK, sure.”

We finished our breakfasts / lunch, and separated. I got changed into some clean clothes and watched islahiye escort bayan some YouTube while I waited.

It had been around 50 ish minutes and I hadn’t heard from Brooke yet so Ai went to check in on her.

Knocking on the door, I heard “come in” so I opened and walked through.

Brooke was laying on her bed, texting on her phone in a white spandex outfit. It took me a while but I recognised the design, it was Spider-girls costume from ‘Into the Spider-verse.’

“Woah, Brooke, you’re looking hot.” I said, shocked by her outfit.

“Thanks, it’s pretty tight, but I love the way my body looks in it.”

And Brooke was right, she looked amazing in it. Her ass was hot, her legs so incredibly sexy, and I can’t imagine how beautiful her boobs look.

“So, ahh, you wanted some photos?” I said awkwardly.

“Yeah, here my phone, let’s do it from here so the sunlight is shining on me.”

Brooke handed me her phone and pointed to where I should stand. I moved around so that I was in position and loaded up the camera app.

Phones these days have pretty incredible quality cameras that can produce great pictures, but it also helps when you have a stunning model like Brooke.

Brooke went from pose to pose, showing off her body in all sorts of ways, smiling, grinning, sticking out her cheeky tongue, and having a great time.

I couldn’t help but get caught up in her enthusiasm, being the best camera man I could, positioning her for the best photos and suggesting poses as we went along.

And I was right, her boobs were outstanding, the body suit encapsulated them and left nothing to the imagination. After a while you could even see her nipples through the fabric.

I started to get hard, my cock, stiffened in my pants, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Brooke smiled and grinned at me, not shocked or upset but excited.

Brooke got onto all fours, and crawled her way to me, still looking directly into the camera.

I was unsure about what she was doing, I let her continue, as she took one of her hands and rested it on my inner thigh.

“Ummmmmm, Brooke?”

“Yes?” She answered back coyly.

“I, uhh.”

Brooke reached close to my cock, lightly caressing me.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Well, I asked you to take some photos for me. You thought they were for insta, but they’re actually for OnlyFans.”

“Oh, OK, but why are you, ahhh, touching my leg?”

“Well, I wanted to just do the photos, but I got an idea, and I remember you getting hard the last time we watched movies, and you helped me then, so I thought escort islahiye maybe you could help me with this too.”

“Ok, but how do I help?”

“Put it on video.ode and just relax, I’ll do the rest.”

I put it on video mode and nodded when I started to record. Brooke smiled, moving her hand from my leg to my crotch.

She bit her lip as she felt my hard cock, giving it a gentle squeeze, licking her lips she undid my belt.

I helped her get out of my jeans, and out of my underwear to where my cock stood full erection in front of her face.

Brooke licks my cock, I twitch a little and Brooke gives a giggle in response. Brooke opened her mouth wide, and took me in.

She began to suck and took one of her hands and stroked me from the base of my cock. I couldn’t believe that this would happen.

Bobbing faster up and down on my dick, she stroked with more intensity, taking her other hand she gently fondled my balls.

Taking her mouth off of my cock, strands of saliva and precum connected my cock to her mouth, she took the strands and smeared them all over my cock and jerked me as she caught her breath.

“Mmm, you have such a nice cock, I shouldn’t have waited so long to do this.” Brooke said before she dove back onto my cock.

Brooke was going at it just as before, then started to take my cock further and further into my mouth. I felt her throat tightly around my cock, it was like heaven.

After a few seconds she pulled away, gasping for air, then back at it again. Brooke took me all the way to the base of me, then pulled out.

“Fuck my face.” Brooke said.

I paused, not believing my ears.

“Please, fuck my face.” Brooke asked, looking into the camera lens with her doe eyes.

I put my hand onto the back of her head, and slowly pushed my cock into her pretty little mouth. When I reached her throat, I pulled back and started thrusting, getting harder with each stroke.

As I thrusted the sloppiness and saliva ended up making the wet sound that we hear in the pornos, and it immediately made me want to cum.

Unsure about what to do I told Brooke, “I’m gonna cum,” I slowed down, and pulled out of her mouth.

Brooke took her hands and wrapped them around my cock, continuing to stroke me, then opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and closed her eyes.

It was obvious what she wanted me to do. It didn’t take long, but thick strands of cum sprayed out onto her face, coating her with a creamy liquid, dripping from her hairline to her chin.

Brooke waited till I was finished and then licked her lips and swallowed whatever cum she could reach with her tongue.

I slowly started to realise what I just did. I asked if it was ok to turn the camera off, and as soon as it was ok, I grabbed my clothes and ran for my room.

I don’t know how I felt about what we just did. Brooke has been a sister to me pretty much all my life, but she is a one of a kind, drop dead, sexy woman, that makes me so horny.

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