One Rainy Night

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Our relationship had broken. I could not believe I had invested three years in him; I had to get away. The day could not have been worse; raining since early morning, not just any rain but almost a monsoon. The only place I could think to go was my parent’s cabin, a three-hour drive from Boise.

The constant slapping of the wipers, blinding rain drops, darkness, and painful emotions were not helping; I could not see more than 100 feet; I had missed my turn ten miles back. I decided to continue to the next exit and take the lesser-traveled back road to the cabin.

“Ahhhhhhh, damn! Who would be out walking in this rain? Was he wearing a backpack?”

I punched the accelerator harder; I needed to get to the cabin fast. A mile further, the sound of flopping rubber and the loss of control made me pull over. My worst nightmare came into view as I opened the door, a flat tire. Frantically I pressed every button on my phone, no service. Alone in the dark, pouring rain, and with a flat tire, my nerves were unraveling fast; bursa escort bayan I didn’t even know where the spare was!

All I could do was cry; why was this happening? A tap on my window sent me into orbit; I was alone and scared to death. Out of desperation, I rolled the window down two inches.

“Ma’am, you have a flat tire. Do you need some help? You almost ran over me back there.”

“I am so sorry; I didn’t see you until the last second; I didn’t hit you, did I?”

“Thankfully, no. Do you want me to change the flat tire?”

“Where are your clothes?”

“In my pack, no sense in getting them wet.”

“Can you change a tire in this rain?”

“No worries, I am soaked already; open your trunk, and let’s find the spare.”

“I have a flashlight.”

“You can hold it so I can jack the car and undo the lugs.”

His rain-drenched body could not have looked nicer, rescuing me in the pouring rain; I was officially soaked to the bone; water flowed out of my shoes as I watched.

I gorukle escort had failed to notice his warm, friendly smile until he looked up to tell me he was done, soaking wet.

“I would pay you, but I only have plastic.”

“No payment due, Ma’am.”

“I can’t leave you out here like this; where are you headed?”

“No destination, Ma’am; I let the road lead me.”

“Get in.”

“I am soaking wet and naked.”

“I’m wet too; my parent’s cabin is thirty miles further; we can get out of this horrible rain there. This is a first for me; giving a naked man a ride.”

“I find it much easier to keep my clothes dry in my pack; the rain feels good on my body in the summer.”

“I would have never thought of that. Ha, out of misery, I have learned something today.”

He was right; my soaked linen and underwear were most uncomfortable after five miles, clinging to me like plastic wrap. I was ready to begin my day again; a do-over was desperately needed, bursa merkez escort bayan so I pulled over, stepped out into the rain, pulled the itchy dress, my shoes, and undies off, standing nude in the downpour, and threw them in the back; “I agree; the rain does feel much better without clothes.”

He stepped out and walked around, joining me and smiling. “Standing in the rain is one of my favorite activities.”

We stood quietly, letting the rain pelt our nakedness; it felt invigorating, both gazing at each other, taking in the unusual circumstance we were participating in.

“I have hot tea at the cabin; let’s go and dry off. I’m Dana.”

“I’m Joe.”

The thirty-minute drive raced by; it was nice to have some calming reality after such a horrible day.

“This is a lovely cabin. Let me grab my pack.”

“Joe, let’s leave everything in the car; we won’t need any clothes tonight.”

“Are you certain?”

“Joe, let me put the water on to boil. If you don’t mind, I would appreciate you joining me; I wish to be in the rain again.”

Pulling him onto the deck, I held him tightly, letting him know I was his. Joe did everything right, making love to me as I had never had before. What started so badly ended so well; I had never experienced such an intense climax, naked in the rain.

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