One Night with Carrie

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NOTE: Carrie has given me permission to post this story in full, so here it is. You may have read the first two-thirds which I posted separately. If so, you might want to skip to the final third for the conclusion. If you’re new to the story, I hope you enjoy it in full!


Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who commented on and voted on my description of the night I spent with Abby and Louise a few months ago. It was great to get such positive feedback and to hear about how much you all enjoyed the story. It was also great to hear from so many lovely women, and to receive so many offers to develop further storylines!

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to take all of you up on your offers, much though I’d like to. Some of you live on the other side of the world, and some of you have been into different stuff to me. That’s fine — it’s been great getting to know you, and some of the more eye-opening offers I’ve had have given me great ideas for future fictional stories!

You’ll be glad to hear however that I’ve not turned down every offer. I’ve not seen Abby since our night in the Bristol hotel, but I have spent another night with Louise. She brought along two friends – Jo, who looks quite like Scarlett Johanssen, and Carly who has an amazing figure and a great collection of sex toys. Louise did a lot of squirting that night.

I’ve also spent an incredible afternoon with Rachel, who’s 32, married and bored. She’d spent a few weeks e-mailing me and two other guys, getting to know us and flirting heavily. Eventually she arranged for us all to come round to her expensive London house one afternoon, and do her every which way. Rachel looks a bit like Liz Hurley, so we didn’t need the Viagra we took to get hard, but it certainly helped us to keep going for hours.

Those are both stories for another post. Here I’m going to tell you about the night I had with Carrie. It was a tough decision which story to choose, so I’ve left it up to Beth, a Canadian friend I’ve met through Lit. Beth chose this story from those three, so if you don’t like it you can blame her!

As before, all names have been changed to protect the guilty.

About a week after “A Story” went up on the Lit site I received an e-mail from Carrie. I’ve just copied and pasted all these e-mails, hence the typos.

“Hi Deepblue32. Really liked “A Story”. Good writing, well developed plot and a night to remember. Is it realy true? Carrie.”

I replied, thanking her for her kind feedback and confirming that it was indeed a true story.

I heard nothing for a week, and then received this.

“Hi Nick. Where do you live? Sounds like you’re in the north.”

I replied:

“Hiya Carrie. I live in Manchester. How about you? Hope all’s good with you. Nick.”

Another week went by without hearing from her. I was e-mailing quite a few other people through Lit and to be honest her brief e-mails hadn’t really interested me much, so I wasn’t overly concerned by the long pauses. However, her next e-mail really got my attention.

“Hi Nick

I live in Manchester too. I’m studying at the university.

I’m sorry I took a while to respond to your e-mail, but I’ve been thinking aobut asking you something. I’ve been talking to my friends about it, getting their advice. I’ve also been reading and re-reading your story, trying to work out if you are the guy I should do this with. I think you are. I hope you are.

I’ll get to the point, Nick. I want you to take me out for a night of debauchery. I want to visit strip clubs, sex clubs. I want to be undressed and tied naked up where strangers can watch you arouse me with sex toys I’ve never even heard of. I want to be fucked in every hole by you and by any other man you think deserves it. I want to cum all night and be drenched in rivers of cum.

I then want to kiss you goodnight, go home, and never hear from you ever again.

You might think I’m some kind of weirdo. I’m not. Honest. I’m a normal 22 year old girl who wants to experience something unusual. Just for one night before I settle into a life of quiet normality. I hope you can be the man to give me that experience.

I’ve attached a picture of myself. Please e-mail me soon as now I’ve made my mind up I can’t wait to do this. I can’t wait to feel your thick cock inside me while unknown hands roam across my naked body. Please tell me you want this too.


My cursor hovered over the attachment download. On one hand I now had a raging hard-on. On the other I did think she sounded a little unhinged. It was partly the request and partly the way she’d phrased her e-mail.

It was the age-old battle between a throbbing cock and a questioning mind. The cock always wins and I opened the attachment.

One glance at the picture that opened up on my screen made my cock stiffen even further. It showed a woman in her early 20s facing sideways into a mirror. She was holding a digital camera up to take the picture and was obviously posing for it, with her large, pert breasts ümraniye escort pushed forward under a tight green t-shirt. I took a second to guess their size and reckoned a 32D. Looking up, I saw she was very pretty, with an oval face, flawless skin, full, red lips, a perfect nose, and dark brown eyes. Her shiny black hair fell in loose curls to rest on top of her breasts, which to me now seemed to be straining to burst out her top. Looking down across where the t-shirt hang over a flat stomach, I saw she was wearing black, lacy knickers. They sat on the top of smooth legs and clung to a tight, round ass. They stopped just short of the top of it, so I could see the beginning of the valley between her asscheeks.

As I imagined sliding a finger down that gap, slowly peeling off those panties, and running my palms over her ass, her leaning back onto my chest, I unzipped my fly and started to stroke my now aching cock. I imagined her face turned backwards to me, her lips moist and opened, her looking longingly at my mouth. I rapidly slid my hand up and down my rigid pole as I imagined kissing her, then pulling her t-shirt off, squeezing her full tits and twisting her erect, turgid nipples between my fingers. I felt the cum boiling in my balls as I imagined sliding my hands over her stomach, pulling down her panties, sliding a finger over her strip of pubic hair and into her wet pussy.

With a groan I came, hot cum spraying along my rigid shaft and shooting up into the air. I carried on pumping, not caring that it landed on my keyboard, standing up to aim so it landed on the screen, imagining Carrie opening her pretty mouth to swallow it all down.

Once I’d recovered myself and cleaned up I e-mailed her back to say I was definitely up for doing this.

She replied within a minute suggesting we meet up that evening in a bar in town.

I immediately regretted jacking myself off — I had a feeling I was going to need all the cum I could muster that night.

At seven twenty-five that evening I walked into Obsidian, a smart bar in the centre of Manchester. I got a bottle of beer from the bar and sat watching the door.

After ten minutes I started to get worried she wasn’t going to turn up. It was too good to be true that someone as gorgeous as her would want to spend the night with me. She was probably just winding me up.

I began to look around the bar at the other people in there, wondering if any of them had been sent by her to see if I turned up, laugh at me, maybe film it on their phones so they could all laugh at it together.

No one was even looking at me. I told myself to stop being paranoid and I sat still, straightening my shirt.

I’d thought long and hard about what to wear. Carrie was a student so probably not that well off, so I didn’t want to wear one of my expensive suits. Then again I didn’t want to turn up in ripped jeans and a vest. So, I’d opted for somewhere in between: smart dark blue jeans, a well-ironed, but untucked white shirt, and brown shoes. I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall opposite. I didn’t look too bad. Not fit enough to be with someone like her. But not too bad. At least that was what I was hoping she’d think anyway.

I glanced at my watch. She was fifteen minutes late already.

I went up to the bar to get another beer, then went and sat back down on my own.

Another five minutes later and I noticed a couple of girls looking at me sympathetically. They obviously thought I’d been stood up, and I was reaching the same conclusion myself. If it had been anyone less stunning I would have left. As it was, I reached for a copy of the Evening News which someone had left on the seat next to me and started reading, trying to ignore the growing number of people who were pointing me out to their companions and saying things along the lines of: “Poor bloke. All dressed up and his date’s stood him up. It’s horrible when that happens, isn’t it?”

I was halfway through the report of United’s latest match, when someone said: “Anything interesting in there?”

I looked up and there was Carrie. She was wearing a black dress that clung to her figure, ending in a straight line just above her breasts and in another one just above her knees. She was about five foot five in three inch heels. She’d straightened her long black hair, and was wearing more make-up than she had in the photo. I realised then that I’d not said anything for a long time. I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn’t think of anything.

“Obviously not,” she said, sidling into the seat next to me. “Hi. I’m Carrie.”

She put out her hand for me to shake.

“Hi. I’m Nick.” I said, taking her soft, small hand in mine.

We smiled at each other, while we shook hands. After a while she raised an eyebrow, then looked down at where I was still shaking her hand.

I let go of it. “Sorry!” I said, frantically trying to get my head back together. “Would you…… a……er………….drink?”

“Yes please. That would be lovely. Dry white pendik escort wine.”

I jumped up and went to the bar. As I stood there I tried to get my pulse and breathing down to normal. It just about worked and by the time I got back to the table with her wine I was able to strike up a fairly normal conversation.

We talked about her course and my work and about life in Manchester. It was a little stilted. We got on ok and the conversation didn’t dry up at any point, but there wasn’t what you would call a spark.

It was one of the strangest things about that evening — how she seemed to keep a part of her life private, not give too much of herself away, but at the same time be so willing to give her body to me. At that stage, however, I had no idea how the night would develop.

We moved on to a restaurant called Lounge Ten, where we had a very pleasant dinner, and continued our nice, but slightly dull conversation. I found out where she was from, what sort of music she likes, and where she likes going out in Manchester. It was all fine, but a little stilted.

Until, we began to talk about Literotica.

As our coffees arrived, she leant towards me so her pale, pretty face was lit up by the candle and said: “So. Was it really true? You and those two girls?”

I smiled and nodded.

Her eyes widened. “It sounded absolutely amazing.”

“It was,” I said simply.

“I’ve never done anything like that.”

“Nothing at all?” I asked.

“No. It’s been vanilla for me, all the way. So far.” She looked up at me with a wicked grin, and my cock stirred in my pants.

She sipped her coffee then said: “So where are you taking me tonight?”

“It depends where you want to go,” I said cagily, still not fully believing that this beautiful woman was really up for a night of debauchery with me.

“I told you,” she said seriously. “In my e-mail. I want to do exactly that.”

“Ok,” I said slowly, looking deep into her intense brown eyes. “That’s exactly what we’ll do.”

I’d already paid so I stood up and held out my hand for her.

We walked out of the restaurant into the side street. It has rained while we’d been inside and the street lights were reflected in the puddles on the cobbled street. I turned around and looked at Carrie. It was time to see if she was more than talk.

“We’ll begin with this,” I said, pulling her towards me. She was so slight I pulled her faster than I’d intended and she was immediately crushed up against my chest. She didn’t stop me though. I held the back of her head and kissed her full lips briefly and softly. As I pulled away she moved to join our lips again, and then we were deep in a passionate kiss, pressed against the wall in the half darkness.

After a minute or so of exploring each other’s lips, tongues and mouths, I began to run my hands up and down her back, sliding down over her firm asscheeks. She moaned into my mouth and reached a hand down to squeeze my cock which was now erect and pressing into her stomach.

“Oh God yes,” I murmured as she rubbed it through my trousers.

I reached a little lower and slid her dress up so I could feel bare ass. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“Not here,” she said, pulling away from my lips and pushing her dress back down. She looked around quickly and then, seeing somewhere quieter, dragged me into a side alley. We were right outside the restaurant’s kitchen and though a small window next to us I could smell food cooking and hear chefs swearing.

She leant against a wall and pulled me to her, pressing her lips against mine and snaking her tongue into my mouth.

I didn’t stop to think about what we were doing. It didn’t seem to matter that I’d only known this girl for a few hours. I wanted one thing at that moment, and she seemed more than willing to give it to me.

I reached to feel her breasts with one hand and pulled her towards me with the other. I peeled down the top of her dress to reveal her large, firm breasts topped by erect pink nipples. I took a second to marvel at the way they remained upright without any bra, then dipped my head to suck one first one then the other nipple.

She was gasping and crying out my name, softly so no one would hear us.

As I licked and kissed her breasts I moved my hand down to her pussy. Her legs parted slightly to allow me in and I felt her wet slit.

As soon as I began to lightly rub her clitoris she sucked in her breath and pulled my head up from sucking her nipple.

“Fuck me, Nick. Now. Here.”

She was fumbling with my belt, so I helped her out, undoing it and pulling my trousers and boxer shorts to my knees. My rigid shaft was now sticking straight up. It was hard as a board, I could see veins throbbing along it, and there was a droplet of precum glistening at the end.

She slid a hand along its length and moaned: “Oh yes. Put it inside me.”

I lifted her up so she was straddling me, my hands on her asscheeks, her legs around my waist. Her back bostancı escort was against the wall, and I held her pussy at the tip of my now straining prick. I could feel the heat coming from her open hole.

“Go on. Do it,” she whispered.

Then I realised I needed a condom. I put her back down and reached into my pocket.

When she realised what I was doing she told me not to bother. She said she was on the pill and was clean, but I didn’t want to take any chances. So I rolled the sheath down over my six inches and lifted her up to where she was before.

“Now please fuck me, Nick,” she said, reaching down, trying to pull my cock into her steaming hole.

I pushed forward and we both sighed as she slid slowly over my cockhead, then further down, inch by inch of my hard shaft disappearing inside her. She was biting onto my neck as I began to pump in and out of her, revelling in the feeling of her hot, wet, tight pussy.

Her moans grew louder and she began urging me on, telling me to fuck her harder, and I started to get worried that someone in the kitchen or walking past would hear us, so I sped up my pumping. My hips were thrusting forward to plunge my throbbing shaft deep inside her. She was clamping the walls of her pussy around me, trying to hold me inside her, of every inch of our sex organs rasping against each other.

I was getting close to cumming, my cock was growing even larger and I was hammering in and out of her, not caring any more if she banged against the rough wall behind her.

Suddenly she came. She squealed so I put my hand over her mouth, and held it there while she writhed about on my shaft. I could feel her pussy spasming all over it and her juices flooding out around it. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my hips and she was gripping onto my shoulders with her arms.

Just then I heard laughter at the end of the alley.

I turned to see three girls, a blur of long blonde hair, high heels and short skirts, standing at the end of the alley. One of them was lighting another’s cigarette, and they were giggling about something. They hadn’t seen us, but if any of them looked our way they would. Carrie and I held still and looked at each other, my cock still embedded deep within her.

We held our breath as the cigarette caught light, and the three girls moved on, clipclopping along the pavement, still giggling and completely oblivious to what was happening just a few metres away from them.

When they had gone, I moved my hand from her mouth back down to help hold her up, and I started deliberately grinding my hips into her’s. She groaned in pleasure, then pulled my face towards her’s.

She kissed me, then said: “I was hoping you’d fuck as well as you write.”

I carried on slowly driving in and out of her pussy. In the darkness and the silence the only sound was of my hard prick churning her pussy juices.

“And?” I said.

“You do,” she said pulling me down for another kiss.

I moved my hands together and spread her ass wide before plunging my cock back inside her wet pussy. As I pulled out I slid a finger into her asshole. She breathed in deeply then closed her eyes and smiled. I carried on alternating between fucking her pussy and fingering her ass until she came again, her mouth wide open but silent and her fingers digging into my biceps.

When she had finished she opened her eyes and looked at me. “I want you to fuck me in the ass later,” she said.

I didn’t reply, just growled and sped up my thrusting in and out of her juicy cunt.

“Are you ready to cum?” she asked.

I looked down at her huge tits jiggling slightly as I pushed in and out of her, then down to where, below a strip of black pubic hair, I could see my shaft sliding in and out of her.

“Fuck yeah,” I said.

“Cum in my mouth,” she whispered.

I grunted my acquiescence and lifted her off my shaft. She knelt down in front of me and peeled off the condom that was glistening with her pussy juice.

Then, while gently rubbing my balls, she took my cockhead into her mouth and began to suck.

It took about thirty seconds for my balls to explode. Then sensation of her warm, sucking mouth around my shaft and the sight of her looking up at me with her pretty brown eyes, and her other hand reaching down to tweak one of her erect nipples, was more than enough to set me off.

She held me deep inside her mouth while I came and I could see her throat working to swallow every drop that I pumped into her mouth.

Finally I finished and she licked the rest of my sticky cum off my cock. Then she pulled up my trousers and together we belted me up. Then she stood up, rearranged her dress, linked her arm in mine and said: “So. Where next?”

In her e-mail she’d said she wanted to go to strip clubs and sex clubs, so I’d done some online research that afternoon.

“Well, there’s Obsessions down by Deansgate Locks,” I said. “That’s meant to be a good strip club.”

“We could,” she said. “But I think I’m too horny to just watch now. Isn’t there anywhere we could go and, you know, do stuff?”

“Sure,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant as we walked along the pavement, and trying to think about something other than sticking my cock up her ass.

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