On the Beach with Army Guys

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Lazily, she rolled over in the bed. “Is it time to get up already?”

“Yup,” he replied, “we’ve got to get going– our tour leaves in about half an hour.”

Megan sat up in bed and slowly got up. Even now, with her hair askew and no makeup on, Jake thought she looked beautiful. A pink lace babydoll clung to her 5’5″ frame, not really concealing her pert 34Bs; she just hadn’t taken it off after their marathon sex session on the first day of vacation. The sheets were still covering her bottom half, but Jake could visualize what was underneath: the smooth skin of her legs, her hairless pussy, and the ass that had gotten Jake’s attention in the first place that night at bar a year and half ago. Her sharp rebuke drew him back to reality. “Stop staring! It isn’t nice!” Megan scolded, giving him a pouty look. “Well hurry up and get ready,” he replied, “we need to get going.”

Within half an hour, the two of them were at the hotel’s main door, waiting for the tour bus. Jake looked casual but sharp in his khakis and polo shirt; Megan complemented him nicely in her snug but not-too-tight sundress. Together, they looked like the twentysomething yuppie couple that they were.

The bus pulled up and, as they usually did, Jake and Megan made their way to the back. There, far from the prying eyes of others, they kissed intermittently, not really listening as the tour guide droned on about their Californian vacation spot. Jake’s hands slid up Megan’s skirt, and the first couple of times she batted him away. Eventually, though, she let him slide his hand up her thighs, then onto her clit. She closed her eyes and relaxed, involuntarily spreading her legs slightly. A few minutes later, if there were any other tourists nearby, they would have noticed Megan biting her lower lip as she stifled her moans during the first of many orgasms that day.

At one of the stops, the couple hopped off the trolley and made their way down to the beach. “Welcome Home, Troops!” a big banner proclaimed nearby, but none were to be seen at the time. Jake didn’t notice the sign, and if Megan did, she didn’t show it. Eventually, the two made their way to a secluded corner of the beach. Jake put down their beach towel and in minutes, the two were going at it.

Jake kissed her passionately as Megan ran her hands down his back. A few people were on the beach, but it was still early in the day and the tourists hadn’t really come out in full force. Closely tied to Megan’s aversion to group sex was a reluctance to have sex in public. But on a day like this, with the warm ocean air and the cool shoreline breeze, she was all too eager. Jake’s fingers again found Megan’s clit and danced there for a few minutes while he undid the ties to the halter top of her dress with his teeth. He knew that Megan sometimes went without panties— usually to tease him— but he was surprised to find no bra underneath the dress as well. Emboldened by the site of those perky tits, Jake went to town, licking, nibbling, and sucking on Megan’s perfect breasts. At the same time, he slid a finger into her pussy— she was so tight he could usually only fit one— and worked her from the inside as well. First, she arched her back; then, she bucked her hips; and finally, this time without xslot regard to who could hear her moans, Megan had her second orgasm of the day.

But now it was time for revenge, and she greedily climbed on top of Jake and pinned him down against the beach blanket. She pulled his shirt off and (with his help) managed to get his pants off as well, leaving him in just his boxes. “This isn’t so bad,” she thought, “It’s basically like being in a Speedo.”

She straddled his boxers and his dick strained against the fabric, trying mightily to get at her tight pussy. But it was not to be, not yet— though, just to tease him, she started slowly grinding her naked pussy on his boxers-clad cock. At the same time, she trailed her fingernails though his chest hair, lightly scratching him. Then, she leaned forward to kiss him. As she did so, Jake slid his hand onto her ass and gave it a resounding smack. “You’re a bad girl, do you know that?” he asked. “It’s not appropriate to take a guy’s clothes off in public!”

Her coy look told him that she did know that, and she didn’t care. She slowly slid down his body until her mouth was on his boxers. Slowly, sexily, she started licking him through his boxers until finally, unable to take it any more, Jake’s dick popped out of the boxers on his own. “My, my, my,” she said, pretending to be shocked, “somebody’s a little eager today!” Jake only moaned in reply as she took the whole length of his cock into her mouth. She lifted her ass into the air, getting a better angle on his cock, and as she did so, her sundress bunched up at her waist, exposing her ass and pussy for all to see. Maybe she didn’t notice. Or maybe she did, but didn’t care, since there were still not many people on the beach. At any rate, Jake was losing control as Megan’s brown, curly hair bounced up and down at his crotch, getting ready to suck him dry. With a low, guttural moan, he unleashed stream after stream of hot jizz into her mouth, and she swallowed every drop.

“Well, do you still think I’m a bad girl?” she asked, coming up for air.

“Yeah, I do, but maybe I like bad girls,” he replied.

“I guess that’s good,” Megan said, “because I don’t know if I could ever change my ways!” With that, she took Jake’s dick in her hand and started stroking him, getting him hard again almost immediately.

“Why don’t we whip out something from the ‘bag of tricks’?” Jake asked. When he saw Megan nod, he squirmed away from her and went to their beach bag. Reaching in, he pulled out a small blindfold. “How about this?”

Seeing Megan’s agreement, Jake slipped the blindfold over her eyes and laid her back onto the towel. Soon, they were at it again, with Jake teasing every inch of her body. Sometimes, he would kiss her mouth; other times, he would run his fingers up her legs; other times still, he would run his dick across her lips. Sometimes, he would rub his cock on her pussy, teasing her entrance but never actually penetrating her. Megan was getting hornier and hornier by the minute— and the beach was getting increasingly crowded, too.

“Good thing she’s blindfolded,” Jake thought to himself. He had always been the more exhibitionist of the couple, and she probably would have broken xslot Giriş it off by now if she knew that more people were around, and some watching. For her part, Megan loved not knowing where the next sensation would come from, what he was doing, how he was doing it…

Jake was really into it now, teasing Megan with his hands, mouth, and cock. He even went so far as to stick his dick in, even pushing in and out a couple of times, just to get her even wetter with anticipation. But he wasn’t going to fuck her, not yet. He was still building up for the main event.

To Jake, teasing his girlfriend was like an art form. It was sexual and sensual, serious and playful, all at the same time. Megan was his canvas, and he was making her come alive with his masterful strokes– literally and figuratively. He was so into it that he was only dimly aware of the increase in background voices as more people came to the beach. But he did notice, all of a sudden, that it seemed to have gotten very quiet, very quickly. His mouth was on her breast, when he noticed. He was flitting his tongue around her nipples, just as she liked it.

He paused and moved away from her, as he usually did while teasing her. But this time he looked up, and he was in no way prepared for what he saw. The “Welcome Home, Troops!” banner was apparently quite serious, and Jake found himself surrounded by about a half-dozen Army guys in a circle around him and the blindfolded Megan. Surprise quickly turned to fear, but fear soon melted into excitement. Megan was hot and wet already, and she was blindfolded to boot. Maybe this would be the way Jake gave her a taste of group sex.

The Army guys were, for their part, equally stunned to have found this show, and none of them had yet said a word. Jake put his fingers to his lips, signaling them to stay quiet. Then, he beckoned the closest one over and directed him to lick Megan’s nipple.

The man did, and Megan squirmed with excitement. The man paused, then did it again. As he did, Jake made his move. He moved down to her pussy and gave her clit a long, loving lick. Megan thrust her hips forward, pushing her pussy into his face. And then she yelled.

“What the hell– Jake?!” It had taken her a moment, but she figured out that Jake couldn’t be licking her pussy and nipples at the same time.

“Shhhh,” Jake admonished. “It’s okay.” Then he moved in for a long, slow kiss.

Maybe it was the reassuring kiss, or maybe it was her already wet pussy doing the thinking, but for some reason, Megan began to think maybe it was okay. She relaxed in Jake’s arms as he kissed her, with the anonymous Army guy licking her nipples.

As if on cue, two other guys broke from the circle and went to work themselves, licking each of Megan’s feet. This emboldened the rest, and soon, the entire circle of Army guys was at work on Megan, licking, caressing, and nibbling on various parts of her body. For his part, Jake was highly aroused and the prospect of these guys getting Megan all warmed up before he fucked her was getting him even harder.

He didn’t expect what happened next.

Looking back, it seemed almost natural; Jake and Megan were naked, so why shouldn’t the other guys be? xslot Güncel Giriş And Jake was teasing her with his cock, so why shouldn’t another guy? It would turn out later that Jake’s interest in group sex was more in theory than practice; he did not get very turned on watching another guy rub his cock on Megan’s face.

Megan, for her part, had no idea it was “another guy.” The dick was about the same size as Jake’s and, blindfolded, she couldn’t tell the difference. And so it was that Jake looked up a minute later to find his Megan eagerly sucking another man’s dick.

And of course, after the first, they came in quick succession. Soon, every guy had his dick out, waiting for a turn at her mouth. Caught up in the moment, Megan didn’t even realize what she was doing as she sucked cock after cock while Jake watched shocked.

“Well at least there’s one thing they won’t get,” Jake thought. While Megan was between cocks, he positioned her below him and slid the length of his shaft into Megan’s warm pussy. But if his goal was to show up the Army guys, it didn’t work.

In one swift move, one of the guys spit on his dick, spit on his hand, and lifted Megan up while Jake was fucking her. He positioned himself under her, smeared the wetness of his hand around Megan’s asshole, and began pressing his cock into her ass.

“Mggnff! Mffnngg…” Megan protested, but with her mouth full of cock, she wasn’t in a position to put up much of a fight. Within seconds, the man’s cock was firmly lodged in her ass while a stunned Jake filled her pussy.

Jake was so stunned that he had stopped fucking her, and this didn’t please the Army guys. “All right buddy, use it or lose it,” one of them growled as he pushed Jake away. Jake fell backwards and another guy took his place, fucking Megan’s tight pussy.

“Nnnggg!” Megan cried out as the new cock stretched her pussy more than she thought possible. She opened her mouth to gasp for air but a second cock filled it, as four guys were now inside of her.

It was all too surreal. There was Megan, the upper-middle class proper white girl, getting fucked by six anonymous Army guys, blindfolded, as her boyfriend watched. This was what Megan should have been thinking, but she wasn’t, wasn’t thinking about anything, because right then her pussy convulsed, Megan screamed (though stifled by cock) and she had another orgasm.

By this point, Jake was annoyed: first, that these guys were fucking his woman; and second, that he wasn’t in on the action. He moved in and started licking Megan’s clit while a new guy fucked her. Licking soon turned to fingering, as Jake’s fingers stretched Megan’s pussy even further, intertwined with whoever’s cock was working her now. Then Jake got bold and, positioning himself between the guys banging Megan’s ass and pussy, slid his dick into Megan’s pussy as well. He was uncomfortable, the three men’s rhythm was awkward, and Megan’s pussy was stretched to the max, but he was loving it.

One of the Army guys was the first to come, shooting his jizz all over Megan’s tits and another guy’s leg. Within minutes, the rest of them finished up as well: some in her mouth, some on her tits, some in her pussy, some in her ass. Then, as quickly as they had come, the Army guys were off, leaving Jake stunned at what had just happened and Megan oozing jizz from various parts of her body— and still blindfolded.

“Well,” Megan said, taking off the blindfold, “don’t you think we should go on vacation more often?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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