Older Son and His Mom Ch. 02

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Paul sat on the sofa waiting for his Mom to return from letting her friend Irene out of the front door. He felt completely spaced out with the events of the last hour and his mind was racing with the thoughts of the night ahead. As a forty year old man he had just jerked off in front of his mom and her friend and had splattered his Mom’s breasts with his cum. His 67 year old mother had told him she wanted him to be a “naughty boy” and now they were going to be alone, he couldn’t help thinking what she might want.

She came through the door into the room and his erect cock stretched just a bit more. She was completely naked, her large breasts were sagging onto her stomach and her pubic hair was a mixture of grey and black.

She sat on the sofa next to him and reached for his hard cock.

“I remember giving this a good wash when you were younger, never did I ever think I would see it like this,” she said as she smiled at him, “It is so lovely Paul darling, I can’t wait to have it inside me, but that is for later.”

Paul closed his eyes and let his head flop back as his mother gently stroked him.

“Have you always wanted Mommy?”

Paul opened his eyes and nodded,

“Ever since I got my first hard on, I have wanted you Mom. I can’t believe its happening after all these years.”

He bent forward and kissed her, their mouths lingering on each other and for the first time Joyce probed her son’s mouth with her tongue. She felt his cock twitch as she did that and she pushed her mouth hard against his as their tongues danced. Paul reached up with his right hand and touched his Mom’s tit for the first time, feeling the heaviness of her as he fondled her left breast.

“Does my naughty little panty boy like Mommy’s boobs?” she asked as she broke off the kiss.

“Yes they are wonderful Mom.”

“Do you want to suck them like you did 40 years ago?”

Paul nodded and started to bend down to take his Mom in his mouth, but Joyce stopped him.

“Tell me what you want,” she said.

Paul looked at his Mom and noted her eyes were glazing over in lust.

“I want to suck your breasts Mom.”

“I want to suck your tits Mommy,” she corrected him.

“Please Mommy I want to suck your big tits,” Paul said.

Joyce pushed his head down and gasped loudly as his tongue rolled escort bayan over her right nipple. Paul licked at his Mom’s tit and then took her nipple into his mouth and sucked as hard as he could, feeling it grow in his mouth.

“Oh yes Paul darling, suck me, bite me hard.”

Joyce gripped Paul’s cock tightly as he did her bidding and this only urged Paul on to please his mother.

For a while Paul used his mouth all over her two large breasts, he then released himself from her grip and slid off the sofa.

As he knelt between her legs, she opened them up and Paul buried his head into her groin.

Earlier he had seen her lovely pink pussy for the first time, now it was inviting him in as Joyce opened her legs wide.

Joyce felt the pleasure shoot through her as her son licked her labia from bottom to top for the first time. Then she felt her fingers open her and felt his tongue probe her pussy. She reached down and stroked his head as he licked her and probed her clit with his tongue.

“That’s right sweetie lick Mommy’s wet cunt, Oh yes Paul darling, tongue me, lick me, make Mommy squirt.”

The taste of his mother’s pussy was amazing and he couldn’t believe how wet she was for someone her age. He licked and sucked and kissed for all he was worth and after a couple of minutes was rewarded with a gasp from his Mom and a little squirt of cum shot into his open mouth.

“Yesssss………” Joyce moaned ” Make Mom cum, you horny bastard, don’t stop, keep licking.”

Joyce still had the odd orgasm, but it was all self manipulated, this was taking her back 20 years and she had forgotten how good it was to have a tongue inside her. The fact that it belonged to the man she had given birth to and nurtured made it even more erotic. She felt her juice flow again and loved the fact that Paul didn’t move, he just knelt there lapping her juices up and drinking it down.

Paul came up for air,

“Fuck Mom that was wonderful.”

She looked down at him, his lips and chin and nose were soaking wet and she could see her juice running down his neck onto his chest. He started to kiss her stomach and then her breasts and finally came up to her mouth. They kissed again and she tasted herself on him. She loved it that he was sharing her own cum with her and she used her tongue to tuzla genç escort lap her own juice from his mouth.

“Does my panty boy like his Mom’s cum?”

“Yes Mom I want lots of it,” Paul replied.

“It’s all yours from now on sweetie, as long as you keep your old Mom wet and happy.”

Joyce reached for her son again and stroked his cock, thumbing his pre-cum into him.

“Suck me Mom,” he said quietly.

He stood up in front of her and Joyce stared at her son’s cock. She thought back to the days before he got married and how she had tried to see it as often as she could as he grew up. Now it stood before her and it was hers to do what she wanted with.

With her eyes firmly fixed on his, she licked the end of his knob, tasting his pre-cum as it dribbled from him. Paul gasped as his Mom licked the end of his cock. How long it would be before he shot his load again, he didn’t know, he was trying hard to contain himself, but he knew that it wouldn’t be long until she sent him over the edge.

Joyce slipped her whole mouth over her son and felt his cock push against the roof of her mouth. She then did what came naturally as passion overcame her, she gripped his balls and moved her head backwards and forwards very quickly as she gave him a blowjob. The sensation for Paul was amazing and he held back as long as he could but then let himself go.

“Fuck Mom I’m going to cum, don’t stop, yes yes, shittttttt……….”

Paul’s hot spunk shot into Joyce’s mouth and she gulped once but then had to release him as rope after rope ejaculated out of him. It covered her face and dropped down onto her chest. She gripped his balls squeezing them hard.

“Yes you naughty little boy, cum for Mommy, cum for Mommy.”

She licked her lips drawing in the cum that was around her mouth, fascinated by the sight of his cock as it jerked time after time until finally, just little dribbles of spunk was coming from him and his cock started to deflate in front of her.

She leaned forward and licked the last of his spunk off his cock and then took his now semi limp cock into her mouth, so she could get every bit that he had left.

When his Mom released him, Paul stepped back and sat down beside her, feeling completely spent.

“I hope my panty boy has some life left in him, because tuzla kendi evi olan escort Mommy needs a good fuck before he can go to sleep tonight.”

Joyce continued to stroke her son, loving the feel of his limpness.

“I wonder what naughty things might get him excited again,” she said.

Joyce stood up and leaving her son on the sofa went into her bedroom. She returned with an array of lingerie and dangled the items before her son.

“Does naughty little Paul want to wear Mom’s things?”

Paul nodded and let his Mom dress him. She slipped on a pair of white lacy panties, stuffing his cock into them, she then added a white suspender belt and hitched some white stockings up his legs. Paul stood as his Mom attached the stockings to the suspenders and already he felt the excitement returning to his loins.

Joyce stood back and admired her son dressed in her lingerie.

“Does my little panty boy like wearing Mommy’s things?”

“Yes Mom, I love the feel of your undies.”

“Play with yourself darling whilst Mommy watches again.”

Paul reached down and stroked his cock through her knickers, loving the feel of the lace on his sensitive skin.

Joyce watched as his cock grew and she knew that she was about to get her deepest darkest desire.

She lay back on the sofa and opened her legs. Paul didn’t need any further prompting. He eased his cock out of her panties and mounted his 67 year old mother. His cock slipped into her easily and she gasped in pleasure.

“Fuck your old Mom stupid,” she said “Fuck me til I scream, fuck me hard you naughty sod.”

Paul obliged, his cock was hard, his cum spent for now and therefore he rode her wildly until she was begging him to stop.

By the time he withdrew, the sofa was soaked with her love juice and their sweat and as he collapsed on top of her, she stroked his hair and told him how much she loved him.

“Well my little boy has certainly grown up and I hope that you are going to repay all the things I did for you when you were younger by keeping me satisfied sexually.”

“Anything you want Mom,” Paul said.


“Yes Mom anything, I don’t care how naughty or disgusting it is, I will do it for you.”

“And what about Irene, I’m sure she is not going to be just satisfied with a quick wank.”

“Aunty Irene and anyone else Mom, I just want to keep you and your elderly friends happy.”

“Mmmmm I bet you do, but I must be your first priority, Irene can have what’s left once I have had my fill of your cock.”

“I can’t wait,” said Paul.

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