Old Hunger Sated 3 Ch. 01

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For those who’ve read my first two stories, you may recall that I found a most wonderful sex partner in my neighbor Robert. We have had mano a mano sex (with neither of us really feeling gay) that is, for the both of us, the most exhilarating ever. He’s long been a good friend but now I’m madly infatuated with his beautiful cock. In my last story (in the Group Sex category) I went over to Robert’s house to fuck him, as I had each week-day the last few months—damn, I just couldn’t stay away from him and that sweet cock that he gives me so freely. However, Robert was out and I went into the house searching for him only to find his beautiful wife Susie lying on their bed fisting herself fiercely. But Susie caught me standing in the doorway banging my cock while I watched and she called me over to her and her hot wet pussy.

Even though Robert is my best friend and fuckbuddy, I couldn’t resist those big green bedroom eyes. Well, to get to the point, Robert came in and found us in Susie’s bed with me sucking her sweet juicy cunt with all my heart while she begged and whimpered. Thanks be to the gods, Robert didn’t seem to be upset with us, much to my great relief. I couldn’t stand to lose our daily fucking sessions, no matter what. Robert and I don’t pretend to love each other sexually; we simply love to fuck each other until it has become the most important thing in our lives.

Later the very day that I was tongue fucking Susie until she was writhing, crying, purring and pleading for more, she got a call that her mother had taken ill and she and Robert immediately made plans to go out of state to be with her sick mother. They’ve been gone for several days now and, oh God, I miss them. I especially miss Robert’s wonderful cock and, surprisingly even to me, I miss his cumming into my mouth and face. I love it so when he feeds his seed to me and I can hold it in my mouth, taste it thoroughly and slowly swallow it down my throat. It makes me feel so close to my best friend when I can take his cock all the way down until his hair is tickling my nose as I work my tongue around that lovely shaft while his head is deep down inside my throat. What a joy to look up into his face as he cums to a climax! Such a beautiful expression on his face as he comes down from the high.

For all those years, until just a few weeks ago, we were merely friends. Then for the last few weeks we’ve sucked each other, we’ve masturbared each other and ourselves in each other’s presence. We’ve fucked each other’s ass until both ass holes are so open and ready that we can fuck each other with no pain or undue tightness at all.

I görükle escort haven’t known what to do with myself while they’ve been gone. Since I’m house-sitting for them, I go over each day and jack my cock off, but it’s not the same any more. I whank away for a hour at a time until I get raw and bruised, until there’s no more cum within my balls, but I still need Robert’s cock to hold, and to suck dry after he has fucked my ass until we both cum. I need my face up in his thighs. I need the smell of his balls as they get sweaty down between his legs, and then the smell and taste of his body as my tongue slides down toward his ass hole and licks him all over. I just need Robert. My cock needs his wet hot mouth licking up and down and sucking me until my cum spurts out in a great stream. Sometimes I love to jerk out of his mouth at the last moment and spray Robert. Then we can lick it up and share the cum in each other’s mouth. Shit, I’m finding myself moaning at the thought of our sensual fuck sessions.

Too, I can’t get Susie out of my mind either. We never got around to actual fucking, but I did manage to eat her pussy until I got so hot I couldn’t control myself. She came time after time as I face fucked her and drove my tongue deep inside her open wet pussy. Oh my, how she loved it. She groaned and begged “Please for God sake, eat me. Don’t ever stop. Put that stiff tongue deeper into me, put your hand back inside me and fuck me hard with that fucking hand while your tongue fucks my clit Fuck me, fuck me hard, Joe!! For Christ’s sake, fuck me!!!. Oh, yes! God yes, you’re so good. I want to be your slut whore. My pussy has never felt so good and I’ve never needed to cum so bad, Joe. NOW! NOW! NOW! Yes, I’m going! Let me ride your face while you stick me with that hot wet tongue. Oh, damn. The tip of your tongue is just right. Keep it touching me there.” And then she would whimper and almost cry as she ground her hot pussy into my face. Sex can’t get much better than eating Susie’s big pussy, fisting her while I listen to her begging, pleading sounds and then her loud screams as she climaxes. Seems I’ve always enjoyed making my woman happy even more than my own orgasms. Well, almost.

While I’m there in their house today, missing them and playing with my hard cock that just won’t go away, the phone rings and without thinking I answer it. Oh, thank goodness, it’s Robert and they are headed home and will arrive late tonight. Susie’s mom is much better and they are no longer needed there. Susie is going to take a couple of days off work when they get home and THEY (yes, he said ‘we’.) want me bursa escort bayan to come over early tomorrow so they can have a good long day at home to ‘rest’—yeah, like they need me to rest with. It’s so exciting to hear his voice and know that they will be back tomorrow. Without even taking my cock in my hand, I cum strong, forcefully, with the strings of my heavy jizm spraying out across the floor.

There’s no need to set my alarm clock tonight; I will not sleep with all this excitement that I’m feeling. Man, I feel a gnawing deep down in my gut when I think of being with Susie and Robert at the same time. Robert has already made it clear that this is what they both want. Damn, the anticipation is hard to take. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve—awaiting the best Christmas ever.

In the wee hours, my phone rings and I nearly jump out of my skin, I’m so anxious and up tight, eager for my friends/fuckbuddies. They are home. Although they are tired from the long trip, they’ve taken turns napping on the road and are now wondering if I might come on over rather than wait until tomorrow. Sheesh, what do you think? It took me all of 2 minutes to jump up, brush my teeth and hop into some shorts and sandals and hit the back door running.. (I’d already bathed very carefully in expectations of seeing them early tomorrow.) The side door was standing open and lights were on as I stormed into the house, my cock already rigid and wet. Once inside I stopped to listen for an indication as to where they were. Robert called from the den and I rushed through the kitchen and toward that room.

What the shit? They have the TV on? I didn’t come over here to watch Jay or whoever is on at this hour. But then, there they stand, both Robert and Susie totally naked and Robert’s beautiful cock standing straight out as though to welcome me. I couldn’t help moaning with a tear coming to my eyes. Don’t know where the tears came from, maybe just because I was overcome with happiness. The two of them came to me and we three caressed each other, squeezing tightly as our bodies came together. I dropped my shorts immediately and then we were all totally naked and their bodies were both hot and damp around their sex as we touched. I had missed Robert’s cock so much and there it was standing out waiting for my eager mouth. Shit! How hot can I get before my whole body explodes?

Then I noticed Susie point the remote control at the TV…..Holy Jazz and Jizm!. They had video taped themselves making love and were sharing the tape with me. Not that I needed any further inticement, but it was awesome. My big Adonis bursa escort had that lovely wife of his lying on her back on the bed with her legs up over his shoulders and he was driving that fantastic cock into her wet open pussy, making slurping splashing sounds as he rammed up to his balls. I could hear his balls and sack slapping up against her large rounded ass cheeks–such a sexy sound. Her huge tits flopped back and forth as he pounded her sopping pussy. But the hottest thing about the tape to me?

The hottest thing that sent my cock to quivering and pulsing as if to shoot my load on the spot was Susie’s whimpering, begging as she crooned her joy. She begged Robert to never ever take his cock out. The sound of her pleading was almost more than my cock could take. She called out to him, “OH MY GOD!! Robert, your cock is my God. Take me with you to paradise. Please give it all to me. FUCK ME!! Bang me, knock me hard. Watch my tits bounce just for you. Drive your mighty cock even deeper. Hit the backside, Robert. Bust my nasty cunt. Oh I love it, fuck me. Fuck me harder, please. Give it all to me. My pussy needs you so much. Grab my breasts and pull on the nipples now. Pull harder, Bite them, lean over here and bite my tits. Harder. Oh, Oh, here I cum! I’m going to cum. Pound the shit out of me while I cum, Sweetheart. OOOOooooooohhhh, my heavens!! Oh, my darling man. My beautiful man with the big hard cock.” Still whimpering she lay back and closed her eyes, relaxing as Robert pulled out, backed off and put her legs down, spread out across the bed. Then (it appeared from the close-up) Robert took the camera right up into her pussy. It was standing open with large streams of cum dripping out and running down into her ass. Their juices combined to make a pool around her ass cheeks as she lay there moaning and breathing heavily. She continued writhing and twisting on the bed. I could actually see deep inside her pussy where Robert’s large hard cock had stretched it open further. Then the camera was back to the more distant shot and Robert came to her, bent over and sucked deeply around her fat pussy lips and licked down into her ass to clean up all their juices. Then Susie says, ‘Robert, please lean over here and let me lick my pussy juice and your cum off your face. About this time the vcr shut off as the movie ended.

I had been so entranced with the show on the TV, that I’d almost forgotten that the couple were sitting over on the couch across the room intently watching for my reaction. It was clear that they wanted my blessing. But one look at my cock with the skin pulled back, the silky smooth head so full that it was tight and purple with drops of fluid all around the head surely told them. The veins of my cock stood out firmly along the shaft. Man, was I hard,wet and ready. The smiles on their faces showed that they were quite pleased with that reaction.

End Chapter 1

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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