Oh What a Dream Ch. 02

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Big Tits

“It’s okay daddy. I want it. I want you. Please don’t stop daddy.”

I began moving my father’s hand between my legs, throwing my head back in ecstasy. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I could tell by the look in daddy’s eyes, he wasn’t sure he should continue on. Pulling his hand up my body, across my chest and to my mouth, I slipped a finger between my full lips and began to slowly twirl my tongue around it, sucking as I pulled it out. The pained look on my father’s face showed just how much his resistance was slipping away. But still he spoke,

“I can’t do this baby girl. You’re my daughter. It isn’t right. I’m so sorry. I never should have touched you like that.”

My dad started to move, he was leaving. I couldn’t let that happen. He wanted this. I knew he did! I had to do something And I had to do it fast. As he began to walk away I wrapped my arms around him, hands placed firmly in his chest, and began whispering in his ear.

“You know you want this. You’ll never be able to look at me again without thinking of the wetness YOU caused between my legs, daddy. You will hate yourself for not taking this chance. For not discovering what it feels like to burry yourself into the warmth of my sex, daddy. Please don’t leave. Stay. If not for yourself, stay for me. I’m about to explode. Please daddy just get me to cum.” I was historical now. I needed to cum. I didn’t know how far I was prepared to take this but if the fire burning it’s way through my body wasn’t satisfied soon, I was sure I’d burst. “Please daddy, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to but I need to cum and I want you to make me. I want my daddy to hear me scream in pleasure. Daddy I want-“

His hands were on mine now. Moving them slowly from his chest, down his stomach, to the bulge in his pants. Oh my god, it was huge. Wrapping my had around his shaft best I could through his pants, I began to shake. He gripped my wrists and turned to face me.

“You want you daddy to make you cum? Here are the rules. You do what I say, when I say it, no questions asked. If you question me or defy me, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

His words had my head rolling back and the wetness between my legs was unbearable. I nodded. Before I could blink he had his hand on my chin, squeezing to be sure I was looking him in the eyes.

“Look kaynarca escort you little slut. You will talk to me with respect. Do you understand me? I tell you to do something, you don’t simply nod. You answer me with respect. You didn’t know the rules so I will let it slide this time but from now on you respond to my orders with ‘Yes daddy’. Is that understood?”

I began to nod but stopped. “Yes daddy.”

“That’s a good girl. Now get to your knees, slut.”

“Yes daddy.”

I dropped to my knees. Surprisingly, it was difficult to do. I was shaking almost hysterically. I had never been talked to like that before and for some reason I loved it! My stomach was flipping, my sex was on life, my clit was throbbing, my hands were shaking and I was about to suck my own fathers cock. All I could think was, I must be dreaming.

My father walked closer to me, making his bulge eye level with me. Looking up and making eye contact with him, she simply nodded. Giving me all the approval I needed.

I placed my hands on his legs, about mid calf, and slowly slid them higher. Ever so gently, I grazed his thighs. As I got to his belt, I stopped breathing, while his breath hitched. I worked off his belt, untucked his shirt and unbuttoned his trousers as he slid off his cost and began unbuttoning his shirt. As he and I worked together to get him naked, with the exception of his boxers, I looked his body over appreciating the way he took care of himself.

At 45, he was doing quite well. He had very little salt and pepper sprinkled throughout his dark brown hair and he always had it styled perfectly with a little tousled look. He stood tall at 6’4″ and his body was still amazingly tight. The hair on his chest and body was minimal, with a slight patch on his chest and a very handsome happy trail leading to the destination that had my mouth watering.

The bulge in his boxers was more than impressive and as I lifted their hem and slid them over and down his legs, I couldn’t help but moan in anticipation. As he kicked his boxers away I lifted my hand to finally feel the thickness of his cock between my fingers. Just as I felt my finger times graze the ever so soft skin of his shaft, my father slapped my hand away. I jumped back in surprise and looked at him.

“How dare you touch me without permission orhanlı escort slut! You will pay for that! Open your mouth and close your eyes.. NOW!” He shouted at me taking hold of my hair.

I was scared. Deep down I knew my father would never hurt me but I was his sexual object ready to be exploited now. I had never been in a position of such submission before. It frightened me but still in the pit of my stomach I eagerly awaited what was coming to me as I did what he said. When my mouth was open wide enough to his liking, he wrapped his hand tighter around my hair and pulled me to his cock, shoving it into my mouth and down my throat. My eyes immediately filled with tears as I began choking and trying but failing to breathe. He held me there for what seemed like forever and I knew if he didn’t let off soon I would either throw up all over both of us, or pass out from lack of oxygen.

I must have passed out because when I came to, I was completely naked with each limb tied to opposite posts on my bed. Then I saw him.

“It’s about time you woke up my little slut. I was starting to worry I would have to take what I wanted from you without you knowing. That wouldn’t be any fun now would it?”

“No daddy. I’m sorry I fainted.”

“You’re a lucky little slut today. Normally you would need to earn certain things from me by obeying my orders correctly. But as soon as I smelled that sweet little cunt of yours I couldn’t wait to shove my tongue inside of you and drink your juices until I’m satisfied. So what do you say to my graciousness slut?”

“Thank you daddy! Thank you very much.”

My father looked at me with a hunger in his eyes. Like an animal waiting to pounce on his prey. He settled in between my legs and took a deep breath digging his nails into my thighs. He lowered his head painfully slow and as I began to feel his breath tickling the skin of my sex, I began rocking my hips, trying to get them closer to the caress of his mouth. Needing to take complete control, he slid his arms under my legs, placing his hands on my hips and holding me down. Then his mouth was on me. Soft at first, he planted gentle kisses around the lips of my sex. And when I felt the wetness of his tongue separate my lips and glide across my opening I felt my orgasm build to its peak just waiting for its final push. tepeören escort As my father’s tongue moved higher finally reaching its destination, swirling around the pearl of my sex, pushing me off the ledge of ecstasy and into the best orgasm I’ve ever experienced.

When I came to, my father was holding onto his 9″, very thick cock, holding it at my opening waiting to push it inside of me. As our eyes met, he smiled.

“Tell me you want it baby girl. Tell me you want daddy’s cock.”

“Yes daddy, I want it.”

The look in his eyes grew darker and he spread the lips of my sex apart and slapped my pussy.

“You say it you little slut. You tell me exactly what you want!”

“Yes daddy! I want you. I want your cock inside of me daddy.”

“Beg for it little slut. Beg for this cock.”

“Please daddy! Please let your little slut feel that big, fat cock filling her up. I want it daddy. I want you to make me scream with that cock. Please daddy. Please!”

In one hard thrust, he sank his cock into me. I had never felt so full in my life. The way he fit into me was unbelievable, like his cock was meant for me. With every thrust he pushed me closer to another orgasm.

“Does my little slut want to get fucked? Do you want me to punish that pussy for turning you into the dirty little whore that you are?”

“Oh god yes daddy please. I want you to fuck me so hard. Pound your little sluts pussy.”

And he did. With every thrust it was a beautiful mixture of pleasure and pain. I was getting close to cumming again and I was fighting it best I could. Building up the strength of my orgasm. And as I felt his shaft getting thicker and thicker as him orgasm began to close in on us I lost it. The way I came undone was magnificent. An explosion set off within me. Starting in the pit of my stomach it spread throughout my entire body. From my fingertips to the tips of my toes, I came undone. I could feel myself tighten around him and as my fathers hands tightened on my thighs I felt the first spurt of cum shoot within me. My father continued shooting his load inside of me and with both of us shaking, working to catch our breaths, he collapsed on top of me.

“God baby girl, that was amazing. That pussy of yours is going to get me into trouble. Not to mention that ass. Tomorrow night. That ass is mine. Do you understand?”

“Tomorrow? That means you’re staying?! How long?”

“Well my little slut, I may just have to make this my new home office. That way you can serve me whenever I please… Would you like that, slut?”

“Oh, yes daddy. I would love it!”

The end.

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