No Regrets Ch. 05

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“The place is almost deserted,” said Tracey. “I’ve only seen a couple of occupied sites.”

Allan laughed, “It’s Wednesday – middle of the week – most people come here on the week-end. This means we’ll have the place pretty much to ourselves until Saturday.”

“Huh-Oh, I saw a flash of lightning,” said Susan. “We better find a spot and get setup or we’ll be sleeping in the car.”

“It’s just down here at the far end. My Dad and I always use it. It has the proper size tent platform, an electrical outlet, and water….it’s also more secluded, no close neighbors, and it has a little inlet from the lake where we can launch the boat,” said Allan.

“Here we are,” said Allan as he pulled in to site posted as number 142. “There’s a public toilet with showers just over to the left by site 146 or 147, and there’s a Porta-John just across the road from us. We’ll leave the boat hooked up to the car tonight. We need to get the tent up, it’s getting late.”

Everyone fell to and started putting up the tent. It was a good size one, sleeping 4-6 people with a nine-foot center ridgepole and sides that were six feet high. Allan was familiar with it and quickly had everything in place and tied down. Within an hour they had the tent ready and everything unloaded from the car and boat. As Allan was carrying in the ice chest and putting it down, there was loud crack of thunder and the first rain drops began to fall. Allan lit the lantern and set it on the camp table in the center of the room.

“We’re probably going need this in a few minutes,” said Allan. “The power to these campsites has a habit of failing every time there’s any weather.” As if on cue, the light bulb hanging from the center pole of the tent blinked once, then again, and then went out. “There, what did I tell you,” said Allan.

“This is more cozy anyway,” said Tracey, “who ever heard of having electric lights when you camp out. We’re suppose to be roughing it.”

“Well I’m going to get my air mattress pumped up so I don’t have to rough it too much,” laughed Susan. “I draw the line at sleeping on hard ground.”

After eating the sandwiches they had brought for the first night, they were sitting on the air mattresses in the dim light from the lantern, talking and watching the rain and lightning through the mosquito netting on the front entrance. Allan lit the small Coleman heater since it was little cool. Allan was sitting next to Susan and had his arm around her…..Tracey was on the other side of Susan turned slightly facing them. Susan turned facing Tracey and leaned back letting Allan cradle her in his arms against his lap.

“Hmmm….I’m glad we came,” said Susan, raising up and giving Allan a quick kiss and then relaxing in his arms.

“So am I,” said Allan. “I’m still a little surprised your mother said okay.”

Tracey laughed, “It wasn’t easy….you should have heard Susie’s spiel. She made it sound like you were going off to the Foreign Legion instead of the university.”

“Well it seems almost that bad,” said Susan as she pulled Allan’s head down to hers and kissed him deeply. Susan held his head close to her and whispered in his ear, “I feel that little fellow poking me in the back….he’s getting stirred up…..shall we tell Tracey to take a walk in the rain?”

“We can’t do that,” Allan whispered back.

“Oh Allan, I think I love you….I’m sure I do,” said Susan no longer whispering. “Do you remember what you told me about your fantasy? That your favorite one was one where you were out camping, and these two beautiful girls got stranded with you in bad weather. You’ve got two beautiful girls now. We’re stranded in the rain……and, we want you.”

“You mean you… and Tracey,” stammered Allan. Allan glanced at Tracey and she smiled at him.

“Yes, both of us, we want to make your fantasy come true,” said Susan. “I couldn’t stand to share you with any one else, but I love Tracey, and I love you – some how, it just all seems right. I’m going to give you kaynarca escort a fantasy that you can dream about when you’re up there at school. This will be a camping trip you’ll never forget.”

Susan gently pushed Allan down on the air mattress and began to remove his clothes. In a few minutes all three were naked, with Allan lying between Susan and Tracey. Allan didn’t know what to say, still dumfounded at his good luck, but his prick was as hard as a rock, sticking straight up in the air. Susan kissed him thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Tracey was fondling his prick and began to kiss it, running her tongue around the purple head and under the ridge of his crown.

Susan said, “Suck him Tracey, suck him hard.” Tracey was turned so her cunt was near Allan’s head. “Kiss her pussy, Allan. Tongue it the way you do mine.”

Allan began to suck and tongue Tracey’s pussy – she let out a low moan and pushed her pussy against his mouth. After a few minutes of this Tracey set up, and straddled Allan’s head, giving him complete access to her pussy. As he tongued her, she massaged her tits and pulled at her nipples. Susan straddled Allan’s prick and slowly guided it into her pussy as she lowered her ass onto him. Susan and Tracey were facing one another; Susan reached out and began to play with Tracey’s tits, tweaking her nipples. Tracey leaned in to Susan and took Susan’s tits in her hands as she kissed Susan, thrusting her tongue into Susan’s mouth.

Allan began to thrust his hips upward driving his prick into Susan’s pussy as she pumped her ass up and down on his rigid prick. They kept this pace going for several minutes, and then Tracey began to moan softly.

“Oh My God……..that feels good…..that’s it suck me….suck me hard…..Ohhhhh. I’m going to cum…….I’m going to cum….NOW….NOW…..ohhhhhhhhhh,” Tracey moaned as she collapsed off Allan’s face.

Susan immediately lay prone on Allan, pumping her pussy up and down on his prick as she hugged him and kissed him passionately. Allan began to thrust his prick even harder into Susan……she felt like she was riding a bucking horse….each buck driving his prick deep into her pussy. She could feel the tension beginning to build in her pussy and in her thighs.

“Oh Allan….now….now….fuck me as hard as you can… deep as you can……Oh Allan, I love you…..I love you….NOW…..NOW,” yelled Susan as her body shuddered with the impact of her orgasm sweeping through her.

“Susie……Susie, I love you,” moaned Allan. His prick spewed his cum deep into her throbbing pussy, his prick pumping shot after shot of cum into her pussy. He could feel her pussy squeezing his prick as her body shuddered from her orgasm.

“Oh Allan, I could feel you cum….feel you cum deep inside me. Oh Allan, I love you,” said Susan softly. “I love to feel you cum…. your prick throbs and throbs – I know you’re cumming.”

All three lay together for a moment, catching their breath, then Tracey crawled between Susan’s legs and spread them wide open exposing Susan’s cum drenched pussy.

“I want to taste Allan’s cum,” said Tracey. She lowered her face to Susan’s pussy and began to tongue it. Susan moaned softly as Tracey’s tongue lapped at her pussy lips. As Tracey stuck her tongue into Susan’s pussy spreading Susan’s pussy lips, a large glob of Allan’s cum and Susan’s juices ran down her tongue into her mouth, almost choking her….some running out the corner of her mouth and down her chin.

Allan felt his prick immediately go stiff and hard at the sight of these two beautiful girls. At the sight of Tracey licking his cum out of her sister’s pussy. Susan saw Allan’s prick standing up hard and rigid as the tent pole — she reached out and gently grasped it in her hand.

Stroking his prick, Susan said, “Stick this beautiful monster in her pussy, Allan. Fuck her good. You don’t need a rubber…Tracey’s on the pill too.”

Allan knelt behind Tracey and rubbed the head orhanlı escort of his prick on her cunt lips. He didn’t need any lubrication, he was still covered with cum and pussy juices from Susan. He pushed his prick head between her pussy lips and slowly pushed his prick into her hot, moist pussy. Tracey gasped and moaned softly as he pushed his prick totally into the fantastically tight pussy. He began to stroke his prick in and out, feeling the suction of the tight pussy pull on his prick each time he withdrew, then plowing back in, feeling that same tightness opening up to accept his hot prick.

“My God,” moaned Allan, “her pussy is as tight as a glove.” Holding Tracey by the hips he began to ram his prick into her deep, then almost out, then all the way in until his balls slapped against her pussy. As he rammed his prick into her, he rocked Tracey forward pushing Tracey’s mouth and tongue against Susan’s pussy. They had a perfect rhythm going.

Susan pulled away from Tracey’s tongue and turned herself around. Tracey was on her hands and knees with Allan fucking her doggie style. Susan lay on her back and slid under Tracey until her head was between Tracey’s knees – her own pussy was below Tracey’s head. Susan could look up and see Allan’s prick sliding in and out of Tracey’s cunt, coated with Tracey’s pussy juices. Propping herself up on her elbows, Susan began to lick at Allan’s prick and Tracey’s clit as he pumped his prick into Tracey’s pussy. Tracey lowered her face and began sucking Susan’s clit, tonguing it furiously.

Susan pressed her mouth and lips against Tracey’s pussy and Allan’s prick. As he withdrew his prick from the depths of Tracey’s pussy, it slid across her tongue and lips and then again as he drove his prick back into Tracey’s cunt. Finding Tracey’s swollen and engorged clitoris, with her tongue, Susan began to suck and tongue it as hard as she dared. She heard and felt the muffled moan as Tracey pressed her mouth tight against Susan’s pussy. Tracey’s moans caused her lips to vibrate against Susan’s clit as she pressed her lips to it, arousing Susan even more.

Susan rubbed her fingers on Tracey’s pussy, coating her fingers with Tracey’s pussy juices, then sliding her arm over her head, she moved her hand pass Allan’s balls, over his scrotum to his asshole. As he pumped his prick in Tracey’s pussy, Susan began to work her middle finger into his asshole — it was tight but when the first knuckle popped through, she pushed her whole finger into his ass, as deep as she could. She felt Allan pick up the pace of his thrusts, driving his prick into Tracey’s pussy. Susan heard Tracey begin to moan, then to scream that she was coming. Susan felt her own orgasm sweep from her pussy throughout her body. Allan groaned and Susan felt his body tense as he drove his prick deep into Tracey and held it there. Susan pulled her finger from his asshole and cupped his balls, gently squeezing them. Susan had her lips on the base of his prick and she could feel it throb and pulse as the cum pumped into Tracey’s pussy. As Allan withdrew his prick from Tracey’s pussy, Susan licked at the cum soaked shaft as it came out, then it was out, and a gush of cum and pussy juice covered her face, triggering another spasm in her pussy, a soft easy orgasm. Taking Allan’s prick in her mouth, Susan sucked the last drops of cum from it, licking him clean.

All three collapsed on the air mattress. Allan took Susan in his arms, and gently kissed her. Tracey snuggled up to Susan’s other side and laid one arm across both Allan and Susan.

“Oh You Guys….I never knew it could be like that,” gasped Tracey.

Susan laughed weakly, “I’m not sure I knew either….but I know I liked it,” said Susan as she gently kissed Allan. “Lord, I’m discovering all sorts of things I like,” gasped Susan as she tried to catch her breath.

“Susie..Susie, you’re wonderful,” whispered Allan. “I know we’ve only known each other a short time….but I love you…..I really tepeören escort love you.”

“Oh Allan, I love you too,” Susan whispered. “You’re the only guy I want….that I’ve ever wanted.”

Tracey did an attempt to hug both of them at once, “And I love both you guys. I’m glad you two got together….you were made for each other,” said Tracey. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m beat. I’ll worry about cleaning up tomorrow, I’m going to bed,” said Tracey wearily. Tracey leaned over and gave Allan a kiss on the lips and then kissed Susan. “Thanks sis, I love you…really love you,” whispered Tracey.

Tracey went to the air mattress in the corner of the tent, got in her sleeping bag and partially zipped it up. “Nite, you guys,” said Tracey in a weary voice.

Allan and Susan got in the large sleeping bag, but they didn’t sleep. “You and Tracey really surprised me,” said Allan. “It was a good surprise….I’ve never known anyone like you, Susie. Most of the sisters I knew in school hated each other’s guts….they weren’t like you and Tracey.” Allan paused, “And tonight, most girls would have raised ‘holy hell’ if I had even kissed another girl, much less what we did.”

Susan snuggled up to him and chuckled, “Yeah, Buster, you just ‘look’ at another girl and you’ll find out how jealous I can get.” Reaching down she took his prick in her hand, “I might even be tempted to bite this little fellow…not all the way off…just some serious damage.” Susan reached lower and stroked and played with his balls, “If you love me and I love you, I consider these mine,” she said as she cupped his balls in her hand trying to mimic a tough tone of voice.

Susan kissed him, gently probing his mouth with her tongue. As she broke the kiss she said, “Tracey is different….that’s almost like a part of me….she enjoyed it…you enjoyed, and I love both of you. I can’t see anything wrong with it when it makes all three of us happy.” Susan gave him a quick kiss. “Now if you wanted Tracey instead of me, THAT would make me unhappy, but I don’t believe you do. I believe you when you say you love me.”

“God, Susie, I do love you. I don’t know how I’m going to stand only seeing you one and maybe sometimes two weekends a month,” said Allan. “I get lonely just thinking about it.”

“Oh Allan,” said Susan, and she kissed him passionately. Susan felt his prick beginning to get hard. “Huh-Oh, that little fellow is waking up again.” Susan stroked him and in a few seconds he was as hard as the first time that night. “Oh Allan. I never get tired of wanting you….of wanting to feel your prick in me,” said Susan as she rolled on top of him and slipped his hard, hot prick into her pussy. Susan just laid there atop Allan, feeling his prick in her. “Oh, don’t move….let’s just lay here with it in me as long as we can. It feels good.” Susan could feel his prick twitch in her pussy every now and then. She tried to concentrate on squeezing his prick with her pussy muscles, not moving any other muscles except those in her stomach and thighs, as she tried to make them relax, then tense up around his prick.

They lay there kissing and whispering to one another, but not moving for what must have been 20-30 minutes or so. Susan felt the twitching of Allan’s prick become more frequent and she felt the growing tension in her pussy and her legs. Allan said, “Oh Susie….Susie, I think I’m going to cum….I can’t stop it!”

They had been lying so still, absolutely no movement except for their deep kisses, that Susan felt his prick begin to throb and pulse…she felt it trigger an orgasm that seem to start deep in her gut and radiate out through her pussy, around his prick. It was deeply satisfying, rising quickly up to a peak then descending slowly.

She could still feel Allan’s prick throbbing in her pussy, slower and slower. “Oh Allan, we’ve never done that before….that was…was wonderful,” whispered Susan. “Allan, I love you, just you. Hold me…hold me tight.”

“I’ll hold you, Susie….I’ll always want to hold you…I love you,” said Allan, as he rolled Susan over on her side, holding her to him so that his prick stayed in her pussy. They lay there quietly and in a few minutes both were asleep, not even the thunder could wake them.

To Be Continued…

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