No, it Can’t….

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No, it Can’t…umm…ooh… Yes, it can!

By Larry Malone

It was a long time ago. It was one of those half days off from school. I was at Pauly’s house since his parents wouldn’t be home for a few hours. Pauly said his older brother in the military who was stationed in Japan had just secretly sent him an 8mm reel of porn film and invited me over to watch it for the first time. Of course, I said yes.

Pauly set up his family projector using one of his blank bedroom walls as a screen, locked his door, closed the blinds and loaded the little grey plastic reel. As we usually did when we got together, we both stripped down to our BVDs. We sat on the bed and watched in fascination our first real porn. (In those days, porn wasn’t readily available and was limited to either a few “nudist family “magazines where all the good body parts were air brushed out; the Sears catalog women’s underwear section; or some body building magazines of guys in bikinis or posing straps, with oiled muscled bodies with all their good parts covered.) The film we were now watching showed actual adult nude men and women, all body parts exposed in glorious color and they were actually filmed “doing things” you only heard or read about.

The first couple of minutes was mostly a strip tease of the guy and girl undressing as they made out, which got us both hard especially when we actually saw the guy’s large erect cock and the girl’s hairy bush something neither one of us had ever seen before. I looked down at Pauly’s lap and he had his 6” cut cock out which was hard and he was stroking it as he watched. My 6-1/2” uncut cock was just as hard as I pulled my briefs down and tucked them under my balls to set it free. The guy in the film was a lot bigger and had to have at least 8” and was uncut.

In the film, the girl got the guy hard by sucking him and after a few minutes, she laid on her back and spread her legs as the camera zoomed in on the puffy wet pussy gaping open. The guy climbed Göztepe Escort in between her legs and shoved his cock completely into the sopping wet and gaping open hole. Pauly and I were hard as rocks and pounding our fist full of boy beef for all we were worth. The couple went through fucking in every position with fantastic close ups of the guy’s cock entering the glistening pussy. In the final scene, the girl rolled over on her stomach as the guy behind her shoved his cock into her asshole!

Pauly said it first “That can’t be. It must be trick photography or something. You can’t fit the size of that thing into her little asshole.” I had to agree, it didn’t make any sense. So Pauly stopped the film and manually backed it up to the part the guy was about to enter the asshole. We then watched again as she rolled over onto her stomach and he started to enter her ass hole. It sure looked real. The guy fucked her rapidly for a couple of minutes, then pulled out and the final scene was a close up of him shooting his load on her ass cheeks and clear up her back.

We watched the film a couple of times, always stopping on the close up of the guy entering the girl’s asshole. We still couldn’t believe that could be done. Pauly asked, “How do you think they did that?” I had no clue but said “Maybe a girl’s hole could expand like her pussy does when a girl gives birth.” That seemed possible but didn’t look like that in the film. Pauly jumped up and ran to his parents’ room and came back with a hand mirror from his mother’s dressing table. He then took off his BVDs and laid on the bed with his feet raised and held the mirror to his ass with one hand. With his other hand he felt around his ass pucker star and even tried to pull it open with his fingers with no luck.

“Larry help me out here, see if you could expand my hole big enough to take something as big as that guy’s cock.” I was as curious as Pauly to figure out how it was done so I went over to the bed and used Göztepe Escort Bayan both hands to try to pull the hole open also with no luck. I said, “Maybe a guy’s hole isn’t the same as a girl’s.” But of course, we had no way of comparing, Pauly didn’t want to give up and said, “Maybe you need something slick like the goo the guy had on his cock from the girl’s pussy.” That made sense but again we had no way of finding out. Pauly said, “Larry, in the bathroom medicine cabinet get the jar of Vaseline and let’s see if we can use that.”

I found the jar and went back to Pauly who was still on the bed trying to open his ass pucker. He said, “Put some on your finger and see if that works.” I did and slowly ringed his pink star until it glistened then tried to slip my finger into the tight pucker. As I started, Pauly said “I don’t think that’s going to wooork…ooh…I can feel it going in.” I froze and stopped thinking I was hurting him. He said, “No, keep going I think we hit on something.” So, I slowly eased the rest of my finger in until I had the entire first knuckle in his hole. I immediately felt the heat of his hole and waved the end of my finger. “Damn, that feels good. See if you can get the rest of your finger in me. Let’s see how deep you can get it.”

I straightened my finger out and started to slowly slip it in deeper and got it all the way in. I then started to slip it out and push it back in, enjoying the feeling of the slipperiness and the warmth I felt along the full length of the finger. Pauly said, “That feels fantastic! See if you can add a second finger, that would be about the size of that cock.” I eased out my one finger, added the second and a little more Vaseline and started to ease both fingers close together into his hole. “Ooo,…Larry easy, more slowly… ahh yeah like that” I did, pulling back and pushing in slowly until I was able to get both fingers deep into his hole. Pauly said, “Damn that feels good. Slowly pull your fingers mostly Escort Göztepe out then back in as if your fucking my hole.”

I did as Pauly asked and fucked him for a couple of minutes with him squirming and moaning in pleasure until to both our surprise, he bucked up his body and shot a load of cum clear up to his chin. I could feel his internal ass muscles grip my fingers as he shot his load. When he was finished, he said, “That was fantastic. I think we proved that guy could get his cock in her hole.” I had to agree.” I eased my fingers out of Pauly’s hole and he handed me a few tissues to wipe off my fingers, thinking to myself, I wonder how that felt?

I took off my briefs and asked Pauly if he would let me try and would he do that to me. He grinned ear to ear and asked me to get on my stomach. I did and spread my legs and felt Pauly coat my asshole with the Vaseline, then slowly ease one finger in. It did feel fantastic. I started to raise my hips up to get more of his finger into me. He then added a second finger and I was in heaven as he started to fuck my ass with the two fingers. Then he stopped and I felt something a little bigger against my pucker and realized that he replaced his fingers with his cock that had gotten hard again. As he started to enter me. it felt even better. I realized he was going to prove finally that it could be done, just as we saw it on the film. And, damn he slowly got his 6” all the way in.

When he was in as deep as he could get, I could feel his balls slap my ass cheeks as he rested on my back and squirmed so I could feel him deep inside me both of us moaning and groaning in pleasure. He then started to fuck me until after a few minutes I could feel him plunge in even deeper as he shot a load of cum deep in my ass as I shot my load under me without even touching myself. We spent the rest of the afternoon fucking each other’s hole until we were both oozing cum out of our holes and very, very, satisfied from our experimentations. Over the years we watched the film hundreds of times and tried everything the guy and the girl did to each other. We couldn’t wait to try the same things with a girl. It took more years for that to happen.

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