Nikki , Her Father Ch. 01

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Paul watched the girls swimming in the water. He knew that he wouldn’t regret installing a swimming pool at the house. His daughter was 18 now and was just settling in to her new womanly form. Her friend Sally was also 18 and just as lithe and gorgeous as his daughter. They were both brown haired and petite, their small breasts having that perfect pre-gravity form that he loved to look at so much, but where Sally had blue eyes, his daughter Nikki had inherited her mother’s smouldering dark eyes that bordered on black they were so dark.

Every time he gazed into them he was reminded of her mother. The bitch that had run off when he’d lost his job last summer, abandoning him jobless with their daughter to look after. Nikki really couldn’t understand why her mother had left (not that Paul had been able to offer a very plausible reason either) but if there was one positive to have come from the experience it was the fact that his relationship with his daughter was closer than ever.

Nikki had always wished for a swimming pool and when Paul had managed to find a new job (at double his previous pay!) he decided it was time to grant her wish. He had secretly always dreamed about having a pool and his daughter then one day bringing around a group of nubile young friends to tumble in the water. And today he was certainly being rewarded for his purchase.

“You should come in Daddy, the water’s great!” Nikki said to him as she swam about the pool. Paul stood up and made his way to the edge of the pool, conscious of the fact that his penis had become semi erect, resulting in a tenting effect in his board shorts as he stood at the edge before diving into the water. He didn’t think either of the girls would notice and was soon under the water anyway.

As he came back to the surface, the two girls attacked him, splashing at him dousing him with water. He retaliated in time before lunging forwards and seizing his daughter, pulling her to him, his arm snaking about her waist as he restrained her to prevent her splashing him. Sally jumped him from behind and grabbed him about the neck as Nikki struggled in his grasp, her lithe young body squirming against him.

He was suddenly acutely aware of his daughter’s body, her butt rubbing back and forth over his cock as she struggled, his arm about her waist. At the same time, the body of her friend draped down his back and he could feel her breasts crushed against him. His cock sprang to life and he released Nikki suddenly as he felt her body drag across it. He reached around behind him to seize Sally and his hand closed on her buttock. She squealed and laughed and leapt away from his back, but Paul was left with a blazing memory of how it had felt to hold that tight buttock in his hand.

As they continued to play, Paul found himself seeking to grab the girls where he shouldn’t more and more. He was telling himself that he shouldn’t be doing it, but then he’d have a bottom in his hand, or he’d grab one of them on the ribs beneath her arms and would let his fingers close around so that his fingertips closed over the sides of their breast. The girls just giggled and squirmed and continued to play.

Eventually Paul decided that he would have to get out and made his way from the pool, his dick fully erect. He tried to hide it from their view as he grabbed a towel and headed inside, telling the girls that he’d get dinner ready. The girls played around some more before getting out to lay on their towels in the sun as Paul made dinner at the counter that over-looked the pool from the kitchen. As he prepared the meal he day dreamed about what it would be like if the two girls were naked, wondering if about the colour and size of their nipples.

He ate dinner with the girls at the table and found that his problem wasn’t helped by the fact that they chose to sit at the table in their swimsuits. After they’d finished, he told them he’d drop Sally home so they all piled into the car and did exactly that.

That night, Paul told Nikki that it was time for her to go to bed after they’d sat and watched telly for awhile, Nikki curled up on the couch leaning against him, Paul trying desperately not to let his cock grow to a full erection with the heat of her body against his as his hand rested upon her side. It took all his will power not to let it drop down and drape over her breast.

“Time for you to go to bed sweetie,” he told her when the show finished.

“Ok, Daddy. Could you come and tickle my back for me?” she asked him. It wasn’t an unusual request as he’d been tickling her back at bed time for as long as he could remember. There’d been a lull in the time that she progressed through puberty, but since her mother had left them, she’d been asking again on a semi regular basis. But never before had the request filled him with a nervous ball in his stomach, a ball that he recognised as excitement from back in the days when he’d be anticipating a date, or contemplating how he tuzla escort might first manage to feel a woman’s breasts. He watched Nikki leave the room, heard her in the bathroom and then, as he would any other time, made his way to her bedroom where she was waiting for him in bed.

She rolled over onto her stomach as he approached and pulled at her nightie, moving it up to expose her skin to his touch. With the nightie bounched up her arms, he trailed his fingers over her bare skin as he knew she liked it, running all over her back, up near her shoulders and down to the waistband of her panties. Nikki squirmed a little under his fingers’ touch on her body, especially when he allowed them to linger over her sides and ribs where he knew she was sensitive.

Nikki pulled at her nightie, pulling it over her head as she asked Paul to tickle her shoulders too, telling him that he seemed to keep stopping because of her nightie. Paul took a deep breath as he watched the nightie disappear over her head. He was mesmerised by the sight of the side of her breast and caught the briefest glimpse of her tight nipple as she removed the nightie over her head. He returned his fingers to her body, his eyes glued to the point where the mattress supported her, willing her to move so that he could again glimpse her developing breast. He dared for more, running his fingers over her panty-clad bottom, waiting for the point where Nikki asked him what he was doing.

Nikki felt her father’s fingers on her bottom and sighed at his touch. She wasn’t quite sure what was happening with herself today, but she was enjoying it. It had started when they’d been mucking about in the pool. Sally had whispered to her that her Dad’s cock was poking out all the time and Nikki had checked it out. She kept feeling it push into her when they were mucking about in the water. She knew that she shouldn’t be enjoying it so much but it made her feel all good in her pussy when it rubbed against her and she’d noticed for the rest of the day that sometimes it was pushing out against her dad’s shorts and sometimes it wasn’t. She was curious, because they’d done some sex ed stuff at school, but she’d never seen an actual penis before, having only kissed boys and allowed one or two to touch her breasts but no more.

When Paul’s fingers touched her bottom, it made her insides all mushy again and she wriggled and squirmed a bit.

“Good night sweetie,” Paul suddenly said, stopping what he was doing and standing to leave the room.

“Goodnight Daddy. Don’t I get a kiss?” she asked him. Paul came back to the bed and Nikki rolled slightly, turing her head to kiss her father goodnight, exposing her breasts a bit.. Paul’s eyes immediately darted to the revealed orb, marvelling at the nice firm shape the view presented him with, the small puffy nipples a light dusty pink sitting on her breast.

As her father stood up, Nikki realised that he was looking at her breast, and pulled the cover up. She’d hadn’t realised she’d showed her father so much when she’d kissed him. She’d been too busy staring at the bulge in her father’s pants. As he turned to say goodnight again from the doorway, she noticed that the bulge was even bigger.

Nikki lay in her bed, confused by her feelings, but curious as well. Her fingers found their way inside her panties and she touched herself between her legs. She was wet, and she felt her juices on her labia as she ran her fingers over them. It felt really nice to just gently touch herself like that, sliding her fingers back and forth along her wet lips. She let them slide up and down for some time and then realised that her fingers were starting to slide between her lips, parting them to either side as they slid back up again. She dragged it up to the top of her slit and shuddered as she found her clit and started to arouse herself further.

She lay there gently fingering herself when she heard the shower running. She thought about the fact that her father must be in the bathroom and as she lay there she found herself wondering what he would look like naked. Well, more specifically, what his penis would look like without pants covering it. Curiousity got the better of her and she snuck out of bed and down the hall to the bathroom. She couldn’t believe what she was doing and had to admit to herself that if the door was closed, she’d have to go back to bed still wondering. But there was a chance, because she knew that her father didn’t always close the door, she’d seen it open when she was supposed to be asleep and had got up to go to the toilet before. She’d just never actually been interested in looking before. There was no way she had the nerve to walk in on her father, but she thought that she’d take the chance of a peek if it was open.

When she got to the bathroom, she was happy to see that the door was open. What’s more, the shower curtain wasn’t even closed over. Her father was sitting on the floor of the shower, pendik escort the showerhead sending the water cascading against the wall. He was facing away from her position at 90 degrees and would have to turn his head to see her. But Nikki wasn’t looking at his face. Her eyes were glued to his penis. It was huge. As she first started to look, it lay flat up against his stomach, erect and enraged as he took the soap between his hands and got them all slippery and sudsy. Then he took his penis in one soapy hand, which he slid down its length. Nikki was amazed to see the head of his penis appear from the other end of his fist as it continued down the length until it rested against his abdomen. Then he slid his hand up again before setting up a motion, up and down, up and down.

Nikki stood there, her insides churning and her vagina coming to life as she spied on her father in the shower, his hand pleasing his penis and stroking it over and over again. She slipped her hand into her pants and let her fingers caress her lips again, sighing as she sent pleasure through her body as she looked at her father doing the same to his.

Paul started panting a bit in shorter breaths and Nikki looked on as he slammed his fist down over his cock and held it there, tensing before a thick rope of white cum erupted from the tip to splash back down over his fist and belly in the shower. Nikki stared in amazement. It was soo cool! But she quickly retreated back to her room as her father started to sort himself out in the shower. She lay on her back in bed, her nightie discarded, her fingers playing with her lips some more. Just as she was about to drift off to sleep, she heard footsteps at the door to her room. She pretended to sleep and Paul entered her room to stand and stare down upon his daughter’s semi naked body.

Nikki felt herself getting wet again under the gaze of her father and she nearly squealed when she felt a finger gently trace a circle around her nipple. It was all she could do not to give up the fact that she wasn’t awake. The finger ran around and over one nipple and then the other before, then his hands gently closed over her breasts before the touch left her. Nikki was about to open her eyes when she felt another touch on her nipple. It was wet and she suddenly realised that her father was licking her nipple! She couldn’t believe that her father was licking her nipple. And she really couldn’t believe that she was enjoying it so much!

Nikki felt her father’s hand close over her panty-clad pubic mound and let out an involuntary moan as she found herself pushing against it, wanting more pressure over her private areas. She didn’t open her eyes, but the moan caused her father to quickly flee her room. Nikki was left lying in her bed, horny and curious, not really understanding what was going on but realising that this was some of the stuff that they’d talked about in sex ed. She thought about what they’d said in class and the fact that a penis was supposed to go inside a girl for them to have sex together. She found the though strangely exhilarating as she drifted off to sleep with thoughts of her father’s massive cock filling her mind.

The next day at work, Paul found himself starting to wonder about ways that he could see his daughter naked. He knew it was wrong, but the thoughts kept invading his thoughts and he found himself thinking about it more and more.

At school, Nikki was talking to Sally about watching her father in the shower. She didn’t tell her about how he’d touched her, but she did tell her that she’d seen her father masturbate until he came. Sally made her tell her every detail several times, her eyes intently focussed on Nikki’s. When Nikki finished telling her she told Sally that she was getting all wet in her panties and Sally admitted that she was feeling a tingling down there as well.

Nikki told Sally how she had touched herself after she’d been spying on her father and asked Sally if she had ever done it. Sally told Nikki that she hadn’t but that she was sure that she’d be trying it that night in bed.

When she got home from school, Nikki got into her swimsuit and tumbled into the pool, swimming around and cooling off, but thinking about the fun she’d had with her father the day before. When it was getting close to time for dinner, she got out of the pool and went to have a shower to wash out the chlorine from her hair and her swimsuit.

Paul came home from work and entered the house to hear the shower running. He walked down the hall towards his bedroom, noticing that the bathroom door was slightly ajar. He peered in, but the shower curtain was pulled over and he couldn’t see anything. He was surprised at how disappointed he was. He went to his room and changed from his work clothes to a pair of shorts and a t-shirt before heading back towards the kitchen to prepare dinner. As he approached the bedroom, he heard the water stop and he peeked again into the aydınlı escort bathroom, just in time to catch his daughter stepping from the shower to the towel rail. She was beautiful. He caught a full-frontal glimpse of her body, her perfect, b-cup breasts and her pubic hair, neatly cropped and shaved back along her bikini line. His cock was instantly hard and he stood there with it clasped through his shorts as he watched Nikki dry herself off, revelling with each additional glimpse of nipple or pussy that he would get.

Nikki wrapped herself in the towel and looked up as she went to leave the bathroom her eyes lifting from the floor to see her father watching her in the bathroom. She noted the hand on his penis and was shocked and surprised, not having heard her father come home. He stuttered an apology and darted off to the kitchen.

Nikki dressed in her room before going to join her father in the kitchen.

Over dinner, Paul apologised again for peeking into the shower, explaining that he was curious because he had noticed that his daughter was a woman and that something in him and driven him to look, that as her father he hoped she would turn out to be as beautiful as he imagined and that he had just wanted to see for himself. Nikki said it was ok, that she didn’t really mind.

The rest of the evening was passed somewhat quietly and nervously until Nikki announced that she was going to bed and asked her father to tickle her back again. Paul acceded to the request and soon found himself perched on the edge of her bed, Nikki lying in just a pair of panties on. He ran his fingers over her skin, his cock again reacting to her proximity and near naked state.

As her father ran his fingers over her skin, Nikki wondered what to do next. She wanted to see her father’s penis again and she wanted to feel his mouth on her nipples again as well. Deciding that there was really only one way to get something to happen, she rolled over under his touch so that she was laying on her back with her breasts exposed to him.

“What are you doing?” Paul asked her.

“I want you to touch me like you did last night when you thought I was asleep,” she told him. Her father sat there, shocked. He really had thought she was asleep. “Please Daddy, it felt good. I liked it and I want you to do it again,” Nikki asked, wondering whether she had blown her chance.

Then she felt a tentative finger on her nipple. She sighed happily, closing her eyes and laying back to enjoy it. She felt her father’s fingers wander over her nipples and breasts, across her ribs and tummy before they went back to her nipples.

“Lick them Daddy,” she whispered. Paul, as if in a trance, lowered his mouth to his young daughter’s nipples, licking his tongue around and over them as he had just done with his fingers. She moaned and sighed under his ministrations, her pussy tingling as he pleasured her. She moved her hands to her panties and slipped one inside to touch herself.

Paul looked on, his daughter’s nipple in his mouth as her hand proceeded under her panty-line to touch her young pussy. He slid a hand slowly across her belly and under her panty line so that his fingers could join hers. He didn’t know what the reaction would be but had gone this far and felt committed now. Nikki withdrew her hand as her fathers fingers wandered over her wet labia and gently between them. She lifter her butt and slid her panties off so that she could spread her legs.

“Oh it feels so good Daddy, please don’t stop,” she whispered to him as his fingers slipped between her lips .”

“I want to do something for you,” Paul said to his daughter, his eyes now fixed on his fingers as they caressed her labia, which were barely covered by a few sparse hairs. “I want to do something for you that is very special and should make you feel wonderful,”

“Are we going to have sex Daddy?” she asked him.

“No, not that, this is something different. You just lie there and tell me if there’s anything that you don’t like,” he told her, moving below her on the bed until his face was only inches from her perfectly formed little pussy. He ran his fingers over it some more and this time pushed one into her hole, causing her to squirm and giggle, telling him that it was good, but funny. He withdrew his finger and lowered his face to his daughter’s virgin pussy, running his tongue over her labia.

Paul proceeded to explore Nikki’s pussy with his tongue, working over her labia, into her hole, down to her anus and finally back up through her slit to her little clit, his fingers parting her labia to give him access for a luscious licking. Nikki sighed and squealed and moaned, but at no time asked him to stop before she exploded in the first orgasm of her life.

“Oh wow Daddy, that was wonderful!” she told him as he moved up her body to suck each nipple before kissing her.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it sweetie, now I need to be off to bed…” he said as he prepared to leave the room.

“Daddy, wait, ” Nikki called out as he made to move.

“What is it?”

“Will you show me your penis?”

“I don’t know about that, I shouldn’t have done what I’ve done so far and I think we should stop”

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