New to Nudism Ch. 02

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In mid September it gets so stiflingly hot at the nude resort where I now work and live that I had good reason to go “over the hill” for a day at San Onofre nude beach. Besides, I hadn’t been in a few years and wanted to see if it was still the sort of crazy and fun place I remembered it to be.

Determined to be on the road by 7a.m., Tina and I had gotten the men handled the night before so I got up early, showered and slipped into my the only bathing suit I still own; a super tiny, translucent yellow G-string microkini. Having been nude for 8 months straight, it felt a little odd to be wearing something, even something as small as my little bikini, but because I had to wear something, I knew I had to deal with it at least until I got to the beach.

I trudged through typical California mid-week traffic, finally making it to the beach at about 8am and no sooner did I get out of the car then a great-looking guy approached me. He was extremely nice and all too eager to help me carry anything I had down to the sand. I guess the sight of a microkini-clad woman getting out of a car in a nude-beach parking lot would be enough to get anyone’s attention and judging by the bulge in the front of the guy’s tight shorts, I clearly had his!

It’s nearly a mile from the parking lot to the nude section of the beach so I really did appreciate him carrying my backpack for me. As we walked, I knew I was getting to him because my 38D’s continuously slipped out of the tiny material strips of my top, prompting me to repeatedly hoist my boobs up and readjust them back into the pointlessly small top. To make matters worse, my 1½” wide bottoms had a way of creeping up inside me, which not only made me incredibly wet, it prompted my nipples stick out much more than usual making tougher to get the top material into place so about half way to the sand, I just gave up and took it off. While my boobs were finally free, the constant slipping and sliding of the tiny bottoms was driving me nuts and I was dying to get out of them as well. As soon as we crossed onto the wash that denotes the beginning of the nude beach, I immediately yanked at the ties that struggled to hold the bottoms on my body and was finally naked again. It felt incredible to naked in public and the cool ocean air was refreshing after months of heat at the resort. I led my escort down to the military owned part of the beach and when I turned around to get my backpack from him, I was delighted to see that he had produced an absolutely delicious looking erection that bent down one leg of his tight shorts!

I escort gaziantep bayan sitesi found the spot I wanted for the day, took my backpack from him, dropped to my knees, pulled his shorts off to free his beautiful 9″ cock and sucked it all the way down my throat. As I said in my last story, I’m pretty good at giving head and in the year or so that I’ve been a nudist, doing it hundreds more times has made me even better and it wasn’t long before my bag-carrying friend succumbed to my deep-throating and let go. Even thought he was fairly large, I sucked him all the way down, grabbed his ass and held him down my throat as his balls clenched up and he came.

Now, I absolutely love making men cum; I love the feeling of a cock as it throbs and jerks inside my throat or in my pussy or even better in my ass. I love how some guys pull their cocks out and spray their cum on my body, I love the taste when they cum in my mouth and I especially love it when good-looking, fit men cum so hard you can feel the warm spurts of semen jetting against the back of your throat and this guy did not disappoint!

After cumming for a good minute or so, he lifted me up from the sand and kissed me hard while my mouth was still full of his seed, thanking me for allowing him to carry my things that morning and telling me he’d be back later in the day. I hoped so because sucking his cock made me want to ride it in the worst way!

Few people were on the beach at that early hour but by the time I’d finished sucking off my escort, another man who’d come over for a closer look was hungrily stroking his cock nearby. As my escort walked off a happy man, I spread my things out on the sand and motioned the spectator to come closer. He immediately approached and I wasted no time sucking his cock as well.

It was my activities that made him so hard and I felt it really was up to me to get him off so I again practiced some of my patented deep-throating until he too came. This guy was apparently more visual that the first because after only one spurt, he pulled out and came my face and tits with an exceptionally large ejaculation! It was 8:45 in the morning and I’d had two nice orgasms and sucked off a couple of men; not bad I thought.

As the second guy headed back up the beach, I went in the water to rinse and cool off. The cool ocean water was incredibly refreshing and after weeks at the resort with temperatures in excess of 95°, I was glad for the break. I went in a little further and noticed that the escort gaziantep bayan forum small waves breaking against my clitoris was a little more exciting that Mother Nature had probably intended for them to be and I was getting that familiar tingle in my pussy. A familiar tingle that meant I really needed to fuck!

I exited the water and headed back up to my towel and noticed a very cute younger guy standing up on the trail at the base of the cliffs, watching me very closely. I could tell he was little shy so as I dried off, I motioned him to come closer, making sure he knew it was okay to be there. He was slow to approach but as he did, I could see that he was very cute indeed. No more than 25, he was very, very fit, tan, dark haired and had beautiful blue eyes. His cock was starting to get erect and from what I could see, I knew it was going to feel great inside me. Watching him slowly approach was quite a tease and while I wasn’t sure if he meant for it to be, but between that and his hairless body and growing cock, my pussy literally began to drip.

“Get on your knees,” he commanded in a soft voice when he got close enough.

By that time I was mesmerized by him and knew that he was in complete control. I dropped to my knees and he stepped closer.

“Suck me,” he again commanded.

I certainly wasn’t going to argue with the prospect of enjoying another hard cock and slowly took him all the way down. He was enjoying it as much as I was but I desperately wanted him inside me so I was thrilled when he pushed me down on my towel and lifted my legs high in the air. Fully expecting to feel his cock filling me, I was a little disappointed when I felt a warm, moist tongue wrap around my aching clitoris. The guy made up for my disappointment by being absolutely incredible with his tongue, especially for someone so young. He had me cumming in under a minute and as I closed my eyes and tilted my head back in complete ecstasy to enjoy my wonderful orgasm, I was finally granted my secret wish as I felt his absolutely rigid cock pop past my pussy lips and then progressively slide deeper and deeper into my very willing cunt. I was rolling from one orgasm to another as he fucked me and didn’t want it to stop and for the next forty minutes or so, it didn’t. We changed positions a dozen times and I eventually wound up on my knees taking his wonderful cock deep in my ass. He only lasted about five minutes after that and finally pulled me hard against him by my hips and began to cum. I escort bayan gaziantep felt his cock grow and begin throbbing inside me and then finally felt several hot streams of semen jetting out of him and fill my rectum. That managed to bring me off one more time finally making me temporarily content with the three or four orgasms I had myself.

For the next six hours, I alternated between laying out in the sun, frolicking in the beautiful ocean water and fucking three more gorgeous men!

As I was leaving later in the afternoon, the first guy approached me from earlier that morning. He immediately took my backpack from me to carry it up to the parking lot, which I greatly appreciated being that I was pretty tired from all the sun and all the sex I’d had. It turned out that he was from a town two hours north of L.A. and upon learning that I too was from a ways away, he invited to stay with him that night. I was tired, really needed a shower and after having sucked him off that morning, I really did want to feel him inside me so I readily agreed. I followed him to a place called “The Riviera Adult Hotel” which sounded like Shangrila to me! Apparently, the hotel doesn’t allow guests under 21, has Jacuzzi tubs and waterbeds in every room and has a decidedly sexual clientele.

Taking a shower together with my new best friend managed to get us clean, make himself hard and make me wet so as soon as we were dry, he had me on the bed where I finally got to enjoy his cock in my pussy. We were happily fucking away when I realized that the door to the room was open. As we were changing positions so he could fuck me from behind, I pointed out that fact to which he just gave me big smile, slipped his cock out of my pussy and re-entered me in the ass. I guess that I was too busy enjoying my sixth butt fuck of the day and a wonderful little string of orgasms to fully realize that another couple had come into our room and was sitting in a chair across from our bed. Once one of my orgasms subsided, I looked over and saw a cute, 30-ish woman bouncing up and down on the guy’s cock. Obviously, the hotel must have a bit of an “open door” policy! When she and I made eye contact, she spread her legs wide to show me that her lover was in her ass as well which gave me a sudden urge to taste her inviting pussy.

I pulled away from my lover and got on the floor in front of our new guests and quickly went to work licking and sucking the girl’s beautiful, bald pussy. As soon as I got comfortable, my guy got behind me once again and resumed butt-fucking me. For the next hour and a half, the other girl and I traded guys a dozen times and eventually wound up on the bed in a 69 while the guys fucked us.

Later, as my roommate and I were finally in bed to get some sleep, he asked if I thought I was up for a “really big day”. Apparently, he’d called a few of his buddies from the local area to meet us at the beach the next day.

I couldn’t wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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