Near Vacation Ch. 01

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Two fucking weeks at my Aunt and Uncles house! My mom and Dad are sending me to my aunt Roberta and Uncle Nathan’s house for two weeks to ‘chill’ while they fly out to see some of the ‘older’ folks. The only good thing about it is that in two weeks we will all meet at my grandparent’s mountain cabin in Colorado for a one week vacation before I begin college.

My buddies say, ‘dude, your eighteen, you can do what you want.” Yea right, my parents caught me having a party the last time they left me alone so they don’t have a reason to trust me to stay at home for two weeks by myself. As for being old enough to do what I want; the buddies that say that aren’t going to college, I am. I have to have my parents support to go to college. My end of the bargain is to get good grades and walk a straight line. Yea, that means silently pissing and moaning about going to my aunt and uncles and gladly accepting their suggestion that I go to Nate and Roberta’s house while they go to see the old folks.

Nate and Roberta have three kids, my cousins that I don’t see very often. Shelly, the oldest, Tracy and little Nate ‘spooky’ Jr. Shelly and I were born on the same day. Any time our families get together the parents call us the twins and we all get to hear the same stupid stories we have heard for eighteen years. Is this thing the adults do something that comes from age or does marriage make you a mindless dork? Everyone has heard all of this shit a million times, why do they still laugh about it?

Tracy is seventeen, almost eighteen, I don’t remember when though. She was the accident baby they always say. I get along with Tracy the best off the three. She likes to hang out and talk. We like a lot of the same groups and stuff. Any time I’m stuck at a family get together, Tracy and I hang out.

Shelly is nice to me I guess but she won’t really talk to me, she gets weird or something. As far as cousins go though, Shelly and Tracy are pretty attractive. They get it from Aunt Roberta. She looks like she’s in her late twenties to me. Spooky Nate is a different brand and looks like his dad. He’s eleven now. He got the nickname Spooky after he learned to talk.

Nate Jr. has always spoken like an adult. He’s not all full of energy like kids his age. Nate listens and watches people and doesn’t say a word. When he does say something it’s something like ‘So Bob, have you looked at the employment forecast for the major you have chosen?’ My name is Robert, my friends call me Rob, spooky calls me Bob. Employment forecast for my major? Is he seriously from this planet? Spooky could probably go to college and get better grades than I will, and he’s only eleven, but damn kid, act like a kid.

“Hello Robert!” My aunt exclaimed as she stood in the open door. “It’s good to see you. Come in, Come in.”

“Hi Aunt Roberta.” I said giving her a hug and a peck on the cheek.

“Shelly! Traci! Nate! Robert is here!” Aunt Roberta shouted toward the stairs.

Aunt Roberta was pretty cool for a mom. She still wore a bikini around their pool and dressed more like a younger woman than most women in their forties dressed. Well, she dressed that way AND it didn’t gross me out. I’d often wondered what she looked like with nothing on.

The three kids appeared at the top of the stairs. Nate Jr. just looked over the railing. “Hi Bob, nice to see you again.” With that he turned and went back to his room.

“Hi Rob.” Tracy said with a smile. “Mom it’s about time.” Tracy said apologetically looking at her watch.

“Hi Rob.” Shelly said as she tossed her hair over her shoulder. “Mom, we have to go.”

“Okay, Okay.” Aunt Roberta said to the girls. “Nate! Come on!”

Nate Jr. came down the stairs with a bag in his hand.

“Okay, drop Nathan off and you two have an hour at the mall, that’s all and I want you home. Understood?”

“Yea.” Said Tracy

“Yea.” Said Shelly

“Have fun Nathan.” Aunt Roberta said giving him a ruffle of his hair.

“Hopefully I’ll learn something.” Nathan said aloof.

Nathan was meeting his dad at his work to go to a weekend camp of some sort or whatever. I heard my parents say something about them trying to get him out more. I felt a little better knowing that he wouldn’t be there for a while. I always felt like he was watching me. Spooky.

When the girls pulled the car out of the driveway Aunt Roberta paraded me into the guest bedroom to show me that it was ready just for me.

“Can I get you anything?” She asked in that caring parent tone.

“Nope, I’m good Aunt Roberta.”

“Well get your trunks on. You can swim; I haven’t had my daily sun yet.” She said it with more excitement than it merited. It was just swimming. My parents had a pool so it didn’t excite me that much.

“Okay.” I said it with a respectful return of her excitement.

I passed through the kitchen on my way to the pool and Aunt Roberta was filling herself a glass with ice from the refrigerator door. yenimahalle escort “What would you like to drink Rob?” My Aunt Roberta asked.

I hesitated for a moment. “Water is okay.”

Aunt Roberta opened the fridge door and looked in. I looked at her ass when she did. I couldn’t help it. She was bending over in her string bikini.

I heard bottles ‘tink’ together.

“If you like Bud we have beer.” Turning to me she held up a bottle in each hand. I tried to be cool because a beer sounded pretty darn good at the time.

“Yea, if you don’t mind.”

“I won’t tell if you don’t.” She offered. “You’re a big boy.”

I took both of the beers from her and held them in one hand and offered to carry her drink with the other.

“What a gentleman.” She bubbled.

Aunt Roberta opened the door for me and we walked onto the deck that led out to the pool. I was watching her ass and legs as she led the way to her lounger. If the ‘aunt’ didn’t precede her name I wouldn’t feel guilty at all checking her out. As it was though, I did feel a little weird.

Aunt Roberta tossed her towel onto her lounger and turned around to get her drink from me. When she turned around her eyes didn’t meet mine- I was still looking at her ass! ‘Fuck, oh fuck!’ I thought. I was busted by my aunt. She caught me looking at her ass. My face had to be all shades of red. I didn’t know what to say. What the fuck do you say when your aunt catches you looking at her ass in a bikini?

“Thank you sir.” She said with a knowing smile. I still couldn’t say anything.

I just gave her a ‘I’m a total fucking moron’ smile to concede the fact that I was caught.

“I often wonder if it’s worth looking at.” She said looking behind her as if to get a good look herself. “So what do you think Rob?”

‘Jeeze freakin’ damn’ I thought. Is this an answer I want to give? So this is what I hear my dad say. ‘Son, with women your damned if you do and damned if you don’t’.

“I’m sorry Aunt Roberta, I shouldn’t have…”

Aunt Roberta stepped toward me apologetically. “I’m not trying to embarrass you Rob, I really want to know what you think. I work out, I swim, I tan. It’s a lot of hard work. Is it paying off?”

She turned her butt toward me again and I looked. “Yes ma’am. You look pretty good.”

“Yes ma’am?” She asked. “Oh gosh. Nothing makes me feel older than being called ma’am. Tell you what Rob, just call me Roberta. Can you do that?”

I shrugged, still trying to be cool. “Sure, Roberta.”

I reached up to my head and slid my sunglasses down over my eyes.

“I bet you wish you would have had those on a minute ago.” Roberta said in a playful suspicious tone.

I said nothing but my reddening face told her as much.

“Tell you what. You’re a man and you like beer and looking at women right?”

“Yea.” I nodded with a smile.

“You’re not going to tell anyone about me letting you have beer are you?”

“No way, I promise. I wouldn’t want you to get busted for giving it to me.”

“I trust you Rob so if you want to look, look all you want.”

Roberta turned her butt toward me again and I smiled.

“What if Shelly and Tracy come back?” I asked as soon as the thought entered my head.

Roberta looked at her watch. “They’ll be another hour, why does it matter if they come back?”

“You said I could look at you? I want to.”

“We’re just flirting Rob…” Roberta started to say and then stopped as a look of understanding crossed her face.

“Your just Roberta and I am just Rob. I said with total confidence.

Roberta was speechless.

“You can show off all of your hard work for me.” I added.

Roberta turned her butt toward me again. “That’s all of my hard work Rob.”

I was close enough to put my hands on her hips so I did. I pulled the strings on each side of her bikini and let it fall to the deck from between her legs. Roberta had an incredibly sculpted ass that went with her tanned sculpted legs. With her ass still facing me I pulled the string on her top. I reached around the front of her and pulled it from her body. I stepped back and she turned around to face me. I couldn’t believe how sexy she was.

“You don’t have any tan lines.” I said with a grin on my face.

“I don’t always have people over here when I lay out.”

Roberta never resisted my removing her bikini.

I reached out and gently touched her breasts. Roberta’s nipples were erect and hard. She stepped back toward the lounge chair and lowered herself to it. She never moved so fast that my touch would be lost though. Only when Roberta was firmly on the chair did I back away and just look at her.

“I thought you were just looking Rob?” She said pensively.

“I am.”

“You took off my clothes and touched me, you touched my breasts Rob.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just looking now.”

Roberta tentatively pulled her legs apart and ankara escort looked down at herself before looking up at me. She had to be able to see by the look on my face that I was mesmerized. Roberta shaved herself smooth except for the artistic strip of hair that slid up over her pubic bone. She was hot. Her body was separated slightly so that I could see the wetness and pinkness of it. I moved toward her and she closed her legs and stood.

“No touching Rob, really. We can’t let this go too far.”

I backed away and picked up a bottle of beer and opened it. As I took a big drink of it she began.

“Maybe I better get dressed, I’m sorry Rob.”

She stepped toward her clothes on the deck and I gently took her arm.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” I asked.

“I don’t know Rob. Things haven’t been really good here with your Unc… with Nathan and me. We haven’t been, you know…” She said with an apologetic look at me.

I took another drink of the beer and then put it against her mouth. Roberta took a drink and finished it off.

“We don’t have to play around here.” I said as I lowered the bottle. “Your husband and my dad are brothers’, big deal.” I slid the longneck bottle between her legs and into her wet body.

Roberta’s legs buckled and a shaky sound escaped her throat. I held the bottle firmly in place and lowered her to the lounge chair again. Roberta lowered herself onto the surface and allowed her legs to separate fully. I slid the smooth glass bottle into her body and back out again, over and over.

I had never imagined how beautiful a woman’s pussy was. I had been with a few girls in school but they just wanted you to stick it in and do it. They wouldn’t’ let you just look at them. I pulled the bottle out and replaced it with my fingers. Even though I was able to slide three fingers deep into her body, she wasn’t just a huge gaping hole, she was just relaxed.

Her body was slick and soft. My fingers flipping inside of her made her even more so. I was grabbing her body deep inside and coaxing her to get wetter. She was trying hard not to cry out. Roberta reached out and grabbed the band of my shorts. She was able to pull them down enough to release my hard body. It sprang up hard enough to slap against my body.

Roberta’s fingers aggressively encircled it and pulled.

“I can’t say no Rob. Put it in me, put it in me.”

I put my other hand on her bare chest to balance myself. I had never pinched a woman’s nipple before but I took her erect nipple in my fingers and squeezed. A gasp escaped her throat.

“Rob please, please do it.”

“You want me to fuck you?”

Roberta rolled over onto her arm and pulled my cock to her mouth. I had had girls give me blow jobs before, I thought. They didn’t feel anything like this. Roberta sucked and licked and bit at my throbbing cock so aggressively that it startled me. It was wonderful. I renewed my action with my fingers and buried them even deeper within her body.

“I have to fuck you.” I said pushing her back down on her back. My cock could taste her amazing pussy already.

The cell phone chirped on the table by the lounge.

“Oh hell no, Roberta said pulling me on top of her.”

‘beet…beeeeeet……beeeeeeeeet.’ The sound was a car horn in front of the house. Roberta grabbed the phone and looked at it. It was Shelly’s cell phone.

“Oh my god!” It’s the girls! They’re here!

I grabbed Roberta’s bikini from the deck and tossed it to her.

“I don’t drink beer, get rid of those bottles!”

As I pulled my suit back up to my navel I grabbed the bottles and panicked not seeing a trash can. Roberta took the bottles and ran to the bath house. It was really more of a changing room.

“Get in the pool now!” Roberta screamed in a whisper.

I dove into the pool and tried to mentally calm myself as soon as I hit the water. When I came up I looked toward the house and saw the girls getting ready to open the back door. I casually moved toward the edge of the pool to face them. I was sure they would easily spot my still hard body through the water and my suit.

“Hey Rob. Do you know where our mom is?”

“Yea, she went into the changing room there.”

“Why is she in there?” Shelly asked perplexed.

I put on my most embarrassed look and said “I think her suit broke or something. She hollered at me not to look and ran in there. You might see if she needs another one or something.”

The girls looked more embarrassed than I did and laughed.

“Mom, do you need any help?” Tracy called through the thin wall.

“Yes, thank you. I need another suit. Actually, just get me some shorts; I’m done lying out anyway.”

Tracy went into the house to get the shorts. Shelly came to the edge of the pool and squatted down in front of me to lower her voice and talk.

“So what did you see?”

“I didn’t see anything!” I said defensively. “I was just floating and heard your mom go ‘Damn, don’t look Rob.’ She was in there before I even sat up.”

Tracy came back out with the shorts and tossed them over the wall to her mom.

“Thank you sweetie.” Came Roberta’s voice.

Now both of the girls were squatting in front of me by the pool.

“We wanted to see if you would like to go to the mall with us instead of being stuck with mom for a couple of hours by yourself?”

“Oh Rob…” I caught myself. “Aunt Roberta’s pretty cool, I don’t mind hanging out while you guys shop. Besides, I don’t do girl shopping very well.”

“Are you sure? We don’t mind and we won’t be too long, you can look at stuff too.” Shelly offered.

“Just tell him.” Tracy said.

Shelly looked at Tracy as if telling her to shut up and then relented.

“I wanted to get your opinion on some outfits.”

I really didn’t want to go. “Just buy a few and show them to me here. If they’re not good we can go back tomorrow and hook you up. I’m just a little tired from my flight today and need to rest a little.”

“I’m sorry.” Shelly said. “I didn’t even think about that. You’ll go tomorrow?”


Usually it was Tracy that talked to me the most. Shelly seemed to be pretty cool today. She must have gotten rid of that immature weird attitude somewhere.

Aunt Roberta came out of the dressing room and came toward us.

“We just came back to see if Rob wanted to go to the mall with us.”

“Well?” Aunt Roberta asked looking at me.

“Naa, I’m a little tired. I’ll go with them tomorrow though if they still want to go.” I said.

“How long?” Aunt Roberta asked of the girls.

“A couple of hours. We’ll pick up pizza on our way home.” Shelly said.

“We’ll be back in two hours with pizza.” Tracy offered.

“Okay, two hours.” Roberta relented.

Time froze until we heard the car pull out of the driveway and accelerate down the road.

We both let out a breath that we must have been holding since we knew they were here.

“Oh my gosh!” Roberta said almost shaking.

I jumped onto the side of the pool and stood. “That was close.”

“I’m gonna grab the beer bottles and go in. I’ve had too much excitement for one day.”

Roberta said and went back into the hut and retrieved the bottles.

I took a towel from the table and began drying off.

After Roberta disappeared into the house, I took her cup from the table and went inside. I heard her walking up the stairs as I placed the cup into the sink. The sound of my wet dripping shorts broke me from my thoughts. I took them off right there in the kitchen and rolled them into another towel. I wrapped the other towel around me. It wasn’t over.

I passed by my downstairs room and tossed the rolled towel and swimsuit near the bed and made my way up the stairs.

Roberta’s door was closed but I could hear the shower running from inside. I slowly opened the door and looked in. Across the room I could see a foggy reflection in the mirror of Roberta in the shower. I stepped in and closed the door. I waited for only five minutes before the shower turned off and Roberta stepped out.

I still had the towel wrapped around me. It was wrapped in such a way to hold my throbbing erection up against my body. Roberta walked into the large bedroom without drying off. She jumped, startled to see me standing in her bedroom. I pulled the towel from my waist and dropped it to the floor. She said nothing but I didn’t wait for her to say something either. I went straight to her and pushed her back onto the bed.

Laying on top of her I easily slid my cock into her willing pussy. Slowly I slid it back and more forcefully thrust it back in. I pressed Roberta’s knees back to her chest and thrust harder and harder.

Her abdomen tightened into a six pack each time I slid back and thrust forward. It was incredibly erotic. She closed her eyes and concentrated as if trying to hang onto the feeling she was now experiencing. I lowered my face to her breasts and took an erect nipple into my mouth and sucked and bit at it while I fucked her. It wasn’t long before I felt a sensation that I had never felt before. My cock was suddenly warm and wet.

I backed away and looked down. Where her pussy stretched around my cock, white fluid leaked out of her. I thrust and looked again. She was coming. I held Roberta to the bed so that I could powerfully thrust into her. I rammed my body against her rapidly and deeply.

Roberta vocalized her pleasure by her gasps, moans, squeezing her eyes closed and biting her lip. Roberta soon began to convulse and cry out loudly in ecstasy. As soon as the warm fluid flowed over my hungry penetrating body I released.

My cock jerked and spurted come with an intensity I hadn’t experienced before. The intensity of it caused me to lose the strength in my body and I collapsed on top of her panting and sweaty. I think it was better than either of us ever imagined. Roberta held me tightly for some time and I loved it.

Roberta and I were long since showered and dressed and visiting in the living room when the girls arrived with the pizza. We were famished.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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