Natalie’s Solstice Surprise

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Natalie settled into her overstuffed armchair, pulled close to the small space heater. The wind howled, rattling the windows as it rattled Natalie’s nerves. Sipping hot tea, she stared at her journal opened before her. This was Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, and she had been spending the evening focusing on the fact that she was alone, and had been for too long. The sky was an inky black, and Natalie was very thankful that she was inside, warm and dry on this Midwinter’s Night, and her mind started to meander down dreamy paths, aided by the rum in her cocoa.

The buzzer jolted her back to the here and now. Crossing the room to the apartment’s intercom, she was surprised and happy to hear Lyssa’s low voice– any evening with Lyssa was a good time. Natalie held her finger on the button that opened the buildings front door far longer than necessary, realizing her excess when Lyssa knocked at her door. Natalie swung the door wide in her excitement to see Lyssa. It had been months since she’d laid eyes on the tall brunette– Lyssa had left Clover Falls last spring to pursue an intense long distance flirtation.

“Jeez! What are you even doing here? You didn’t tell me you were coming!”

“What, you don’t like surprises? Gonna make me leave and do it over?”

Natalie pulled Lyssa into her apartment, “Oh no, no, you aren’t leaving anytime soon! What’s up? What are you doing here?”

“Got something to drink, Nat? I’m soaked right through, and could use a little something to warm me from the inside out.” Lyssa’s eyes sparkled with her request– who could say no?

“Mmm, yeah, hold on a second, I’ll do you a cocoa with rum— house special tonight.”

“Lucky me, arriving on rum and cocoa night– sounds great.”

“Won’t take but a minute, make yourself cozy, you remember where things are.” With that, Natalie left for the kitchen. Lyssa peeled off her wet hoodie, draping it over the radiator, taking a seat on the couch, she began to tousle dry her short brown hair.

Her eyes fell on Natalie’s journal, still open on the coffee table, she recognized the decorative handwriting. Quickly, she began to skim the information from the page, which started with an plea to the Goddess Freya to manifest her heart’s delight on this Solstice. Natalie was obviously of the school that the best manifestations came about from very detailed lists of what it was exactly you wanted– the page read like a rather needy want ad.

“Oh Freya, hear my plea, you know my bed has been empty this past year. Please, Oh Goddess, change my fortune, and bring to me a lover so skilled I find the release I have been waiting for. I want my lover to be bold, and unafraid to use me as I need to be used. Someone who will accept the gift of my body, yearning to be trained by touch.”

Walking back into the small living room, Natalie saw Lyssa glancing at the book, and flushed. Trying to distract Lyssa from her revealing solstice prayer, Natalie shoved the cup at her, spilling some of the hot cocoa in her lap. “Oh god, I am so sorry–”

“You’ll pay for that…” Lyssa grinned mischievously at Natalie, who was getting more flustered by the minute.

“So, what’s going on? I was figuring I wasn’t going to be seeing you for a while…. How’s Steph?” Natalie asked, hoping to stop the awkward moments piling up on each other.

“Well, I think that Steph is okay— she says she’ll be much better with me outta there.” Lyssa replied with a wry grin. “She threw me out last week. I wasn’t really doing anything else in Oakvale, so I thought I’d ride back here for the holidays, see what was up with you.”

Lyssa was a study of detached cool; though Natalie was listening to Lyssa’s voice, she was hearing what was unsaid, and the tone– Natalie added it up to see a hint of rare vulnerability as Lyssa admitted to her recent rejection.

“Oh hey, I’m really sorry— it seemed like things were working out for you…” Unsure of what to say, Natalie trailed off, looking nervously around the room, trying to gauge how much she wanted to know, and how much Lyssa was willing to talk about.

“Nat, ‘t’s okay. Steph made it pretty clear that while we had a good time for a while, our tastes diverged way to far to be happy keeping up with each other. She was looking for someone to take to office parties, who wouldn’t get drunk in front of her friends. She hated me showing up to her office on my bike, and wasn’t so wild about me flirting with her boss none, either. She is looking for someone to create a better home and gardens kinda life with, and I’m more of a popular mechanics and comics kinda dyke.

“But enough about me, and my recent failure, how are you doing? Did anything ever happen with Charles?”

“No, not even a little. We went out a couple of times, but never really sparked.”

“Yeah? Did he mis-fire or what? You’ve always seemed like a tinder box ready to go, if you ask me.”

“Oh yeah? Thanks a lot… and I wasn’t asking you anyways.”

“No, but you escort were asking the goddess to send someone like me your way…..”

“Like you! Um, no, that wasn’t really what I had in mind, Lyssa. For one thing, you’re a woman, and I don’t really graze on that side of the pasture, if you know what I mean. And besides, that’s really presumptuous, even for you!” Natalie tried to appear far more indignant than she was.

Undaunted, Lyssa continued. “For such a detailed description of what you want, it seems like you would have remembered to ask for it in boy packaging if that was important to you– couldn’t help but notice you seemed to have gone all gender neutral in your request. You know I’ve waited a while for you to take a walk on my side for a change.” Lyssa’s eyes were gaining intensity, as her words came out more of a challenge than a pondering.

Nervously, Natalie gathered their cups and disappeared into the kitchen. When Lyssa came in, Natalie was standing with her back to the door, elbow deep in hot sudsy water. Lyssa walked up behind her, close enough for Natalie to feel her breath on the back of her neck.

“Natalie, I know that you’re lonely, and I know what you’ve been asking for. No sense in asking for something if you’re not ready to receive it— so are you ready?” With that question, Lyssa brought her arms around Natalie’s waist, slowly running her hands around hips and belly. When Natalie didn’t pull away, Lyssa grew bolder, and slid her hands up to Natalie’s tits, feeling her nipples harden quickly through her soft grey sweater. “I’m telling you that you’ve been a good girl, and I’m your Christmas present, all you have to do is accept it.” Lyssa pinched and pulled at Natalie’s nipples as she said, “accept it,” emphasizing the point, and bringing a quick gasp to Natalie’s lips.

“Hey, Lys, fun’s fun and all, but I don’t do girls— remember?” Natalie began to pull away, though not too quickly.

“I know that you haven’t done a girl, but have not is a whole lot different do not, or will not.” Lyssa followed Natalie’s movement, now fully cupping and squeezing Natalie’s tits, which were just somewhat more than a handful. “Come on,” Lyssa pleaded in a whisper into Natalie’s neck as she began kissing it. Natalie shivered noticeably, a sharp intake of breath– forgetting to exhale, she stood frozen.

Lyssa was unrelenting, teasing Natalie’s nipples as she proceeded to nibble at her neck, making quiet, urgent, cooing sounds. “Nat, I know how much you need this, just let me show you how good it can be.”

To her own surprise, Natalie found herself leaning into Lyssa, her knees becoming too wobbly to really depend on holding her up, warmth surged through her belly and down to her pussy, she felt herself opening with need. “Ahhh, Lyssa, that feels so fucking good….” she whispered.

“And I promise, it will feel even better before we are through.” Lyssa slipped her hands under Natalie’s sweater, and continued to tickle and tease her rock hard nipples.

Natalie held on to the sink as she tensed, wanting more, but unsure how to ask for it. She had been friends with Lyssa for a couple of years, and always enjoyed listening to her tales of lusty women and wild sex. But she wasn’t like that…. except lately, her fantasies had been in over-drive, and in them, she was always helpless, at the mercy of some dashing young man who pushed her to fully enjoy herself, pushing her past her “good girl” inhibitions.

Lyssa let one hand roam from Natalie’s breast, sliding it down her body, firmly rubbing her belly, her waist, her hip, slipping beneath her jeans as she leaned forward to nibble Natalie’s ear. “We both need this, Nat. Santa says you’ve been good, and I get to slide up your chimney tonight– you don’t want to piss off the jolly old fellow, do you? He hates it when you reject his gifts….”

Natalie sighed, leaning back into Lyssa. She was getting hot, and there was gonna be no denying it if Lyssa’s fingers went any lower; as it was Lyssa was grazing the top of her triangle, and Natalie was tingling– every nerve singing with need. Sensing the shift, Lyssa guided her away from the sink, and back to her living room. “I don’t know, um, don’t know what to do….” Natalie whispered nervously.

Lyssa’s eyebrows shot up, her face incredulous, “Your body knows what to do just fine, alls you gotta do is keep your head outta the way, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

Lyssa stroked Natalie’s face, bringing her close for a deeply sensual kiss. Natalie found herself fully responding, tongue darting, hands stroking Lyssa’s back– feeling Lyssa’s breasts rubbing her own as they hugged was an all new and very welcomed sensation, as was the smoothness of Lyssa’s face against hers. Lyssa pushed Natalie into the wall to brace her, pressing her thigh between Natalie’s legs, her hands back under Natalie’s shirt, teasing and pinching her breasts. Natalie’s trembling was becoming as obvious on the outside as it felt on the inside, her breaths escaping bursa eve gelen escort in tiny mews.

Quick as lightening, Lyssa pulled Natalie’s sweater over her head, and began to suck Natalie’s dark red nipples in earnest. Natalie sighed openly, and began to grind against Lyssa’s thigh— her pussy was so wet and swollen with need there was no way she was going to be able to hide it.

Lyssa started gently nipping at Natalie’s tits. Her hands now busy with Natalie’s belt and jeans, she managed to open them and pull them over Natalie’s hips, letting gravity take care of things from there. Lyssa quit the full body contact to assess the situation. Natalie stood back to the wall, her arms still encased in a sweater that had been pulled up and over her head, but not off. Her dark red nipples were as hard pebbles, and stood out from her pale white tits,where just a couple of hickies were blooming. A damp patch was clearly visible on her pink bikini panties, her jeans were around her ankles. She was flushed and breathing rapidly, in flutters.

“Natalie, I want to make you feel good– do you trust me?”


“Alright then, turn around and face the wall.”

Natalie was far too aroused to stop now; nervously, she turned around. Lyssa pulled her sweater the rest of the way off, and proceeded to use her scarf to tie Natalie’s hands together. When she was finished with that, her hands caressed Natalie’s body, stroking her back, lingering over her hips and ass, following the curve of her ass to the very top of her leg. Natalie began to squirm, and parted her legs in hope that Lyssa would take the hint and go for some direct contact with her throbbing clit.

“Aw, now see? I told ya you’d like it.” Lyssa cooed. “But you have to be patient, alright? Things like this, they can’t be rushed.” Natalie responded with a little moan, as she pushed her hips out towards Lyssa, ignoring her plea for patience; Natalie hadn’t been laid in months– patience was up a while ago.

Lyssa brought her hand down sharply on Natalie’s ass. “What the fuck??” gasped Natalie. Lyssa kept a tight grip on her bound hands, and pulled her away from the wall. “I said patience!” Lyssa pushed Natalie face down over the arm of her overstuffed chair. Continuing to hold her down, she proceeded to spank Natalie. Each slap left a rosy palm shape on her ivory ass. Natalie started to whimper and kick her feet. “Oh god, Lyssa, stop— why…… ooooooohoooooowwwww!”

Lyssa stopped spanking Natalie. Grabbing her ponytail, she turned her head around to face her. “You want your body to be trained to accept passion? You want to give yourself to someone, completely? Well, put up or shut up. You asked Freya for someone who would be bold, who would train you to accept pleasure, and she sent me. I am the answer to your Solstice prayers–what more need be said? Give yourself over to the pleasure you’re looking for– just do what I say!”

Natalie’s eyes were wide in wonder and fear— this was her old friend? Sure, she trusted Lyssa, but she had never seen her like this. The ache in her pussy, however, begged her to just do it– let this fantasy take shape in reality. Biting her lip, she nodded her consent.

“Say it out loud— I want you to hear it.”

“Oh, please.” She replied with a sneer.

“Please what???” Lyssa demanded, eyebrow arched.

Natalie paused. She knew there was truth in Lyssa’s words, and her body wanted nothing more than to accept Lyssa’s gift of pleasure. The voice from deep inside herself knew better than to reject a Goddess sent gift, no matter how unexpected its form. She certainly couldn’t deny the tremors in her core, the hardness of her nipples, the wetness of her pussy.

“Ahh, okay…” Natalie whispered as she trembled. “Yes, I give myself over to you to pleasure. I need you to take me and show me new depths of passion.”

Still holding Natalie’s hair, keeping eye contact, Lyssa slid two fingers deep inside Natalie’s wet pussy. Natalie’s eyes opened wider, her breath catching in a quick gasp as she felt the sudden intrusion.

“Oh yeah.” came Lyssa’s reply. She withdrew her fingers, and leaned over to kiss Natalie, hard and raw, while she began pinching at Natalie’s nipples once again.

Lyssa came back around to view Natalie’s back side, beautifully displayed as she bent over the side of the chair. She ran her hands over Natalie’s still tender ass, squeezing and spreading her to expose her pretty pink wet pussy. Lyssa’s fingers spread open, exposing her swollen clit and inner lips. Lyssa leaned in and began kissing and licking her dripping sex. When Lyssa started suckling on Natalie’s clit, Natalie stiffened, gasping.

“Oooh, Lys, Jeez— that’s incredible!”

“Yeah, Nat, and we ain’t even hardly started to have fun yet.” Lyssa went on suckling Natalie’s clit, feeling her legs twitch, listening to her little surprised squeals when she added a quick nip, or suddenly sucked görükle escort quite hard at her tender pussy.

Lyssa re-introduced her fingers to Natalie’s hungry cunt. She was going gentle on Natalie, knowing that bent over the chair with her legs together, her pussy was very, very tight at its entrance, and she took full advantage of this situation to push against her opening, stretching her out for things to come. While Natalie was no virgin, the sensation of Lyssa’s slim and very flexible fingers probing all nooks and crannies of her cunt was like nothing she’d ever felt before. As Lyssa moved in and out, she would also wiggle her fingers, catching on Natalie’s g-spot and pubic bone. Lyssa was soon introducing a third finger, and plunging in to her knuckles.

“Oooh, yeah, Lys… I can’t believe how good this is,” Natalie sighed.

When Lyssa reached Natalie’s cervix, Natalie let out a low moan and pushed back against Lyssa’s hand, trying to pull her in deeper.

Lyssa withdrew her hand, covered in Natalie’s juice. She pulled her upright by her arms, and holding her by her hair once again began to kiss her roughly. “You want more?” Lyssa asked through their kisses. “Oh god, yes!” came Natalie’s instant reply.

Lyssa pulled Natalie to the floor, laying on her hands, which were still tied behind her back. She laid on top of Natalie, grinding her still jean clad hip into Natalie’s soft wet mound. The seams and rivets scratching her tender labia, but the pressure was so welcomed, Natalie found herself grinding back, as their tongues sought each other out, drinking in their desires.

Sliding downwards, Lyssa started suckling at Natalie’s sensitive nipples. Her hand sought again for the opening between Natalie’s legs, hiding the gateway to Valhalla. With one finger she circled the opening of Natalie’s wet pussy, around and around, never going in past the knuckle. Natalie spread her legs wide, and squirmed as she felt herself open fully— a hungry mouth needing to be filled. As Lyssa felt Natalie’s pussy relax, she quickly formed her four fingers into a cone and swiftly plunged into Natalie’s waiting cunt.

Natalie moaned and tightened her pussy, trying to pull her hips back, her impulse was to protect her tender cunt from such a sudden invasion. Lyssa stayed with her, following her hips wherever she squirmed, allowing her pussy to get used to the girth of her fingers. Turning her palm upwards, she began gently rubbing against Natalie’s g-spot, until Natalie’s moans changed note from the strain of sudden stretching to the pleasure of being filled.

“Mmmmmmm, Goddess, yes, Lys, please keep rubbing there— nnnnnngggggggggyyyyaaa” her words coming in gasps and squeals as Lyssa picked up the pace and pressure on Natalie’s g-spot. Her pussy was pulsating, so alive, so needy.

“Kitty wants more, doesn’t she?” Lyssa asked knowingly. “It’s been a while since Kitty got any good grub, huh?”

“Ohhh, Lyssa, yes, Goddess, please make me cum.”

“In a bit, you’ll get the release you need. But you ain’t there yet.”

Natalie could already feel those little ripples starting deep inside her womb– how much further could she possibly go? In only a moment they would explode into convulsions that would take over her body while she saw the face of Goddess and all of eternity. Her breathing came in quick gasps as she rode Lyssa’s fingers, her moans were low and constant.

Lyssa withdrew her hand without warning.

Natalie screamed in frustration, her hips obscenely lifting, reaching for those magic fingers.

“Oh, whyyyyyyy?” Natalie panted.

“Do you trust me?” Lyssa asked, eyes glinting with mischief.

“Yeah, Lys, of course I do. But I was just about to –“

“Cum, yeah baby, you sure were. But when you cum, you tighten up those beautiful little pussy muscles, and that just won’t do– not yet. You ain’t taken enough of me to earn that release, yet.”

Lyssa looked closely at Natalie’s open pussy. Swollen and puffy, and very, very wet, Lyssa loved the way that Natalie’s labia parted, framing her molten core prettier than any Georgia O’Keeffe painting.

Lyssa reached into her backpack and felt around for something. Natalie laid flat on her back, staring at the ceiling, trying to relax and enjoy this ride, when she felt very cold, wet goo dripping onto her open pussy.

Then she felt herself spread suddenly, taking Lyssa’s fingers to the knuckles again, but this time, Lyssa was pressing hard into her. Lyssa brought her thumb up to stroke at Natalie’s swollen clit. As she brushed over it, Natalie jumped and squealed, again and again. Lyssa’s fingers searched deeper, circling Natalie’s cervix, and when they hit that magic place Natalie let out a low animal like groan, that became a low hiss of “yessssssssssss.”

Lyssa smiled, serene, as she watch Natalie raise her hips to push her cervix harder onto Lyssa’s fingertips. “Yesssss,” Lyssa answered in a whisper. “Yesssss, keep coming up to meet me— open wide and receive what Freya sent you.”

With that, Lyssa pulled her thumb into the fold of her palm and pressed in hard.

“OOOooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, wait, nnngggggg, wait…..” Natalie panted as she felt her pussy trying to accommodate something far wider than she had ever thought possible.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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