Nancy’s Inferno Ch. 09

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Her back flat on Pastor Grady’s small, cluttered office desk, 19 year old Simone Dobbins had her legs draped over the preacher’s massive shoulders as she hurled her cunt forward against the jutting girth of his huge cock. It wouldn’t be long before the third orgasm of the afternoon was washing through Simone’s lithe and nubile young body.

“OHHH..SSSHHHHIITTTT,” she would cry at the top of her lungs, safe in the knowledge they were the only two in the church at that time of the morning.

Eventually Calvin would cum inside the vacuum seal of her womb and the odd pairing would rest for several seconds before rising to get dressed. During their post-coital small talk, Simone broached something that had been on her mind for awhile. Something that caused Calvin to sit down before he’d even put his pants back on.

“I know you’re sleeping with Lacy Grubbs…..and probably fucking her Mom too,” Simone offered with such matter-of-factness that Calvin didn’t have any room to try denying it.

“Is she trying to blackmail me somehow with this?” was Calvin’s initial reaction, but there wasn’t a hint of anger at all in Simone’s accusation, just stone cold bluntness.

“Yeah..I’ve fooled around with Lacy a couple of times,” Calvin admitted, his eyes trained intently on Simone’s as he tried discerning her intentions. “I haven’t had sex with Nancy, per se…..she came over to the house one afternoon when my Wife was gone. Had a very odd encounter with Monica Lewinsky would be proud of….but that’s it.”

A stoic look of thought seeping into her chestnut colored eyes she tugged her tee-shirt back over her head, Simone rolled her tongue across her lips and let out an ironic chuckle.

“You’re fucking Lacy when her Mom’s the real freak,” she said.

“…WHAT…..?” Calvin’s head jerked when he heard Simone accusation.

“Remember that weekend we went to that conference in Cleveland,” Simone offered, seeing a look of glazed curiosity dripping from the jowls of the older man’s face as he nodded.

“Well..let’s just put it this way…..I’ve been a little further with Ms. Grubbs than you have,” Simone chuckled as she eased up to the front of Calvin’s desk and took a seat on the same, still warm, spot he’d just fucked her on.

“You …and her….had sex in the room?” Calvin gasped like an enthralled schoolboy, still not sure whether to believe her.

“Yep….we had a little go around in the bathroom one morning..then she was waiting up when I came back from your room later that night after we went out for dinner..I think she wanted you bad back then…guess she settled for the next best thing,” Simone flirtatiously prodded.

Scratching his fingers across the razor stubble on his chin, Calvin gazed up at Simone sitting in front of him, a million different images and possibilities swirling through his suddenly stimulated mind.

Spinning several yarns over potential ways they might be able to incorporate Nancy into their sordid sexual fun, Calvin and Simone finally settled on a plot so erotic they had to undo each other’s clothes and fuck once more in his office as they contemplated the possibilities.

A few days later Calvin called Nancy, wanting to talk about what happened in his kitchen during her visit a few weeks earlier. Understandably, Nancy was apprehensive about discussing that day, but between Calvin’s empathetic tone, his obvious interest and her own lurid, internal want, Nancy found herself agreeing to meet him at a motel a few counties over.

The brief interlude at Calvin’s house was nothing compared to the workout he put her through in the motel room the following afternoon. Through it all, each time Pastor Grady pushed Nancy up to the point of release, he would cruelly pull her back, not allowing her to cum until he was benevolent enough to allow it.

It was clear the instant he first penetrated Nancy that she’d been hankering to fuck him for a very long time. Seeing the look of joy and accomplishment wash across her face as he began building his rhythm inside her, Calvin could tell from the anxiousness of her vaginal muscles squeezing around his cock that she was desperate to feel his seed.

Pulling back every few seconds to keep from blowing his load too soon, another more devious idea crept into Calvin’s head. Kneeling above Nancy with her legs wrapped like trembling vines around his back, Calvin positioned his crotch directly over top of hers and pounded it straight down until it was clear from the glorious strain on her face she was about to cum. Sensing the white woman had an extremely sensitive trigger, Calvin pulled back just before sending her tumbling past the point of no return.

Repeating the process several times, Pastor Grady could see the Nancy’s frustration grow each time he denied her release. Resuming his blistering pace once he’d allowed Nancy’s nerves to settle, Calvin filled with a clear sense of dominance as he looked her straight in her eyes, knowing he now controlled her body and everything inside of it.

“GOD…..CALVIN eryaman escort …….PLEASSSSE..PLEASE LET ME CUM,” Nancy begged after the 4th time he took her right up to the edge before cruelly pulling her back.

“Don’t worry, Baby,” Calvin assured, telling her he knew how long she must have wanted this and how he planned on helping her build up to the biggest orgasm of her life.

Leaning down onto his side, Calvin pulled Nancy close and resumed his vicious thrusts as they laid side by side, Wrapping his arms tight around Nancy’s back to hold her in place, Calvin could feel the woman’s breasts jiggling wildly against his chest as he relentlessly pounded her.

Once again however, just as Nancy was beginning to scream she was cumming, Calvin stopped cold and told her ‘not yet’. By then, tears of crazed deprivation were seeping from the Nancy’s dazed eyes as she tried to put her hand down to her crotch to quell the savage burn.

“Don’t touch,” he told Nancy in no uncertain terms before taking both her hands into his and forcing them above her head.

Holding her in that awkward position, Calvin hunched forward and resumed his plowing assault. Using the meat hook of his right hand to keep both of Nancy’s hands trapped above her head, Calvin slid his left down and gently brushed the hair away from her sweaty brow as he continued to incessantly ravage her.

“Please fuck me….please let me cum,” she whimpered across to him as he savagely stretched her womb.

“I will,” Calvin promised her before slowing his thrusts once again, leaving her nothing but basically jelly in his arms.

” I will….But you have to tell me something, Nancy…,” he said before slowly re-building his momentum inside her screaming vagina.

“What?” Nancy gasped, pressing her forehead against Calvin’s barrel chest out of sheer overload.

Stretching Nancy’s pussy with slow, methodical stabs, Calvin eased his mouth down to her ear and asked Nancy if she’d had sex with Simone.

Calvin could feel Nancy’s body tense and quiver as his lurid accusation burrowed into her brain, but she didn’t say a word.

“I know you did,” he told her, increasing the depth and urgency of his thrusts, but not to the point where he couldn’t pull back anytime he wanted.

“Don’t lie to me,” he added.

“And I know you enjoyed it…she said you came more times than you could count,” he continued to mock into Nancy’s ear as the bedsprings below began to creak under the steady strain.

“I bet it was your first time with a woman,” he topped it off for good measure.”WAS IT?”

“Yes,” Nancy finally admitted when Calvin squeezed his sausage-like fingers around her inflamed clitoris and buried his cock as far as he could into her.

Feeling Nancy’s tear-soaked face pressed against his pecs, Calvin guided his left hand around the heaving woman’s behind and pulled her groin snug to his. Then he let her have it with full and unrestrained fury.

Ramming his cock forward for nearly a minute and a half straight with no let up, Calvin whispered, ‘You want to cum?” over and over into Nancy’s ear, each time feeling her mouth the word ‘yes’ against his chest as she crumpled beside him.

Feeling his own orgasm rising like an angry tide inside his balls, Calvin continued his lurid interrogation.

“Do you want to fuck her again?” he asked, gripping her ass tight with one hand while he continued to hold her hands above her head with the other.

“What do you say Nancy..she wants to fuck you again…do you want her… you want Simone to fuck you again?” Pastor Grady peppered her as he watched her orgasm eventually tear like wildfire through her body.

“YYYYYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. GGGAAAWWWDDDD…. YYEESSSSSSSSSS,” Nancy cried out from the depths of her tortured soul, unclear if her scream was meant as an answer to Calvin’s lewd query, or simply an involuntary reaction to everything exploding inside her.

Her legs locked in a death grip around Calvin’s waist, when the hulking man finally let her hands go, they instantly wrapped tight around his mighty shoulders as he proceeded to shoot wad after wad of his glorious cum hard against the back wall of her cervix.

When he pulled back and committed the look on Nancy’s slick and glistening face to memory, he knew at that moment he could ask anything in the world of her and she would be powerless to say ‘no’.

Swirling his dick inside her a few more times before finally pulling out, Calvin planted a loving kiss on the top of the Nancy’s head as he eased the battle-worn length of his drenched manhood free.

Smiling as she slid down the bed and took his spent cock into her mouth, Calvin watched as Nancy cleansed it of their combined lust, the entire time contemplating the plan Simone had broached a few days earlier.


Simone was pleased to hear of Calvin’s progress. Even though it was a lot to ask of a him, she told Calvin it would be good to keep etimesgut escort Lacy Grubbs on a string while he was fucking her Mother as well over the next few weeks.

Staring out over the congregation over the next few Sundays proved to be quite a rush giving his sermon, knowing those two women sitting side by side in the front row had no clue he was currently having sex with the other. The rendezvous with Lacy usually took place in his custom van out in a rural part of the county, well away from where anyone might see them together. With Nancy, usually the two met at the same motel where they first consummated their relationship except for the one time they did it in the church lounge, the same church lounge where Nancy had secretly watched Calvin ravage Simone all those months earlier, in essence allowing her to privately live out the fantasy she’d fixated over for a very long time.

Despite her overwhelming sense of jealousy, having had all those secret buttons pushed that she’d kept so concealed over the years, Nancy eventually made the gut-wrenching decision to let Calvin bring Simone in for a threesome.


Once in the light of day, having agreed to something so illicit with Calvin and Simone, Nancy instantly started to fill with a sense of trepidation and guilt as she mentally went through the extensive list of potential complications.

Nancy could barely even keep her head up the next Sunday at church, worried that everyone there could see through her veneer of decency. When she saw Simone in the crowd, Nancy did about die wondering if Calvin had told her yet about his planned carnal escapade. Little did Nancy know the threesome was, in fact, Simone’s idea the entire time, but stealing a glimpse at the girl each chance she got during that Sunday service, Nancy couldn’t see a hint of anything unusual in young girl’s demeanor.

Nancy really felt her guilt swell even more when she turned on one occasion and saw Simone talking to her Mom in the crowd. Nancy had met Mrs. Dobbins several times, and couldn’t fathom how that sweet lady would handle it if she found out about her Daughter’s sexual proclivities.

“Hopefully better than you handled finding out about Lacy’s,” she told herself.

Letting Nancy stew in her juices for a few weeks, Calvin showered her with attention like she hadn’t seen since her Husband was trying to win her hand an entire lifetime ago. Nancy even started to notice other women in the church staring at her and sizing her up, as if they’d somehow picked up a sixth sense that something was going on between Nancy and the Pastor. She knew they had done a great job covering their tracks, but between the gossipy nature of the demographic they were dealing with, and the fact that it was a relatively small town, Nancy knew at some point the ‘secret’ about her and Calvin could come out, which only added to the taboo of what they were doing.

Nancy was starting to think Calvin may have forgotten about how she’d agreed in the heat of passion about being open to a tryst with Simone if Calvin could talk her into joining them. In a loveless marriage, Calvin had done a masterful job convincing Nancy that his affair with Simone was simply a weak moment of mid-life crisis, one where he fell victim to the temptations of a much younger and persistent young girl who’d thrown herself at him. Every move he’d made since consummating the relationship with Nancy spoke to seeing her as ‘his equal’, someone he could build a future with if he ever did leave his Wife.

Nancy, sadly, ate it all up. So when Calvin brought back up the potential of a possible get-together between Nancy and Simone, Nancy bit the bullet and told him it would be something she’d be willing to try.

It was clear the brief interaction she’d had with Simone had opened up some doors for Nancy, but more than anything, she saw this perhaps as an opportunity to show Calvin she could be the ‘lady in the street’ and ‘freak in the sheets’ that she knew she’d have to be if she wanted to hold on to him. Knowing Calvin had seemingly even more to lose than she did, Nancy felt safe he’d show every level of discretion putting the date together.

“It’s just me having sex with her..not you… right?” she would look up at Calvin one afternoon in the motel bed right after he’d fucked her. Feeling his huge left hand squeezing her breast as he tenderly rubbed his fingers through her hair with the other, she would have believed anything that came out of his mouth at that moment.

“Just you,” he would assure. “All I want to do is watch.”

So the decision was made, and within 10 minutes of dropping Nancy off that afternoon, Calvin was on the phone to Simone.


Frothing at the mouth to get Nancy and Simone in a room at the same time, when he finally got the go-ahead from Nancy, Calvin was basically as antsy as a kid at Christmas waiting to set up the specifics.

Having grown accustomed to Simone’s cool etlik escort and calculating nature, he knew she was mature way beyond her years when it came to such matters. Feeling a certain serenity in the young girl’s presence, it was why he felt like she was the prefect candidate to fool around with when she’d approached him all those months earlier. That trust in Simone’s unflappable nature had carried him through many a crazy night since the two met, and if this plan went off without a hitch, Calvin knew it would be quite a notch for their collective bedpost.

But Calvin was even surprised by how ‘in stride’ Simone was taking all this, as if Nancy’s agreement to go through with the threesome was just another spoke in a much bigger plan.

“Let’s hold off for a few days,” she told Pastor Grady out of the blue.

“There’s a couple of other things I want to check out first,” Simone added with the calm efficiency of a spider spinning it’s web.

“….Alright,” Calvin nodded, looking strangely like the same kid at Christmas that was suddenly told his best present was on lay-away.

A little over a week later, Simone finally gave the go-ahead for Calvin to set up an evening with Nancy.


Having set up what amounted to a spare bedroom in one of the backrooms of the church, either for the times he and his Wife might be fighting or for situations such as this, Calvin had driven Nancy over an hour or so earlier just so no one would see her car parked in the church’s lot.

Killing time until Simone was due to arrive, Nancy found herself helping Calvin empty a bottle of wine as they dithered around in a little pre-festivities foreplay.

“I’m sitting here getting myself drunk inside a church while the preacher’s teenage slut is on her way over to fuck me in front of him,” Nancy at some point thought incredulously to herself, sensing that nothing good was going to come of this.

Her intuition aside, she’d committed herself to what was about to happen, and when Simone walked into the church at a little after 10 that night, Nancy lost her last chance to beg out.

A chill spiking down Nancy’s spine when she saw Simone enter the room, she continued to lay there in the safety of Calvin’s arms, unsure what etiquette called for next. Looking up to see the expression of expectant pride beaming in Calvin’s eyes, Nancy then turned her full attention to the teenage girl standing in the center of the room.

Wearing a tight pair of jean shorts and a maroon halter top that showed off her cleavage nicely, Simone glided side to side across the floor a couple of times in her strappy high heels, as if to show the couple on the bed what all she had to offer.

Nancy’s eyes eventually settled on a black overnight bag Simone had carried into the room with her, and couldn’t help but notice the tangible sound it made when the girl sat it down on Calvin’s makeshift nightstand.

“Go ahead Nancy…go on up there and join her..I’ll be right here,” she heard Calvin breathe invitingly into her ear just before he kissed her on the right temple.

Feeling an indescribable rush growing in the pit of her belly, Nancy slowly pulled away from Calvin’s embrace and stood up on her own to face Simone.

Pulling himself up and bracing his back against the headboard of the bed, Calvin made himself comfortable as he took his front row seat for what was about to happen next.

Standing there with the pensiveness of a five year old preparing to walk into kindergarten for the first time, it took another reassuring, fatherly prod from Calvin before Nancy started to walk forward.

Taking the bottle of wine from the nightstand and pouring what was left into a glass, Simone swished it seductively around her mouth before downing it as she watched Nancy approach. Stealing a quick glance at Calvin in the process, Simone cast him an approving wink knowing he was going to shit when he actually saw what she planned for a surprise.

Taking Nancy by the hand once she was an arm’s length away, Simone pulled the visibly unstable older woman towards her until the two were standing face to face in the center of Pastor Grady’s makeshift bedroom.

Any fight Nancy may have had dissolved instantly when the young girl’s lips met hers. Feeling Simone’s right hand come to rest on the left side of her waist, Nancy collapsed forward against the 19 year old as everything that happened in Cleveland quickly came back to her. The only difference now was instead of Calvin sleeping obliviously in the other room, he was now sitting on the bed behind her with his huge cock exposed and rising from his unzipped slacks, intently watching their every move.

From his perch on the bed, Calvin could see Simone’s hands roam across Nancy’s back, pulling the white woman ever closer as they french kissed. Stroking his cock as he looked on, he too was curious as to the contents of the bag his young lover had sat on the nightstand.

Squeezing her left hand around Nancy’s bosom through the front of her blouse, Simone worked her right leg between the older woman’s knees until Nancy was seemingly skewered in Simone’s clutches. Motioning over Nancy’s shoulder for Calvin to stand up, Simone grinned as the Pastor took his place behind Ms. Grubbs.

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