Mystery Lover

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This story was written at the request of, and for a fan. She knows who she is, and I hope the pleasure she gets from the story does not fade too quickly.

You sit at your computer, searching for and finding exquisite pictures of exquisite women, your senses already heightened at the sight of them, your attention completely on the screen, your mind and thoughts filled with visions of that special dream lover, the one that can take you to those places you crave, those sensations for which you yearn. So engrossed are you, that you do not hear her enter the room, and quietly approach your chair behind you. So engrossed are you in the pictures and your feelings, that when you feel her lips on your neck, you almost jump from the chair with a squeak of surprise, but her soft hands on your shoulders calm you, and with a moan at her touch, you settle back in the chair, waiting expectantly and excitedly for her next move.

Her lips continue to move gently over your skin, her tongue snaking out to caress the length of your neck, to just below your ear, making you shiver. Knowing it to be the natural thing to do, you tilt your head to one side to allow her greater access to your neck and shoulder, her hands moving across your shoulders, finger tips dipping low on your front, caressing the soft skin above your breasts. A low moan comes from your parted lips, making her smile in satisfaction. One hand moves up to lightly capture your chin, turning your head towards her, as her tongue and lips slide around from your neck across your jaw line to capture your lips, at first gently moving over their softness, as if measuring their shape and texture. At this delicious joining, your eyes close, the better to feel and experience the sensations now flowing through your whole body.

The pressure of her lips increases, moving back and forth across yours, and another moan as you feel her tongue running lightly over your lips, probing, seeking, until your lips open and let her in. Gently her hand eases your head back, as her mouth opens wider, her tongue sliding into your mouth and finding yours, sets up a slow, sensual dance that takes in your cheeks, your teeth, but always returning to your tongue, as her lips part ever wider forming a wet seal with your own. As her probing becomes deeper, and her lips seek to devour yours, you answer with yet another low moan, your own lips opening wider to allow her deeper into your soft cavern.

The movement of your Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort lips, each against the other, sets up a friction that trembles its way throughout your body, but still her fingers do not release you, holding your face against hers with a firm insistence that you cannot and will not refuse; her other hand now moving over your shoulder, drops lower to caress one soft trembling breast, caressing it around the sides and underneath, before taking the hardening nub between a finger and thumb, squeezing and twisting in time with the movements of your lips.

Suddenly, her hands release you, but her mouth does not leave yours, her tongue and lips continue to stoke the flames rising and burning inside of you. You open your eyes, to see her move around you, watch her sit astride your lap, moving herself closer to you, breast to breast, stomach to stomach; you feel her reach for your hands, and move them around behind her back, asking you silently to hold her to you, which you do willingly. Her hands now move back to hold your face, gently cradling your head in warm fingers, and she lifts her lips slightly from yours, looking, smiling into your eyes, and whispers against your lips, “Is this how you like me to kiss you, is this the way you wish to be loved, shall I make love to you?”

You are unable to speak, no sounds will come, except for the moans of pleasure evoked by her touch. Taking your silence as consent, with a low chuckle, she lowers her head back to your panting mouth, resuming her slow sensual ravishing of your lips and tongue, while her hands continue to squeeze and stroke your breasts, gently nipping your rapidly hardening nipples.

Her mouth moves from yours, making you moan in need, increasing as you feel her lips make their slow sensual way down your neck, across your shoulder, nipping at your collar bone, kissing softly across the silky skin above your breasts, and, knowing where she is heading, your moaning becomes a panting of sharp desire.

One hand releases the nipple, but continues to cradle the breast, lifting it, and as you feel her mouth engulf that hard button, you breathe in sharply lifting your breast against her mouth, your back arching in a bow of focussed desire.

Her lips suck, and caress, her tongue flicking out to tease the nipple, each touch sending a shock wave from that nub directly to your pussy, causing the gentle tingle that had been building there to suddenly increase to a throbbing need, accompanied by a stream of wetness.

You feel her move slightly away from you, and gasp anew, head rocking back on the chair, as you feel her hand make its slow sensuous way down your stomach to find the zipper of your pants, and slide it down, easing the two sides apart. Then moving upwards to the waist of your panties, easing inside, her hand sliding down over your tummy which is now trembling with your intensely focussed need. You want her to fuck you! You need her to fuck you! If she stops, you will die.

As her mouth continues to work its magic on your breast, sending exquisite signals throughout your body, you almost stop breathing as you feel her hand move lower, and shudder as you feel her finger making its way through your curls, ever downwards, and almost cum on the spot as you feel one finger gently glide over your clit, not stopping but seeking out your wetness.

Your need to have her inside you is so great, that you open your mouth, finally manage to utter a sound, a deep yearning plea, “Please, please, fuck me.”

The movement of both hands and her mouth stop, and for a moment you are terrified you have said the wrong thing, as you feel her move from your lap, her mouth from your breast. Almost crying in frustration, you lift your head, to see her move away from you, only to see her smile at you, as she drops to her knees in front of you. She keeps her eyes on yours, willing you to watch, as she reaches for your pants, and begins to pull them off you.

Trembling even more now, as you realise your dream is about to come true, you brace your arms to lift yourself from the chair, as she eases the pants off you, down your legs, and throws them on the floor. Hardly daring to breathe, you watch as she moves closer, her hands sliding up your trembling thighs, coming closer and closer, then her hands dipping underneath, lifting each leg, and knowing what she wants, you help her to lift each leg on to her shoulders, her hands gliding up and down the soft skin on the outside of your thigh.

You are trembling so much now, you can hardly keep still in the chair. She looks up at you, whispering, “Calm, calm, soon.” Taking a deep breath, you try to calm the want raging through your blood, pounding in your head and nipples, focussing deep inside your pussy.

Now her hands move up your thighs, and move inwards to the legs of your panties, sliding her fingers under the material, to caress and cradle your tummy, making you shudder, shiver and moan, closing your eyes at the almost unbearable level of sensation. Then, without warning, you feel her mouth on your panties, kissing and licking the sopping material, her tongue pushing against it, into you. A sound is drawn out of you,long,low and desperate.

She pauses briefly,then her fingers move downwards over your tummy into your curls, moving lightly, dragging her nails over the skin, creating incredible sensations that almost send you crazy. Desperately, you gasp at her, “Please, please. Now.”

A brief pause, and then you feel her hands move out and up to the waist of the panties, as she pulls them down, once again you bracing and lifting your hips. Quickly she moves away, slides the panties off your legs to join the pants, and replaces your legs on her shoulders.

Looking up at you, she says one word, “Now?”, watching you. With a low moan, you respond. “Yes. Now.”. Without another sound, she drops her head to the juncture of your legs, and begins to kiss gently over your curls, down over your engorged lips, and flattening her tongue in one long movement, takes it from the bottom of your slit, to the top, dragging it over your throbbing clit. A cry is torn from you, as your back arches, and you push your hips against her, wanting the contact again. Now you feel a long slim finger slide into you, deeply, and begin a slow rhythmic movement back and forth, your hips taking up the rhythm and moving with it. Then, when you are almost at your limit, you feel her lips on your clit, as she gently sucks it in, and begins to stroke it with her tongue.

The sensations are too much, and you feel the signal spasm deep inside your pussy, feel the wetness seeping out of you, and as she adds a second finger and pushes deeply inside you, with a desperate cry and surge of your hips, you push against her fingers, her lips, her tongue, and cum in a roar of flame and heat and sensation that consumes your whole body, your brain, your hips churning against her for a time that seems never ending.

Eventually, your body slows, and slumps in the chair, your heart pounding, pussy on fire, every muscle in your body, trembling with the exertion of your cumming, breathing in deep gasping breaths.

When you can finally feel, see, hear, you lift your head, and with a satisfied smile on your face, your remove the vibrator from yourself, raise it to your lips to taste your pleasure, and whisper a thank you to the vision on the screen, she who had been tonight’s mystery lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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