My Wife’s Sister Cums for a Visit Ch. 02

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I woke up this morning with a throbbing hard on. I could not get the thought of last night out of my head. Even though I have masturbated to the thought of fucking my sister-in-law Kara, I never thought that it could ever happen. More so, knowing that my wife has a exciting slutty side, the picture of her and her sister was farther over the line than I thought she could go, not that I was complaining.

I looked over and saw Gina lying in bed, the sheet pulled up to her belly and her beautiful tits exposed in the morning light. Just beyond her was Kara. She was lying on her stomach and her ass was glistening with juices from the night before.

Kara was built different than her older sister Gina. Kara was a bit bigger built in the ass and legs. She had a tight, firm belly and smaller tits, but they were very perky. She also had piercings in her nipples and belly. Her ass was big and round. To see it with my hardened cum on it in the light coming through the window was a real turn on. I also knew she was not nearly as experienced as my wife in her sexuality, but come a long way last night in that department.

Gina on the other hand was darker complected and had a bit smaller build. She was more of an exhibitionist and even at 44 years old, had firm tits that looked as good when she was lying down as they did when she stood up. She had the sweetest, neatly trimmed dark pubic hair setting above her dark outlined pussy lips. The longest legs a 5’6″ woman could have and her nipples pointed up and were always hard.

They were somewhat opposite in body types but very sexy in their own ways.

I did not really want to leave the room, but I went to the bathroom, took a piss and stepped in the shower. I left the door open a bit on purpose to see if that would wake up the sisters. I was correct in my assumption as I heard the toilet flush and felt the water temperature go from warm to scalding hot in an instance.

“Why do you always do that Gina?” I asked.

No newcratos answer came back but the shower curtain was pulled back and there stood my completely naked sister in law. She was proud of her firm body. And my eyes were drawn to her perfectly shave pussy. This was very exciting, because we had a cordial relationship but never really even flirted too much before last night.

“Well I am not Gina, but I will go ask her why she does that to you” she said staring at my still hard, soapy cock, ” you can come with me if you would like.” She then bounced out of the bathroom. God I loved her muscular ass.

I finished my shower quickly and came back into our bedroom. I stopped in my tracks and had my breath taken away. There was my sister in law’s naked ass right in front of me as she was nestled in between my wife’s legs. I stood silently at the entrance to the bedroom and let my towel fall to the floor. I watched in amazement and started to stroke my cock as my eyes went from my wife’s face, and her grabbing her tits, to Kara’s glistening pussy.

Kara stopped licking Gina’s pussy long enough to look over her shoulder to see me stroking my cock…

With that she started to slither up Gina’s body and put her knees on the outside of Gina’s hips, straddled her and leaned down and started kissing her. As I was frozen for a second, I watched with anticipation building. Gina motioned with her hand for me to come over.

As I walked up to these two sisters making out with each other, their tits smashed against each other and waiting pussies for me, I knelt down behind Kara’s ass and in between Gina’s legs… I took my cock in my hand and I started to rub it on Gina’s clit. She was soaking wet. I then with my cock still in my hand started to rub the tip on Kara’s clit as well. Kara then positioned herself so that her clit was basically touching Gina’s clit. She reached behind and guided my cock to go between both of their clits sliding up onto their pelvic newcratos giriş bone. They were both so wet that there was enough lubrication to slide in between each time the tip of my cock was flicking their clits. I was incredible to feel the top of my cock sliding through the smooth skin of my sister-in-law and the bottom of my cock feeling the friction of Gina’s pubic hair.

This was driving me crazy Kara was rubbing her ass up against my belly as I was sliding my cock in between there too wet clits… My cock was throbbing and ready to explode I want to bury my cock inside one of those two sweet pussies.

“Let Don Fuck me first Gina” I heard Kara whisper. “I need to feel his big cock inside me.”

This in itself was almost enough to make me cum. But without breaking rhythm I forced my cock inside Kara. She was wet, but her pussy was so tight that I was stopped with only about half of my cock inside her. I backed off a bit and short stroked her pussy until she was ready to take my whole shaft. When I was finally able to get my whole cock inside her, she gasped.

“Oh, I love your big cock, fuck my wet pussy” Kara moaned. “I love your husbands big cock Sis.”

“You lie down on the bed, Kara I want you on top of him, and I will show what I love,” Gina suggested.

As I laid down on the bed, I was entranced by the newly formed slut my sister-in-law was becoming before my eyes. Kara climbed on top of me, grabbed my cock and guided into her pussy. She through her head back as she clutched her tits. I could feel her squeezing her pussy around my cock. She felt amazing.

Gina then told Kara, “Show my husband how great a kisser you are.”

Kara leaned down and stuck her tongue in my mouth, but stopped after a few seconds and arched her back and screamed “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck, that feels sooooo good!!!!”

Gina was behind Kara and she was licking her rosebud as Kara was riding my cock. I could feel Gina’s chin and every once I a while her tongue on my dripping wet penis. As Gina’s pace quickened, Kara fucked me harder, until she exploded and her body tensed up like I had never seen before. I was so turned on that I buried my load deep inside Kara. They both stopped. Kara had completely soaked me; she could barely move. Finally, Kara slowly crawled off me and lied down next to me, her body quivering.

Gina stood at the edge of the bed and spoke to her sister. “i loved licking your ass, but do you remember when you were young and you used to spy on my when I brought boys home. I turned me on so much knowing someone was watching. You are going to get to watch me again, but first be a good little slut and get my husband’s cock hard again for me.”

Kara wasted no time and got up on her knees and started to suck my cock. It was so hot seeing Gina watch this; I was hard in no time.

Gina then instructed her sister to sit up at the edge of the bed. Gina got on all fours at the foot of the bed, looking at her sister and told me to fuck her from behind.

As I started to fuck my wife she says, “Do you like watching me getting fucked Kara?’

“Yes,” Kara whispered as she started rubbing her pussy.

“Do you like my husband’s cock? You little slut.”

“I do!!!’ Kara said in between heavy breaths.

“It is so hot to be fucked by the same cock you just came on.”

Kara’s fingering of her pussy hastened. Gina was rubbing her clit now as I fucked her. The sight was surreal. Gina was a squirter and said she needed to cum. She flipped over on her back and stuck a finger in her pussy once and when she pulled it out, she squirted all over me. I then picked up the pace stroking my cock and watched Kara give herself another orgasm.

I was going crazy. I said “I AM GOING TO CUM!!!”

Gina and Kara both positioned themselves on their knees in front of me and I shot a huge load considering I came less that 30 minutes ago. I was in heaven as these two slutty sisters took turns cleaning my cum off my cock and watching them make out with each other.

With my sister-in-law leaving tomorrow, how will we spend the rest of the day?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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