My Two Secrets Pt. 03

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Chapter Seven.

Michelle wound up being a model employee right from day one. For my first hire ever, I truly did hit the jackpot when selecting her for my staff. With very little guidance from me, she picked up on exactly what was required of her around the office and never disappointed with the quality of her work.

And perhaps just as important, my fears that the rest my subordinates might have responded negatively to having a woman so beautiful on-staff proved to be completely unfounded. Instead, once everyone got over their initial shock brought about by her remarkable good looks, Michelle was accepted among their number as if she had been working with them for years.

Of course it helped that Michelle proved to be so proficient at her job. Because of which, no one was ever able to say that she was seeking to get by on only her impressive physical appearance. Instead, right from day one, she seemed to be on a mission to prove to everyone in our department (myself included) that she only wished to be judged by the quality of her work.

So she was both liked and respected by all of her fellow co-workers. And I liked and respected her too.

And sure enough, she wound up moving in with her boyfriend about three months after she started working with us. He was an aspiring lawyer (come to find out) who only needed to pass our state’s bar exam before officially becoming an attorney. And based on some pictures of him I had seen by then, he was every bit as handsome as Michelle was beautiful.

So after I had heard that the two of them were moving in together, my only remark to Michelle on the matter was: “Now you’ll be able to find out if he’s truly the person you might want to spend the rest of your life with.”

To which she simply replied: “We’ll see. But I’m still not in any hurry to get married.”

And that was still where things stood with Michelle by time her first anniversary with Acme rolled around.

And I had since met her boyfriend too. At a birthday party held for one of my subordinates at a pub located near our corporate headquarters. And he could not have possibly been any nicer and more polite to me. (As well towards everyone else in attendance I could tell also.) I was really impressed. I thought that Michelle had truly found herself a keeper. (And boy did the two of them make for one attractive couple!)

Otherwise, the only significant change within my department was the fact that my original secretary ‘Carol’ had just recently retired. And she had wound up selecting her successor herself in the weeks leading up to her impending departure. Not that I couldn’t have done so myself but Carol insisted that she was better equipped to know just what to look for in any potential replacement of hers. (Which was fine by me as that just eliminated one less headache that I would have been forced to deal with otherwise.)

But no matter which of us had wound up selecting Carol’s successor, the list of potential candidates was always going to be limited to those already working there at Acme. The personal secretary for a department head (as my higher-ups felt as well) was simply too important of a post for us to take a chance on hiring someone not at all familiar with how things were run around our corporate headquarters in general.

And Carol wound up selecting a winner in the form of a girl I’ll call Sarah. She was a cute and petite redhead in her mid-twenties who had been working at a low-level position within a department other than mine since graduating college. And as Carol explained it me, she made that certain decision of hers based on primarily all of the good things which had heard about Sarah through the grapevine. Then she spent her final week on the job showing Sarah the ropes and (ultimately) proved to have made the right decision when Sarah (save for a few minor hick-ups early on) slid right into her new position as if she had been manning the desk outside of my office door for years. (Although I still missed Carol for a long time afterwards regardless.)

So it was Sarah who buzzed Michelle into my office at the date and time I had scheduled for Michelle’s one-year performance review.

Then looking every bit as resplendent as ever, Michelle entered my office and shut the door behind her as we called out our initial hellos to each other. And I couldn’t help but notice that neither the somewhat billowy blouse nor the also loose-fitting pair of slacks which she was wearing were able to completely mask her collection of Kardashian-like curves underneath.

Then after walking over to the chair set in front of my desk, Michelle took her seat and set down her purse and said to me in her usual almost-husky tone of voice: “I’ll save you trouble of having to say so yourself Mrs. Smith. I’m a terrible employee who must only be one write-up away from being shown the door.”

To which I could only laugh before congratulating her on being such a great employee instead. (Which actually made Michelle blush.) Then when I quoted the raise which I was authorized Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort to offer her and asked if it sounded okay, all I got in response was: “Where do I sign?”

So talk about a hassle-free meeting! And yes I did have to get Michelle’s signature on the form which I still needed to fill out to approve her raise. Which I then took care of by having her sign her name at the bottom of that document with a promise that I would complete the rest of it myself once our little powwow was over.

But since I had set aside a full half-hour on my schedule to speak with Michelle that afternoon (as I always do for any of my subordinates’ performance reviews) I then engaged her in a little back and forth about random goings-on within our department.

And after we had talked ourselves out on such matters (but still with a good fifteen minutes left before my half-hour with Michelle was up)…

“How’s everything going between you and your boyfriend?” I asked.

Then with a slight shake of her head, “Okay I guess,” Michelle replied. “But my birthday is coming up next month and I think he’s planning on using the opportunity to pop the question.”

“Well that kind of makes sense,” I offered. “You two have been living together for almost a year by now.”

Which Michelle agreed with before she added: “Yeah but maybe I feel that I still have a few wild oats left to sow before I decide to settle down with someone for the rest of my life.”

And truly just out of idle curiosity, “Not to sound nosy but…” I asked. “Such as?”

But instead of answering my question, “How was it for you?” she asked back. “I mean… did you feel that you left anything on the table by the time you were walking down the aisle?”

And it was nothing but the truth when I replied: “Not that I can recall. But I was almost thirty by then and ready to start a family either way.”

Then I found out what Michelle had meant with her ‘wild oats’ comment when…

“I understand,” she replied. “So you either did try out a time or two swinging from the other side of the plate or… maybe instead… nothing like that ever held any sort of appeal to you.”

So talk about a shocker! But not so much at the knowledge that Michelle was harboring some type of bi-curiosity but…

“Seriously!” I exclaimed. “Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re so beautiful that… you know… I have to believe that you’ve before had opportunities to try out such a thing if you wanted.”

Which was met with a blank stare on Michelle’s behalf. And I knew why too. She had just shared something quite personal with me after all. With nothing yet in return on my end that is. But keeping in mind the fact that we had a mostly professional relationship with one another…

“Hypothetically speaking,” I said. “Were I to have ever done something of the sort myself in the past…it wouldn’t have been my idea in the first place but the other person involved.”

Which caused Michelle’s green eyes to light up as, “Well either way…” she asked, “How was it?”

Which left me in a bit of a quandary as to how to respond. I mean, my certain series of interactions with Becky was probably the biggest secret of my life. And nor did I feel like risking the chance of having that secret of mine made common knowledge among the members of my staff. Not seeing how my husband wasn’t even privy to such information himself that is.

But I swear it wasn’t my feelings towards Michelle’s looks that swayed my thoughts in the other direction. Instead, it was the knowledge that she couldn’t exactly go blabbing to anyone about my secret when I also had the goods on her (pertaining to her certain curiosities).

“It was fun I suppose.” I admitted. “And let’s just leave it at that.”

Which Michelle seemed to think over for a bit before…

“And I’m happy for you about that,” she replied. “But fun to me in such matters would be something other than waiting for someone else to make the first move. And you’re right that I’ve before been propositioned like that. But I would prefer instead to… well… let’s just say that I would like to be the aggressor in that type of situation.”

And no. I didn’t for one second harbor any notions that Michelle may have ever viewed me as a possible target of what she was hinting at. I was her boss after all. And besides (not to put my own looks down but) I figured that a drop-dead gorgeous girl like her in her mid-twenties could have done a lot better than a moderately attractive girl like myself in her late-thirties.

And since I also felt that Michelle owed me a little bit more in the wake of my having just spilled the biggest secret of my life to her…

“Still though,” I offered. “You haven’t made that certain type of move on anyone yet I take it. So excuse me for wondering why that might be when it’s now obvious to me that it’s something you’d like to try doing.”

Which caused Michelle to do some more thinking before…

“When I said ‘aggressor’ a second ago,” she confessed. “I not only meant in reference to me making the first move with such a thing but… you know… how I would like for things to go the whole time me and whoever were doing our thing together. So you can see my dilemma.”

Which I certainly did. Putting two and two together, I realized then that Michelle had just admitted to me that she (not only wished to some day have a lesbian-type encounter but) wished to be sexually dominant over another fellow female.

But even though I realized also that she was right about (her ‘dilemma’) it maybe being difficult for her to seek out the right kind of partner for such a thing as she was hinting at…

“There’s always the internet,” I suggested. “You could be discreet on there and find someone willing and able to play the role which you seem to be looking for with all of this.”


“That’s just the thing,” Michelle replied. “It doesn’t really do it for me the thought of it just being a role that someone would be playing for me. Instead, I’d prefer to be given some kind of reason to assert myself as such over… you know…another girl.”

To which I had nothing to say really. I mean, I was pretty much shocked into silence at all that I had just learned. And once Michelle realized that fact also…

“Anyway,” she said. “Thanks for hearing me out about all of this. Now that I’ve spoken all these thoughts aloud to someone… I guess it doesn’t sound so bad as it sometimes does in my head.”

Then I found my voice again and replied: “Hey now. It’s really not that big of a deal. We all have certain kinks and fantasies that sometimes can’t be ignored.”

And after Michelle thanked me for saying so, I checked my phone and saw how our half-hour was up. So we said our goodbyes for the time being and rose to shake hands over my desk as I congratulated Michelle on her raise. Then she gathered up her purse, spun on her heels and made her way off for the door and into Sarah’s domain beyond.

Which left me with a nice view of her bombshell ass wagging to and fro within the fabric of her slacks. And not even the fact that those pants of hers were cut rather loose to her frame could hide the fact that (underneath) Michelle’s backside was both blessed with a healthy amount of mass and formed nice taut for it’s size. (Not to mention how amazing it looked when set in constant motion!)

Then alone in my office, I did something that I hadn’t done in maybe two or three months. Probably due to what I had just seen as Michelle had been making her exit, I decided to pull up on my desktop computer that certain pic I had saved off of her Facebook page (a full year earlier almost to the day).

Only I had long since edited that picture by cropping out the two girls who were flanking Michelle in it’s original image. Not that I didn’t realize that it was wrong of me to have such a pic of Michelle saved on my work computer but (somehow) it felt more wrong of me to leave those other two girls (whose names I didn’t even know) framed in that shot as well.

So I was left with just a rectangular image of beautiful Michelle shown from head toe on a beach somewhere rocking only a bikini on her incredibly alluring hourglass-shaped body.

Only something happened then that had never happened before whenever I would feel inclined (for whatever reason) to give that certain pic a little look-see. That is, my nipples started to tighten into hard little pebbles against the fabric of my bra.

Which I only felt was odd because of fact that I never got aroused for anything having to do with another girl unless (the exception to the rule if you will) I happened to be touching myself to the thoughts of what Becky and I had done together back in college. Which could only have meant that…

But no. That was just crazy. I mean, yes, I found Michelle to be extremely attractive. But the idea that it was turning me on to realize that she secretly wanted to be sexually dominate over another fellow female? Utterly preposterous.

But still not as preposterous as the idea of me liking the thought of it being myself who Michelle might see fit to exert herself over in such a manner. Now that was just absurd! On top of me being her boss, I wasn’t into anything like that at all.

But there was something else too. Only I didn’t know what it was. I just knew that there was something I was forgetting.

Something that Michelle had said to me once maybe? Something that might have sounded innocent at the time but not so much then in the wake of the conversation we had just had? Was that what it was?

Confused, I then clicked off that picture on my computer screen and (much to my relief) felt as my nipples deflated back into their normal state of being.

But just as I was about to then start filling out the paperwork required to approve Michelle’s raise, Sarah gave the intercom on my desk buzz before announcing: “Michelle is on her way back in. She says she has something she forgot to ask you about.”

Frozen in place in my chair behind my desk; I watched then as Michelle re-entered my office, shut the door behind her, marched over to the front of my desk and dropped her purse to the floor before saying: “Let me see your computer.”

Completely befuddled, “Excuse me,” I replied. “My what now?”

“You heard me,” Michelle shot back. “I think you just downplayed your interest in everything related to girl-on-girl. So prove me wrong. Show me that you don’t have any dirty pictures or videos featuring anything of the sort saved on your computer.”

But I had something far worse than that saved on there! What I had just been looking at that is. And since I realized that it could spell trouble for me should Michelle ever learn of that fact…

“Really now,” I said. “Even if I was secretly more into things related to girl-on-girl than I lead you to believe… what makes you think that I would use my work computer to look at pictures or videos of that sort of thing?”

And just as calm, cool and collected as could be, “Your husband,” Michelle replied. “I’m sure he has access to all of your other devices. Even maybe your phone. And certainly whatever laptop or tablet you use around the house. So if you ever wanted to look at anything… special… that you didn’t want him knowing about… I’m guessing it would be saved on that computer right there.”

Meaning that one on my desk between us. And damn it if Michelle hadn’t gotten real close to the truth of the matter with all she had just said. (Or close enough for government work as the old saying goes anyway.)

And no. I hadn’t password-protected that bikini-pic of Michelle either. (Call it an oversight on my part.) So I knew that a tech-savvy young woman such as herself would have been able to find that certain image with just a few clicks of my computer’s mouse. And since I simply could not allow for that to happen…

In what my kids might have called my Mommy’s-not-happy tone of voice, “Please don’t overstep your bounds here Michelle,” I stated. “I’m under no obligation to indulge you in this silly request.”

At which, Michelle folded her arms under her large pair of breasts and replied:

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You insisted on taking a look at my Facebook page when considering me for this job. So you can kindly return the favor by letting me have a peek at your computer.”

And despite my feelings towards Michelle as an otherwise really nice person and great employee, I wanted very much to be mad at her just then. But I couldn’t muster the strength required to do so however. Not when I was in the wrong myself in reference to what I was trying to keep hidden from her.

And oh the irony of Michelle bringing up her Facebook page! It was from there which I had saved that bikini-pic of hers in the first place after all.

All of which was swirling around in my head as I then rose up from my chair to assume a better position of strength. Then holding Michelle’s green-eyed gaze over my desk, I said: “Company policy states that any potential new-hire is to have his or her social media accounts scrutinized for any type of objectionable material. But company policy does not state that any department head is required to let any of his or her subordinates get a look at their work computer.”

Then with a smile, “Oh wow,” Michelle stated. “Whatever it is you’re trying to keep me from seeing must be good!”

If she only knew! But as it was my number one mission just then to keep Michelle from knowing about that certain secret of mine…

“Don’t risk upsetting me please,” I tried. “Especially not now when I have paperwork here on my desk to fill out to authorize your raise.”

And even though I hadn’t meant it like that…

“Is that a threat?” Michelle shot back. “Are you threatening to withhold my raise if I don’t drop this topic?”

Which put me on somewhat shaky ground with her. I mean, yes it was a breach of company policy for Michelle to be insisting that she have access to my work computer. But it was also a breach of company policy for me to threaten any of my subordinates (either overtly or implied) with any kind financial action over pretty much anything.

Keeping in mind all of which, I struck a more friendly tone of voice when saying: “Absolutely not. I would never do such a thing. Now if you’ll please excuse me… if you’d like for your raise to kick in on your next paycheck… I need to fill out that form you just signed.”

Which set Michelle in motion. After uncrossing her arms, she strolled around my desk (much to my utter astonishment) and moved to stand right besides me where could access my computer.

So what was I supposed to do? Push her away? Fire her right there on the spot? Smash my computer to pieces before she could discover my secret? Call in Sarah for backup?

Certainly not that last one. I couldn’t risk having my new secretary being made privy to the knowledge that I had saved on my computer a bikini-pic featuring one of my subordinates. It was bad enough that my subordinate in question seemed to be right on the verge of making that discovery herself.

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