My Two Aunts Ch. 01

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Mom had insisted on me going to my two aunts in California for “a good rest” after a long winter of studying. Boy, that didn’t turn out the way she planned!

Aunty Chrissy had been married to mom’s brother for 10 years, but had split up in an acrimonious divorce. She was 40 when I arrived in San Diego and exactly 22 years older than me, ‘cos we shared the same birthday.

Since her marriage break up, Aunty Chrissy’s younger sister, Aunty Carol, had moved in with her. Aunty Carol was 37, but they could have been taken for twins.

Both were about 5 foot 8 inches tall, both had shiny brown hair cut in severe, short styles. Both had blue eyes, both had rather hard, although not unattractive, faces. They both had somewhat lined through spending far too much time out in the California sun by their secluded swimming pool, in one of San Diego’s swankiest neighbourhoods.

But from the neck down! Both had gloriously big busts – I later checked them out at 38s! And natural, too! They had trim waists, thanks to hours spent on their exercycles in the gym which looked down on the swimming pool. They had lovely legs, strong, sun-tanned. Both were eye candy for a randy 18-year-old college student.

I needed the “good rest” because I’d been studying for months till all hours for a big exam – I flew through it – and mom said she’d shout me a return trip from Chicago to San Diego and a month’s break with my aunties. I’d got a start on my tan in mom’s solarium, getting a nice all over job. It made my fairly well-muscled body shine quite nicely, I thought.

I had my dark hair cut short in a real marine-style cut. I’d even given myself a shave and crew cut on my pubic region. I’d read in a men’s magazine it made the cock look bigger than it really was! And I needed a bit of help in that region – I think my cock is rather nice, thick and circumcised, but at just over 7 inches it’s not exactly a John Holmes special!

Aunty Chrissy greeted me on arrival at Lindbergh Field, wearing a smart red leather jacket with a tightly-drawn belt which seemed to be designed to bunch her lush breasts, and a tight pair of Levis which could have been sprayed on!

“Hi darl,” she said, kissing me full on the lips, which attracted a few stares, “welcome to the sunshine.”

Aunty Chrissy’s brand new Dodge Charger roared through the traffic, she was an expert driver, and I made small talk about the car.

She laughed as she flicked round some slow traffic. “Carol and I’ve had a nice little income from the movie industry, darling, and we decided to treat ourselves. Your Aunty Carol’s got a matching model. We make quite a pair.”

I glanced sideways at her breasts straining in their leather prison and thought “that’s quite a pair, too”, but I kept quiet. Whatever movies they were involved in must pay very well, I thought.

When we arrived, I unpacked in the guest bedroom and was invited down poolside to join Chrissy and Carol. I peeked out the window and saw Aunty Carol in a bikini, lying on a lounger, her body a deep brown. She was joined by Aunty Chrissy, also in a bikini, and they left a lounger in the middle, obviously for me.

I pulled on a pair of baggy shorts and walked downstairs.

“Hi, Roger,” said Aunty Carol, rising from her recliner and stepping forward to give me a kiss – like her sister she was one of those “mouth” kissers.

I noticed that she had a full bra to her black bikini, so she didn’t spill out of her top, but the bottom part was thong-style. Then she stepped back and regarded me.

“Oh, no, no, no, Roger,” she exclaimed, “these awful things won’t do at all.” Then she turned to Aunty Chrissy: “Chris, darling, you must have something more suitable for him – how can I get a nicy pervy look at his young teenage body wearing these awful fucking things!”

Aunty Chrissy sort of “tut-tutted” her sister. “Really, Caroline,” she said, “your mouth is too filthy for words. Yes, I’ve got something briefer for him, but Roger might be embarrassed parading around in front of you in a thong!”

Aunty Carol looked at me with a wicked smile: “Nonsense, sis, he’s just itching to try something really sexy. Right Roger?”

I nodded. “Yes, please, Aunty Carol,” I said, playing along with her. And to be honest, the rather baggy shorts did feel a bit ridiculous out in the glorious heat of the San Diego afternoon.

“OK, sis, you win,” said Aunty Chrissy, climbing from her lounger. I’ve got something very sexy – but just remember to keep your hands off him!”

And then she indicated that I follow her into the house and we walked upstairs to her bedroom, where my bikini-clad aunt opened a drawer and selected a red satin thong and threw it over to me. “Try that on for size, darling,” she smiled, walking out of the room.

The thong was cut high on my hips and it bunched my balls really tightly beneath my cock, which lay pointing upwards at a slight angle. Parading in front of the mirror, I thought it looked pretty darned sexy! And the soft smooth feel of the satin material was terrific emek escort on my cock and balls. I started to stiffen down there!

Then I turned and observed my buns, totally free to view, just a tiny little red triangle of material at the small of my back and then the thong strap disappeared between my buttocks.

I went back downstairs and walked towards my place on the middle recliner.

Aunty Carol sat up immediately and started clapping. “Much more like, it Roger,” she said, with enthusiasm. “Now show us your buns!”

I turned a little shyly and then Aunty Carol made my ears burn red: “Fucking gorgeous, ohmigod what spankable buns, eh Chrissy? Does your girl friend ever burn a tattoo on that ass?”

I sat down on the recliner quickly. “Er, no, she doesn’t actually, aunty,” I muttered, and Aunty Carol leered at me.

“Well, my dear Roger,” she said, “that’s a situation that’s going to be fuckin’ remedied, I can tell you!”

Aunty Chrissy chided her sis. “Now, now, Caroline,” she remarked (Caroline was obviously her choice when she was across with her sister), “please don’t embarrass our young guest. Spanking, indeed.”

Carol ignored her older sister. “Bullshine, Chrissy,” she laughed, “he can’t wait to have ’em paddled. What does your girl friend do to you, besides not spanking you, Roger? Does she fuck your brains out?”

As I sought a reply, Aunty Chrissy ordered me to lie flat on the recliner and started to smear warm sun tan lotion all over my upper body.

“Ignore her, my dear,” said Aunt Chrissy, massaging the lotion in with remarkably strong hands, working it into my shoulders, pectorals, chest and abdomen, before concentrating on my thighs. I was starting to get stiff again!

“Come on, Roger, tell Aunty Caroline,” said the younger woman in a teasing voice. “Look, Chrissy, it’s turning him on – look at the front of his thong. That’s a semi-stiffy and I bet he’s got a circumcised cock, judging by the outline!”

“Really, sis,” snorted Aunty Chrissy, “please behave!”

But Carol plunged on. “Tell me Roger, cut cock and seven inches, am I right?”

My face must have been turning beetroot red, but I actually answered her: “Yes, I am circumcised, Aunty Carol, and it’s seven and a half inches long.”

“Wait till I start on your spanking, Roger, my darling,” said Aunt Carol, “it’ll go to damn near 8!”

Aunty Chrissy finished oiling me and lay back on her recliner. Then her sister continued with her teasing questioning.

“Tell me about this girl friend who doesn’t spank you Roger. Same age as you, or do you prefer older ladies? I know a couple who’d be willing to help you out,” she said, a remark which actually drew a laugh from Aunty Chrissy.

“Well, she’s about three years older than me, but we’ve broken up,” I informed them. “She said I was too boring and interested in my books.”

Carol propped herself up on one elbow, her big tits threatening to fall from her bra, and grinned lecherously at me: “Hear that, Caro? He’s on the rebound. Fuck I love making it with men on the rebound, they’re so fuckin’ randy!”

Aunty Chrissy snapped at her sister. “Oh for crissake, take a fuckin’ dip and cool off, sis,” she told Carol, “while I have a sensible chat with Roger. Off you go!”

And, to my amazement, Carol stepped to the pool’s edge and executed a graceful dive into the lovely blue water.

“Now, darling,” said Aunty Chrissy, as her sister started to swim lengths with an elegant freestyle, “what sort of experience did you have with your girl? Did you make love to her?”

For some reason, Aunt Chrissy’s more pleasant approach put me at ease and soon I was pouring my heart out. I told her how I loved my girlfriend’s lush big tits, her semi-shaved pussy, how we fucked, but only in the missionary position and how she refused me permission to go down on her. I told my aunt how my girl had teased me with her sexy lingerie, but then wouldn’t let me sniff her knickers. And as I did, I was painfully aware of the fact that my cock was trying to burst out of the thong Aunty Chrissy had provided me.

When I had finished my tale of sexual misery, Aunty Chrissy made me lie on my tummy, which meant my hard-on was no longer visible in the red satin thong. She then worked lotion strongly into my shoulders, back and buttocks – especially my buttocks, with her fingers probing delightfully into my between-cheeks crack. Then she massaged more lotion into my thighs and calves and let me bake into the wonderfully warm San Diego sunshine.

After Aunt Carol had emerged from the pool and towelled down, Aunt Chrissy spoke to her.

“Right,” she said, “while you were getting rid of those extra pounds you put on thanks to that disgraceful plate of spare ribs you enjoyed last night, I obtained information from Roger.”

“Tell me everything!” Carol said, as she lay down on her recliner.

“Well,” said Aunt Chrissy, “his ex allowed him to make love to her but only in the missionary position.”

Carol snorted. “How eryaman escort fuckin’ dreary!”

Aunt Chrissy pressed on: “She wouldn’t let him come inside her, he had to complete his ejaculation by hand and with a condom on.”

“How fuckin’ tasteless!” Carol sneered.

“She refused to let him go down on her. And she refused, in turn, to go down on him.”

Carol was aghast. “Who the fuck was this woman? Queen fuckin’ Victoria?”

Aunt Chrissy went on: “She used to wear sexy lingerie, which she teased him with, but never allowed him to sniff her panties, or come in her bra, or do sexy things with her thongs.”

Carol roared: “Stop, stop, enough already. Too much fuckin’ information. The poor kid’s in urgent need of rehabilitation.”

Aunt Chrissy smiled at me. “Precisely, my dear Carol, and we’re just the ones to provide it. We’ll start with a nice lingerie fashion parade, agreed?”

“Great idea, sis,” said Carol. “Let’s make it a competition. He can allot points to each item we model and the winner gets to show him something other than the missionary position!”

“I had a similar idea in mind,” said Aunt Chrissy. “You want to experience our little lingerie show, Roger?”

“It sounds exciting, aunty,” I told her, and it did. But quite how stunningly exciting it was to turn out, I had no idea. Still, as you’ve probably gathered, I was very naive.

The two women then jumped from their recliners, held out their hands and pulled me from my lounger. Inside the house, they took me to a large basement room and made me sit in a high-backed, armed wooden chair, with a leather-padded seat.

Aunt Chrissy made me place my arms on the arms of the chair and then I noticed clamps at the front end of the arms. My wrists were pinned into them, then my arms just below the elbows. Next she pulled away my thong, revealing my semi-erect cock to their gaze.

Her next task was to shackle my ankles to similar clamps set in the bottom of the chair’s front legs, thus making me not only naked, but also immobile.

“That’s just in case you try to run away,” she laughed, “and you’re naked so we can judge your reaction to our outfits! Now we’re going to select our lingerie. We won’t be long.”

Then Aunt Carol leant over and gave me a long, smoochy kiss full on the mouth. “Don’t run away, darling,” she laughed.

As they left, one of them turned the lighting in the room way down low, so I could hardly make out what was in the room, although I thought I could detect a little stage set against the wall directly opposite me, although I couldn’t be certain, as it appeared to be curtained off.

After several minutes waiting in excited anticipation, lights by the side of the curtains came blazing on, making me squint with its intensity. Then the curtains were drawn back and Aunty Chrissy stood on the stage, wearing a long, black satin dressing gown, which came to past her ankles.

She spoke to me from the stage, which was about four feet in front of my position in the bondage chair. “Righto, Roger, we’re just about set to start off the lingerie show. I trust you’re quite comfortable.”

I nodded, then she stepped down and walked behind me. “We’re each going to model three outfits,” she said, “and the first is non-revealing lingerie. The second outfit must reveal our breasts, and the third our breasts and pussies. I have a sheet of paper here and will mark down the scores you give each outfit.

“You will award marks from one – which means it doesn’t do much for you – to 10 – which means it makes you want to fuck like crazy. You can also award half marks – 5.5, 9.5 and so on. Understood, Roger?”

“Yes, aunty,” I replied, then I heard her press some sort of buttons, which obviously were connected to a CD player, and some sexy music started to sound behind me. As it did, Aunty Carol made her appearance from the side of the stage and began to walk up and down, displaying her outfit to me.

For her first outfit she had chosen a red satin basque, which pushed her breasts up into superb uplift, the garment clinging to her lush figure. At the hem of the basque, straps descended to shiny black nylon stockings that gleamed on her lovely legs. A red satin pair of panties gleamed at her middle, drawn tightly across her pudenda and buttocks. As she moved around, wiggling her hips and thrusting her breasts forward, my penis rose to a hard-on which I was, of course, powerless to hide.

“Oh fuck, a basque – basques are so fuckin’ sexy,” said Aunty Chrissy, rubbing her hand along my shaft. “Look at the way it’s gleaming against her body – look at the way the straps are holding her tits up!”

I did. Yes, it was fucking sexy!

To complete her performance, Aunty Carol stepped down from the stage and turned her back on me, then leaned over and grasped her hands around her ankles, thus presenting her lovely lush buttocks, the red satin gleaming as it strained across her cheeks.

“Score?” I heard Aunty Chrissy call out from behind me.

“Er, an 8.5,” etimesgut escort I announced.

Aunty Carol then stepped beside my chair and I heard a door open, then close, and moments later, Aunty Chrissy appeared on the stage – there must have been a corridor from the back of the room to the stage in front of me.

“Oh fuck, it’s the retro look,” I heard Aunt Carol say, then felt her hand stroke my cock as I gazed at Aunty Chrissy’s erotic outfit.

My older aunt had chosen an all black ensemble, which gleamed with a sinister but exciting menace. The black bra clung to her full breasts, pressing the bare upper globes up. On her hips a three-inch deep suspender belt was attached to seamed black stockings, and full black satin knickers covered her crotch and ass.

“Look at the way its gleams against her titties and pussy,” exclaimed Aunt Carol. “It’s sooo exciting!”

What was also exciting was the way my cock was throbbing, aided by Aunt Carol’s hand as I watched Aunt Chrissy strut around the stage before bending over in front of me in a duplicate of Carol’s pose finishing stance before her.

Aunt Carol then left me, and Aunt Chrissy called out: “Score?”

I gave her an 8.5, to match Carol’s.

Aunt Chrissy then stepped beside my chair and started to stroke my cock as Aunty Carol emerged once more onto the stage. She had chosen a red latex outfit that took my breath away!

The clothing was in the form of a shiny playsuit, cut high on her hips, fully covering her belly and widening at the top to reveal her lush, full, 38-inch breasts, her nipples erect and inviting.

The sides of the top of the garment went up around her neck to hold it snugly and this had a glorious effect on her breasts. At the neck line, the garment was completed by long gloves which covered her shoulders and went all the way down to her hands. She wore red leather boots, which came half-way up her lovely thighs.

“Oh that’s so fuckin’ great,” said Aunty Chrissy. “Couldn’t you just fuck her tits in that outfit, Roger?”

“Yes, aunty,” I murmured, my gaze fixated on Aunt Carol’s posing performance.

“Tell her,” Aunty Chrissy insisted, “she’ll be thrilled. Tell her you’d like to tit fuck her!”

“I’d love to fuck your tits in that outfit, Aunty Carol,” I called.

She laughed, but said nothing and after completing strutting her stuff, Aunty Carol bent over in front of me and I could see that the back of the playsuit was thong-style, revealing her lush buns. She bent to disclose a mouth-watering sight of a narrow red latex strap, just covering her pussy lips and anus.

“Score?” inquired Aunty Chrissy, and I gave it a 9.

Aunty Carol bent and gave me a wet kiss on the mouth, her bare breasts grazing my naked upper body as she did so, then Aunty Chrissy took center-stage, while her sister stroked my stiffy.

My elder aunt had chosen a black satin, quarter-cup bra, which exposed almost all the wonderful expanse of her large, lush globes. Her midriff was covered by a black satin thong, which was cut very high on her hips. She walked around, jouncing her breasts in time to the music, wiggling her buttocks at me.

“Another fuckin’ retro look. God it’s so sexy, tell her it’s sexy, Roger, tell her it makes you randy for her – tell her!”

I obeyed, as Aunty Chrissy pranced about and Aunty Carol stroked my hardness. “It’s a great outfit, aunty, I’m so randy for you!” I heard my voice crying out.

Then she did the bend-over routine, presenting me with a mouth-watering view of her satin covered snatch, before ending her performance by rubbing her breasts lightly across my stiff cock.

“Score?” inquired Aunty Chrissy, when she reached the paper she was marking my scores on.

“Nine point 5,” I said, and then Aunty Carol was back on stage, this time revealing to me not only her lush breasts, but her equally exciting pussy.

For her final outfit of the lingerie demonstration, Aunt Carol had gone for a red PVC bra and panty set. The bra had a wide split down the center of the cups, which allowed her nipples to be totally revealed. The PVC panties were crotchless, her large-lipped labia peeping brazenly at me.

“Look Roger,” said Aunty Chrissy, though I was already looking like crazy, “you could fuck her without her taking anything off. Tell her you want her!”

“I want you, Aunty Carol, I think that’s so fucking sexy,” I said, as the 37-year-old bounced around in front of me in her final performance.

Lastly she bent over to display the rear end of her crotchless panties, her dark-brown puckered anus peering up at me, full of dark promise.

“Score?” inquired Aunty Chrissy.

I gave Aunt Carol a 10!

Then, as the younger woman stroked my pre-cum dribbling cock, rubbing the juices along my stiff shaft, Aunty Chrissy arrived on stage for her piece de resistance.

Like Aunt Carol, Chrissy had chosen a PVC outfit, but this was a playsuit. Her breasts bounced fully exposed from its cut-away cups, a wide gash from her navel to the small of her back exposed her full-lipped pussy and engorged clitoris.

“Look at that,” Carol breathed, in an excited voice. “It’s wonderful. Tell her it’s wonderful, tell her it makes you want to come all over her, Roger,” said my cock-stroking aunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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