My Summer with Auntie Ch. 03

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The shame of what I had done made my modesty return, even worse than before. I couldn’t take the humiliation of having to wear Auntie’s skimpy undergarments. I pleaded with Auntie to let me wear Uncle Frank’s clothes instead. Surprisingly, Auntie relented and supplied me with tailored slacks and a starched dress shirt. They were huge. The pants could be held up with a belt, but there was no way to hold up Frank’s large boxers, so I couldn’t wear them. Going without underwear felt strangely erotic and slightly taboo, just like everything else that had happened so far. I finished dressing, and looked in the mirror. Uncle Frank’s oversized clothes made me look and feel tiny, like a child. I rolled up the sleeves and cuffs like a girl wearing her boyfriend’s clothes. I ended up feeling nearly as feminized as when I was wearing my Auntie’s clothes. Auntie must have known this would happen.

That evening, I resolved to go to sleep without abusing myself. This meant staying away from the peephole into Auntie’s room. And I couldn’t let myself touch the stack of men’s magazines in Uncle Frank’s bottom drawer. I convinced myself that my vacation had gotten off to a strange start, but I could get things back to normal for the rest of the summer. No more perverted thoughts about my Auntie.

I woke up refreshed and determined to make a new start. The day started out well. That afternoon, Auntie wanted me to do yard work for her. We went outside, but she wouldn’t allow me to do “dirty work” in my late Uncle Frank’s fine clothes. Initially she wanted me change back into her clothes, but I begged her to find me something of Uncle Frank’s. After all, we were outdoors, and someone might see me.

“Alright, alright, if you insist. I’ll find you something of Frank’s that you can work in. Give me what you’re wearing.” Again she was ordering me to strip in front of her, and this time we were outdoors.

“But Auntie!” I protested.

“Oh, that’s right. I keep forgetting how modest you are. Just step into this tool shed and hand the clothes out to me. I’ll be right back.”

I could tell Auntie was losing her patience, so I went into the little shed. A noisy spring pulled the door shut behind me, plunging the shed into total darkness. Clumsily, I took off Uncle Frank’s clothes and then handed them out to Auntie. The door closed again, and I heard her walk away toward the house. There I was, stark naked inside the tiny tool shed. The air was musty and very hot. Before long, I was covered in sweat and light-headed. I don’t know why, but for some reason it was arousing to be left alone naked in this small, hot, confined space. In the silent darkness my hands moved over my sweaty body. They quickly found my sensitive nipples and stiffening penis. But moments later I was jolted back to reality by the sound of Auntie’s footsteps clicking down the walkway back to the shed.

The door opened suddenly and I was blinded by sunlight. A blast of fresh air shocked my wet body. Auntie shoved a single piece of clothing at me.

“Put this on and get out here”

Auntie had given me one of Uncle Frank’s old undershirts to work in. It was huge and hung low, but not low enough to cover my ass or genitals if I moved around a lot. I felt exposed.

Auntie supervised my work from a lawn chair in the shade. She gave me terse instructions, while sipping an iced tea that smelled strongly of alcohol. Unlike yesterday, Auntie wore a plain house-dress which showed very little of her ample body. It seemed as if the teasing game was over. This was good, because I would not have been able to hide the slightest arousal under the thin T-shirt.

Auntie worked me hard, and before long I was dirty, sweaty, and exhausted. Many of the tasks that Auntie ordered me to do involved bending over from the waist, which completely exposed my ass, and sometimes even my anus. I could feel Auntie’s eyes boring into me from behind her dark sunglasses. Any time Auntie ordered me to reach overhead, the T-shirt would rise up to my waist, exposing my heavy swinging penis. I was really too hot and tired to care any more. Besides, what could I do?

Finally Auntie announced that I had done enough yard work. She added that I was filthy and it was time for my bath. I was relieved to be done, but felt like I was being treated like a child. I was beyond defiance, and complied with her wishes. Instinctively, I knew it was useless to argue. Auntie knew best. As I climbed the stairs to the bathroom, Auntie sternly reminded me to shave my entire body every time I bathed.

I was halfway through my bath when Auntie Porno knocked on the door. Before I could respond, she barged into the bathroom with an armload of clean towels. I raced to cover my nakedness. She seemed to ignore me as she hung fresh towels on all the racks. I noticed she had changed into a large, fluffy terrycloth bathrobe.

“Have you shaved yourself?”

“Yes, Auntie” I stammered.

“Well let’s get you finished in here so I can take my bath. Here, let me wash your back for you”.

I wanted to say no, but my mouth would make no sound. I quickly repositioned myself to hide the lower half of my body under the thick soap suds. Auntie began washing my back in earnest. She was a strong woman and her washing motions pushed my entire body forward rhythmically. Before long she was rocking me back and forth so far that my ass was rising completely out of the water. That was not what I wanted to happen. It got worse. “I’m going to need to inspect your shaving job if you’re going to wear my fine underthings”.

I became mortified because of my extreme modesty, and my fear of reawakening the taboo. I protested meekly, and to my surprise, Auntie sympathized with me. She offered to wear the sash of her bathrobe as a blindfold, so she couldn’t see my naked body. I agreed and was greatly relieved, not knowing that this would create a far more sexual situation.

Auntie returned to my back. She washed my back and massaged the muscles at the same time. Since she was blindfolded, she was not sure exactly where to wash. Before long, her hands roamed down my back, and she accidentally groped my ass. She mistakenly referred to my ass as my “lower back” as she kneaded my buttocks in her strong hands. I wondered if I should tell her how far off course she was. I decided to remain silent. I was afraid that if I said something, she might have to remove her blindfold. My modesty was worsened by the fact that my penis has begun to grow.

“As long as I’m blindfolded, there’s no reason why you can’t stand up in the tub and let me wash the rest of you. Besides, I have to make sure you shaved yourself completely.” I hadn’t realized that my modesty would lead to this. I was trapped. There was nothing I could do. I stood up as instructed. Even though Auntie was blindfolded, I turned my body facing away from her out of decency. I noticed that without the sash, her robe was opening wider and wider. It wouldn’t be right for me to take advantage of the situation and stare at my Auntie’s breasts.

So there I was, standing completely motionless, inches from my Auntie, trying not to think sexual thoughts.

Since she was blindfolded, Auntie had to use her hands to determine if I’d shaved myself properly. First she explored up and down my legs. Her touch was fantastic. I fought to remain in control of my arousal, but it was a losing battle. As her hands reached my upper thighs, my penis rose up as if it had a mind of its own. I was losing control. I tried not to look at my Auntie, but the bathroom was covered in mirrors. Even facing away from her, there was always some angle of mirror showing my Auntie’s exposed breasts, swaying gently back and forth as she moved. I tried not to look, and shut my eyes, but it was too late. The image was already burned into my mind.

Everything I tried to do backfired. Closing my eyes only heightened the sensitivity of my skin. Auntie’s hands were roaming all over my body now. She claimed to be looking for razor stubble. By now my penis was standing straight out, rock hard. Auntie’s hands hadn’t found it yet, but they would run into it soon. Waiting for her hands to discover my erection increased my arousal.

First her hands found my balls. She cupped and squeezed them gently as if she wasn’t sure what they were. I almost came right on the spot. Her fingers grazed the base of my erection, and she suddenly realized how aroused I had become. She stopped moving. Was it over? Was I in trouble? For several long moments the bathroom was totally silent. Then I was relieved to discover that Auntie had only paused to find her bottle of exotic liquid soap.

“You’re a very dirty boy. You need a thorough washing”. I tried to say the word “no”, but my mouth said “yes” in a husky whisper.

There I was, standing in the tub with my back to my blindfolded Auntie. She was kneeling or squatting behind me. She began reaching around with both hands to wash the front of my body. I could feel her breasts bumping the backs of my legs as she washed my belly. Her nipples were hard. Her face was so close to my Altyazılı Porno body that I could feel her hot breath on my back.

Finally, accidentally, Auntie’s hand landed on my erect penis. She gasped in surprise, and a low moan slipped past my lips. Her hand explored its length, again acting as if she was unsure what she was holding. Her soft caressing motions were driving me out of my mind. She formed an “O” with her thumb and finger, and began to draw it up and down my shaft in a slow jacking motion. This was a very thorough washing. My hips instinctively started to move back and forth.

Her other hand was washing between my buttocks, and one of her fingers paused on my anus. I drew in a breath and instinctively leaned forward a little.

“You filthy little boy. You need to be washed EVERYWHERE, don’t you?”

My body had given itself over to the taboo pleasure, but part of my mind was still trying to rationalize. I thought to myself “Auntie is simply helping me wash myself, just like she did when I was a little boy. I’ve accidentally become aroused, and it’s not her fault. She’s blindfolded and can’t see what she’s doing”. Part of my mind still wanted to stop what was happening, but my body wouldn’t let me.

The pleasure of Auntie’s groping and stroking forced all thoughts from my mind. All thoughts except pure lust mixed with shame. Roughly, she spun me around to face her. My penis swung like a compass needle directly in front of her face. She resumed her “washing”. I threw my head back in ecstasy, grabbing a towel bar so I wouldn’t lose my balance. When my eyes refocused, I noticed I could still see what was happening in the mirrored ceiling above me.

I watched Auntie’s jacking motion pick up speed, and saw as each stroke tugged me closer to her. The fingertip that had accidentally grazed my anus became two fingers buried past the knuckle. They moved in and out in tempo with her jacking. I could see and feel as two fingers became three, then four, pumping in and out in a rude fucking motion.

Every one of Auntie’s strokes was pulling my cock a little closer to her face. I struggled to keep my balance. I was shocked when an extra strong jerk finally caused my swollen cockhead to bump Auntie’s cheek. The head of my penis was leaking pre-cum, and it left a silvery streak . The next strong tug actually bumped my cock into her full lips. Amazed, I watched her tongue flick out and lick my pre-come from her lips.

At this point I realized that if I were to simply relax my body, Auntie’s strong tugging (I mean, washing) would accidentally pull my cock between her lips, and maybe into her mouth. But I knew that would be wrong. Even through my lust, I felt too much guilt and shame to take advantage of my blindfolded Auntie.

I looked down, taking in the full beauty of my Auntie. She couldn’t see that her robe had fallen open, and her large breasts were completely exposed. They swayed heavily from side to side, slick with perspiration. The sight of Auntie’s nakedness made my penis nearly explode. She must have sensed that I was about to come, and paused for a moment. When she resumed “washing” and pumping my penis, she was only using one hand. In a low, husky voice, Auntie stated that she was “washing” herself too, “where she needs it most”.

I took over the “washing” of my balls and anus. I washed myself vigorously so my Auntie would be proud of me. She continued expertly manipulating my stiff penis. I was growing dangerously close to orgasm.

Auntie’s soapy free hand immediately went to work between her own legs. It was hard for me to see what she was doing down there, but it seemed as if her “washing” quickly degenerated into blatant masturbation. Auntie’s bathrobe finally worked itself completely off, and slid to the floor. She was now totally naked except for her blindfold. I was shocked by what was revealed. Auntie had worked almost her entire hand into her slick, dripping pussy.

I became aware that she was fucking herself in the same rhythm that she was using on my penis. This seemed to connect the two acts together. I became mesmerized by this. In my mind it was actually my penis, not her hand, plunging in and out of her hungry pussy.

Though both of Auntie’s hands were full, she discovered that if she raised herself up a little, she could use my penis to rub and flick her long, erect nipples. Her nipples soon demanded more attention than my cockhead could provide. She demonstrated for me how she liked them roughly tweaked and tugged, then I eagerly took over the job.

After Brazzers awhile, Auntie shifted her position and reached around to her backside. In the mirror I could see she was now penetrating her anus as aggressively as she had assaulted her pussy. She was completely lost in pleasure behind her makeshift blindfold. She punctuated the violation of her asshole with sharp spanks to her buttocks. Bending forward, she used my stiff penis to noisily slap her face until her cheeks were a bright pink that matched her ass. This combination of self-abuse seemed to push her over the edge, and I watched her body stiffen as her orgasm began. Her face contorted and her mouth formed an “O”, just inches from my penis. Her hand around my penis tightened into a death-grip as all her muscles began to spasm uncontrollably.

Auntie’s intense climax triggered my own. We convulsed together as if we had both touched the same live wire. One after another, thick ropes of my semen shot out onto Auntie’s face and breasts, dripping down to her sensuous, round belly. My knees weakened. Auntie’s tugging action pulled me forward on my wobbly legs. Just as I predicted, my spurting cockhead unintentionally slipped directly into her open mouth. There was no way to prevent it. A look of surprise swept over Auntie’s blindfolded face. Surprise turned into a smile, then suction, as I continued to ejaculate. Within moments, Auntie had sucked my entire cock down her throat, and my smooth balls were resting on her chin. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I braced myself against the wall to keep from falling. She continued sucking until every drop of semen was drained, then finally allowed my penis to back out of her mouth. I had never felt anything so incredible in my life.

Auntie was still riding the waves of her own orgasm, running both hands up and down her body. She caressed her pussy and her breasts, massaging my cum and her juices into her skin. I noticed she was no longer tugging so roughly on her swollen nipples and clitoris. I could see they had become hypersensitive and even the slightest touch was sending shudders and spasms of orgasm shooting throughout her body.

I recovered before she did. As my orgasm faded, my modesty returned. Reality began to sink in. I knew this time we had gone too far.

Auntie spoke first. “Hurry up and put something on so I can take this sash off my eyes.”

I finished rinsing off and slipped on one of Auntie’s kimonos. Auntie retrieved her bathrobe from the floor and put it on.

“It’s alright Auntie, you can look now.”

As Auntie removed the sash from her eyes, all the eroticism in the room seemed to vanish.

“Young man, you’d better get out of here so I can finish my bath and make dinner.”

I couldn’t believe that everything was supposedly back to normal. I had to say something. It was now or never.

“Auntie… isn’t what we just did wrong?”

She looked at me with a half smile. “Don’t be silly. Just because your family is uptight about sexuality, doesn’t mean that I have to be. I suppose they told you that masturbation is a sin, too.”

I didn’t know what to say, and just looked at the floor, embarrassed. Auntie continued.

“You really needn’t be so ashamed of your body. It’s perfectly normal for a young man like you to have certain urges…” Auntie paused and found my eyes with hers. “… and older women have urges too.”

I swallowed hard, and spoke again. “But Auntie, what we did was different. It was ince-“

Auntie’s demeanor changed in an instant. Before the word “incest” was fully formed, she slapped me hard across the face. I was stunned. My cheek burned, and my ear rang. Tears began to form, but I fought them back.

Auntie’s eyes bored into mine as she scolded me. “For your information, young man, it’s not incest unless it’s INTENTIONAL. What happened here today was an accident, so it wasn’t incest. It wasn’t wrong, and neither of us should feel guilty about it. I won’t hear any more about it.”

And then, just as quickly, her mood returned to normal.

My cheek was bright red, and the burning was radiating out and warming my entire face. The stinging even ran down my neck.

“Auntie is sorry she had to slap you. Are you alright?”

I nodded my head. I was unconvinced by her explanation, but glad she was no longer angry.

She touched my red skin as she spoke. “Give Auntie a hug, and then go downstairs while I rinse off.”

I hugged Auntie as instructed. As I did so, the burning in my cheek seemed to leap downward through my nipples, and into my groin. My penis felt hot and became firm enough to bump against Auntie’s body. I hoped she couldn’t feel it, but I knew she could. I couldn’t hide anything from my Auntie. I pulled myself away and left the room. What was happening to me?

end of chapter three

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