My Story

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I have been a reader of this website for a long time and have contributed some stories. I am going to be kind of daring and share what has developed and continues to develop in my situation.

It was about 6 months ago, our parents decided to make a bold move. Both my brother and I had been living at home, both working. Me as a waitress and exotic dancer. My brother works in a factory. We were always close growing up and once we hit adult age, we hung out a lot.

We were both called to the dining room, where we were told we were going on a little family drive. We all loaded up in the Ford Explorer and after a few minutes, pulled up to the small house our grandmother had owned until the day she passed away. Our parents tried selling it, with no luck. Once inside, we were told that since we were both adults and working, my brother and I would move into the old house.

Kyle was a typical momma’s boy and didn’t want to leave home. I had been secretly looking for an apartment, but really didn’t want to live alone. I was quick to agree, Kyle, not so much. There was no sense arguing. That weekend, a rented moving truck took all of our stuff to the house.

Adjusting to living together took some time. We had a hard time establishing ground rules for who would do what. After a few weeks, we had learned to work together. Our work schedules were so different. Kyle worked first shift, I worked evenings, until late at night. Many times, he would come to the club to eat, but would somehow always turn his back when I danced. Some nights, I would come home to find out that he had brought another dancer home for fucking.

Something inside me wasn’t right. It was as if I was jealous. Like I had been betrayed. I found Kyle very attractive and even sexy. In a way, I longed for him to watch me dance when he came to the club. All kinds of guys eyes were on me, but there was only one pair I wanted watching as my clothes came off and i swung around the pole.

I started to notice something else, when I would get ready for bed, I would notice that my lingerie drawer was open a little, or my closet door wasn’t shut totally. Two things I was always meticulous to do. My bras and panties looked like they had been moved a little. Was Kyle really interested in me?

Since pendik escort there were no disapproving eyes of parent’s around, I thought I would test the waters. I would purposely walk around the house in t-shirt and panties, or just panties. I noticed I would get a quick glance from Kyle, then he would look away. I don’t know why this upset me, but it did. After showers I would parade around in just my towel wrapped around me and my long brunette hair hanging free. Again, just a quick glance, finally I was fed up.

“Kyle!” I snapped.

“Yeah Jenna?” He replied, eyes still glued to the TV.

“We need to talk.” I snatched the remote from him, turning off the distraction.

“What did I do now?” He huffed.

“Nothing, I want to ask you something, and you be honest. And look at me!” I ended with a demand

Kyles eyes turned to me, he seemed to not want to be looking. Something that frustrated and upset me.

“When I walk around the house, why won’t you look at me?” My voice softened

“You’re my sister, I am not suppose to look at you when you aren’t decent.”

“Do you not find me attractive?”

“What?” His voice cracked “Jenna, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Do you know how hard it is to live with someone so gorgeous and I can’t even look at you the way I want to look at you.”

I couldn’t help but feel so touched, he had just said the sweetest words I had ever heard. A new feeling came over me, one I had never felt for any of the guys I had dated.

“And you are very attractive too Kyle. You are sweet, caring, and I am so lucky to get to live with you.” I moved closer “We are the only ones here, we can do or act however we want.” I put my hand on his. “Will you look at my body?”

“Yes, if it will make you happy.”

I stood, his eyes finally giving me the attention I so craved. I dropped the towel to the floor and stood there. Kyle’s eyes moved up and down my body, from my firm, C cup breasts down my tan body and gazing at my bald pussy and long legs. I watched him adjust his legs to cover his crotch.

Walking to him, I took him by the hand and pulled him to his feet. We embraced in a tight hug and I could feel it. The bulge in his jeans pressing against me.

“Tonight we become pendik escort more than brother and sister.” I whispered in his ear, then led him down the hall to me bedroom “Tonight we are two adults in love.”

Standing by my queen size bed, our lips met for the first time. Kyle’s kiss was passionate, powerful. His arms around me held my balance. I could feel his hands move down to my small ass. As our tongues danced, I unbuttoned his dress shirt. Pushing it off, I broke the kiss and started kissing down his hairy chest. My hands undoing his khaki pants. Kyle wore no underwear I found out as I pushed his pants off. His large cock stood at attention.

We moved to the bed, where we lay in an embrace, kissing and touching all over each others bodies. His touch made me crave him even more, just being this close to him fulfilled me. My pussy ached and grew wetter, begging for his cock in me. As I stroked his cock, his fingers found there way between my dripping pussy lips.

“Kyle, I want you in me so bad.” I panted between kisses. “I am a virgin, I’ve been saving myself for you.”

Kyle stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes, I could see how bad he wanted this, just surprised by my news.

“Are you sure you want it to be me?” His words filled with care.

“Yes, I love you so much. I want to give you the gift of my virginity.”

“I love you too sis, I promise I will be gentle.”

As I rolled to my back, the word “sis” bounced around in my brain. The way he said it was so sweet. His weight now on top of me. I parted my legs to welcome him closer to where no man had ever been.

Our kiss continued, Kyle ran the head of his cock up and down between my pussy lips. I trembled and moaned happily at the feeling. He positioned himself and pushed slowly. I could feel him enter me, the pain wasn’t as bad as others had told me. I was so relaxed that my body welcomed him. As he got further into me, it hurt a little more.

I moaned happily and gripped the bedding, feeling my pussy stretch around his huge cock. My eyes closed tightly. Kyle stopped and looked at me, I opened my eyes to look at him.

“Are you ready for me to pop your cherry?” He asked.

“Yes, please baby do it.”

Kyle kissed me deeply and thrust into pendik escort me, I felt my hymen tear and I let out a long cry through the kiss. Kyle stopped to let me adjust. This pain was new and luckily it eased after a moment. A sense of happiness and excitement filled me deeper than his cock did at the moment. A happiness that went from head to toe. He pushed deeper, until his cock was fully in me. I moaned happily and wrapped my legs around Kyle. His thrusts were steady at first, then picked up intensity.

“Oh fuck yes Kyle, oh I love you, don’t stop.”

“Damn sis, your pussy is so good, oh fuck its all mine.”

“Yes Kyle, keep calling me sis, don’t ever fuck any woman but me.”

“You’re the only woman I wanna fuck, of shit sis, you’re so tight, I’m gonna cum.”

His words mirrored how I was feeling, my orgasm had been building and was at an exploding point. I wanted him so bad for so long.

“Not yet baby, don’t cum yet.” I begged, his moans getting louder. Kyle pulled out and moved to the side of me, telling me to get on my hands and knees.

“I wanna fuck you doggy style.” he told me, I rolled to my belly and got into position.

Kyle moved behind me, when he slammed his cock into me again, I let out a long, welcoming moan.

The feeling of his cock pounding me from behind elevated my desire to cum all over his cock. I dropped my head to my pillow. Kyle gripped my hair and pounded his cock deep into me. I moaned and yelped louder, looking up at him and the pleasure on his face.

“Okay Kyle, now baby. Cum with me, I’m going to cum so hard.” My voice a higher pitch now.

“Jenna, yes baby, here it is, I am cumming.” He grunted and thrust deep in me, stopping.

I pushed back against him as my pussy flowed juices, I could feel his cum filling me up. For a few moments, we stayed where we were. Panting and sighing in pleasure. Finally, he pulled out of me which made a popping sound. I collapsed onto the pillow, Kyle collapsed next to me. We kissed for a moment, then I turned and let him hold me. I was so drained from what had just happened.

The last thing I recalled was his sweet kiss on my ear and his fingers running through my hair as I fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning, Kyle had gone. Obviously at work, the smell of sex and a dried area of our juices and a little blood were on the blanket.

I was sore, but couldn’t erase the smile that was now permanent. Stepping into the shower that morning, I felt so alive, like I had just conquered the world.

To be continued

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