My sister Sandy follows in Mom’s footsteps

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When my sister Sandy and I were growing up, we often retreated to the basement to play game with each other. One of my favorites was “doctor”. I often had my 8-9 year old fingers touching her pussy and inserted things into her bald pre-teen pussy. When my parents got divorced we moved away with our mother and life changed for all of us. While growing up, Sandy used to hang out with some girls that were known to be a little frisky, and even stayed out too late one day and felt the wrath of Mom.

Sandy was a tall slim blonde throughout high school and grew into quite a hottie. At 5’8″ and 125 pounds she was a looker in anyone’s book . Her long legs, curly blonde locks, grapefruit sized tits, and nice tight body constantly drew looks from guys no matter what their age. She was 2 years my junior and was still living with Mom when I moved out at 20. She spent her High School years in a private all girls school, so she didn’t have the exposure to sex crazed teenage boys.

A few months after I moved out into my own place, Sandy and Mom got into a huge fight. It seems that Mom came home and found Sandy alone in her room with a guy. I guess they were half way to being naked and Mom went ballistic over it. As a result of the fight, Sandy called me and asked if she could stay with me for awhile until Mom cooled down. I told her it was no problem and I’d pick her up after work. I was looking forward to seeing her and having company when I come home from work. Sandy offered to be the “housewife” while I earned the money, and who was I to refuse.

After a few days things were working out well, and I was starting to wonder if Sandy had the same habits as our mother Liz did. Mom used to like to walk around half naked and she even turned into my lover for the last 8 months I was living home. Mom taught my the wonders of sex, and I took full advantage of her sexually willing body. I could only dream of Sandy having the same habits.

Once Sandy started to become comfortable around the house, she would walk around in her silk night gown and would often go from the bathroom to the bedroom in nothing but a towel. The sight of her firm tits pushing against the thin fabric of her nightgown, caused my cock to stir and long for her warmth and touch. Little did I know, but she was doing it on purpose to get a reaction out of me. It all came to a head one day after work, and it was the 1st of many times we would get busy. The following is what happened and it was hell worth the wait.

It’s 3:30 on a Monday afternoon, and as I drive home I think of what Sandy will be doing when I get there. I pull down the driveway, and I see her waiting for me at the porch door. She came outside and gave my a hug and a kiss. The hug was nice, but the kiss was on the lips and had a sexual flavor to it, not a brother sister flavor. She asks me “how was work?”, and I reply busy and tiring. We walk into the house and I get something to drink. I sit down on the couch and see what’s on the TV.
Sandy comes over and sits next to me and lays her head on my shoulder. I kiss her on the nose and put my arm around her as we watch the News. As we relax on the couch, she starts getting naughty thoughts, and soon we will never be the same again. Sandy slowly reaches for my crotch and start rubbing me to my great surprise. I look at her in disbelief and can’t believe what is happening. As she continues to move her hand up and down my thigh, something starts to grow inside my pants. The next thing I know, Sandy starts unzipping my pants and reaches for my cock. I’m not sure what she has planned, but I decide to call her bluff and see what happens. I warn her not to start something she’s not willing to finish. Sandy gives me a sly smile and say, “I always Sex hikayeleri finish what I start”. With that statement, she slides off the couch and gets on her knees between my legs. After unbuttoning my pants, she pulls them down to the floor to release my cock and balls for her pleasure. She sticks out her tongue and gives the tip of my cock a lick. My cock pulses and twitches with her touch as I let out a moan. She then licks the base of my cock and continue up again to the tip as I run my hands thru her silky blonde hair and groan my satisfaction with her efforts. Next she turns her attention to my balls hanging below the throbbing meat stick in her hands. Sandy reaches out to give them a tickle and fondles them gently with her fingers as she rolls them around in her hands. Then, she decides to lick one of my large balls and sucks it in her mouth. As my left ball rests inside her mouth she rolls her tongue around it and smiles at me. I’m enjoying every minute of it, and can’t believe my sexy sister is kneeling before me with my manhood in her mouth.
Now that I’m all primed and ready, Sandy heads back to my cock head. She sucks the head in and flicks it with your tongue all the while fondling my balls with her hands. I warn her to be careful as she starts sliding my cock in and out of her talented mouth. For someone with no previous boyfriends, my sister sure was giving me a blowjob to rival the ones I received from Mom. Her head is like a piston pumping back and forth, up and down my shaft. She slides my cock into her mouth from the very tip, to the very bottom without a hitch. I warn her that I’m going to cum, and she doesn’t even slow down. Soon It’s too much for me. I grab her head as she swallows my whole cock, and I moan in ecstasy as my balls send long streams of seed into her mouth. She pauses for a moment as she concentrates on swallowing my seed. Soon my cock is still and Sandy licks the last drops of cum off the tip of it. She licks her lips and say “now it’s my turn”.

I say no problem and I pull her shirt up over her head and see for the first time the perfect pair of tits that I lusted for since she was 15. They are firm and have light colored silver dollar sized areolas with dark red nipples that are as big around as the end of my pinky finger. I lay Sandy down on the livingroom floor, unbutton her shorts and slide them off her sexy hips, and then for the first time since we were kids, I get to see her cunt in all it’s glory. I lay her down and open those silky legs to reveal the beautiful trimmed pussy hiding from view. I slowly kiss my way up from her knee along her thighs until I’m only inches away from the honeypot. I then move to the other leg and repeat, only slower and more deliberately. She scolds me for teasing her, but I don’t listen. I want her as hot an horny as I can get her and I want to soak in all the smells and sights of her sexually mature body. Finally, I get up to her neatly trimmed pussy, and I breath in deeply to savior the odor of her prize pussy. It’s a smell that drives my motor. I very lightly lick the edge of one lip and it quivers at the touch. I slowly work from one side of it to the other and I work my tongue from top to bottom on the one lip while Sandy is moaning and breathing in a increasing rate. After teasing the one lip, I decide to tease the other one too. As soon as I start licking that one, she tenses up and grabs for my head, pulling me closer to the quivering pussy between her legs. Soon her hips rise and she starts to scream out while having her 1st orgasm. I grab Sandy’s hips and bury my tongue as far as it will go into her tasty pussy. As My tongue flicks in and out of the tight little hole, she continues to scream out and I now put 2 fingers together, Sikiş hikayeleri and start fucking her with them while I continue to flick away at her swollen clit. I pump my fingers back and forth as fast as I can while still keeping my tongue against her clit. With every thrust of my fingers, they rub Sandy’s G-spot and drives her absolutely mad. She starts screaming even loader and soon there is a flood of honey coming from her pussy. With all this going on, she can hardly keep from passing out in total exhaustion. I now get on my knees and get ready for the next thing to penetrate her.

I place my cock head against her pussy lips and slowly rub it up and down the slit. She begs me to put it in, but to be careful with it. That’s when she tells me that she is a virgin, and to take it slow so it won’t hurt. I’m in shock, and can’t believe that I will get to break my sister’s cherry. As hard as it is to control my lust for the prize that waits for me, I continue to tease her honeypot by rubbing my cock up and down those silky pussy lips..

Finally I can’t wait anymore and I push my cock between her lips while looking into her eyes. Only about an inch is in her, and she starts pumping her hips up and down. All this teasing has me as hot as her, and I slide my cock into her one inch at a time. As a slide my cock slowly into Sandy’s pussy, she is pushing against my hips with her hands trying to keep me from going too fast. My cock is now at her hymen and ready to pierce it for the first time. I ask Sandy if she’s ready, and she nods her head and bites her lip as she prepares for the pain to come. With one final push, I break her cherry as she cries out and arches her back as another orgasm rocks her nervous system. As I slide my cock into her pussy I’m amazed on how it feels. It’s like it has a mind of it’s own, as it grips and squeezes my cock. I’ve never had such a tight pussy before. It truly is a wondrous feeling having my cock buried as far as it will go inside my sister’s pussy. I pause for a moment as my balls rest against her ass, then start moving in and out. Sandy is moving her hips to follow mine and our movements are as one. As her legs wrap around my back, I suck on her tits and tease those perky nipples. Our pace quickens and I have trouble controlling myself. Soon, I can’t hold it any longer and I plunge my cock all the way into her tight pussy and let out a loud moan. My balls tighten up and send a load of my hot cum deep into her pussy. After about 5 pulses of cum, I’m all done. I lean down and kiss her deeply as my softening cock slips out of her bloody cum filled pussy. I then straddle her chest and present my soft cock to her talented mouth. She eagerly licks it and sucks it into her mouth. After cleaning my cock off, Sandy says how much she likes the taste of our sex. By now, we are both ready for a shower. We head for the bathroom and soon are washing away all the sweat from our love making. But, soon something starts coming to life again. Do I dare go for another?

After drying off from our shower we head for the bedroom. I walk my sister to my bed and lay her down and kiss her on the lips. I light a few candles and turn out the lights. I lay down facing Sandy and gently kiss her lips and neck. As I do this I slowly run my hands up and down your beautiful body. I trace the out line of her areolas and tease her nipples. I slowly drag the tip of my finger across Sandy’s hips and down her legs. I then follow the seam between her legs until I get to her newly trimmed pussy. Sandy is shaven clean except for a small strip pointing right at those dew covered lips. I gently rub my fingers between the folds of her pussy as she quivers at the sensation and attention. She’s moaning softly Erotik hikaye and saying how much she likes the touch of my fingers. I get my sister’s love button between my finger tips and gently rub it. Sandy begs me to stop, and tells me she can’t stand the teasing anymore. I decide to solve that problem as I slide down in the bed so that I can get my mouth near her pussy. My sister’s pussy is glistening from the honey that has been flowing from inside her and I inhale deeply the scent of her arousal. I flick out my tongue and run it the length of her lips while drinking down all of the juice seeping from her pussy.

As I drink down every drop that comes from within her honeypot, she grabs and claws at me. Sandy wants something to play with, so I turn around and straddle her face with my manhood. I continue to lick at Sandy’s pussy and she starts sucking on my cock like a professional. After three orgasms already, my cock is in need of attention, and Sandy takes it in her mouth and starts working on getting it hard again. She also sucks on my balls one at a time and even try to take one in your mouth, but it’s too big. Once she’s made me hard again, Sandy attacks my cock like an animal. She is thrusting my cock into her mouth at a furious pace. She wraps her arms up around my hips and pulls me all the way into her mouth. My cock head is now at the back of my sister’s throat and she loves it. She continues to swallow me and work herself into a frenzy. Soon I have to stop her because I want to save my hot load of cum for her pussy.
I get on my back and Sandy straddles my waist facing me. She reaches down and grabs my cock while guiding it towards her tight, wet, wanting pussy. Sandy places the tip of it at the entrance of her lovely box, and slowly starts to sink down onto my cock.

I grab her hips and enjoy the sensation of her tight pussy engulfing all of my cock. Soon all of me is inside her and she rest there for a moment before starting to rocking her hips back and forth. Sandy starts out slow, but continues to increase her pace. Soon she’s rocking her hips and moaning in ecstasy as the pace gets quicker and quicker. I’m having a hard time keeping control and I soon reach the point of no return. I grab her hips tightly and hold her still. An surge of cum builds from my balls and blasts deep inside of my sister’s former virgin pussy. After my cock pulses 5 times it starts to relax as she collapses on top of me and say how good she feels now.

I tell Sandy we’re not done yet. I roll her off me and put my cock in front of her lips. Sandy hungrily sucks it into her mouth and say how good we taste. Soon she has me hard again and I roll her onto her stomach and straddle both of those long sexy legs. I part the cheeks of her ass and take aim at the well lubed pussy. I place my cock head at the entrance and plunge into her dripping pussy in one swift thrust. I start pumping her hard and fast and as I pump my cock against your G-spot and don’t let up she shivers and shakes form the orgasms that flood thru her body. During this time Sandy is whimpering and moaning, I can tell She’s getting close to cuming again. I pump my cock into her pussy hard and fast as my balls bouncing against her legs and the bed rocks like crazy. After about 25 minutes Sandy’s screaming in extasy and I’m getting ready to blow again. But, I pull my cock out of her pussy and head for her ass. I broke her hymen a few hours ago, and now I want her ass too. I place my slick cock against Sandy’s virgin ass and slowly push in until my balls are resting against her deflowered pussy. I pump my cock back and forth in her ass while She cries out in total pleasure. It’s too much for me and I grab her hips and pull them tightly against me. With a toe curling orgasm, I then fill Sandy with another load of cum. After cleaning up. we sleep until late the next morning.

This visit is proving to be quite the vacation from the boring daily grind

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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