My Roommate Ch. 01

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I had never even met Lucy until I answered an ad looking for a roommate and was a little surprised just how white she was. Her name should have given me some hint, but I really wasn’t expecting some skinny little white girl. Lucy’s skin wasn’t just white, but looked like it had never even seen the sun. At least she had brown hair and brown eyes, since I doubt I would have given her so much as the time of day had her hair been blond and her eyes been blue.

I have always been uncomfortable around white people, but she managed to put me at ease and got along well enough to move in with her. That was about a year ago and I have been living in this secluded house ever since. There are times when I miss the sound of the city, but there is something special about being away from all that madness.

There are no neighbor’s within a mile of the house, which has taken some getting used to. Now it is just part of life and I don’t mind the drive to get to civilization. I still go out and party, but it takes a little longer for me to get there than it used to. Neither of us has anyone come out to visit, since it would be very difficult for anyone to find this place and reception is horrendous out here.

Lucy and I have developed something while living together, and I don’t quite know what it is. It isn’t really a friendship or a sisterhood, nor is it any kind of special bond. Whatever this is, I don’t have a name for it and not bothered by this in the least. That’s not quite true, since I’m sure I could come up with something given time. To be completely honest, I know exactly what this is, but I prefer to lie to myself about it.

I have never had any interest in being with a woman and Lucy should be the last one that I would ever find attractive, had there been any inclination for me to swing the other way. There is nothing particularly feminine about Lucy, nor does she come off as masculine at all, and I don’t know if she’s ever turned a single head in her life. Maybe that’s the reason I have these thoughts, since I can’t think of a damned good reason and there must be something.

Her brown eyes and brown hair are just nothing special, but I have a building desire to see them between my legs. Seeing her pale skin against my ebony body is something I secretly yearn for and can barely mention this to myself. I’ve seen her tits plenty of times and there is almost nothing there, which means I should not have any interest in squeezing them and feeling her nipples between my flesh.

The only thing I have not seen is Lucy without her panties, which cover everything and I should have no interest in seeing the entirety of her body. Lucy does not wear sexy panties, but I can tell there isn’t a lot going on back there. I wonder if she has a full bush or does she trim it like me, which leads me to wonder why I want to know anything about that. In an attempt at honesty, I want to see far more and my pussy if very wet right now.

So I can actually admit this to myself and this is so damned ridiculous. I don’t think of myself as a bisexual in the least and have never had any interest in being with another woman. Any woman, except for Lucy, and I have a decision that I must make. I can either ignore this sickening urge that is building or I can try to do something about it.

My decision is made before I fully process all the thoughts running around inside of my mind. The advantage of being secluded means I do not have to wait to act and will have her without fear of being interrupted by anyone. I can’t believe it has come to this, but I must have her. There is no way for me to know if she has any interest in women at all, especially this one, since it is not something we have ever talked about.

Truthfully, we have never talked about sex at all and I have no idea how she will react to my advances. Hell, I don’t know how I’ll react to my advances, but I’ll play that one by ear. All I know for certain is I have to have her and damn everything else.

She is sitting next to me right now, which means I can’t do a damn thing about my aching pussy. The only aromas coming from her body are her shampoo and natural scents, which really pisses me off. Why the hell can’t she wear perfume like any other woman?

I look over and her eyes are glued to the book in her hands, while I attempt to hide my nerves. She is wearing a shirt and I know there is no bra underneath, since she has no need to wear one under any circumstances, lucky bitch. Her pale legs are mostly visible, except for her loose fitting shorts and I wonder what they are hiding.

My voice is a steady bursa eskort as I can make it. “Lucy.”

She sets the book down on her lap and turns to me with a voice that does not stand out at all. “What?”

She is clearly perturbed that I interrupted her reading and my voice is very difficult to control. “Sorry, just wanted to talk.”

She marks the page and sets the book aside. “About?”

I smile to prevent any sign of my intent. “Girl talk.”

She looks down at her book and I know it must be something she is enjoying greatly. “Can’t it wait?”

I shake my head just a little and my words leave my lips without thinking clearly. “No, Lucy, I really need to talk to you.”

Her brown eyes move to mine and she holds my gaze. “Fine, Ebony, what’s up?”

I know I need to be tactful, but have no idea what words I should use. “Have you ever been with a woman?”

Her pale cheeks redden and her words are not what I was hoping. “Never, Ebony. That’s really gross.”

My words continue to leave my lips with no control from my brain. “Have you ever thought about it?”

She shakes her head and the redness darkens a few shades. “Never. What’s this about, Ebony?”

My dark eyes lock onto her brown eyes and I wish had some control. “This is about you, Lucy.”

Her head is frozen in place and confusion can be heard in her voice. “What about me?”

I turn my body towards her and place my hand on her knee. “You’re the only woman I have ever thought about being with.”

She moves my hand away and glares at me, but does not exert a lot of force. “Forget it, Ebony. That’s not going to happen.”

Despite her efforts to prevent my touch, my hand returns to her knee. “Why not, Lucy?”

She tries to remove my hand, but is unable to do anything about it. “I’m into guys, just like you. Get your hand off me.”

Her flesh feels wonderful in my hand and I want very much to look down, but I must hold her brown eyes. She could be doing any number of things to get me to stop, but is only putting forth enough evidence to try to convince me she doesn’t want to continue with what I have started. Lucy could easily be standing up and walking away, but instead is continuing to sit and stare at me. Perhaps there is something hidden within her that wants me to continue.

I hold her gaze and my voice is very firm. “No, I’m not letting go. You’re right. I’m into guys and you.”

She tries a little harder to relieve her leg of my hand, but it’s of no use. “Let go of me, Ebony.”

I hold her face with mine and somehow know I need to challenge her. “You want me to let go of your knee. Fine, but I get to caress your legs.”

She shakes her head and her voice is angry, which is a good thing. “Forget it, Ebony. I don’t want you to touch me anywhere. Move your fucking hand.”

I ignore the anger and press on. “Tell you what, Lucy. How about I caress your legs. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop and never touch you again.”

Her brown eyes are shooting daggers into mine and her words are filled with a rising anger. “Fine, but only if you promise never to touch me again. I don’t want so much as a hug from you.”

The corners of my lips raise and my voice hides my victory. “Fine by me, Lucy. If you like it, we continue.”

The daggers sharpen and her voice has not softened one bit. “Continue what?”

My smile widens and my words can no longer conceal my desire. “You already know that.”

She is not pleased with my answer, but her voice is steadfast in the knowledge there will be no enjoyment from my touch. “Fine, Ebony. If I like it, which there’s no way in hell I will, I’ll do whatever you want.”

There is no hesitation at all, since I want to give her no chance to think her words over one bit. She has given me a golden opportunity and I must act now. My body moves between her knees and Lucy parts them easily for me. If she really had no interest in my touch, then she would be far less willing to have me down here. I hold her brown eyes with mine and can feel her knees press through my shirt.

My hands reach out for her flesh once again and I start at her knees. Her face is being held by mine and I search out any hint of pleasure she might be fighting off, but there is none just yet. I slowly work my hands over her thighs and there is no hint of even a single breath of pleasure, but I am not giving up my pursuit. Every movement I make sends wonderful signals through my body and my pussy is getting wetter by the moment.

My hands move to her inner thighs and a slight breath escapes her, bursa bayan escort but she did her best to hide it well. I slowly move towards what is hidden and search her eyes for what must be pleasure, but she is fighting to maintain her control. Reaching her loose shorts, I press between the fabric and am far too close to stop. As I reach the edge of her panties, she bites her lip and a sigh escapes her mouth.

I grin with the knowledge of success as I move my fingers along her panties. “You’re mine.”

Another sigh escapes and her voice sounds with defeat. “I am, Ebony, and I won’t back out of what I said. What do you want me to do?”

I am very tempted to keep my hands in place, but pull back and rise before her seated body. There is no need for words just yet, as I start to remove my clothing. Lucy’s eyes do not turn away from anything as I reveal my trimmed bush to her. There is no sign of having a shared desire, but there is something hidden within her. If there were nothing there at all, then she would never had agreed to my demand so easily.

I sit down next to her and my dark eyes hold hers. “Take off your clothes.”

She silently rises and her small tits are quickly revealed to me, which I find very erotic. Lucy hesitates just a moment, then the rest of her body is revealed to me. Her bush is completely shaved and I find it every bit as oddly stimulating as the rest of her. As much as I want to reach out and touch her, my pussy needs attention and I will not deny it any longer.

I readjust my body in order to prevent any part of the sofa from interfering with what I want. It is not the most comfortable sensation to have the couch only partly supporting my ass, but this is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Of course, I could take her to my bed, but that would place far too much of a delay in the relief I want now. My knees spread as I watch her brown eyes continue to hold mine.

My voice is playful as I have a little fun with her. “I don’t really need to tell you what I want. Do I?”

She lets out a huff as her cheeks redden and she lowers herself between my legs. Our eyes maintain their hold as Lucy slowly presses forward. The sight of her pale flesh against my black is even better than I imagined and I hope this next part continues that trend. My fingers reach out for her brown hair and I ensure she does not back away from what is so close.

As her tongue makes contact with my pussy, I want to close my eyes and truly enjoy this. It is a fight to keep them open to ensure she does not pull away until I am ready for her to stop. Lucy shows no sign of disgust as my body starts to feel wonderful things and love that her eyes are still on mine. I let out a sigh as her tongue works to increase the pleasure I am feeling and bite my lower lip to show just how much I enjoy her work.

Lucy is not particularly gifted with eating pussy, but that will come in time. For an amateur, she is far better than any guy I have been with. At least she knows which parts are the most sensitive and her tongue is working them all. I inhale deeply and find the familiar scent to be even better, which causes me to moan a little louder.

There is no reason for me to be close to an orgasmic state this soon, but I know this sensation that fills my body entirely. My hands pull her mouth tightly as my head falls back and I moan out from the increased pleasure that tears across my body. Lucy’s tongue starts to work my hard clit and a storm rages inside of my body.

The storm passes far too quickly, but I have the advantage that no guy ever will. I don’t have to wait for anything to get hard and can continue when I have enough energy restored. My hands release her head as my eyes open and I see her pale face pull back from my dark flesh. It is difficult to catch my breath and am content to look down and smile at Lucy’s slick face.

I lack the energy to do much of anything, but have no interest in wasting this opportunity. “Kiss me.”

She rises without question and bends towards my waiting lips. I can smell myself strongly on her as my mouth parts for hers. My eyes close as Lucy does not hesitate and press my tongue inside to search for something I have never experienced. It is an odd sensation to kiss a woman, but there is something pleasant about the softness of her lips and gentleness of the building passion.

I taste pussy for the first time and find it to be enjoyable, even if it is my own. My hands reach out for her small tits and I feel her nipples harden at my touch. There bursa ucuz escort is not much for my hands to grasp, but feel strangely exhilarating with knowing it is a woman I hold in my hands. She is sighing into my mouth and I find it quite enjoyable.

As much as I want this kiss to continue, I press back and stare into her brown eyes. “I want to eat your pussy.”

Her pale face reddens at my words and she holds my gaze. “You don’t need to.”

I smile and my voice is filled with the desire that has overtaken me completely. “I want to, Lucy.”

She shakes her head and her voice is pleading. “Haven’t I done enough, Ebony?”

My hands move from her tits to her face and I hold her in place. “No. Anything I want and this is what I want. Now sit your ass down and spread your legs. I don’t know why you’re fighting this.”

Her brown eyes drop and her voice reveals defeat. “Fine. I’ll do it, but not because I want to.”

I grin and my voice reveals my thoughts on her willingness. “I don’t give a shit about what you want.”

She places her narrow frame next to mine and I find far more energy than I should have. I get up and place myself between her spread legs for the second time, but I am not looking at her face at the moment. Her lips are folded, but some of the pink can be seen beneath her clit. There is something quite special about this view and I love that she doesn’t have a single pubic hair showing.

My dark eyes move up to hers and she is not looking away, which tells me a great deal about what she truly wants. I don’t know why she is fighting something she clearly enjoys and I don’t have time to worry about it right now. Inhaling deeply through my nose, I can smell a pussy that is not mine for the first time and enjoy everything about this moment.

I place my dark hands against her pale flesh and love the way she feels. Pressing forward, my tongue reaches the edge of her lips and there is something rather wonderful about it. There is still the strong taste of my pussy on my tongue and can find nothing new. Her mouth tightens in some vain attempt to fight the pleasure she is already feeling.

My tongue moves between her folds and I can taste just a hint of her, which causes her mouth to tighten a little more. I start to explore something that is all very new to me and her eyes are starting to get a little glassy. Using my fingers to spread her lips, I am rewarded with a much stronger taste and love everything about what is before me. Sighs are starting to escape her lips and her mouth is no longer closed tightly. Lucy cannot deny herself any longer and I am truly pleased with the result of my work.

I move my tongue to her clit, which hardens upon contact and I love the sensation. As I start to work my way around it, she is moaning out her pleasure. Her brown eyes cannot hide what she is feeling and I know I’m doing far better than any guy could ever do. Lucy’s body is starting to change and I know she is very close to having an orgasm.

Her head falls back and I place my mouth directly over her dripping hole. My fingers work her clit to heighten what she is feeling and my tongue is being rewarded with all sorts of wonderful flavors I have never before experienced. Lucy is filling my mouth completely as she moans out her orgasmic pleasure and I let it fall out of my lips. I have every intention of swallowing, but I don’t want to move my mouth from this spot.

Her moans are subsiding and I pull back from her pink hole with the strong scent of her in my nostrils. Swallowing what she has given me is a wonderful sensation and I love the way it feels going down my throat. This is far better than any man’s cum and I need to share the flavors with her.

I rise up and press my mouth against hers before she has the opportunity to fight back. Her lips part and welcomes my tongue inside of her, as Lucy’s eyes remain closed. She is reaching out for my tits, which is a very easy task for anyone in her position. It’s a clumsy touch, but I enjoy the sensation of her flesh on mine just the same. Lucy’s fingers find my hard nipples and she is sighing into my mouth once again.

I lose myself to the passion of the kiss completely and marvel at the softness she brings. My lips release a sigh of their own while our tongues play together. There is no sign of fight from her at all and I am glad I can truly enjoy this moment with her.

It dawns on me, while my tongue is buried deep in her mouth, and my dark eyes open with the certainty of the truth. Lucy’s truth is her response to my aggressiveness. She is not lying when she told me she had never been with another woman, but she wasn’t being wholly truthful either. It’s my aggressiveness that she responded to and nothing else, which means she is truly mine in every way. There will never be an admittance of this from her, but that doesn’t really matter one bit.

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