My Neighbor’s Wife

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I’m a 69 year old, married white male. This is a highly detailed account of my “True life” sexual relationships with two younger women. The main part deals with how I seduced a younger, married woman who happened to be my next door neighbor. We were eventually exposed. It ended her marriage, and nearly ended mine. I’ve been married for 44 years. I have 5 kids and 11 grandchildren. At age 62, I retired after running my own business for 30 years. Although I cheated, I’ve always loved my wife, and was faithful for 39 years. We enjoyed a very fulfilling sex life for many years. However, when my wife got into her mid fifties, she started losing all of her sexual drive. Although she was still affectionate with me, sex had become unimportant to her. Yet, it was the complete opposite for me. I still had a strong sex drive, so I began thinking of other women. I’ve always kept myself in great physical condition. Family and friends call me a “Health nut.” So although I was in my early sixties, I was in tremendous physical condition. I still lift weights at the gym, and can run 10 miles. I still have a muscular chest and well-developed arms. I have a flat stomach, and my butt is still firm and muscular. People always say I looked ten years younger. I still got erections, and was still masturbating. This helped for a while, but I was still sexually frustrated. However, it wasn’t until I was 63 that I first cheated on my wife.

I still noticed women giving me looks at the beach, in the park, or the local mall. Some even openly compliment me when passing by. Clearly appreciating that despite my age, I kept myself in such great shape. Yet, it was a girl that I already knew that finally allowed me cheat. I met Lisa in a public park where I ran. Lisa was 19 and going to college. She was a roller blader, and we often crossed paths. I often caught her quickly looking me over as we passed. I couldn’t help noticing her either. She was a gorgeous, brown eyed, long silky haired brunette. We had already become quite friendly. We always smiled and greeted each other as we passed. Soon we began to stop and talk before going on our way. At this point I was so sexually frustrated that I decided to see if she was interested in me. I started openly flirting with her. She returned my flirtations, and I felt there was a chance I could get her. She was renting a room from a family in a converted basement. We ran and played tennis together a few times and was picking her up and at her place. One time after giving me a beer, we started talking. I asked if she had a serious boyfriend. Lisa said she was dating several guys, but nothing serious. However, she didn’t stop there. She then told me that she actually preferred more mature men. I then half jokingly said, “Well I’m certainly a mature man.” She responded with a smile saying, ‘Yes, and a very sexy one too.” I immediately felt my cock getting hard. I decided to seize this opportunity. I responded by flatly asking her if she would ever have sex with me. She replied “Yes, I would.” Surprised by her boldness, I just sat there silent. She then asked, “How about you? Would you want to have sex with me?” I simply stood up and pointed to the clearly visible bulge in my shorts saying, “Does this answer your question?” She smiled, and said, “Wow” it sure does!” She then said, “Let’s go to my room?” With that, we got into her bed and made love.

Sex with this girl was like a dream come true. We had sex about 2 times a week for about 5 months. Lisa couldn’t get over just how much stamina I had for a man of my age. Unfortunately, the novelty of having sex with a much older man eventually wore off. She was still dating guys from college, and ended our relationship. Although I still managed to pester her into having sex a few times afterwards, she finally ended it for good. Although being able to satisfy my sexual needs with Lisa was great; it only left me wanting more. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, and what it was like being with her. I’d drive by her apartment knowing that just a few months earlier, I was inside having sex with her. I had a difficult time accepting the she was no longer spreading her legs for me. Sex with Lisa was truly a wonderful experience. She had long, silky hair, which I just loved to play with and run my hands through. Lisa was very submissive in bed, letting me dictate the sexual positions. I loved having sex in her small bed.

My favorite sexual position involved putting her legs up in a V position. I loved the way her thighs and calves felt resting against my arms. Lisa said she liked this position because she liked the way her legs looked in that position while watching in the standing mirror near the front of the bed. She would often assume that V position right at the start. I also loved hearing the slapping noise or bodies made when having sex. However, I especially missed having sex in the mornings. We usually always had sex before Lisa left for classes. My wife knew I liked running in a park about 15 miles away. So escort bayan adıyaman she took no notice of me taking the car. Lisa lived about 20 min away, so I usually left around 6:30 am. Our morning sessions usually lasted about 30 min. This way, she still had time to shower and get ready for class. Lisa knew I enjoyed sex in the morning, and never complained. So when Lisa ended our sexual relationship, I really felt it in the mornings. Making it even harder, were audiocassette tapes I had of us. I used to enjoy listening to the sounds of our love making on days we didn’t get together. It was only after Lisa ended it, that I started thinking about my next door neighbor.

I was 63 years old when I first cheated on my wife with Lisa. About 2 months into my relationship with Lisa, a new married couple moved in next door. Although I noticed the very attractive wife, I initially had no sexual thoughts about her. I was with Lisa, so I simply wasn’t interested. So for the first few months, I was just a friendly neighbor. Rick was 40, and Karen was 35. They were married for 3 years, with no children. Karen had just come from a job interview when I happened to run into her at a local supermarket. She looked sexy, all made up. The skirt portion of her outfit was cut above the knees, revealing a great pair of legs and a great ass. I didn’t even recognize her at first, but from that day on I started having sexual thoughts about her. Yet, she was a married woman. Why would she even consider having sex with her 64 yr. old next door neighbor? Yet, I sensed there were several circumstances working in my favor. Rick was in sales and marketing, thus he was always going away on business. I often heard the phrase “Rick is away” from Karen. My wife was even unwittingly giving me chances to be with Karen. By getting me to help Karen with some household job because “Rick, was away.” It started driving me crazy knowing that Karen was often home alone. I realized that I could use Rick’s absences to get even closer to her. I figured that despite being married, she might be lonely and thus vulnerable. So I decided to see what would happen if I tried flirting with her.

So whenever I was alone with her I’d tell her how good she looked, or how good she always smelled. She always seemed genuinely flattered, and thanked me. However, I wasn’t just being polite. I used words like sexy and hot. So why wasn’t she telling me to stop? I took this as a good sign, so I started looking for ways to see her more often. I saw that she also liked to keep in shape, so I offered her the chance to go to a country club I belonged to. The club was fairly expensive, with a 2-year waiting list to join. As a 30-yr. member, I was able to let Karen and her girlfriend go as my guests. The club had a restaurant, bar, golf course, tennis and racket ball courts, a fitness center, spa, and pool. So Karen and I started spending time together at the club. I was always sexually aroused just being with her. Karen enjoyed using the stationary bike, so I started using it along with her. We also played tennis together, and we were going out to lunch. Since we really seemed to be getting along well, I decided to try seeing her in less public surroundings. So I called her up one afternoon just to talk. I eventually got her to let me come over to her house when we were not going to the club, and we’d talk over coffee or a beer. I used this opportunity to make even more aggressive advances towards her.

She had reddish, brown hair, which she always wore up in a pony tale or bun when at the club. When I saw that her hair was now down, I told her I preferred it that way. I then got bold and stroked her hair briefly, while telling her it felt good. She smiled, and thanked me for the compliment. Later as I was leaving, I decided to try some physical contact. As she walked me to the door, I placed my hand on the small of her back. I only left it there for a few seconds before taking it away. I felt relieved when she didn’t take any offense. So the next time, I again put my hand on the small of her back as walked towards the door. This time however, I didn’t take it away so quickly and even kept it there as we talked briefly at the door before I left. This encouraged me. Not only wasn’t she objecting to my verbal remarks, she wasn’t objecting to physical contact. Yet, I still wasn’t even close to having sex with her. However, at that point I was just trying to see how far I could go. A few days later I saw birthday cards on a table. I decided to use this to initiate even closer contact.

So I asked if I could hug her. Initially she was hesitant, and asked why I wanted a hug. I told I didn’t realize it was her birthday, and just wanted to give a hug to the birthday girl. She smiled saying “Sure, of course you can.” So I embraced her, even telling her how good she felt. I then gave her a kiss on her forehead and wished her a happy birthday. She smiled saying, “Aww, thanks, that’s escort baya nakkent so sweet of you.” Her body felt so good, I couldn’t resist asking for another hug a few days later. When she again asked why, I just said that I really liked her as a person, then jokingly added that I always liked to get hugs from sexy women. I was very nervous asking this, and figured she would politely refuse. So I was relieved when she laughed saying, sure, since you put it like that.” This time my cock was fully erect, and I’m sure she must have felt it. So I was amazed at how long she let me hold her before breaking it off. I felt asking for a hug three times in a row was too much, so I didn’t ask. So I was quite surprised when she turned to me as I was leaving saying, “What, no hug today? I smiled and quickly took advantage and embraced her. This time I put both of my hands on her lower back and pressed her closer to me. My cock quickly started getting hard. She let me hug her like this for almost 20 seconds before breaking it off. I also gave her a quick kiss to her forehead before she pulled away. These hugs were very exciting and important to me. She even started letting me hug her when I arrived, and again when I left.

My wife had many activities keeping her busy, and Rick was at work. So I had plenty of opportunity to go over and visit. Since Karen wasn’t objecting to my hugs, I made my next move. One day, I started massaging her shoulders while she was making lunch in the kitchen. Later, we were talking when the phone rang. I followed her into the kitchen, and while she was talking on the phone I put my hand on her lower back and started gently rubbing it. I was clearly taking a chance, but I still wanted to see just how far I could go. The conversation lasted about 5 min. As she hung up the phone, I was worried about her response. However she just said, “Thanks, that felt nice.” So I started massaging her whenever I was over. My cock was always hard as I stood behind her massaging her shoulders or back. I felt there was no way she couldn’t have felt my bulge against her. Yet not only wasn’t she objecting, she kept saying, “That felt good, or that was nice.” So I then made my boldest move yet.

Usually if I came over before noon, she would be wearing a light, well worn, housedress. She usually didn’t notice when some of the buttons along the front became undone. This allowed me to clearly see her legs, inner thighs, and even her panties as she walked around the house. I could even see her breasts if the top buttons came undone. So while looking directly down at the opening of her dress. I just came right out and said, “Mmmm, “I love your legs.” Clearly embarrassed, she said “Oh God,” and started closing up. However, I quickly reached down and stopped her. I then asked if I could get a better look. Instead of getting upset, she actually extended her right leg out slightly, giving me that better look. I ran my hand up and down her thigh a few times, telling her how smooth and soft they felt. After thanking me, I asked her if she would sit down and cross her legs for me. To this she replied, “What, you must be joking.” I replied, “No, it’s just something I’d really love to see.” She reluctantly agreed saying, “All right, if it’s really that important to you.” She then sat down and crossed her legs like I asked. I again told her how sexy her legs were. She laughed, and told me, “Now you’re just being silly.” I then put my hand on her thigh just above the knee and I began rubbing her thigh and calf while again telling her how nice and smooth her legs were. She let me do this for nearly 30 sec. However, when I tried to slip my hand between her crossed thighs, she finally got annoyed at me. She immediately grabbed my hand saying, “OK, you’ve had your fun for today.”

She then quickly stood up, and fully buttoned up the dress. She then asked me to leave, saying she had to get ready to go out. I was afraid that I’d finally gone to far. However when I called the next day, she let me come over as if nothing had happened. So I felt it was safe to continue pushing the limits with her. We were standing in the kitchen talking over coffee. As usual, I moved close and started gently rubbing her back. However I then placed my hand directly on her butt. She was wearing the housedress. It was made of very thin material, so I could feel her entire butt cheek in my hand. I started rubbing her butt, and she just kept on talking. I rubbed her butt for nearly two-min before she finally moved away from me. When she then turned to face me, I thought for sure she was going to get angry. Yet, she just kept making polite conversation like nothing had happened. Encouraged, I then made another aggressive move.

As she was washing our coffee cups in the sink, I stood next to her and again placed my hand on her butt, and told her how nice it was. Then even though she finished washing the cups, She just stood there and let me squeeze her butt escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan cheeks a few times before moving away from me. I felt her reactions that day was very revealing. Everything I had tried before could have been conceived as playful flirting. However, my squeezing her butt was different. I was getting away with far too much. Yet on the other hand, she never initiated anything. Still it was obvious that something was going on here. Why wasn’t she telling me to stop? I felt my earlier observations about Rick and Karen was correct. Rick worked long hours. So even when he wasn’t away on a sales trip, he was at the office. I could appreciate this since I too, used to work 12-hour days while running my own business. I felt that Karen might not be satisfied with Rick. So I finally decided to express to her my desire for sex.

We were sitting on the living room sofa talking. She was wearing low cut shorts. So I reached out and placed my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it. She didn’t stop me, so I was slowly working my way up her thigh. She finally stopped me by gently pushing my hand away. I quickly placed my hand right back and continued rubbing. Karen then stood up and said she was getting a coffee. I followed her into the kitchen. As she was making the coffee, I stood behind her and put both hands on her hips and pressed myself against her. She let me do this for about 10 seconds before moving away from me. I then walked over and without asking, started giving her a hug. I put both hands on her butt and squeezed her butt cheeks a few times. She then gently, but firmly pushed me away. I then quickly put my hands on her sides, telling her how much I liked her body. She smiled, but again moved away from me. She then walked back to the living room and sat down on the sofa. I followed and sat down right next to her. I quickly put my hand on her upper thigh. When I tried slipping my hand between her crossed thighs, she quickly grabbed my hand saying, “Please stop it.” I told her I couldn’t help it, and that I loved touching her body. She replied, yes I know, but now your getting too carried away.” I admitted this to her, and again placed my hand on her thigh. She got up, and walked back into the kitchen. When I followed, she really got annoyed and asked why I was acting this way. I said, “Oh c’mon, you know I want you. I’ve been coming on to you for months.” Karen acknowledged this, but denied ever encouraging my advances. I told her she always let me get away with far too much. “You may not have initiated anything, but you’ve certainly never stopped me either.” I then blatantly told her she wasn’t getting enough sex and attention from Rick, and welcomed my advances.

These words clearly effected her, because she didn’t respond. I then walked over to her. I put my hands on her sides and told her I knew she wanted me. She just silently looked out the window as I told her how good a lover I was, and that we could be having great sex together. I then blatantly said, “You are sexually attracted to me, aren’t you,” After a few agonizing seconds, she simply nodded yes. I then kissed her on the lips. She briefly returned the kiss, but then pushed me away. Karen then said that she couldn’t go any further with this. Although I was extremely disappointed, our relationship now entered yet another phase. Although we weren’t having sex, she was now openly letting me touch her. I was now openly touching her legs and caressing her thighs. I was even lifting up her skirts to hold and squeeze her bare butt cheeks. She even let me cup her breast though her shirts and tops. Although I was getting sexual thrills touching her like this. Whenever I tried to initiate sex, she always told me she didn’t want to risk our marriages. I just didn’t understand why she wouldn’t go all the way.

The day I finally had sex with Karen began quite innocently. I was about to go on my early morning run when I saw Rick in his driveway. I could see Rick putting things into the back of his truck, so I walked up the driveway to see if he needed hand. He was going on a fishing trip. After helping him for a few min, he invited me in for a quick cup of coffee. We were inside talking when Karen came down the stairs. Clearly not expecting to see me, Karen was wearing a low cut nightshirt. It barely covered her butt, and I could clearly see most of her breasts. I was privately amused when she quickly buttoned up, and acted as if she hadn’t seen me in a while. I noticed that Rick didn’t seem to mind me seeing his wife this way. So I decided to attempt another very bold move. Rick went upstairs to get a few things. While keeping an ear out for Rick, I quickly placed my hand under her shirt, and put my hand on her butt cheek. I then I squeezed her butt and rubbed the back of her legs for about two min. Just as I thought, she didn’t say anything. I stopped when I heard Rick coming back down. Rick thanked me for my help, then talked briefly with Karen before leaving. Rick didn’t show any concern about leaving with me alone with his wife. So he clearly only saw me as a friendly old man. However, I clearly noticed some tension between Karen and Rick left. I looked like Karen was upset at Rick for going fishing on a day off. Seeing Karen looking so sexy in this shirt was just too much. So I decided to start pressing her even more aggressively for sex.

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