My Mom Is An High-Class Escort Ch. 01

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“Uggh-hhh, damn woman, you’re so tight, even after so many days… ugh… your body never fails to amaze me, Livianna. Mmhmm… Fuck….” The man had a deep, gasping tone as his hands were holding a woman’s hips, the contrast between the man’s ugly self as well as his age was clear when it was compared to the body that was lying before him. A woman, probably in her late 30s, who knows, she still looked like she was in her 20s.

“Oh-hh is it, Mr. Campbell?” The woman soon responded as she turned her head back to gaze a good look at someone who seemed like a familiar figure to her. One of her hands was still in front of her, holding another cock that was being sucked on only a few seconds ago. “Ah-hh come on Hugh, you know our precious Livianna, has she ever been loose? It’s been almost 5 years, and she has never failed to amaze us with her body, isn’t it?” Another man who apparently was having his cock sucked by Livianna herself spoke up in support of that statement.

“Well, lads, I hate to admit, off all the woman we fucked, she easily comes out at top…” a voice came from a distance, another man, butt naked like the rest, was standing by a counter and was having glass of water, he seemed pretty exhausted, but the way his cock stood erect, it seemed like he had some fight left in him.

“Well, well, oldies, if you’ve had you enough, I need another turn…” another man spoke out while he was seated on the couch, panting heavily, his cock still a little güneyşehir escort limp, probably from his turn some minutes ago.

“Ah-hh shut up, Jim, its my turn next…” whew, another man? Well, what could one say? This was the woman’s charm.

“Ah-hh come on guys, seriously you need to quarrel amongst yourself on who gets with me, come on, I can take all of you at once, don’t hold back. You know me.” A wink followed and there she was Livianna Teeghan, one of the high class escorts of the city surrounded by 7 oldies whom she knew since the past 5 years. She was in her fours, on the bed, a man underneath her, suckling on her ample breasts and shoving his cock down her moist pussy, while another one was inside her ass. 2 of the men, standing close to her mouth, letting her work her magic on their cocks as she seemed to have no problem handling all these cocks at once, like come on? It doesn’t seem like it. She already has her holes overflowing with the thick, gooey spunk, and she might have drunk another 12 shots of it. Instead of those men, she was the one who looked like she was in control.

Almost 6 hours later, when the first rays of the sun hit the panels of the windows of the humongous penthouse, most of those men can be seen exhausted, passed out across the room, a couple on the floor, a couple on the couch, and some on the bed. Livianna was gasping, panting heavily from all those 8 full hours of taking güneyşehir escort bayan cocks, her body splashed with dried cum all over, her holes oozing out some fresh cum and some dried out sticking close to her thighs. She couldn’t keep a count of how much spunk she swallowed, might be a dozen, who knows. Yet, she didn’t look wasted, her resilience seemed unnatural. Or probably this was just her experience. She was slowly getting up, grabbing a shower to somewhat clean herself from the mess. And when she came out, there he was, Mr. Campbell barely standing up. “Here, Livianna, you earned it.” He hands over a cheque written with a bill amount of 1 million dollars approximately. Livianna couldn’t be more surprised seeing the cheque in her hand, it was her biggest score till date, and it could pay almost all her debts, her expenses and everything else. “Thanks a lot, Mr. Campbell, I should be going now…” she smiled softly, kissing the man on his cheek before grabbing her purse and then leaving the penthouse. Her car was parked right outside the penthouse parking lot. She gets inside and drives home. She knew she’d been out for far too long, and she had someone waiting for him at home.


A couple hours later, she reached a mansion, just outside the city, she parked her car at a spot and then slowly walked inside. She was welcomed by her one and escort güneyşehir dear son, James, a grown up, handsome and smart boy in his mid 20s. He smiled and hugged his mom right on the doorstep taking the purse away from her. “Ah-hh you’ve been long gone, too many client meetings?” he gently kissed her on her cheek, he could easily get the obvious smell radiating from her entire body. James knew about her mom’s ‘work’ for a while now, and he supported her in the best possible way, by being a great son that one could wish for.

“Damn, you stink today, so how many were there?” he laughed a bit, escorting her to the couch inside the drawing room, keeping her purse on the table near her. He immediately brings a glass of water for her and then slowly walks around the house, especially towards the kitchen.

“Ah-hh you know. Mr. Campbell and his company, 7 of them.” Livianna laughed a bit and drank the water slowly, gasping a bit as she could feel her tension leave her body. “How was your college James?” she asks, breathing heavily and trying to calm her nerves down.

“Well, I need to score another 10 points and I might get my GPA high enough to go to MIT or Harvard. My LSAT scores are 176 this time…” he smiles softly as he starts to prepare some coffee for his mother and for himself. “Ah-hh Mr. Campbell, couldn’t refuse him can you?” he lets out another chuckle.

Then he slowly walks into one of the rooms, grabbing a towel, and some lavender soap for his mother, slowly coming around to her. “I think you need a shower, hehe, towel, and some soap, I’ll make some breakfast meanwhile… Maybe we can talk about all that on the breakfast table? What do you think?” He smiles softly and keeps those items beside her on the couch before heading back to the kitchen.


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