My Lovely Roommate: Sharing

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Laying atop the small, toned blonde goddess that had just ate her pussy like it was ambrosia, Jessi could feel her pussy still sopping wet from the exquisite licking that it had just received. Raising her head she slid her tongue along the seams of Clarissa’s red lips, still tasting herself on them. “Please, Risa, let me do this. I want to. I NEED to do this, for you and for me.” To prove her point, she slowly grinded her wet pussy on her roommates short clad pussy, feeling the damp crotch pushing against hers.

A moan escaped Clarissa’s lips she responded to the friction on her swollen, wet lips. The frustrations getting the best of her, she pushed herself up into a sitting position to grab the edge of her shirt. Needing to feel that soft naked skin rubbing against her consumed her. But her hands were stopped short by Jessi, who had sat up.

“Stripping you gets to be all my pleasure,” Jessi growled as she slid her hand underneath the shirt, rubbing her palms against Clarissa’s warm silken stomach. Hearing a groan escape her lips, Jessi slowly moved her hands up over her ribcage, just barely grazing the small perky breast. Pushing the shirt up over them, the hem caught her nipples, eliciting a louder moan out of the blonde. Deciding to come back to those lovely nipples later, she continued removing the shirt, causing Clarissa’s hands were high above her head. Slipping the tank effortlessly aver her head, Jessi ran her hands down her roommates back, pulling her against herself, loving the feel of skin on skin.

“Jessi, bursa escort please stop teasing me and fuck me.” Clarissa moaned as she grabbed her roommate’s head for a kiss. Gliding her tongue into that warm and inviting mouth, wanting to fell every part of Jessi in her. Running her hand over the bare body she was straddling, she start started to kiss her way to her ear ending with a nip on the lobe earning a gasp of excitement. Moaning into Jessi’s ear, “Take my shorts off, baby. My wet pussy needs to fell you against it.”

In a flash Jessi was flipping Clarissa onto her back and pulling the offending shorts off, stretching those long, tan legs above her head only to fall onto either side of her as she tossed the shorts away from them. Leaning forward, she began to lavish kisses onto those small perky breast. Taking one into her mouth to lick and nip and suck and then moving to the next til the blond was arching her back and grabbing her head.

Slowly moving down her body with soft kisses and sharp nips, Jessi covered every inch of skin from her ribcage to her hips back to her bellybutton. Thrusting her tongue in and out. Running her tongue around it. Feeling a quivering in her stomach muscles, she continued her onslaught of her flat tummy, kissing around the bellybutton, down to the indention at her hip. She could feel hands reaching for her, tangling themselves into her raven locks, clenching tightly. Abandoning the teasing, Jessi rubbed her hands against the silken thighs, spreading them wide, revealing bursa escort bayan a red swollen pussy glistening with juices that were running everywhere. On top of the most gorgeous pussy was a small strip of blonde curls. Raising her head she gazed at Clarissa. “Oh my god, you really are a real blonde.”

Opening her eyes slowly, Clarissa smiled ” Do you like that?” Cupping her breasts she squeezed her nipples, rolling them between her fingers. The throbbing in her engorged clit was becoming too much. The need to see that raven haired woman between her legs was overwhelming. “Jessi, this golden pussy is all for you. Take it if you want it.” She moaned louder as she pinched her nipples harder, closing her eyes and leaning her head back thrusting her pussy at Jessi.

Bowing her head without another thought, Jessi tentatively spread the wet lips with her thumbs. Inhaling deeply the musk of her object of immediate obsession, she was overwhelmed with the need to taste her. Sliding her tongue from the bottom of her wet slit to the top, tasting her first pussy she was surprised to find it sweet with a honey like consistency. She began licking over the hole with quick flicks, she moved up towards the engorged nub begging for attention. Flattening her tongue she began to rub it hard without mercy. The moans increased in volume and began to run together. Taking that as a good sign, Jessi began to roll her clit between her tongue as she folded it around the engorged clit as bursa merkez escort she slid a finger into the gushing fuck hole she was enjoying so much. Pushing it in and out she added a second, then a third, ramming them in as Clarissa as her hips began to lift off the floor. The legs on either side of her head began to shake and pushed the pussy hard against the fingers and loving mouth.

“Oh god, Jessi! Yes! Harder! More!”

Latching onto her clit to suck and lick, Jessi folded her last two fingers and pushed her entire hand into her pussy. Clinching her hand into a fist inside her, she began to twist it out and ram it in, careful not to go to far in only to twist it as she pulled it out again. Clarissa’s hips met the thrusts of her fist, screaming with pleasure, grinding harder, pushing higher. Then Jessi felt her pussy clamp down like a vise in a spasm and Clarissa screamed so loud it caused her to lift her head to make sure she was alright as the blonde’s body to shake uncontrollably. “OH MY GOD!! I’M CUMMING”

Withdrawing her fist, Jessi kissed her pussy and stroked her thighs as Clarissa’s body continued to shake. Crawling up her body, she slid her hand beneath her head and slowly licked and nibbed on her lips. All she could feel was the blonde’s heavy, breathing in gasps, causing her to begin to worry. “Risa, tell me your alright. I need to hear you say it.”

Opening her eyes slowly Risa gave a shaky smile. “Damn Jessi, if I had know fucking you would have been this good before I would have done it a long time ago.”

Laughing they kissed each other with gentle sedated passion, stroking each others body. It was definitely going to be a lot more fun living together.

* * * * *

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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