My little brother’s friend.

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I am 15 years old. My brother is 11. His friend Michael is 10.
So my little brother hangs out with this kid Michael a lot. He
is a really good looking kid. He has black short spiked hair.
He is a normal height for his age and normal weight. Not fat
not skinny. Anyway, two days ago, my brother invited Mike over.
Our parents were going out and they wanted me to watch my
brother and his friend. I thought that sounded boring but I did
it anyway. At first they played video games for a while. I was on
Facebook when they called me down to watch them wrestle.
I went out to the backyard and they were already wrestling.
Mike was on top of my brother punching him. My brother
managed to get him off and push him across the yard. Mike
started kicking my brother until he was down on the floor.
He started to do butt slams to my brother. Then, he sat on my
brother’s face and started laughing. My brother started punching
his back trying to get him off. I started thinking “that’s nice..”
Then I noticed I was getting a boner. I took a box and put it over
my crotch. Mike was still sitting on my brother’s face. To my
brother that was torture. To me, it would be heaven. What I would
do to that 10 year old ass… My brother finally tapped out. Mike got
up and started to laugh. My brother looked really angry. He told me
to beat him up and I started to laugh at my brother. Then, he came
over and started punching me (my brother is an annoying brat) so
I said I would pretend wrestle him. I tried to wait until my boner
went away. So I started thinking about sad things and just about right
away it softened. (That’s a good trick BTW) Şerifali Escort Ok i’m ready, I said.
I was hoping he would sit on my face too… We started to wrestle.
I let him get me to the floor. Then he started kicking my sides.
I told him that really hurts, but he just kept laughing. Then he started
jumping on me. Then he finally started doing butt slams. I was just
sitting there letting him do this all to me. Then he but slammed my
stomach and sat there for a few seconds. I noticed my boner was
started to come back.. Oh shit… Then he got up, and but slammed
my face. It hurt so much, but when I realized he was sitting on my face,
my penis became rock hard. My brother was cracking up. Mike got up
after a few seconds and I said I have to go to the bathroom. I ran
inside the house and locked myself in the bathroom. I started to jerk
off. I was so close to cumming already.. After about 20 seconds, I
was done. It felt so good. I still couldn’t believe I had a cute 10 year old
sit on my face.. If only he didn’t have pants on…
When I left the bathroom, Mike was sitting on the couch.
Me: Where’s my brother?
Mike: He went on his bike to go get Geo..
Me: Why didn’t you go?
Mike: He doesn’t have an extra bike..
Me: Well want to play some video games?
Mike: Ok
He goes up the stairs first. I look at his ass as he goes upstairs.
When I get to my brother’s room, Mike is already sitting on his bed.
Mike: I actually don’t want to play video games..
Me: Ok.
I got a text message from my friend.
Me: I’m going out for a while ok?
Mike: Ok
Me: Tell my brother i’ll be back in a while and not to tell my parents.
I Şerifali Escort Bayan felt bad leaving him alone but I was very bored.
After about an hour, I walk back home. My brother still wasn’t home.
I go up to my room and then get startled when I see Mike on my bed.
He was sleeping.
Me: Mike? Are you awake?
He didn’t answer. I slowly walked up to my bed. He had his young
ass sticking out towards me. I started getting a boner again. I began
to rub my dick a little. Then, I slowly grabbed his pants and pulled them
down a little to see his perfect young virgin ass. I started to feel around
his ass, and then squeezed his butt cheeks. Then, I stuck my tongue
inside his butt hole. I licked his tight ass hole for about 5 minutes. He
still didn’t wake up. Then I decided it was enough. I didn’t want to wake
him up. I left my room and played some video games. About 10 minutes
later, my brother got home. For the rest of the day, it was kind of quiet.
My parents were supposed to get back tomorrow morning. At about 11
at night, my little brother fell asleep. I didn’t know what Mike was doing.
I was laying on my bed naked jerking off. I was really horny. I was thinking
about Mike’s young ass on my face. I was jerking off for a while until Mike
walked in.
Me: Holy shit dude!
Mike: I know what you were doing before
Me: Dude get out!
Mike: You were licking my butt
Me: What??
Mike: I was awake. I was faking.
Me: ………What???
I covered my dick with my pillow.
Mike: It felt so good
Me: ……Really?
He shut the door and walked up to my bed. He removed my pillow.
He then to my surprise, takes Escort Şerifali off his shirt and comes on top of me.
My rock hard dick is touching his pretty hard dick. He still had his
pants on though. Then, he turn around so that his ass was facing
my face. He then pulled down his pants with his butt hole right
in front of my face. I moved my face up into his ass and started to lick.
He started to moan. Then I felt something warm on my dick. He started
to suck my dick. Here I was eating out of a 10 year old’s perfect ass while
he sucks my dick. It was a sensational feeling. I tell him to act as if he
were about to fart. His butt hole then doubles in size. I was licking his
smooth ass for about 3 minutes. I then signaled for him to let me get up.
I took my rock hard dick and placed it into his small butt hole. He started
moaning in either pain or pleasure. Probably both. I fucked the kid in
the ass for only a minute until I started to feel my dick swell. I was about
to cum. I started fucking harder until it squirted out into his ass. He then
moaned even more. I took my dick out and told him to sleep with me tonight.
Me: We never ever speak of this, ok?
Mike: yea
He crawls under the covers with me and I put my arms around him. I set
the alarm to 6 am so we can get up before my brother.
I put my dick right on his little butt. I felt so comfortable I didn’t want to move.
In the morning at 6 am we quickly got dressed and he went to sleep on the couch.

Later, he called his mom and said he wanted to stay one more night. He finally
convinced her. So the rest of the day my brother played video games with Mike
and I tried to get my parents to give me some money.
And later that day, Mike came back to my room wanting more.
Unfortunately , we couldn’t because everyone was home.
I told him ‘cum’ over again tomorrow.

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