My Life Ch. 01

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(I love sex. Wait. That isn’t exactly accurate. Oh, I do love sex, but what I really love, what turns me on the most is making a woman cum. Whether it’s with my fingers, palms, tongue, teeth, lips, cock, toys, whatever – watching a woman cum, seeing how each one reacts differently to that sensation, and knowing you are the one who caused it,is what takes me over the top.

There is nothing more beautiful, nothing sexier, nothing more sensual and nothing that stirs my blood greater – unless it’s making her do it again and again and again.

This is my first story. These stories will be true. Names will be changed to protect the innocent, as they say, but the descriptions of the people will be as accurate as my limited ability will permit. Locations will be described generally. Enjoy.)

Chapter 1: My Name is T

My name is Timothy. Tim. But long ago, much to my Mother’s dismay, my Dad shortened it to T. I don’t remember. I was too young. I’m the third oldest of 8, second oldest of the 4 boys. My Dad called me the ringleader because I could get my brothers and sisters to do things they wouldn’t normally do otherwise. I had a knack.

So T it was, for Tim, until I began playing organized school sports where you had to shower with other boys in your age group. I remember the first time I walked into the shower in Jr. High. I heard whispers of “Donkey Dick” and “Elephant Boy, I can see his trunk” You know how mean kids can get.

I could easily see that my hanging penis was much longer and much thicker than the others in my class.

(Before we get too carried away it has since been measured, with a hard-on, at 10 3/8′ in length, and, with a tailors fitting tape, to be 7 7/8′ around. Some of you have seen bigger, or longer. So have I. I’ve had a lot of fun with what I have and am completely satisfied.)

Luckily I had grown fast, tall and lean, and lightening quick. I put a stop to the name-calling. Still, I was embarrassed.

When I began my first year of high school it started again. As I said, I grew quick. I was a freshman, yes, but I was 5’10” and 175 lbs of hard worked muscle and still growing. By my senior year I was 6’2″, 193 lbs and a 29″ waist.

I couldn’t fight everyone so I settled to still be called T, only now it stood for “Trunk”. And still it was an embarrassment. I waited to shower alone or in the presence of only my closest friends. Even the closest of friends could be caught staring at it or taking sly peaks from time to time.

I turned 18 at the beginning of November in my senior year. I had been working in a three-bay garage/filling station/grocery store since I was 14, first as a mechanics helper, then junior mechanic and finally, at 17, a full time mechanic. The pay was good for the mid-sixties. The work was hard but I enjoyed the challenge of getting an engine to achieve peak performance.

My working hours during school were after practice, during football and baseball seasons, until 10 PM. When I wasn’t playing sports I worked from 3 – 10 PM. I had Friday and Saturday nights off, working from 9 – 5. My Sunday’s were totally mine.

We lived in a small town of 250 people. Our school was a consolidation of 3 small towns and the farming area surrounding them. Our town was the smallest of the three. Not even a stop sign or light on the main street, which was a US Highway.

We had a lot of traffic through town.

There was a lake close by with camping and a beach, so summers we had a lot of campers and tanners. We also had a lot of truck traffic. It was inevitable that someone would take advantage of the old 4-room school building at the edge of town.

Having been deserted after the consolidation, a family I’ll call the W’s bought it and turned it into a diner/truckstop.

The W’s also owned a small 350-acre farm about a mile and half from town. Mr. W drove semi and was gone for weeks at a time. His boys ran the farm. His wife Bonnie ran the truck stop.

The youngest boy, Brad, was in my class. I won’t say we were good friends, but we liked each other, talked to each other, played sports together, etc. He ran with some kids I didn’t like. It was the only thing keeping us from being really good friends.

Brad knew what the “T” really stood for and Brad talked to his brothers about everything. My brothers and I shared most things also, so I really didn’t blame him.

What Brad didn’t know was that his mother overheard some of their conversations.

I used to go to the diner to grab a burger and fries a couple of times a week after work. I got off at 10 and the diner didn’t close until 10:30. The counter was L-shaped with flip-tops at both ends of the L for entry/exit.

I would sit at the last place on the short side. It was the seat with the best view.

You see Mrs. W was really good looking. She was 38, about 5’5″, 115 lbs, long black hair, pretty face and beautiful blue eyes. Truthfully, I went there to replenish my memory more than for the burger and fries. Mrs. W was the focus of some great fascinations. Yes, I mean masturbation.

It Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort was during football season, a Wednesday night, when I entered to find the place deserted except for Mrs. W.

She looked up as I entered, got up, walked toward the kitchen calling back over her shoulder “I’ll have your burger right away, T.”

I walked behind the counter, as I often did when she was busy, got my own Pepsi and a glass of ice water, then sat down at my spot.

When she came out of the kitchen with the plate she didn’t place it across the counter as she normally did.

Instead she got herself an iced tea, flipped up the hinged section, walked to the stool next to me, placed the plate in front of me and sat down. Leaning on one elbow sipping her ice tea, she watched me as I ate.

I was about half done when she said “I know what ‘T’ really stands for, T.”

I froze with the burger half way to my mouth, turned my head and looked into those eyes, turning a beet red so I am told.

“What?” I asked. “Trunk” she responded with a slight smile on her face.

That was it. I got up and began walking toward the door. I don’t know what I was feeling most, anger at Brad, embarrassed, ashamed?! It was welling up in me and I wanted to hit something, someone.

“Wait, T, don’t leave, please, don’t leave. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Please sit down. Finish your sandwich. It’s free. I’m sorry. It was stupid of me.”

I heard the words from the start and stopped. I saw her approach, felt her put her arms around me. The “I’m sorry. It was stupid of me” were whispered in my ear as she held me close with both arms around me.

Releasing me enough to pull her face back about two inches from mine so she could gaze into my eyes, she pleaded “Please, T. Don’t go. Stay here. Let’s talk a little. Please.”

A weak “OK” was all I could manage. She grabbed my arm, squeezing it into her breast as she guided me back to my stool.

I sat back down but I couldn’t eat. I pushed the plate away from me, turned to her and asked, “How did you find out?”

Holding my hands in hers, she hadn’t let completely go of me after our first embrace, she told how she had overheard Brad telling his brothers, them talking about how big it was hanging and speculating how huge it might get with a hard-on.

When she ended her story I guess I was turning red again.

She said “Wait right here”, walked over to the door and flipped the sign so the “Closed” was facing out, locked the door, turned off the lights. The only light shining was coming from the kitchen as she came back to stand next to me.

The stools pivoted. She placed her hand on my knee and swiveled me toward her.

Taking my hands she pulled them to her saying “Come with me, T.” Putting her hands behind her back, but never letting go of mine, she led me through the kitchen area into the small alcove she used for an office.

This was the only area that couldn’t be seen from any window in the diner, other than the interior of the restrooms.

Guiding me until my back was against the desk, she placed my arms around her waist before putting her hands on my chest.

I was looking down, from embarrassment I suppose, so she used her hand to nudge my chin high enough to look into my eyes.

“T, you are a very handsome young man. I look forward to you walking through that door. I find myself watching the clock and glancing up the road hoping for that first sight of you.”

“I even think of you at night when I’m lying in my bed, T.”

“I don’t want you to stop coming here. I never meant to hurt you” she kissed me on the cheek, “and I can’t stand the thought of never seeing you” she kissed my other cheek, “walking down the road toward the diner again” and she kissed me on the lips.

“Forgive me, please” and another kiss on the lips, longer kiss, gentle kiss, with just a soft brush of her tongue on my lips.

I had kissed before, even French kissed before. I had felt breasts, too, but none completely naked.

I’d run my hand up the skirt of high school dates and my fingers had played with them through their panties. But I had never done anything more-Ever.

One girl, a little friendlier, had even wanted to see my cock and, upon seeing it, asked me to take her home. So I was nervous.

But I wanted this. So, I kissed her back.

When my tongue first made contact with her lips I think she was startled. I had my eyes open, looking at hers, and her eyes widened. As my tongue entered her mouth those eyes closed and her moan escaped from her between our lips.

It was the sexiest sound I had ever heard.

She melted against me; her hands closed around me, one on the nape of my neck the other around my shoulder, pulling me tight to her. My arms closed around her, one high around her back, one low around her waist. We kissed, and kissed and kissed.

Our tongues dueled for a time, then she withdrew her tongue and sucked hard on mine, and then they were dueling again.

I always was a quick learner, so I withdrew mine and sucked on hers, hard.

My “Trunk” began to grow.

I was wearing a pair of Levi’s and a tee shirt, the kind with a pocket. I had a 29″ waist but my calves were thick so I bought 31″ waists. I also had on a pair of boxer shorts.

As my “Trunk” grew it pushed through the elastic waistband of the boxers, up past the waist of the Levi’s. She felt it growing so she pushed against it, rubbing her belly on it.

When she stopped rubbing I opened my eyes to see what was what. She was staring at me. It wasn’t until later she explained that she had been shocked at how high it was on her belly.

Right then, though, she looked into my eyes saying, “Please, T, let me see it. I want to see it!”

She backed away slightly and lifted my tee shirt over my head. Looking down as she did this, the moment my belly was exposed she could see the top 4 inches peaking above the waistband.

“Oh, my God” she said as she freed me from my shirt.

“Oh, my God” she said again, softer than the first time, as she reached for the button on the front of my Levi’s.

“Oh, my God”, softer yet as she unzipped me and began pushing both jeans and boxers down.

I stood there, jeans and boxers at my ankles, as, once more I heard “Oh, my God” as her hand came forward slowly, ever so slowly, as though the thing it was advancing on might suddenly strike out and take her hand off at the wrist.

Her hand finally made contact, fingers attempting to encircle until finally the other hand advanced to complete the encirclement. She had both hands around it, and there was plenty above and below not yet touched. “I can’t touch my thumb” I heard her say.

Once again I heard “Oh, my God” as she began to gently move her top hand slowly up to the widely flanged crown.

I watched her this entire time and from the moment she started lifting my shirt until she had stroked the crown softly 3 or 4 times she had never looked up at me, had seen nothing but what she held in her hands.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, she looked up into my eyes and said “It’s beautiful, T. It’s magnificent.”

Her eyes lowered again, watching her own hands moving up, down and around. She couldn’t stop talking.

“I’ve never seen one so long or so thick,” she said in an awestruck voice. Slowly she kept stroking up and down with both hands. “It’s so hard, and soft at the same time.”

Very gently she lowered to her knees until it was right in front of her face. I could feel her breath on it.

She extended her thumb up over the crown and began rubbing the pre-cum softly around the head. There was a lot of it.

She released one hand, brought it up to palm the head, smearing the pre-cum further around and down. The sensation of her hand was more than I could take.

She felt it straining, knew what was coming, and began to work her hand in earnest, over the crown to wet them, encircle and stroke. Within moments both of her hands were wet, both stroking faster, twisting at the wrists as she tried to make contact with as much as possible.

The crown flanged wider, the girth grew larger and a long low moan escaped from her again. She began to really stroke it mumbling, “I want it, T. Give it to me, oh please, give it to me.”

I did.

Oh, yes, I gave it to her. With a long groan, rope after rope of cum flew out of the end, shot into the air to land in her hair, on her face, on her blouse.

It was going everywhere until, all of the sudden her face darted forward, her lips encircled the head and about two inches of my cock disappeared into her mouth.

And still I discharged, into her mouth now, with her tongue flashing back and forth across that sack just under the head.

She was snarling like a hungry animal being kept from it’s food. My knees grew weak and I fell back against the desk, dislodging all but the very tip from her mouth.

With a growl she came after it, sinking it even deeper into her mouth this time, sucking on it, going after every last drop.

I looked down to see that at some point she had unfastened her own pants and her hand was working fiercely inside them. As she sucked the last drops she began moaning around my cock, long, deep moans. Her body began to shake and her hand down her pants moved quicker.

She stiffened and, not letting go of my cock with the other hand, pulled her mouth off and collapsed on the floor with a muffled shriek,legs and body twitching.

And still, one hand had my cock.

That one hand caressed it and stroked it and wouldn’t let it go soft. Lying there on the floor she opened her eyes and watched her hand move on my cock. Her other hand began untying her shoelaces and removing her shoes.

That completed she began pushing her own jeans off her hips and down her legs. Her panties went right along with them.

From that same position on the floor she untied my shoes and removed them one by one. She didn’t trust her legs yet so she slowly worked herself up onto her knees again. Lifting on my legs one by one she removed my jeans and boxers then, finally, stood up.

I watched her use just the one hand to do all this while keeping the other on my cock, sliding it up and down, keeping it moist with the pre-cum that was again oozing out the tip, and all the time with this sly smile on her face like a child who had found a horde of hidden candy and was going to keep it all to herself.

“Unbutton my blouse,” she said. I did, and slid it down her shoulders. She refused to let go of me, switching hands until the blouse finally hit the floor.

“Unsnap my bra” she whispered and moved in close so my arms could go around her. I’m afraid I fumbled at this a little. Inexperienced, you know. I finally got it and it was removed the same as the blouse, one arm at a time.

For the first time in my life I had a naked woman standing in front of me. And she was beautiful, even with the scar on her stomach and the stretch marks extending onto her hips.

Her breast sagged very little. If they had sagged to her belly button it wouldn’t have mattered to me. Her waist was small and her butt firm.

Still holding my cock she turned us around and inched her way to a sitting position on the desk. Gently she pulled me forward by my cock. As I closed in her legs spread wide, up over my hips, her heels pulling on my butt, drawing me closer now with her legs and hand.

Placing the head against the lips of her vagina and with a small moan she rubbed it up and down her slit. She was wet. She was very wet.

Placing it at her opening she urged me forward with her legs. Slowly the head began to disappear.

Oh my, she was tight, very tight.

“Wait, T, wait. This isn’t going to work.”

Finally letting go of my cock she got to her feet, pushed everything on the desk to the floor and said “Lay down here.”

She crawled on top of me and once again took hold of my cock. Centering herself over it she slowly, so very slowly began lowering herself.

She kept mumbling “I want this in me. I want you in me. I want your cock, T. I need it. I need it.”

Inch by inch it began to disappear.

She was so tight. She was so wet and so warm inside, and so tight it hurt.

With only a third of it inside her she began to rock back and forth on it. Each downward movement produced an animal like grunt and she’d take a little more. I loved watching her.

Her hands were on my chest, using my chest for leverage. Her mouth was wide open, as though gasping for breath. Her long black hair was hanging over me, brushing back and forth as she moved up and down on my cock. Her eyes were glassy, as though in a trance.

She was concentrating. She knew what she wanted and she wasn’t going to be satisfied until she had it all.

With half of it inside her she came all over it.

Her body wracked and shuddered and shivered and she screamed “Oh yes, oh yes, ooooohhhhh yyyyessssssss!!!!” I could feel the moisture from her sliding down between my legs.

She collapsed onto me, kissing my lips, my eyes, my cheeks, my chin. After a short pause, I couldn’t help myself. I flexed my cock once, twice. She moaned and quivered each time. With the third flex she growled and started moving back and forth on it again.

She was going for all of it this time. She wasn’t going slowly any longer, she was jamming herself on it, impaling herself, driving it deeper and deeper with each downward motion.

I can still hear the grunts and groans and moans as she worked hard to take it all.

With two thirds inside my tip, I thought, hit bottom. It brought a cry of what sounded like pain, and still she didn’t stop. She slammed herself down hard on it time and again while working her hips into a different angle with each downward press.

Suddenly something gave and, as a cry her tore from her, her pelvic bone came fully down on mine.

She laid there for just a little, getting used to it. “I’m so full. You fill me so full, T. I love your cock. Nothing has ever been this deep in me. I wish you could feel what I’m feeling now.”

After several minutes of mumbling she began to move again.

No longer was she moving up and down. Now, with me fully inside her, she began grinding back and forth, rubbing herself hard on my pelvic bone.

I was too inexperienced to know why she had changed her motion. What I did know was how good it felt. And I was smart enough to grab onto her butt with both hands, gripping her hard and yanking her back and forth.

Through all her efforts to get me fully inside there were several times when the pain was so great I feared I wouldn’t keep my erection.

Now, deep inside her, there was no more pain. There was a warm, very wet tightness that no longer hurt. I was in heaven. My cock began to expand, growing larger as she worked herself hard on it.

She felt it growing harder, longer, wider and cried, “Yes, T, cum in me! Cum in me, T! I want your cum in me! I want to feel you cum in me. Give it to me!! Give it to me!!!” and all the while she worked herself harder and harder against my pelvic bone.

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