My How They Grow Ch. 06

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The continuing saga of me, my wife Carrie and our gymnast daughter Lynette. It’s probably best to read at least some of the preceding chapters in order to get a better feel for the story. As the category suggests there are some pretty strong elements of incestuous activity here. If that’s your thing, great. If not, you should probably read another story. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.


Dinner was odd. That’s about the best I can describe it. My wife, Carrie had finally come downstairs about 45 minutes after her strange, harried entrance earlier. She was in a decidedly friendly mood, first coming up behind the sofa and throwing her arms around my neck from behind, leaning over it and kissing me on the side of my cheek. I crooked my head a little, squeezing her away. I was watching the basketball game for heaven’s sakes, and besides that, it tickled. But she was persistent.

She stood, up and casting me a smirking, playful look while tossing her chestnut tresses over her shoulder, she sashayed around the couch to plop herself down beside me. She then proceeded to run one finger around my ear, through the surrounding hair on that side, tracing the outer lobe. I shrugged that off as well, trying to maintain focus on the game. But she continued and finally I looked over at her with a “What the fuck?” kind of glance and she just sat there, eyes glittering under half-lowered eyelids, lips slightly parted. My expression dissolved into wary amusement and I shook my head slightly and chuckled.

“What’s all this?” I asked, pulling back a bit to look at her.

“Oh, nothing. I was just thinking about how handsome you are and how lucky I am to have you!” my wife responded, smiling seductively.

“Uh huh,” I grunted, not really sure where this was going. I mean I’m sitting there, golf shorts and a sloppy old white T-shirt, minding my own business, nursing a Killian’s in one hand with my feet up on the coffee table, big toe poking out of one of my slightly soiled and heavily worn athletic socks and she thinks I’m handsome. ‘Well hang on baby, I got loads more handsome where that comes from!’ thinks I.

“Did you get high when you were at the mall, sweetheart?” I quipped.

The sexy smile evaporated from Carrie’s pretty face, replaced by a look of exasperation and bemusement. She pushed herself up from the couch and stalked off towards the kitchen. Oops. OK, maybe that wasn’t too cool on my part, I thought as I watched her stomp out of sight. Better go fix that, I decided. But not until the final 2 minutes ticked off the game clock first. Typical guy.

Fifteen minutes later, I figured I’d better get into the kitchen to make amends, especially since my lovely wife was preparing dinner for us. Now before I go much further and you get the wrong idea, I also pitch in on the cooking from time to time. Usually on the barbecue and usually involving charring some kind of animal smothered with lots of sauce and spices. But tonight was Carrie’s night. We don’t really have a pattern. Generally she cooks four nights to my one, but well, I do other important stuff. But I digress.

I sauntered into the kitchen where my wife stood in front of the sink tossing a salad. The scent of warm dough and garlic from the freshly prepared frozen DiGiorno Pizza wafted from the oven. It was accompanied by a slight hint of vinaigrette from the bottled salad dressing. Not fancy but, hey, it was a Saturday night — what do you want?

Carrie was beating the salad into submission with a large fork and spoon, probably imagining it was my head from the looks of her vigorous ministrations. I approached with caution. She stiffened as I laid my hands on her shoulders, my thumbs tracing the inside of the neckline of her top. I leaned over and placed my head softly beside hers. “I’m sorry hun.” I whispered. “I didn’t mean to ignore you like that. It was the end of the game and I’d been watching the whole thing and I just wasn’t…I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t mean to be a jerk,” I tried.

“That’s OK honey. You can’t help it,” she replied stiffly. Ouch.

I let my hands slide down her shoulders a bit. “You look amazing in that top you know.” I purred, rubbing her shoulders up and down.

“Is that right?” she replied coolly as she picked up a penis-length carrot and starting hacking off pieces into the salad bowl. “Or are you sure you’re not just high?” Ouch.

“I’m high on looking at you right now,” I smiled. Even without seeing her eyes, I knew they were rolling upwards at my lameness. I could feel the tension in her shoulder coming down though, and watched as she just shook her head a little from side to side.

“You suck,” she announced before easing her head to the side to press against mine signaling a slight thaw.

“That’s because you’ve got good such stuff to suck on, Ma Cherie,” I rejoined, sliding my left hand from her shoulder around her front and down into the inviting scoop neckline of her stretch top. It found its heavy target and I began feeling her, stroking her big, firm breast, then her large, soft aureole. Her head rolled backward into my neck as she gave a sharp Beylikdüzü Fetiş Escort intake of breath. I felt her big nipple harden almost instantly against my fingertips as I began to pinch and pull it softly and roll it around. I noticed she’d stopped slicing the carrot. I moved my head to the other side of her and dropped my mouth to the soft, exposed flesh of her neck, kissing and sucking on it as I kneaded her amazing breasts.

“You’re a prick,” she mewed, without much conviction, as I pulled on her nipple and grazed the skin of her neck slightly with my teeth, causing her to groan a bit.

“I thought you liked pricks Carrie. I thought you liked to make them big and hard,” I breathed.

“Mmmm…yes baby, keep talking just like that,” my sexy lady answered.

“Jeez you guys! Get a room!” came the sarcastic blare of my daughter’s voice as she entered the kitchen, straightening me up like the sound of a fire alarm at three in the morning. I clumsily yanked my hand out of my wife’s top, whacking her in the chin with my watch as I did and causing her to yelp a little in the process.

“Jesus Christ, Lynette! You scared the crap out of us!” I barked, whirling to face my daughter, who stood in the kitchen doorway with her hands on her shapely hips, adorned in a tight, teal top with the words “For Your Eyes Only” across it. A pair of three-quarter length white sweats completed the ensemble.

“Well, that’s what you get for doing the nasty in the kitchen! Seriously, what is it with you guys and the kitchen?” she smirked.

“Wha — what do you mean?” I stammered, suddenly on the defensive. And what was going on here anyway? She and I both knew she’d seen plenty more the night before. She was obviously acting for her mother’s sake. Smart girl.

“You know what I mean!” Lynette replied, walking into the kitchen and pulling a chair out from the table. “I know what you guys were doing this morning while I was in here. Naughty, naughty!” she teased as she lowered herself onto the seat and leaned back, crossing her legs.

“I don’t know what you mean!” I tried, looking at my wife for support. Carrie just stood there, looking down at the floor with an ‘Oops…Busted!’ grin on her face.

“Yes, well, tell that to your wiener Daddy! You nearly poked my eye out with that thing this morning when you stood up! Like…gross, you guys! Can’t you wait until you’re alone?” she mock-scolded, although at this point, I was looking at her with utter disbelief. We were gross, huh? She could say that with a straight face after what she did watching us the previous night, not to mention what she had done to me earlier? She noticed the scowl on my face and smiled sweetly.

“OK you guys, enough!” Carrie laughed. “So your Dad and I like to have a little fun. We’re not dead, Lynette. And you should talk. I doubt you’re so innocent yourself,” she added, with a strange kind of knowing, challenging gleam in her eyes as she gazed at her daughter.

Lynette’s smile became a bit more contrite and she dropped her eyes to the floor. She just shrugged her shoulders. “You know I’m not like that Mommy!” she answered, a little grin twitching at the side of her mouth.

“Uh huh,” my wife answered sardonically. “Save it for the judge, little girl!” she added.

Dinner as I said earlier was kind of odd from then on. There wasn’t a lot of conversation. There seemed to be a lot of unspoken tension in the air. I for my part knew why. I hadn’t quite figured out how to deal with the fact that I had recently “not had sexual relations” with my daughter as Bill Clinton might have testified. But I had pretty much done everything else, all of which would probably be considered disgusting and sick to the majority of the people I knew. And here I was, sitting across from her while my wife of 19 years sat beside us.

As much as we had role played about this kind of thing, which in itself was suddenly appalling to me, I was pretty sure that Carrie would not find the reality of such an event so sexually arousing. In fact, I was pretty sure she’d divorce me, poison me, or cut off parts of me with which I’d become quite attached. Plus, good fathers just didn’t do stuff like that. To make matters worse, if possible, I had more or less let Lynette watch as I screwed the daylights out of her mother on our bed. What the hell was I thinking? The fact that both events caused me to cum like a fire hydrant was irrelevant. I was a bad, bad man. Then earlier today, my pretty wife had surreptitiously masturbated me under the table while I ogled my daughter’s ass whilst she washed dishes. That was not cool. Except that, well, it kind of was.

So I had a lot of guilt. Huge guilt. Real, mind-swallowing, hand-wringing moral issues. And I ate in strained silence for the entire meal. The weird thing was, so did my wife. I couldn’t understand that. She hadn’t done anything really wrong, except the masturbating-me-under-the-table thing. What was her problem?

And Lynette? Well, she started off chirpy, but then as the meal wore on, she became more morose, almost despondent. She looked back and forth at her mother and Beylikdüzü Gecelik Escort me and just kind of wilted and became very quiet. The meal ended and there was some idle chatter about Lynette’s going out on a date that night, that she needed to get ready and so on. We got up, cleared the table, put the dishes in the dishwasher and Lynette left the room. I leaned back against the counter lost in thought as I watched Carrie put away the remaining drink containers into the fridge. It was still weird, even after Lynette left. I certainly felt like I needed to get out of there. Carrie for her part kept stealing glances at me with this kind of shy, uncertain, look on her face. There was something else there too. She herself looked — guilty, which was weird. She wouldn’t meet my eyes with hers. Of course, I couldn’t meet hers either which initiated the strangest game of spontaneous ‘Gee, what’s that over there?’ that I’ve ever been involved with. Crazy. I needed some air. I decided to go outside.

I wandered around the back of the house, out on our patio and looked out into the night. The summer air was warm and moist, the wind soft and pleasant. Crickets and tree frogs sang from the woods behind my back yard. The moon was nearly full, dimly lighting the deck and the trees beyond with a ghostly, silvery gleam, adding to the soft glow from the porch lights behind me. It was a perfect night. The stars were abundant and bright. I turned towards the house and peered through the sliding door blinds.

My wife sat at the kitchen table with her face in her hands. And suddenly the night wasn’t so perfect at all.

After a few more minutes I went back inside and sat back down on the couch, flicking absent-mindedly through the TV channels. I thought about all the strange things that had transpired in my family life over the past 24 hours. None of it was really anything I could talk to anyone about, and certainly wasn’t anything I was proud of. How was this going to affect things with my daughter? How could I face my wife, who trusted me more than anyone else in the world? I watched everything and nothing as the channels flitted by, my mind a whirl of troubling thoughts and scenarios.

My daughter broke my trance by coming up beside me and sitting on the armrest facing me. She put her left foot on the nearest sofa cushion and kind of pulled her leg up to her chest, hugging it. She was now wearing some low-rider jeans that came to mid-calf and a blue scoop neck top that dipped about two inches below the shadowy cleft between her breasts. Pendulous rhinestone earrings hung casually from her petite ears, twinkling as the light glimmered off them. She had her dark hair pulled back and secured with a Scunci at the back. She looked amazing, as it seemed she always did recently.

“You okay, Daddy?” she asked softly, big, green eyes gazing down at me with uncertainty.

“Sure Princess,” I replied, forcing a smile to form on my lips.

‘Princess’ sat there for a few moments just looking at me. She rocked her right knee back and forth silently as she did. I knew she was struggling with her thoughts and understood that she wanted, needed to say something. I empathized with her. I didn’t know exactly what to say either.

“Are you mad at me Daddy?” she finally asked.

Mad? That was the last thing I was. I’d probably experienced almost every other feeling possible but anger, at least with her, wasn’t one of them. How could she think that?

“No, baby. No way.” I looked towards the kitchen where I knew my wife was still sitting, dealing with whatever demons she was battling. I knew my next tête-à-tête would be in there, although over what I wasn’t sure. “You…you’re an amazing girl. I love you so much that you’ll never, ever know what you mean to me. But what we did…what I did…I shouldn’t have done. I don’t know what I was thinking. I can’t ever let that happen again.” I blurted in a rush.

Lynette’s eyes studied mine for a few seconds. “I know.” she replied, quietly. “I guess we got carried away. Like, WAY away!” she added, rolling her eyes. Then, an impish little grin broke across her beautiful, sexy little mouth. “It’s too bad though,” she smirked. “I kind of liked it!” she added, biting her lower lip.

“Lynette…!” I rejoined.

“I know, I know. I just found it kind of…you know, hot, that’s all. I guess some people would find that totally gross, but…I don’t know. Maybe I’m a weirdo.” She reached out and kind of pushed my shoulder in a taunting gesture. “I mean, I can’t stop thinking about it.” Then she added excitedly in a kind of whisper, “I mean, God, the way you rubbed your…you know, like, rubbed it all over my face and like, smacked it on me and stuff…God Daddy! Is it okay if I think about it sometimes? It was just…so…mmm baby!” she admitted, trailing off and rolling her eyes upward quickly and smiling.

I’m ashamed to admit that she had gotten to me again. My cock sprang to life again with every word from her lips. I shook my head and cleared my throat, stammering for words. “Lynette!” I admonished. “You have to stop this stuff. I’m your father Beylikdüzü Genç Escort honey and that’s just…not normal.” My daughter moved down towards me, pouting, squeezing between the armrest and I. She kind of turned her body towards my still front-facing torso and wrapped her arms around me, giving me a hug. Despite my best intentions, I could feel her full breasts pushing on my upper arm.

“Aw, c’mon Daddy. Pleeease? I’ll be very discrete. I won’t tease you much anymore, OK? But is it alright if I think about it? Just a little bit? Please?” my daughter pushed eyes big and pleading, in her little girl voice.

The conversation was becoming ridiculous. No father and daughter talk to each other like this. I needed to put an end to it. “You’re already being bad now,” I chided and then, despite myself I said “I’m not sure you know how to turn it off anyway. Just try to act like a normal daughter from now on, would ya?” I joked.

“Oh, OK Daddy! I’ll take it easy on you. But you know, I don’t mind if you perv out about me sometimes,” she grinned, giving me another hug. “I think it’s cute!” she smiled, tilting her head and poking me.

“Perv out? Jesus.” I muttered, mostly to myself. “So which guy are you going out with tonight? Andrew or Matt?” I said, changing the topic.

I wasn’t sure who my daughter’s latest ‘friend’ was. For all I knew, Andrew and Matt might have been last month’s news. Lynette went through boyfriends like my washing machine went through socks.

“Well, both actually.” Lynette replied, smiling smugly.

“WHAT?” I yelped, sitting bolt upright and my mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. Now, I’m obviously not a prude. My previous behavior would shoot down any theories about that, Lord knows. But two guys?

“Relax Daddy. We’re just going to the movies and we’re meeting some other people there. You’ve got a dirty mind!” Lynette chided.

“Can you blame me?” I responded sarcastically. “I just don’t want you to…you know…go nuts. You need to be careful around guys. They aren’t safe at that age. And how does this work exactly anyway? Aren’t they jealous of each other dating you?” I asked, trying to comprehend this arrangement.

Lynette leaned back against the sofa arm, inadvertently pushing out her breasts, the effect of which was in no way lost on me. I stared and she smiled, twisting her back and forth hair between her fingers. “Well, they’re pretty cool about it. It’s not like we’re looking for marriage or anything, Daddy. We’re just having fun right now.”

“But two guys on the same date? That’s a bit…uncomfortable if you ask me.”

“Well Daddy, we’re going to be with a group of other people for a lot of it,” my daughter explained.

“A lot of it?” I replied, eyebrows raised.

“Well, they’ll be picking me up and later they’ll be bringing me home so…you know,” she trailed off, her eyes mischievous.

“No I don’t know!” I barked. “What does that mean?” I continued as the doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of my daughter’s ‘dates’.

Lynette leaned over and whispered hotly in my ear: “It means I’m going to have lots and lots of fun tonight Daddy!”

With that, my daughter gave me a big kiss on the cheek and bounced off the couch, leaving me with my mouth gaping and the blood rising in my face. I watched her perfect little ass flounce towards the door and I shouted her name as she reached it. My little girl just turned as she opened the door, smiled, blew me a kiss, winked and said “Just kidding! Bye Daddy!” as she grabbed one of the boys hands with one hand before closing the door behind her with the other.

My wife finally came out of the kitchen. She’d obviously been crying. Despite my outrage at my daughter’s words, I realized again with some self-contempt that I’d somehow managed to develop a pretty fair erection over my daughter’s presence in a very short period of time.

“What’s going on?” Carrie sniffed.

I just shook my head and replied “Ladies and gentlemen, Lynette has left the building.”

The remainder of the evening was tense. Carrie wouldn’t open up about whatever was bothering her, which made me extremely concerned and more than a little suspicious. Was she having an affair? Did she know about Lynette and me? That seemed unlikely as I was pretty sure she would have ripped my head clear off my shoulders. Was she going through some other kind of crisis? She wouldn’t give me any answers and this began opening up a rather chilly and anxious void between us.

Our daughter came well after midnight. Carrie had gone to bed. I had waited up. I told myself that it was because of general parental concern. I told myself it was because I couldn’t sleep anyway after the uncomfortable evening I’d spent with my wife and that maybe it might be best if Carrie went to sleep first before I climbed in. I told myself that it had nothing to do with the images that kept popping up in my mind in regard to what my young daughter had sexily whispered in my ear just before she left. Surely I didn’t really want to know anything more about her dates. I just wanted to make sure she arrived safe and sound, and as I thought about that, I realized that this was truly the main reason I was still awake on the sofa when her key turned in our front door lock. When the door opened and my beautiful little girl walked in and closed it behind her, turning the lock and shutting out all the bad things the world had in it, I knew how important she was in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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