My Grandfather fucks my Girlfriend

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I use to believe all those stories on the internet of guys letting other guys fuck their girl were all fake or very exaggerated and that no girl would ever agree to it. Now I know better.

Now before I get to the story let me just get introductions out of the way, my girlfriend Jessica Smith is hot and I mean hot. She’s 5’8″, she has an hourglass physique of a 120 lbs from all the yoga she does, she has green eyes, long black hair, her skin is creamy white and silky smooth, she has a nice juicy ass and a set of big soft 38 DDD tits. She’s funny, smart and fun to be around. She likes to dress sexy and is very active in bed much more than me. If I’m being honest she is way out of my league, I mean she could have any guy that she want’s but instead she chose me. I’m not complaining though. If she want’s to be with me then I’ll accept it no questions asked. Now that I think about it the reason she made me her boyfriend is probably because I do everything that she wants.

Now let me tell you about my Grandfather Henry Barrett. For starters he’s very old school obviously, he’s the whole “my house my rules” and “I’m the man of the house” kind of guy. No matter how old I get he always makes it clear who’s in charge and who isn’t. When he comes to my house it’s his house. I don’t think I’ve ever gone against him and probably never will. Physically he’s the total opposite of me and certainly doesn’t look his age. I have pale skin, brown unkempt hair, skinny-fat with a teenager’s body and only 5’4″. Whereas he’s 6’7″, shredded with big man hands, tanned skin, black and silver hair on his head and his chest. Amazing for a 67 year old, all thanks to years of physical exercise and manual labor as a lumberjack.

Ever since my dad left he was the one who stepped up and help my mom raise me. He’s the only father I’ve ever known, he grew up poor and worked his ass off to get out of that situation and make something of himself, whenever I’ve been in a tough spot he was always there to help me out. To me he is the epitome of manliness. Thats why when I found myself with such a beautiful girlfriend he was the first one I told. I might have been a little too eager to show her off to him because at first he didn’t believe me so I showed him a picture of us together at the beach. One where she was wearing a skimpy black bikini which showed of her sexy young body. From the look in his eyes I should’ve known what was to come.

Now with that out of the way here’s the story.

About a year ago I got a call from Grandpa telling me to come over to his lake house for some fishing and to bring my beautiful girlfriend too. It was kind of sudden but I didn’t think much of it and said “sure why not”. I asked Jessica and she said she’d be happy to go. So we packed up our stuff on Friday morning and headed over for the whole weekend. We got there around 1:30 pm. It was 2 stories, with a living room, bathroom, a balcony a beautiful garden in the back which led to a small dock with a row boat. I told her he built it all himself which seemed to get a response out of her. Before we could go in we heard grunting noises coming from the back, we went to go check it out, as we got closer the grunts got louder and louder and then turned into moans. When we turned the corner we saw the source of all the noise.

There in the back patio on one of the tanning chairs was a woman completely naked on all fours with her head down. My grandpa stood behind her pounding her pussy. His hands tightly holding her hips. The woman screaming her head off in pleasure and ecstasy.


Meanwhile Grandpa stayed quiet as he furiously hammered into her. Never once breaking concentration to acknowledge us there. I swear the whole thing was like a live porn shooting. Neither of us could believe it. Jessica was so shocked she took off her sunglasses in disbelief. I thought maybe we should go but she wouldn’t budge, she was completely enthralled by the sight and wanted to keep watching. Admittedly so was I, the woman he was fucking was a beauty. She had to be in her mid 40’s, short blonde hair, hourglass figure and a nice pair of big tits. Which were currently bouncing back and forth with every powerful thrust my grandpa was giving her. The woman lifted her head up, we thought she’d seen us but that wasn’t the case, her neck bent backwards and arched her back as a big orgasm spread through her whole body.


Never before or since have I made or seen a woman cum that hard. Little did I know I’d be seeing a lot of it more often. Grandpa however wasn’t done yet, he continued to hammer her cunt as she spasmed and contorted over his cock never once slowing down. He’d moved his huge hands to her beautiful breasts and held her up escort gaziantep bayan ilanları as she went limp. A few minutes later after the orgasm had subsided she had another even more massive one rip through her body. Squirting all over his cock. He also finally came grunting with each squirt of cum he shot into her. She collapsed on the tanning chair from exhaustion as he sat next to her. Seeing them both covered in sweat, her pussy presumably dripping with cum, his now semi hard cock shimmering from being lathered in her pussy juices had an effect on both of us. Jessica stood there all hot and bothered, she’d never seen or met my grandfather before and this was her introduction to him, meanwhile my dick was trying to decide whether or not to get hard over my grandpa fucking that woman like a porn star.

“WOW!!!” exclaimed Jessica.

That got his attention, he saw us and came to greet us with a warm smile and an open hand. As if nothing strange had happened at all. Now that he was up close we got a good look at his cock and balls. They were both huge and completely shaved. He had to be at least 5 or 6 inches. Jessica let out a gasp and was definitely impressed with the old man. He crushed my hand in his grip when I tried to shake his. He got one look of her in her white summer dress and got her in a big hug lifting her up with ease, mashing her huge melons against his chest and grabbing her waist with his big hands. She seemed to like it and happily wrapped her arms around his neck. He lowered one of his hands to her ass and lightly gripped it making her giggle. I was mad at this but reasoned that he had just got done fucking and was still feeling a bit horny and my girlfriend was just too sexy to resist. I didn’t blame him, the dress she was wearing was tight and short molding her juicy ass, exposing her long sexy legs and showed off her amazing cleavage.

I’ll admit Grandpa seemed really powerful in that moment, this big strong older man oozing with testosterone and confidence, holding a hot young girl in his arms was a sight to behold. Eventually they let go and the three of us got to talking, I was trying to maintain eye contact but Jessica just kept looking at his cock. He apologized for making us wait saying they were only gonna for one round but ended up going for three. If that’s true then my grandpa is definitely a stud, I thought. We got our luggage and brought it to one of the rooms and finally had a moment to process everything. I didn’t know how to feel but she was horny and needed relief. She took her dress off and laid on the bed so that I could start fucking her. I got excited and pulled my dick out. After having seen grandpa’s not so little friend I just didn’t measure up. At my best I’m 4 inches, but I was gonna give it my all. Our quickie ended very quickly.

I got on top of her, and slowly pushed my tiny dick into her. I started humping her looking her in the eye trying to concentrate but my mind was flooded with images of grandpa fucking that woman and for a split second I pictured her as Jessica. That did it and I came on her stomach, a tiny squirt of jizz, in about a minute. I felt so ashamed, for cumming so quickly and for what I pictured in my head. “Sorry, your just so hot” I said. She smiled at me. “Thats okay baby, these things happen” she said. She had me eat her out for 20 minutes until she had finally calmed down.

We went back out and saw them both washing off in the outdoor shower. I thought they might start again but they didn’t and after getting dry sat on the patio couch. We joined them and got to talking with a few beers. I sat in an arm chair while Jessica sat on the couch with them, my grandpa in the middle of them. I asked them why they were still naked. They looked at me like I was crazy. Essentially they just felt more comfortable naked and besides there’s no one around. It was true the lake house was pretty out of the way and was at least 2 miles from the closest town. Plus it was a pretty hot day. Maybe thats why they were sweating so much earlier. Well that was enough to convince Jessica and right then and there undid the knot on her dress and pulled it down. Revealing her huge assets to them. She still had on a thong and I thought she might leave it on but no. She turned to me smiled and bent over to pull it down giving my Grandfather a good view of her perfect ass and pretty pink pussy.

They invited me to get nude as well, but I refused the size disparity between me and Grandpa was bad enough and getting nude with him would only exasperate it. Besides seeing my chiseled grandfather sandwiched between two busty beauties was getting me hard and I didn’t want them to see, especially since one of them was my girlfriend who was mesmerized by his muscular figure. After a few more beers I stopped caring and got nude revealing my skinny body and small 4 inch erect dick. Both girls looked at mine and his and thought the same, even soft he was eskort gaziantep bayan still bigger than me. Jessica went to go get her Bluetooth speaker and put on some thumping dance music. She and the other woman, whose name was Nancy by the way, started dancing swaying their hips to the beat shaking their big tits really putting on a show. Mainly for grandpa. It was really hot being there watching them dance, both of them were sexy as hell but Jessica was just on another level mainly because she was just younger and more lively and energetic. Also her boobs were definitely bigger, softer, perkier and had a more satisfying bounce to them.

My Grandfather definitely agreed, while he was watching them both it was Jessica who was driving him crazy. Pretty soon he was rock hard and wasn’t afraid to show it. His huge heavy balls dangling beneath it. My girlfriend couldn’t believe it or me for that matter, she put her forearm next to it for comparison and it was just as long and thicker than her wrist. Before she could ask he outright said it.

“10 inches.” he said in a cool sultry voice. He reached out to grab one of her large breasts and said “I’m not the only one with something big here” she just smiled and let him caress her breasts for a while. I was powerless to stop him, how could I he was bigger, stronger and more assertive than me. All it took was a glance and I sheepishly sat there and let it happen. Not wanting to be left out Nancy also let him massage her breasts, they wanted him to compare and decide who’s were better. Jessica won, obviously.

The girls decided to compare us too, and stood us up and put us next to each other. If he made me look small while soft now I seemed insignificant, I might as well have been a child compared to him. Hell his fingers were bigger and thicker than me. Nancy grabbed his cock and couldn’t close her hand around it while Jessica could do it with my dick and balls. Everyone laughed at that. After that I needed some space and excused myself to the bathroom. I looked myself in the mirror and all I could think was how much of a wimp I was. I mean he was fondling my girlfriend, bragging about the size of his cock to her and putting me to shame while I was just letting it happen. It was almost like I liked it. I liked seeing my buff grandfather and hot girlfriend lusting after each other. Before I could continue that thought process I splashed cold water on my face and left.

As I was walking out I saw Nancy fully clothed and ready to leave. I asked her and she said she had things to do and that she had fun. But before she left, she said she’d give me some advice. She pointed at my girlfriend and grandfather sitting on the couch next to each other and said that they clearly wanted to fuck and that I should stay out of the way. I thought she sounded crazy and argued against it. But she made a really good point. They were both naked and showing off their assets to each other, who would do that besides people who wanted to fuck. She said I could fight it all I want but by the end of this day they’ll have slept together and I could either deny it to them and get them mad at me, which would lead them to just have sex behind my back, or when the time came I could give my consent and let them fuck without worry. Besides if I really had a problem with it I wouldn’t be so hard looking at them out there.

I couldn’t find any fault in her logic, everything she said made sense. Whats the saying “When two people want to fuck they end up fucking”. I thought about my options and realized the only one I had was to let them fuck. I mean what would I do if I caught them in the act, stop them. Grandpa would probably just bat me away with one hand or give me a stern look making me cower. It would strain our relationship and I don’t want that. And if I was honest with myself I’d completely failed Jessica as a lover, her sex drive is so much higher than mine and I just don’t have what it takes to satisfy her but he does. If he can satisfy her then I should let him. Besides better someone I know and respect than some stranger, right?

After our talk Nancy said goodbye and left. I looked at them from inside the house the way they looked at each other I could see it now. They wanted to fuck and I was okay with it. I walked back out and sat in the armchair facing them. They were too busy talking, well flirting actually, to notice me. Grandpa was just as hard as he was before while Jessica was starting to drip from her pussy her nipples as hard as rocks. This was gonna happen for sure. He wrapped his arm around her and started fondling her breasts, while looking at me. I said nothing. He then lowered one hand onto her pussy, she opened her legs and he began to play with it. Seeing as how I did nothing he began to kiss her which she reciprocated, they explored each others mouths with their tongues.

Jessica did what she presumably wanted to do for a while and began stroking his large escort gaziantep bayan cock with one hand. She let out tiny moans in between kissing my grandfather. After a few minutes they stopped to look at me.

“Me and Jessica have been talking and she told me about what happened earlier, if thats true than I can assume thats how it usually goes.” he said. I nodded in response. “She needs a good fucking, and I’m going to give it to her understand.”

“Yes sir.” I said.

He didn’t even ask for permission he simply told me what was going to happen. Not that he needed it. He just wanted my approval so as to not feel guilty about it.

“Thanks for being cool with this baby, you have no idea how much I want this big cock in me. Thank you so much.” she said as she got on her knees and took his cock with both hands and began stroking it. Pre cum started to ooze from it. She happily licked the pre cum off the tip before getting closer and beginning to wrap her lips around it. I didn’t know how she was gonna take it, this was the biggest cock I’d ever seen. She enthusiastically sucked on his head turning her head to look up at him.

He smiled as he looked into her eyes and put one of his huge hands on the back her head and began to push it further down around his cock. She eagerly accepted more of his meat into her mouth while still jacking him off with one hand. He leaned back in pleasure as she bobbed her head up and down. At about 5 inches she began to gag and cough at his thickness. Unable to take it. But she wouldn’t be discouraged and he wouldn’t let her pull away.

“Cmon, breath through your nose” he said while pushing her head down more. “Just relax your throat” he said 8 inches in. Almost at the end he pushed her head down opening up her throat for him. It seemed like it was too much for her but I was so preoccupied watching her gag on his cock that I didn’t notice her playing with her pussy which was dripping wet. This feeling of choking on a big dick was turning her on. He held her head there for a minute before letting go and she pulled her head off coughing and gagging with a string of saliva coming out.

Not once did she stop jerking him off and was once again back to shoving his cock in her mouth. This time she was better though. She was getting used to his size and really gobbled it up. He groaned in pleasure and grabbed her by the hair to bob her head up and down on his long shaft. This went on for 10 minutes as I sat there and watched. I wondered how he did it not to cum, a few minutes of this and I would’ve been spent but he stayed strong.

“Your amazing. I’m gonna fuck your mouth some more later but right now I want your pussy” he said as he pulled her head up. She obeyed and got up to straddle him while facing him. She raised herself up positioned his cock under her pussy and began to lower herself over it. She cried out as it stretched her out as she was used to my much smaller dick. He looked me right in the eye as he entered my girlfriends pussy. Once again as she was half way he decided to give her a hand, and pulled her down to the base of his cock.

“AAAAHHHHHHH FUCK THATS BIG!” she cried out. “Oh baby, your grandpa’s so long and thick”. She started kissing him wrapping her arms around his neck as her pussy adjusted to his size.

“You have the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.” she said. He smiled at her and cupped her ass with his hands and started lifting her up and down on his long shaft. She yelped in pleasure as she slowly started moving on her own. As she got more comfortable with his massive cock and as it got covered more and more with her juices she was able to really fuck herself on his cock.

“YESSSS!!! FUCK THATS SO GOOD!! SO BIG!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMM YEAH FUCK!!!! OH OH OH AHH AH AH AH AH HA HA HA MMMMMMMMMM!!!!! YES MR. Barrett YES!!!!!!!!” She shouted. Its good there was no one around or they’d all be trying so see what was going on.

She was so out of control and couldn’t stop bouncing. His enormous cock rubbing against her clit, his heavy balls bouncing up and down slapping her ass. She was bouncing faster and faster and faster. He definitely loved her huge tits bouncing right in front of his face.

“OH GOD I’M GONNA CUM!!!” she screamed.

And that she did, letting out a ear piercing scream as her pussy flexed around his cock from the powerful orgasm shooting through her body. She threw her head back and arched her back, he put his arm around her waist so she wouldn’t fall back. I swear never before had I seen her cum that hard, I could only dream of doing it. That whole time I was the hardest I’ve ever been and desperately needed relief. I was too busy admiring them to notice it. I reached out to jack off but stopped myself. Would it be too weird of me I thought. I mean I just saw my girlfriend bounce on my grandfather’s cock but still. I looked up at him and locked eyes with him. He saw what I wanted to do and nodded in approval. So I did. I got to work as they both saw me, encouraging me to cum hard and I did harder than I ever did letting out a sigh of pure pleasure and ecstasy. I sounded like a young boy more than I did a man. I shot out a tiny squirt of jizz though in contrast to my big orgasm. I checked the time and saw that it was 3:30 pm. They’d only met 2 hours ago and were already fucking. I let that sink in as we sat in silence for a minute or two before grandpa started talking.

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