My Fitness Teacher First Sexual Encounter

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During college, I have been training with this martial arts group. I am tall (about 5’10), white, with long blonde hair, long legs, and A-cup breasts. My instructor is an average-looking male about 10-15 years older and always gave me the attention I needed to get better with my workouts. One day, he suggested that I watch a video of one of his performances with him to look at technique. The studio didn’t have a television so he mentioned after practice he can come over since I lived close by. I shared an apartment with my female roommate but she was never home. I wasn’t sure if he would come on to me or just share exercise knowledge. However, when I thought about the possibility, my pussy began to soak through my panties. During these college years, I was always horny. The things I did with other guys are for another time though.

I agreed to the meetup at my place and after class, he followed me home. We went into my bedroom to view my television. As he played the video, he sat down on my bed next to me. We were both still in our workout gear and he began narrating what was happening in the video. About 10 minutes into the video he was pointing something out he placed his hand on my leg to gain my attention. I looked at him and he turn towards me for a moment while he talked. Then this sexual tension began with his hand remaining on my thigh. We both sat quietly for a second and then he leaned in to kiss me. My body immediately responded with my lips kissing him back. Our lips locked and I began to taste his tongue. He put his hand on the back of my head and gently tugged my hair and the hand on my thigh crept between my legs closer to my cunt. Our kisses were making me wet. My hand instinctively began to rub his dick outside of his pants. His cock was hard and I could tell he wasn’t small. That cued him to stick his hand down my pants and rub my clit. I moaned, “Oh that feel’s good!” and bit his lip. “You’re so wet!” He responded. We were definitely going to fuck but would this be the only time?

I was getting close to cumming with his fingers rubbing my pussy. I grew hornier by the minute and needed to see his dick. I slid off the bed, on my knees, and pulled his pants down. Sprung out was his long cock! It was about average girth but at least 8 inches long. I’ve had bigger but this will do just fine. I licked the base of his cock right above his balls and then my tongue traced the bottom of his dick all the way to the tip. I gave the tip of his mushroom head a kiss, then swirled my tongue on the tip like his cock and I was making out. Then, that cock went right into my mouth. I heard him moan, “Oh baby!” as I could taste the sweat from the gym but I didn’t care. I started massaging his balls with one hand and the other moving up and escort gaziantep kızıl bayan down his dick with my mouth. I put his dick deeper and deeper in my mouth knowing I don’t have a gag reflex from other blowjobs. He put his hands on the back of my head with gentle pushes. He began moving his hips and fucking my mouth. “Oh baby,” he said. “Damn you’re good!” That cock was now touching my throat. I held his dick deep in my mouth for about five seconds to show off a bit. I wanted him to think of me as the best blowjob he will ever have. He could see saliva coming out of my mouth, and down my chin. I would look at him and see the pleasure on his face. I pulled it out and jacked him off asking, “How does it feel? Do you like me sucking your cock?” “Oh yeah. I love it!” he replied. Then traced his dick with my tongue to his balls and sucked the saltiness off them. His dick laid on my cheek as I continued to lick his balls. “How bad do you want me?” I asked. Then I put that cock back in my mouth and let him fuck my throat some more. “You feel so good,” he said. “You’re my favorite student!” His sweat mixed with his precum and swirled around my mouth. His hand on the back of my head, using my hair as leverage to fuck my mouth turned me on more. “I think your dick likes me!” As I licked the precum. He said, “Damn your good! You can sure suck a dick! You’re gonna make me cum!” I didn’t want him to cum yet. I needed to feel that dick in me. I looked up and said, “I’m gonna take a shower and freshen up, you wanna join me?” as I stood up, I gave him a deep french kiss as I jacked him off. He whispered, “okay” and stood up beginning to pull my shirt off. I grabbed his hand, walked him into the bathroom, and turned the shower on. When I bent over to turn the shower on, he pulled down my pants and soaked my panties, then started rubbing my pussy. Then, I stepped out of the pants as he took off his clothes. I grabbed his dick and whispered. “Have you wanted this as bad as I have?”

We stepped into the shower and the hot water ran down our bodies. He began biting my neck and nibbled on my ears as I did the same. Two of his fingers entered my cunt easily. I continued to jack him off. He hit my G-spot and was getting me close to cumming. When he moved down to suck on my tits that put me over the top. “Fuck! I’m cumming!” I said as his fingers moved in and out of my pussy. “OOOOHHHH YES, YES, YES!” My legs buckled and grabbed onto his shoulders so I wouldn’t fall. I gave him a deep kiss and said, “It’s your turn!” I then dropped to my knees and engulfed his cock once again! This time I wouldn’t stop until his cum filled my mouth. He began fucking my mouth faster and faster. I had two hands on his cock escort köle bayan gaziantep with my mouth to ensure his whole dick felt me at all times. “Uh, uh, uh, uh” he kept grunting. Then he said, “I’m getting ready to cum!” I moved my hands from his cock and squeezed his ass, pulling him towards me to signal I want it in my mouth, and then he yelled, “I’m cumming!!!” He held his dick deep in my mouth and I choked as I felt pulses of cum hit the back of my throat. It was so much cum that it began spilling out of my mouth and down my tits. I could feel his cock pulsating on my tongue. The shower was hitting his backside so he can see the cum clearly running down my body without water washing it away. I stroked him off some more, licking up and down his dick to ensure I pulled out every drop of cum.

He said, “It’s my turn to taste you!” I smiled and said let me clean up first. I lathered him up in soap and he did the same for me. I began washing his semi-hard cock then put my hand under his balls, to his backside, and began rubbing his asshole, as our tongues twirled. His cock was getting hard again after that. He took his finger and began rubbing my asshole and then put it right up my ass. His other hand was rubbing my pussy. He sat me on the shower floor and began to lick my pussy as my legs were in the air. My hands grabbed the back of his head and pulled his hair as his tongue explored my cunt. “Oh God that feels good!” I said. He began moving back and forth with his tongue from my asshole to my pussy. His tongue licking my asshole gave me chills and sparked another orgasm coming. Then he was licking my clit and stuck two fingers inside me moving them in and out. My body started shivering and an overwhelming sensation came over me. “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” His tongue went from licking to his mouth sucking my pussy. My hands pulled his head into my cunt as if I was trying to suffocate him with my vagina. He removed his hand from my cunt and stuck it in my mouth as he continued to suck my pussy. I sucked and bit on his fingers as my body pulsated over and over. As I was coming down from my orgasm high, his lips moved to kiss my stomach, then tits, then my neck. I pulled him on top of me and gave him the deepest kiss! I could taste our cums mixed as I grabbed his ass and pulled him towards me to signal to put that cock in my pussy. He whispered, “let’s go back to the bed.” “Okay,” I said as he helped me up.

We walked into the bedroom and I laid on the bed. He reached into his bag and pulled out a condom. I felt a little frustrated because I wanted it raw and I was on the pill. I told him he didn’t need the condom because I was protected but he insisted. gaziantep kumral escort bayan I reluctantly agreed but told him, “First let me make sure that dick is ready!” He came to the bed, laid down and I maneuvered my head near his cock and began to suck. “Fuck you suck it so well!” He said as his hand began rubbing my pussy. I moved from his dick to his balls, then began licking his asshole while I stroked his cock. He moaned so loud and began to finger fuck me. Then he sat up, picked me up, and laid me on my back. He put on a condom faster than anyone I’ve seen and said, “I’m going to fuck you good!” He took the tip of his mushroom head and rubbed it on top of my pussy, up and down. “Oh give it to me!” I begged. He put the tip in, took my hands, pinned them above my head, and began kissing me very deeply. Then inch by inch my pussy swallowed that cock. My fingers squeezed his hands as he took long slow strokes in and out. Our tongues wrestled as I moaned in pleasure. “Damn your tight. Oh, it feels so good!” he said.” His pace picked up and I whispered in his ear. “Fuck me! Fuck that cunt!” I went into whore mode, wrapped my legs around his body, and began biting his neck. His pelvis began pounding mine, as he moved his head down to suck my nipples. “Ahhhh” I screamed in pleasure. “Give it to me baby!” I said. He kept pounding me for what felt like forever! Then, he rolled to his back and pulled me on top while he was still in me and said, “You give it to me!” I began grinding. Back and forth I felt my pussy tighten up as he fondled my tits. My nails dug in his chest as he grabbed my ass cheeks and made me grind harder. “I’m cumming!” I screamed as I felt the juices from my pussy run out my cunt and down his cock. I bent down and sucked his tongue right out of his mouth.

My body went limp from the orgasm but he wasn’t done. He moved me to my knees and positioned himself right behind me. My ass was up in the air and my upper body was on the bed too tired to hold myself up with my arms. He licked my pussy sloppily and then started eating my ass. Then, he took his time as his cock went deep in my pussy. “You’re so wet. This pussy was made for my cock!” He got a rhythm going in and out using all of his cock to penetrate me. Then I felt his fingers play with my asshole as he fucked me. “You like that baby?” He asked. “OOOOOHHH yeah!” I said. “Will you cum for me?” I asked. “I want to feel your cum. Cum on me.” He began pounding my pussy harder and harder. I can hear him pant louder and louder. “I’m gonna cum,” he yelled. He pulled out ripped off his condom and flipped me over. He scooted up with his cock over my tits as he jacked off. I immediately opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. “Cum on me!” I pleaded. “Oh Ohhh Ohhhhh I’m cumming!” Gushes of cum shot on my tits, then hitting my chin, mouth, and my hair. He kept shooting his load all over me. I took his cock in my mouth to suck out any remaining sperm. He rubbed his dick in the cum on my tits then put it back in my mouth. “You’re trouble!” He said. What would happen the next time I saw him in class? We soon find out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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