My English Lilly Ch. 04

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At some point we had worked our way around and under the covers, I was a side sleeper almost on my stomach guy. Somehow though I was flat on my back her head on my hairy chest like it was a pillow, her breasts pressing into my side warm firm nipples poking my abs just a bit.

We slept like that for several hours, and of course I was awake by her kissing my nipples, stroking my other nipple with one hand and my cock with the other. I was surprised to be rock hard. I don’t know what she had done but it was very wet also. I did my best to be still and silent and just enjoy the sensations a while.

After what seemed like forever, but more likely a few minutes she bit my nipple causing me to gasp and jump a little. “I wondered how long you could just lay there and pretend to be still asleep.” She laughed. “Enjoying this I see.” more of a statement than a question. I could only smile.

I reached and grabbed her breasts kneading it pinching her nipple hard enough to make her jump. She actually laughed at that, finding pleasure in it.

Just as suddenly She was up and guiding my cock inside her pussy lips, moaning in pleasure as she did. She was so wet, so tight. The feeling was beyond good, with just a little pain as by now my cock was super sensitive. She rode me Hard and fast, kept driving me all the way inside her. Our pubes mashing together, mine rather hairy, hers neatly trimmed. The Red mixing with my Dirty Blonde. The sight was entrancing, downright mesmerizing. She kept her rhythm up fast and steady, moaning almost in harmony with me. I was getting close again, at least it felt that way.

She stopped as she pulled herself up and off my cock, it glistened with her juices. She turned around Facing so I had the perfect view of the wonderful arse, and slid my cock back inside her again. Damn the angle had me straight up almost but allowed her to seemingly go even deeper. Balancing herself as she basically was squatting on my cock, she was driving me deep inside her then back out till I was barely still inside her lips then bam right back in deep trembling with each thrust.

I was now bucking up to meet her every downward move. Both of us gasping loudly, moaning in harmony.

“I’m going to cum daddy I’m going to cum. Please Daddy can I cum? Cum with me daddy cum deep inside me!!” She pleaded.

“Oh yes MLady Lilly cum baby cum!” I shouted.

And she let loose flooding my crotch with her cum soaking my cock even more than she already had. With that I went to shooting stream after stream of my hot semen deep inside her. Crying out in pleasure mixed with pain, I had cum more in 2 and a half days than I’d cum in 5 years by now. My cock head was I’m sure raw and going to be red for days. But what pleasure it had enjoyed thus far.

We woke up midmorning, both of us seemed to be content to just lay together enjoying each other’s body against the other.

“How about we go get some groceries, go to your flat have Breakfast, and just enjoy the day together, watch some movies or TV? ” “Talk more and have a nice relaxing day, maybe cook Tea later too?” I asked.

“Sounds good daddy, I am a bit wore.” she replied. With that we were off to the store and her flat.

We stopped by the store got the makings for breakfast fry up, Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Mushrooms. Bread. I picked up fresh tomatoes, Tomato paste, tomato sauce, onions, bell peppers, some fresh herbs and spices, spaghetti noodles, some bread for making garlic bread, I’d make my special homemade Spaghetti and Tomato sauce for Tea/Supper later, using her pressure cooker.

We arrived at her house she handed me the remote to the t.v., turned her stereo in the kitchen on low, and said ” you relax I’ll make us some fry up.”

So relaxed on the couch turned on the t.v. and started watching. Curiosity got the best of me, so I had to look around the room, staring at the pieces of furniture, designed for restraint and carnal pleasures.

It didn’t take long and before me was a tray full-off food. Eggs Sausage Bacon mushrooms toast, Some Orange Juice and a cup of hot tea.

  We both ate like we hadn’t ate in days, so hungry famished from all the exercise we had enjoyed the previous two days. When we were done eating Lilly took the trays, putting the dishes in the dishwasher and returned to sit beside me on the sofa.

“Was that Zeppelin, I heard you listening to while you cooked? ” I asked.

“Yeah, My Favorite.” She replied. “Since I was little.”

We sat there a while getting lost in a t.v. show I had never seen before. Laughing almost the whole time, her hand on my thigh, dangerously close to my cock through the pant leg. Making me very aware of the beautiful Green eyed Young Redhead sitting tight up against me.

As the show ended, she suggested we watch either a RomCom or An Action movie from her DVR or her DVD collection.

   I chose Fast and Furious, as it seemed she had all the current pieces of the series. And we settled in, her head escort gaziantep bayan numaraları on my Shoulder and Hand petting my thigh gently.

  We sat there every once in a while, she’d share a bit about herself, her past, her likes her dislikes, and I would share a piece myself. A couple of times during one of the more intense scenes she’d squeeze my thigh move her hand up towards my crotch, and draw my head close with the other hand, and kiss me passionately. About halfway through the movie she jumped up and came back with a couple of glasses of Pineapple Mango Gatorade.

“Better keep hydrating.” She said with a infectious giggle.

As the movie ended, I hopped up went to the loo, to come out to a slightly less dressed beauty. She appeared after my first gaze to have grabbed out of my bag the White Long sleeve button up shirt I had on that first day on the train and her thong, garter belt and red stockings. She just looked up at me innocently as I came into the room. Enjoying the catch in my breath and step as I took in her beauty and realized what she had on.

I decided to play with her, I simply walked over sat down, gave her a very very deep tongue kiss.

Then just like that “So Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, next?” I asked with a straight face. She had a sudden look of disappointment as I clicked on the movie. “Don’t worry we have time, and besides a little recuperating might be advantageous. Plus, the anticipation. ” I said this time with a knowing smirk.

We sat there her head on my shoulder again her hand noticeable more on my by now hard bulge in my pants. Enjoying the movie. At some point she had unzipped my pants and slipped her hand inside smiling like she had accomplished a great feat. As she wrapped her hand warmly around my cock, I decided right then and there I’d have to give her some pleasure soon to allow me a little time so after tea I could show her the anticipation was worth it. So, I slipped my hand inside the band of her thong and found her as wet if not wetter than any other time I had played with her. Rubbing her mound pressuring it a bit, then working two fingers down to work her pussy lips, work towards imperative labia, and then in to work her clit as she gasped in desire. Working my fingers in and out rubbing her sweet spots, the ones I noticed before that had set her on fire.

“Gentle with my cock, we want to use it in many more pleasuring ways later.  Enjoy it’s hardness, but don’t take to me to close to the edge.” I said as I worked her closer and closer to her climax. “I want to see how some of these pieces of furniture accommodate us later. So, patience, anticipate, allow me to bring you to pleasure.”

As she constricted tightly around my fingers as she came. I had to laugh, “Enjoy that did you?” I asked.

“Oh yes Daddy.” Was her gasp of reply.

“Now since we missed Tokyo Drift, I have a question, do you enjoy bringing pleasure to someone restrained as much as you like the pleasure of being submissive. ” “By the looks of this furniture you like both.”

“Yes, daddy I enjoy both, me and my girlfriends have enjoyed these benches.” She replied with a wild look on her smiling face like she her mind had many scenarios flooding it all at once. She even quivered.

“Time, I guess for me to start making the sauce for Tea I guess.” I stated as I got up went to wash my hands looking over my shoulder, she had this look in her face like she couldn’t control her mind, and I swear I saw her have a mini orgasm right then. I prepared the sauce tossed a salad, got the noodles just right and served up small portions of the Spaghetti and sauce.

“Don’t want to fill too full yet. We can keep the rest warm for later” I stated. 

  Having ate enough that we wouldn’t lose strength during the next several hours. I took our plates placed them in the dishwasher. And returned to the sofa.

“So, let’s see what to do, what to do? First?” ” How about first you please me by restraining me to that adjustable bench, make me pleasure you while I’m restrained.” I stated while pointing to what had the appearance similar to a weight bench, about 2 foot off the ground an adjustable pivot in it halfway up.

She nodded and we headed over to it. Removing my clothes as we walked leaving just my boxers on. For some reason she stopped me as I went to take then off.

“Sit here ” she said restraining my ankles to its legs as I did. “Now lay back, place your hands above your head. ” “Use you however I want, right and the safe word is still Pineapple?” She stated more than actually asked a gleam in her green eyes. “Yes.” I replied simply.

“That’s yes Mistress or MLady.” She stated with heated breath. This was exciting her.

“Yes Mlady Lilly.” I gasped as she ran her fingernails across my chest. She walked over to one of her dressers I knew that held her toy’s. Still wearing my shirt and those beautiful stockings. escort bayan gaziantep reklamları I saw a flogger the tails dangling down as she walked back towards me and something else, she had in her hands I wasn’t quite sure of. I felt my heart racing in anticipation. My cock growing harder as I appreciated how she looked.

She walked up and traced the soft leather tail of the flogger up my thigh over my cock, to abs and belly button, to my nipples.  Exquisitely tickling my body, making me buck a little with pleasure. Next, she reached and grabbed my nipple pinching it roughly laughing in pleasurable delight. Then the flogger came down on one thigh then the other and back again. Stinging me making my cock jump each time. Again, she now ran the butt of the flogger over the red marks on my thighs, up to abs and back down pushing my cock around with it. Making me grunt not knowing what was next. Soon I found here standing over my face her pussy lips just out of reach of my mouth my tongue dripping juices down on them.

She said, ” Do the job right and I’ll give you a reward.” as she squatted down more onto my mouth. I hungrily started licking her pussy, her clit, labia, working my tongue in deep and back out working her cunt with a passion of desire rarely felt. She tasted so good was moaning now as I was pleasing her, she was rocking on my tongue and lips juices flowing down the side of my face. I could feel her approaching another orgasm, her pussy walls contracting convulsing around my tongue while she ground down harder on my mouth. Taking my breath as she did, she came all around tongue those delicious juices flowing all over. As she calmed down from her explosion, she rose off my face turned and kissed all the juices from my lips. Tasting her juices with a wide bright green-eyed smile. Reaching down and grabbing, stroking my cock.

“That was a good boy, did you enjoy that? ” She stated more than asked.” I think you earned a reward.” With that she moved down to my cock took it in her mouth kissing it, running her tongue around its head, slobbering wetly all around it. Then just as quick as she had taken it in her mouth, she was on top of it mounting it with her pussy staring down at me intently.

She had done it so quickly and drove herself down, so I was all the way inside her deeply in 1 quick thrust. Then hands on my chest fingernails poking in my skin just a little.  She started riding my cock like she was trying to drive it up and all the way to her throat. Hard and rough, like a cowgirl riding a bucking bronco. Each time she was up and down felt like she was going to break me off inside her. But so hot and wet. Our pubes slapping together with a loud slap each time.  She was driving us both to a quick climax, I could feel it, she knew exactly what she was doing. I didn’t even realize I was screaming loudly in pleasure. Suddenly with a hard drive down onto my cock, she stopped went still.

“You don’t think I’m going to let you cum that easily that soon, do you?” She asked laughing.  “And also, do not cum unless you ask first, understand?”

“Yes MLady Lilly” I gasped short of air. With that she started slowly rocking on my cock again making me writhe as much as I could being restrained, I was trying to buck and meet her thrusts but had limited movement.  The sensations running through my cock, the uncontrollable desire to grab her tits, suck on them was driving me wild, knowing I couldn’t. She ran her nails down my chest to my stomach leaving red ribbons of marks where she had scratched, and a slight burning sensation. She laughed again, that laugh of total control.  Leaned forward now almost withdrawing me from her sweet pussy. Her nipples rubbing my chest her sweat mixing with mine soaking my chest hairs. Nipples poking mine. She grabbed my head and kissed me almost violently. Tongue darting deep into my mouth swirling intertwining with mine. I was gasping now as she rocked me inside her deep to her outer edge and back again. I could feel her pussy walls tighten on my cock more and more as she was obviously getting closer and closer, excitement deepening within us both.

“PLEASE MLADY CAN I CUM?” “PLEASE LET ME CUM DEEP INSIDE YOU!”  I practically screamed as I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Cum for Me Mikel Cum fill me with your seed. ” She replied and with that I let loose deep inside her Stream after stream of my hot cum.

Moaning loudly as I did. With my first stream of cum she hollered ” Oh yes fill me, fill me up.”  and she was cumming tightening all around my cock squeezing it, making me cum even more sending shock waves through my body. With that she laid down flat on top of me pressing her body hard into me. Kissing a long slow kiss of pure satisfaction.  Then reached up and undid the restraints on my wrists. I reached around and held her tightly to me. Enjoying the feel of our bodies intertwined. Also, somehow, I knew gaziantep escort kız telefonları if I didn’t, she would fall to floor and thus falling off what was left inside her of my softening cock. Slowly as we regained our wits, and I had finally softened and fell from between those perfect pussy lips, she sat up then to her knees teasing my cock a moment with her tongue cleaning my cum and her juices from it and my pubic area.

“MMMMmmmmmmmm” was the only sound I heard from here as she did this, then almost as quickly as she had restrained my ankles they were released.

“Maybe we can go lay on the couch and watch another movie? ” She said almost as if she didn’t have the energy to get to it.

I fell asleep during the movie. Not sure how long I woke to a cool touch on my thighs and chest. She was putting an ointment where the welts and scratches were from earlier. “Wouldn’t want this to get infected now would we.” She said.

“No, I really wouldn’t. ” I gasped as she had started rubbing my chest and tweaking my nipples a little.

“Looks like someone is feeling about ready for another round.” She laughed as she flicked my now swelling cock with her fingernail.

With that she stood up still only her black stockings and my shirt the only thing she had on. Her green eyes flashing back at me.

“Think I want you to hook me to the St. Andrew’s cross and do to me some of what I did to you, and more.” She said with a gleaming smirk.

“Take my shirt off and assume the position. ” I laughed at her. Just as I had wrapped the restraints on her wrists a light rap on the door came. And the sound of a key in the lock.

  “I was worried about you Lilly.” The Beautiful girl about 5′ tall, long Auburn Brown hair big hazel eyes said as she entered the room. ” Oh, I see, having too much fun, to answer your celly. ” She laughed. ” Oh, sorry Tina, my cells been on vibrate and yes we’ve been having lots of fun.” Lilly replied. “Tina this is my new friend Mikel, Mikel this is my very special friend Tina.” Almost laughing as she was still partially restrained. I could see Tina staring intently at both of us and our naked bodies, the wetness of Lillys pussy glistening, my rock-hard cock standing at attention. My face turning a little flush. I walked over to unrestrain Lilly.

She just laughed at me and said ” It’s OK daddy not like Tina hasn’t been right here where I am before. Maybe the first time she saw me like this.”

With that said Tina to my surprise walked over and gave Lilly a big passionate kiss on the lips, squeezed her tits, pinched her nipples and said, ” Hmm I think I like this you before me naked and restrained, so I could do almost anything and you’d just have to enjoy.” With that Lilly gasped in half pleasure half uncertainties. “What if I left you tied up, and walked over here and pleasure Mikel? was it, for you to have to watch?” Panic now showed in Lillys eyes as she realized it was possible, she would be left to just watch. And me well I was turned on, but also a little in shock.

With that Tina walked over and kissed me hard her hand cupping my balls the other on my chest. Then turned to look at Lilly smiling, “Damn girl no wonder you been ignoring the phone.” Kissing me again turning me sideways so that Lilly had full view as Tina dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, stroking my balls sucking me her eyes steady on Lilly. She then took my hand, and we went over to Lilly one of us on each side kissing Lilly both of us at the same time, all 3 tongues intertwining, hands roaming teasing Lilly’s body. Leaning over kissing me across Lilly Tina just moaned then eye contact we both went to licking teasing the same nipple and breast on Lilly.

Our tongues intertwining, eyes locking on each other pleasure filled. Teasing Lilly pleasing each other, Tina picking up a flogger running the butt of it along Lilly’s thighs to her sweet pussy lip’s then back down giggling as she did it, I step back placing my cock against Lilly’s mouth, then pulling it away.

I looked down to see Tina stroking the flogger along Lilly’s pussy lips, then striking them.

“So, this is what this side feel like huh?” Tina laughed.

She was striking then stroking laughter in her eyes. The butt of the flogger inserted now deep inside Lilly. Noticing the remote laying close by she picked it up and clicked it. sending shock waves through Lilly.

My cock now between Lilly’s lips deep in her mouth being sucked so heavenly. I also could feel Lilly vibrate with intense excitement. Cock deep in her throat her eyes glazed over with pleasure. Tina fucking her pussy with the flogger. Me fucking her throat now. All of us lost in lust.

“Please Daddy I’m going to cum, please can I cum?” Lilly pleaded.

I looked down at Tina a mischievous smile on her face, and replied “Cum Lilly, Cum!”

Cum she did screaming in ecstasy, Tina laughing rubbing her own pussy hard. screaming as if she was cumming also.

As soon as her orgasm seemed to subside Tina took the flogger and began tentatively striking each of Lilly’s thighs, striking a different spot each time, The strikes a little harder each time then to her breasts, reaching out and stroking my cock as she did.

“Oh no Lilly open those eyes, watch as I pleasure this cock, and watch as each stroke strikes, anticipate.” Tina said.

Thoroughly enjoying this new role, she had discovered.

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