My Adorable Mother

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When I was young I always fascinated about my beautiful mom. She is really beautiful even now at 50 and during that time she was marvelous. When I was quite young, she use to call me to scrub her back while bathing. I always do it willingly and happily as it allow me to have the glimpse of her beautiful back and her butts even though sex was never in my mind at that age. I have quite fair complexion but she was extremely fair and her skin has milky shiny. Let me tell you about herself. She is just short lady having height of 5 feet 1 inch and have a figure of 38-32-38 figure. She has no fat but extra flesh which is well proportioned to all parts of her body. Otherwise she has well toned body and keep herself fittest at all times. She has beautiful figure even today. It all happened when I was 15 yrs of age. I was studying in my high school.
During our winter vacation I and my mother went to our village for a relative marriage. My father stayed in city (Chandigarh, a city) due to his job. It was winter season and quite chilling. She bought underwear s for me (She uses to purchase all clothing for me). At night she told me to wear the underwear as she wanted to see whether size fits me. It was a black color french brief. I put on the underwear and shown to her.

She said, “it looks good, today you sleep in my bed with me as it is quite cold here”.

During those times I use to study late night, so I said, “Mom, I need to wake up till late night”.

She said, “you should sleep early tonight and start studying tomorrow onwards”.

I took my short and started to put it on but she said, “Why you are wearing short also, sleep in underwear only”.

I agreed and put my short aside and went inside the quilt with her. Very soon she started snoring. Her back side was towards me. I also turned towards her and put my arms over her and embraced. This was nothing unusual as I use to do this when I was young and slept with her. I was not sleepy and when my cock touched with her butt, it started growing up hard. My cock grown to full of its maximum size and it was oozing out from my underwear’s elastic. First time it was a fascinating experience and feeling was totally different from earlier ones when I touched my mom. I really enjoyed this feeling. My full arms lap was on her and my hand was lying on her big breasts. I slowly-slowly started caressing her breast making sure that she should not wake up. But she was still snoring and was in sleep. My courage grew and I put my hand under her shirt taking it upwards to feel her naked breasts. I touched the bra and felt a little portion of her breasts coming out of her bra. I caressed them very gently making sure that she should not get up. At that moment she changed her position and lied flat on her back. When she changed her position I got frightened and removed my hand immediately. My whole arousal vanished in a moment as I thought I was caught.

After making some husky sound, she again started snoring. I waited for a few minutes and my sexual ecstasy again aroused. I started the things again. This time her position was very comfortable for me. I put the hand under her shirt (Kameej, an Indian outfit which women wear) and started feeling her big breasts over the bra. I put my other hand between her legs over her salwar (An Indian outfit like loose trouser which women wear). I waited for moments without doing anything. She showed no sign of any reaction and I started finding the hidden treasure. I could feel her pussy lips with my hand over her salwar. My greed increased and I slowly started to undo her lash of Salwar. I was successful in that and loosened her Salwar to the extent that now I can put my hand inside and feel her panty. I again waited for while and then put my hand inside her panty very slowly. No reaction was received till the time. Now I put my full hand inside her panty and first time felt her bushy pussy. I parted the lips of her cunt and tried to find out her love hole. To my surprise her cunt was very wet and full of juices. I could not understand the reason. Exploring further, I found her love button of the cunt and started to play with it gently. At that time I was really enjoying all this foreplay. My cock has oozed so much pre-cum and my underwear was all wet with that.

All of sudden she woke up from sleep. I immediately took my hand and pretended to be in deep sleep.

She said, “Who opened my salwar?”

During that course of action her salwar was down to her thighs. I was frightened; my blood came to freeze and I pretended to be in deep sleep holding my heavy breath.

She shook me by her hand and said, “Son, have you opened my salwar?” Sex hikayeleri

But I never woke up. The only relief for me was that there was no anger in her voice. When I did not get up, she tightened the lash of her salwar and again went for sleep. I was not at all in a mood to take another chance and went on sleep.

In the morning when I got up she was not in the bed. I got up and finished my daily calls. I took my towel and went to the bathroom for a bath since I don’t want to face her due to night incident. Now the horny feeling of night was converted to guilty.

“Son get ready fast, we have to go for marriage ceremony”, I heard her voice with no unusual tone.

“I will be ready soon mom”, I said and went for bath. When I came out my mom was ready with her best dress, makeup and ornaments. She was looking pretty beautiful as a newly wedded bride. We had our breakfast and I noticed nothing unusual in her behave. We went to our relative where marriage ceremony was going on. On the way, while my mom was driving, I kept quite due to my guilty feeling. But she kept on talking to me as usual. At wedding she enjoyed herself fully. She danced a lot and everybody appreciated her. I could see the lust shown by many male members for my mother who came there. She was really the most attractive spot in the marriage. I felt pride by owing so beautiful lady as my mother. We came back to home at night around 9 P.M. My mom started her changing in her room and I went to my room. She came to my room and told me to come for sleep with her. Her behave was such that nothing had happened last night. I thought that she was really asleep yesterday night and whatever she said to me was in her sleep.
I went to her bed for sleeping and this time in underwear only. She gave a beautiful look at my crotch which was having a large bulge. She had changed her to sheering double breast nylon sky blue night gown opened in front and was tied with waist lash just under her beautiful round big breasts. A hook was also tied near her waist to make the gown wrapped with her lower body. I took a close look at her and to my surprise her breasts and nipples were visible even in the dim red light as she was not wearing her bra. She took a Disprin (Pain killer) tablet as she was feeling headache with a full glass of water and came inside the quilt where I was already in.

“Son, will you give me handful of body massage as my whole body is aching”, she asked me.

“Sure mom”, I said. She danced a lot in the marriage with other ladies and I could understand that she was tired. Usually I did this for her many times before. She lied on her stomach and I pressed gently all over her back and thighs. While feeling her soft body, my arousal came to full swing and my cock was hard rock. My guilty feeling of the day vanished in a moment and now I was sexually attracted to my mom’s lovely body. I massaged her back than her round big butts and her thighs. She moaned with every handful massage I gave her.

A few minutes later she said, “Thanks, my lovely son” and gave me a big hug & kiss on my lips. I was really surprised as she never kissed me on my lips before.

“Now go to sleep” she said.

After some time she went on sleep but my mind was thinking something else. After waiting for some time when I was sure that she is sleeping well I again put my hand on her breast. Slowly I started caressing them gently and to my joy today they felt very soft and nipples can also be felt over the thin nylon gown. I continued to enjoy them for a while and then took my hand to her lower part. Her gown was already parted to her thighs by its own. I gently put my hand towards her pelvic area and to my surprise she was not wearing her panty.

Again a big surprise came to me, today it was hairless and skin was as smooth as there were no hairs ever in that area. Now I could realize that in the morning hair remover was kept in the bathroom and she might have removed her pubic hairs in the morning. I gently rubbed her pussy lips and upper area. It became difficult to put my hand at her lovely hairless pussy, so I leaned my body little lower in the bed. Now I could reach easily with my hands up to her thighs and my face was near her huge butts. I touched her naked thighs and gently rubbed her thighs. I licked her beautiful big mounds with my tongue. Then I put my index finger in her cunt which was already very wet and moist. I gently rubbed her clitoris. Her clit was quite big and I thought it was aroused in her sleep. She was breathing heavily but I could not notice anything unusual. All of sudden she got up and I suddenly removed my hand with lightening Sikiş hikayeleri speed and pretended to sleep with snoring sound.

She said, “son…son.”

I did not open my eyes.

Again she said, “Son, open your eyes” this time she ordered in her tough voice.

Frightened, I opened my eyes.

She said with smile, “what were you doing my big boy?’’

I said, “nothing mom”.

“You want to see mommy’s body” she said and opened the front of her gown. That moment was beyond my imagination.

“Have a look nicely” she said and removed her gown fully. The quilt was already off and she was sitting fully naked on the bed. Her beautiful milky white body was shining in dim red light of the room. She looked like a angel came right from the heaven. I just can’t forget that scene even today.

“Come touch me my son, don’t be shy” she said and pulled my hand to her breast.

I also recovered from the situation and started rubbing her both the breasts with my both hands.

“No, darling, you must rub and squeeze them gently” she said smilingly. She also put her hand in my underwear and caught hold of my penis.

“Oh! My baby is quite grown up now, that’s why you wanted to touch and feel your mommy’s body”, she said in husky voice and removed my underwear. Then I made her lie on her back and went my knee down parting her legs. I put my cock on the entrance of her cunt and started to enter.

“No darling, don’t be in hurry, this is not the way to make love with a lady, just wait” she said.

I stopped and said, “Mom now I can not control”.

“Rub each and every part of my body, suck my nipples, cress my breasts, caress my thighs, lick everywhere of my body and then only you should enter your cock in my cunt” said my mom.

I started licking her from her thighs, navel, and put one nipple in my mouth and started sucking it as a child.

“You have sucked milk from it for whole one year, now milk won’t be there but you will enjoy more baby”, she said.

I sucked her breasts one by one. Her brown areolas were quite big and stiff now. I continued her licking with my tongue and slowly came down. I kissed the clean-shaven pussy and she moaned and grabbed my head over it. I then licked her cunt lips and she groaned like a wild animal.

Now she was crying in ecstasy slowly and murmuring.

“Now come on my little darling and enter your cock in my mommy’s cunt, mommy is feeling very hungry”. She said.

But I carried on sucking her cunt lips and inserted my tongue inside her cunt. I also index finger in her cunt completely. She came with a shudder voice and big moan. She was completely wet and juices were oozing from her cunt and running into the crack of her ass. I licked and dried her completely by licking and eating each and every drop of her love juices.

By this time m cock has swollen to an unbelievable size and it was looking like and monster. The head of my cock was already wet with pre-cum. I went over her body, parted her legs and put the tip of my s on her cunt. I gave small thrust and she gave full support by raising her butts, we were one body with one jerk. The feelings at that moment are heavenly for me. Her cunt was completely wet and very hot. Her cunt muscles totally gripped my cock. I leaned over my mom’s body and put a pressure on my groin area so that not even a single micro centimeter of my cock is out of that hole.

I whispered in my mom’s ear, “Mom shouldn’t I put condom, else you will get pregnant”.

She opened her closed eyes and gave me deep throat kiss in my mouth.

She said with a sexy smile, “My little darling I am already on pills, otherwise your dad would have made me pregnant many times”.

“Now go for job without any worry”, she said again. I really started wild and gave several big jolts for some time. She also kept on raising her butts completely and shoving her nipples in my mouth. She was in total frenzy and kept on moaning loudly on every thrust she gave and received.

“Ohhh, baby, you cock is such a wonderful and big, it filled my cunt fully”, she said. “Now fill mommy’s love hole with your semens”, she murmured.

I was now on my peak point moving my ass up and down fiercely. I felt that my cock is going to explode at any time. Mom also pounding her pelvis and taking every inch of my cock in her cunt.

Ohhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh, I roared and exploded in her cunt. came for ejaculation and with great scream. My breaths were running very fast. She put my face between her big breast and caressing my hairs while my shaft was still inside her cunt putting last drop Erotik hikaye of my cum in her. I kept on her lap for a few minutes and then she said gently, “Now take it out darling”. I took my dick out and it was still rock hard with all around sweet juices of both of us. She got up and said, “Come, let’s clean up.” She went to bathroom naked and I also followed her. She put the geyser on. There was still hot water in the geyser and she washed my penis by pouring hot water. “Why don’t we should take bath together”, she said smilingly. I immediately agreed and we poured mugs of hot water on each others body. The she started putting soap on my body. I also started soaping her body. I soaped and cupped her big breasts, her butt, her pussy and her thighs. At the moment I was again rock hard. She felt my desire and made a style by holding shower handle nob and shoved my penis from behind. She raised her butt in such a way that her opened cunt was quite visible. She was experienced in this art and may be doing with dad in that way. My soapy tool and her soppy cunt made everything easy and took no efforts to enter. I joyride this style until we both experienced our ejaculation. Then we took bath again rubbing each other. We soaked our body with towel and again came to bed embracing each other. She again gave me a deep throat kiss in my mouth and said, “You want more”. I shyly replied, “Yes mom”. Again we started the game with licking each other. She insisted me to come to 69 positions and feel the scent of her pussy. I came in this position and took my face towards her pussy. After bath she smelt great and there was no odor. By the time she took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it. I also put my mouth between her widespread lips of pussy and started licking them. Slowly I put my tongue inside her cunt and started licking and putting inside-outside. We both were groaning in great pleasure. After a while she got up and made me lie on my back. “Now mom will ride you”, she said smiling. She straddled over my dick and put it all inside her cunt by lowering her butts on it. “Oh my God, I am in heaven mom”, I said. She started lowering and raising her butts over my shaft and my dick is running in and out like piston. After a few minutes we both came to our peak point and she lie down over my body keeping my penis inside her cunt. Even though she was around 60 kg but I felt her soft and silky body very light and wished if she could keep this position forever for whole life. That night we continuously fucked each other for several times and we don’t know when we went to sleep naked keeping and embracing our bodies.
Next day morning when I got up around 9 O’clock I found my mom not in the bed. She was in the kitchen already had bath with her wet open hairs. She was preparing breakfast. “Good morning my darling son”, she said and gave me a great hug between her breast and kiss on my cheek. “Go, take bath and get ready, we have to go back today”, she said as nothing has ever happened. We started at 11 O’clock for Chandigarh. On the way I tried to bring the night happenings with my mom but she ignored cleverly. We reached Chandigarh in the evening. Afterward nothing ever happened again.
After a few days I joined my school as a daily routine but whole incident at our village was never went out of my mind. For many days I felt great guilty feelings. I thought I have done a great sin and God would never forgive me. The whole memories kept in my mind for many days and made me mentally sick. I could not face my mother keep an eye contact with her but her behavior was normal with me. She use to take care of me was jolly as usual.
Now I am married. I have a beautiful wife and a child. The memories are still with me where I made my first love with my beautiful lovely mom. She taught me all the lessons of sex. I must admit that I made several sexual contacts with ladies during my college days and with my wife but one thing is sure that my mom was best among all. No one except her could make so happy and satisfied that she made me on that night. She is really a great, sexy and most beautiful lady till day. I love her very much today also even we never had any sexual interaction after that night. She cares me like baby, she loves me like baby and even make others to take care of me. I slept with her many times afterward but without any sexual advancement.
I don’t know whether I did sin or something unnatural act but I am sure that she is God for me and made me experience a unique happiness that night. I know that moment will never come in my life again. I am sure that this was not a sin or crime in this world and I don’t know about the next world but may be she will be only my lady in the heaven. This writing is in the honor and respect to my adorable mother. Once again heartiest thanks mom!!!. I love you.

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