Mrs. Nicholson

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Mrs Nicholson put the last corrected mathematics test on her desk and switched off the table lamp. There. All done. Time to go home. She collected her thins, and walked out to the teacher’s hallway to get her coat. As she put it on, she realized that she had forgotten her keys in the library. She walked over to the school library, and opened the door. What she saw brought her, the ever-cool woman, to stop and stare at the scene in front of her.

-Oh my goodness! she exclaimed.

Two young people quickly got to their feet and tried to straighten their clothes, but it was pretty obvious what had been going on. Jamie Carlton, the school’s greatest student and valedictorian, had been having sex on top of a table in the school library with Bonnie Tyler, one of the cheerleaders!

-Mrs Nicholson! Jamie said, while he struggled to get his hard dick back inside his trousers. I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…

-I’m sorry too, mrs Nicholson! said Bonnie, pulling her panties back up.

-Come with me, said mrs Nicholson sternly, and grabbed her keys off the librarians desk before she left.

The two teenagers followed her, ashamed and miserable, buttoning and straightening their clothes. Mrs Nicholson went into her office and sat down behind her desk. Jamie and Bonnie remained standing, both hanging their heads, looking very uncomfortable. Mrs Nicholson looked at them. She had no problem understanding why these normally so well-behaved kids had been unable to resist the temptation. Bonnie was a pretty girl, with long blonde hair, a curvy body, and a deep cleavage. Jamie was a handsome young man with broad shoulders and a slim, firm body. He’d be hard for any girl to resist. Mrs Nicholson had even heard some of her co-workers mentioning that they wouldn’t mind breaking in that young stud. It was only natural, at the age of 18, that these two kids would be attracted to each other, and she told them so. However, as mrs Nicholson also pointed out to them, attraction was one thing, and copulating in the school library quite another.

-We do not tolerate this kind of behaviour in school, she said. I will have no choice but to inform the headmaster about this incident.

-Oh, no! said Bonnie.

-We will of course also inform your parents, said mrs Nicholson.

-NO!!! the two teenagers screamed.

-My mom will KILL me! said Bonnie.

-I would suspect that you will be expelled for a period of 2-3 weeks, said mrs Nicholson. -Please, mrs Nicholson, isn’t there a way we could get punished without telling our parents or anyone else what has happened? said Jamie. We could get detention…

-I’m afraid it’s all out of my hands, said mrs Nicholson.

Jamie looked panicked.

-I’ll get kicked out of the cheerleading squad if this comes out! said Bonnie, with tears in her eyes.

-You should have thought of that before you chose to have sex in the school library, said mrs Nicholson, who has beginning to get irritated by this unpleasant situation. That gaziantep escort ilanları will be all. You may go now.

Jamie and Bonnie left, Bonnie still sobbing, Jamie in a state of mild shock. Mrs Nicholson massaged her temples. She didn’t like being this hard on a couple of nice kids like these, but… those were the rules. She took out a paper and began to write a report to hand in to the headmaster the next morning.

-Mrs Nicholson? Could I talk to you? Please?

Jamie, had returned, alone this time.

-I’ve already told you, mrs Nicholson began, but Jamie interrupted her.

-Mrs Nicholson, if the headmaster finds out about what I’ve done, I’m not going to be the valedictorian, said Jamie.

-Certainly not, said mrs Nicholson.

-My parents are REALLY looking forward to hear me hold the speech at my graduation day, said Jamie. They’re so proud of me. Dad’s saving money to buy a camcorder, just for this occasion! My grandmother is coming all the way from Boston to see me be the valedictorian! It would kill her to find out I had been replaced as a valedictorian and expelled from school for having sex in the library! Please, mrs Nicholson… I’ll do anything you want, if you’ll promise me not to tell anyone about this!

-Jamie, I really can’t do that, said mrs Nicholson gently.

-Please, mrs Nicholson! said Jamie. I’ll do anything you want! I’ll graze your lawn, I’ll clean your floors with my tongue, I’ll be your personal slave! This means EVERYTHING for me! Please, mrs Nicholson, PLEASE!!!

Jamie’s voice was trembling, and the 18-year-old boy’s eyes were full of tears. Mrs Nicholson’s heart melted. -All right, Jamie, I will NOT tell the headmaster, she said.

Jamie embraced her with all his strength and kissed her lips violently.

-Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it for you, mrs Nicholson! he said, shining of happiness and relief.

Mrs Nicholson looked at him carefully. She was in her mid 50’ies, a short, plump woman with brown hair that was getting grey at the sides of her head. She had been a widow for 13 years, since her husband had passed away in a car crash. 13 years of loneliness and missing her friend and lover. The grief had turned into a melancholy longing, but the missing of a lover was still there. Mrs Nicholson, although she appeared to be cool and strict, missed the passionate love-making that she and her husband had enjoyed so much. She looked the handsome young man’s body over again.

-Will you actually do ANYTHING I ask of you, Jamie? she said.

-Anything! promised Jamie. What do you want me to do, mrs Nicholson?

-I want you to make love to me, said mrs Nicholson.

Jamie rose from the chair, staring at the older woman. He must have heard wrong. Surely, the proper mrs Nicholson hadn’t just given him an indecent proposal?

-I have been very lonely since my husband passed away, said mrs Nicholson. I want a man. I want gaziantep escort kadın to feel passion. I want to have sex.

-But, mrs Nicholson, I… said Jamie, but stopped.

He had no idea what to say.

-You said you would do anything for me if I didn’t tell the headmaster about what I saw you and Bonnie do, said mrs Nicholson. And I want you to make love to me. Do we have a deal, Jamie?

Jamie hesitated. He thought about what his friends would say if they found out about him and Bonnie getting caught. He thought about what his family would say if he was expelled. He thought about his grandmother. He looked at mrs Nicholson, the strict old woman with the plump figure and the grey hair. She was even older than his mother! Then again… she had asked him to have sex with her. She may not be as beautiful as Bonnie, but… sex. Jamie wasn’t very experienced with sex. Bonnie was his first girlfriend. They had been dating for several months, but just recently begun to have sex, as Bonnie had said that she wanted to wait until she felt ready for it. And here was a woman who actually asked him to have sex with her!

-OK, mrs Nicholson, he said. What do you want me to do?

-Start by coming over here and giving me another kiss, said mrs Nicholson.

Jamie did as he was told, and felt the old school-teacher run her hands up and down his body while he played with her tongue. She put her hands around his butt and pressed him closer to her. To his surprise, Jamie was beginning to get turned on.

-Take off your clothes, she whispered. Show me that hot, young body of yours.

Jamie undressed and put the clothes on the desk. Mrs Nicholson looked at his body with lusting eyes. Jamie was no jock, but he was tall and slim and had a nice body with very little hair, except around his crotch, where a thick weave of brown curls framed a long, thin dick.

-You’re magnificent, said mrs Nicholson. Come over here. I want to suck you.

Jamie was getting less reluctant and more horny by the minute. Bonnie never wanted to give him a blowjob! And they HAD been interrupted before he had had a chance to come, back there in the library.

Mrs Nicholson bent down and took Jamie’s cock in her mouth. She flicked her tongue eagerly all over it, while she jerked his shaft up and down in a steady rhythm. Jamie held her head with both his hands and tilted his head backwards.

-Oh… he moaned. Oh yes… That feels great, mrs Nicholson…

She sucked hard on his cock, as if she was going to swallow it. Jamie realized that he had to take a break, or he’d come right there, in her mouth. He took her by the arms and made her stand up.

-Lie down on the desk, he said. Now it’s my turn. I want to eat you.

Mrs Nicholson got comfortable on the desk, with Jamie’s clothes under her head, and Jamie pulled down her skirt and pantyhose, slid them off of her chubby legs, and let them drop to the floor. He gently gaziantep escort kızlar pulled down her white cotton panties – what had he expected? – and looked at his teacher’s pussy. It was plump and unshaved. Where Bonnie had soft, girlish folds, mrs Nicholson had fat pussy lips, covered in brown hair. And unlike Bonny, who kept her pussy clinically clean and perfumed, mrs Nicholson smelled of a woman in heat. Jamie found that he was getting even more turned on by her smell. He inhaled her scent in a deep breath, and then licked her pussy, from the very entrance up to the large clit, parting the hairy lips with his tongue. Hiw set tongue explored the older woman’s pussy; he licked, he nibbled, and he took her clit in his mouth and sucked on it gently. Mrs Nicholson writhed on the desk, moaning and sighing. She opened her blouse and pulled down her bra, so that her large, sagging breasts hung out. She played with her nipples, that were twice as big as Bonnie’s. Jamie concentrated on the nub he was sucking, and all of a sudden, mrs Nicholson moaned very loud, and he felt her grabbing his head and pressing his mouth over her clit. He felt very proud when he realized that he had made her come. Even though Bonnie had told him that she enjoyed it when he licked her pussy that one time behind the gym, she hadn’t come, and Jamie had been ashamed over the fact that he hadn’t been able to satisfy. But here he was, making his teacher moan and toss under his tongue!

-Jamie, come inside me! mrs Nicholson groaned, with a voice he hardly recognized.

He was very willing to obey her, quickly got in position and pressed his cock into the old woman’s cunt. She groaned when he entered her, held her knees up so that he could sink even deeper into her, and put her arms around his neck. Jamie thrusted in and out, all the time looking into her eyes and getting very hot by seeing how horny he was making her. The position wasn’t very good, though, so he pulled out and dragged her to her feet.

-Turn around! he said. Lean over the desk!

As soon as she did, he slipped his dick back inside her and started pounding her doggy-style. Now he got even deeper inside her wet cunt, and he could also thrust much harder.

She grunted for each time he shoved his dick into her tight hole. Then Jamie felt her hand reaching between his legs and grabbing his balls, playing with them. and this sent him over the edge. His cum spurted out rapidly. He let out a growl, and held himself still inside her as all of his semen pumped into her.

-No! shouted mrs Nicholson. More!

Jamie replaced his dick with three of his fingers and fingered her violently until she came, cramping around his hand and howling out her satisfaction. Jamie pulled his fingers out. They were covered in a mixture of his sperm and her juices.

Mrs Nicholson got up and straightened her blouse. They got dressed in silence. When they looked proper once again, Jamie held the blushing teacher’s head between his hands and kissed her one more time.

-You promise you won’t tell my parents or the headmaster about what I’ve done? he said.

-Not a word, Jamie, promised mrs Nicholson.

Jamie took his bag and walked to the door, where he turned around, as if he had suddenly remembered something.

-What about Bonnie? he said.

Mrs Nicholson smiled.

-I think we can work something out, she said.

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