Mrs. Long

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“Mrs. Long?”

I stuck my head into the office, my thick blond hair falling into my eyes. Through the shiny golden haze I saw Mrs. Long, the guidance counselor I’d been assigned to. She was sitting behind a large oak desk, and she looked up at me and beckoned for me to come into the room. “Come in,” she said. “How can I help you?”

She was a black-haired woman, probably around forty years old, dressed in blouse and skirt, and I smiled hesitantly at her as I stepped into the room, straightening my red, pleated cheerleader’s skirt. I brushed my hair out of my eyes.

“Hi!” I said politely. “My name is Mary. You said you could speak with me after school today?”

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed, and she stood up, motioning for me to take a seat. I suddenly felt myself shiver. I could swear she just looked me over! I thought, shocked. Maybe I’d just imagined it. All the same, I licked my lips uncomfortably, and sat down in the seat, crossing my legs tightly.

“Let me remember,” she said, also taking a seat and staring deeply into my eyes. “You’re flunking all of your courses because of absences, right?” she asked me.

“That’s right.”

“That’s terrible! Do you have excuses for the absences?”

“I do,” I said. “For all of them except—”

I cut short and choked. Across the desk from me, Mrs. Long had begun to slowly squeeze the bottom of her breast in her hand, looking patiently at me.

“Are you okay?” she asked me.

“Why—I—” I stuttered. Her breasts were large and looked soft underneath her blouse.

“Yes?” She continued to slowly rub herself, weighing the breast in her palm.

I couldn’t help but see her lick her lips as she looked at me, and I felt my thighs tense up. “Yes,” I said. “I was saying that I have all the excuses I need except—”

“Uncross you legs,” she said.


“I said, uncross you legs! I want to see what’s under that skirt.”

“Why—I c-can’t—”

“You know, better yet,” she said, and she slowly stood up, towering over me. “Stand up and come sit on my desk. Come on, sit on it and spread those creamy thighs!”

“No! I won’t!”

“If you don’t,” she said, slowly unbuttoning the top of her flowing blouse, “I’ll make sure you never pass this year.” She glared at me, then smiled.

I felt a chill cold run through me. I knew that, if I didn’t do what she said, let her see my ass, she’d fuck up my whole year. Fear made me tremble as I stood up, and my legs shook. Slowly, I raised a leg and climbed onto her desk. She sat back down in her rolling chair and pulled my knees towards her so that I faced her, my back to the door, then began to spread my legs. I resisted, terrified, but she was too strong. In seconds, my smooth, pale thighs were completely open, obscenely spread, and my skirt was pulled up. I felt cool air rush between my sweat-dampened knees and caress my thinly covered crotch.

“Lie back,” commanded Mrs. Long, panting, staring at my round cunt. I burned with shame. All I was wearing was sky-blue cotton panties!

I did as she asked, trembling. I could feel sweat forming on my smooth thighs. My thick, blond hair spread across the desk top, and I closed my eyes. I felt her fingertips brush the insides of my knees, then slide up the smooth curve of my inner thigh and brush softly against my cotton covered mound, felt a spark of heat kindle deep inside my belly. I shivered, and she slowly cupped the bottom of my thighs in her dry, pale palms and stroked them. Her hands closed around the bottoms of my buttocks where they met the wood of the desk. Waves of flame made my belly tremble as she began to stroke her fingertips up and down my mound, slipping her long fingernails across the folds of my vagina. I felt scared and confused. I couldn’t believe the feelings I was having. I liked her touching me I realized, and it scared me.

She pressed me tightly, then slid her right hand up my panties to the bottom of my cheerleading top. Her fingers slipped underneath, and I gasped as her feverish hand jerked across my stomach and grabbed my right breast without warning, squeezing the taut, virgin A-cup mound tightly. I moaned, and shuddered as her fingernail flicked across the top of my painfully tender, suddenly moist nipple again and again, making me buck my hips and groan.

“Mary,” escort bayan Mrs. Long gasped, breathless, “Make love to me…please…”

NO! I would NOT do that! It was sick!!! Never ever ever god it felt so nice—

“Yes,” I panted. “Yes. Yes! I will, Mrs. Long!” I wanted to feel her mouth on mine.

“Call me Susan,” she said, stroking my crotch roughly.

“Susan.” I moaned it, and thrust my teenager chest out, pressing my tit tightly into her hand.

“Mary!” she groaned. “Have you ever done this before?”

I could only shake my head. I was only eighteen. A virgin! Never even been touched like this before.

“I’ll show you how,” she said, and she pulled her hand out from under my shirt, let go of my panties. “I want you to take off your shirt and your skirt. Leave your panties on,” she instructed. As she spoke, she stripped, pulling her black skirt over her firm, pale thighs, revealing her panties. I could see wet spots on the crotch, transparent spots through which I could see her thick black bush, and I felt pride. I had aroused her. I undressed as well, baring my tea-cup sized tits, as pale and white as skim milk, almost blue around my puffy pink aureoles, the firm, pink nipples already swollen and aching. Susan’s blouse came off, and I gasped. Her breasts were big and firm and round and when the restraining blouse was removed, they bounced and jiggled free, rippling like Jell-O! Her nipples were large, crinkled and brown, and they were thickening as I watched.

She was now wearing only her panties, as was I. Hers were shimmering blue silk, very tight around her womanhood. Mine were also tight, riding excitingly high up on the crinkles of my pussy, thin sky blue cotton wedged between my powder-soft buttocks, freshly washed, a small lace bow, white, at the top of the elastic where the cotton met my bare belly. Susan, Mrs. Long, just stood and stared at my smooth, slender body, my crumpled red and white cheerleaders skirt lying on the desk beside me. She was breathing hard, and I was mesmerized by the way her heavy breasts bounced firmly with each lustful pant. Slowly, very slowly, I reached out and lightly touched the bottom of one of her tits. It felt ten times as smooth and delicious as I thought it would, and I shut my eyes in wonder, softly stroking the underswell, squeezing the firm flesh.

Mrs. Long (I couldn’t stop thinking of her as that) started breathing even harder. I reached out blindly, my eyes still shut, and cupped her other, weighty melon in my hand. Suddenly, I jerked in surprise. Mrs. Long’s slender fingers closed around my tiny, developing breast, gently at first, then increasingly harder. I felt her hand slide up my small tit and snatch my stone-hard nipple. I jerked underneath her hand and clamped my fingers around her breasts, bucking my hips.

I opened my eyes. I was lying on my back on Susan’s desk. She was stroking both of my breasts at the same time, smiling at me. I was surprised to see crescent-shaped scratches on the bottoms of her heavy, swinging breasts, blood welling slowly in them.

“What happened?” I moaned.

Mrs. Long pinched my nipple and pulled on it. “You had an orgasm,” she said.

“Just from you pulling my nipple?” I could feel a puddle forming in the crotch of my panties, trickling onto the desk.

“When was the last time you had sex?” asked Mrs. Long, pausing.

I blushed. “I’m a virgin.” Cool air caressed my entire, tan body, ruffled my hair.

Mrs. Long’s eyes widened. “That would explain how sensitive you are,” she said. “Enough breast-play. It’s time to show you how much pleasure one woman can give another.”

I felt warm and very horny. “Please do,” I begged.

“I have wanted to make love to you all year,” she said to me. “Ever since I saw you the first day, your tight little black skirt cupping your round ass.” Her hands slid down my stomach and slowly massaged my belly, making my muscles tense and relax with each stroke. “I’ve laid in my bed at night and dreamed about you and all of your cheerleader friends while I drove a rubber cock deep into myself,” she moaned. “There’s nothing I’ve wanted more than this…”

She slowly, gently slid her fingertips underneath the elastic of my blue panties and began to tug them downwards, towards my hips, the fabric bursa vip escort peeling off of my sticky sex. I began to breath harder. Sweat made my breasts slick and shiny, made my silky hair stick to my cheek. My panties came down below my hips, then stopped at my knees. Mrs. Long stared at my vulva and licked her lips, then pulled my panties all of the way off.

“I imagined you looked just like this,” she whispered. “I fantasized that you were this small, this round and tight…this pale…” She trailed off, stretching my panties between her fingers. “I love the way you keep your pussy so smooth…shaved. It makes you look so much younger. So much more innocent…”

She put her hands on my legs and began to slide them up and down my thighs, her long fingernails trailing and making my young thigh muscles jerk and stiffen. I felt tiny pricks of heat burn inside my belly. The pool of my own cum on the desk hung from my knees in thin strings, dripping in little puddles beneath me as I moaned and bucked my knees in nervous anticipation. She slowly stopped stroking me and closed her fingers tightly around my legs. As she began to pull them open, I felt my entire body tremble in excitement. Though Susan couldn’t know this, I had fantasized about other girls and women many many times. I was so turned on by her…she was very sexy. I surrendered my dignity and let her spread me obscenely open on her desk. Cunt-juice cooled on the rubbery lips of my vagina. Mrs. Long stared at my hairless, shaved sex and lowered herself into her rolling chair, scooted up between my legs. I felt her soft brown hair on the insides of my legs. Her warm breath heated my cunt, soft hands and fingers squeezing my inner thighs. Nothing but my own two fingers had ever been this close to my sex but toilet paper. Oxygen came to my lungs now only in ragged gasps. I couldn’t stop my knees from shaking. I whimpered. “Please, Mrs. Long,” I begged her, “please do it! Eat me out!”

Her mouth sucked my moist lips into its warm embrace.

I arched my back in ecstasy, screaming hoarsely. She bit me, bit my juicy puss like a ripe melon and slurped at my womanhood as it sprayed her lips and chin with thick, creamy cum. I bucked my hips up and down her mouth, driving my twat into her frantic lips as I spasmed in climatic orgasm. This felt really, really good! She licked my quim and speared my pink tunnel with her stiff tongue again and again. My pussy lips unfolded, my teenage clit growing into an erect bud, larger than my nipples, but thinner. I felt another burning orgasm growing in my belly, and wrapped my long, tan legs around Mrs. Long’s shoulders, pulling her deeper into my muff. I felt tears forming in the corners of my eyes and squeezed my eyes shut, drumming my heels against her bare back as her fingernails dug red grooves on my belly. My pussy was growing more and more sensitive with every lick and bite, and I knew I couldn’t stand much more. Susan lifted her mouth off of me and slid her tongue between my ass cheeks, then licked all the way from my rectum to my twat, then sucked my clitoris into her mouth and began grinding the painfully/pleasurably sensitive knob between her teeth!

It was all I needed. I slammed onto the desktop and jerked my cunt high into the air, hot juices running in steaming rivulets down my jiggling buttocks. My toes dug into her back and my knees slammed into the sides of head. Cum erupted from my spasming pussy, my belly jerking in and out, flowing into Mrs. Long’s mouth, over my ass, onto the desk and down my thighs. Some even flowed down my belly and collected under my breasts. Again and again I peaked and peaked, my unviolated vagina showering wet, white cum into her mussed hair in long, gooey strands, splotches of hot wet on her cheeks and under her eyes. Finally I subsided and fell back to the desk, in my own copious cum. I was barely conscious.

“That,” exclaimed Susan Long breathlessly, “was matchless…unbelievable.” She paused and panted, flushed red cheeks contrasting with my shining white cum. “Now, its your turn.”

I barely understood her, my eyes closed, and my breath coming in weak gasps. I felt drained, and satisfied. I didn’t move a muscle when I felt her hands on my shoulders, pushing me back on her desk. My head fell sideways bursa elit escort against the cool wood, and I closed my lewdly spread legs. Suddenly, I felt Susan’s hand on my chin, pulling my face towards her. I opened my eyes and watched her climb onto the desk, her flushed thighs gently squeezing my legs, her hand resting on my smooth stomach. Her heavy breasts fell towards me, bouncing heavily.

“Suck mommy’s nips now,” urged Mrs. Long, lowering herself over my face. “Nurse on Mommy!”

I did. My lips opened and I wet them with my tongue, then pushed my tongue at her heavy brown nipple. It tasted sweet, and she pushed closer, my lips closing around the erect teat. I nursed on her, sucking and biting her rock hard mam. She groaned loudly again and again, and I felt her sweaty fingers in my belly button, in between my legs, on my flat breasts, clawing at my smooth shoulders. I licked her nipple from every angle, slurping and sucking on it. After a few minutes, she pulled her thick teat out of my mouth and lowered her other breast to my mouth. I did the same to this nipple as I had done to the other, even dragging my pearly teeth over it, scraping my teeth over her swollen aureole. I really felt like a young girl nursing on her mother, as she stroked my hair softly and cooed softly in appreciation of the pleasure I was giving her.

Then she pulled out of my mouth and sat up, her butt pressing into my thighs, silky fur brushing lightly against my knees.

“That was very nice,” she said. “You nurse very well, child.”

“Thank you,” I whispered. “Your breasts taste good, Mrs. Long.”

She blushed and began to crawl up my body. I had read erotic fiction on the web, even been to lesbian porn sites, and I knew that some lesbians liked to rub their partners nipples into their cunts, but when she passed my breasts and began lowering her crotch towards my face, I knew she wanted me to suck her sex. It was round and firm, covered in soft, downy black fur, and I could smell her arousal immediately. For a moment, I was scared, maybe even a little disgusted. Then I remembered how good it felt when she’d done it to me, and I suddenly wanted not only to suck her, but bite her, lick her, even drink her sweet cum.

“Mary…” Mrs. Long sounded a little hesitant.

I slid my hands up and over her large, tight ass-cheeks and gripped their pillowy swells in my fingers, pulled her towards my face. Her cunt pressed into my nose, over my mouth, and for I moment I simply let myself drown in her strong, sweet-smelling, hairy lips. Then I opened my lips and slid my pointy tongue into her tight, pink hole, stroked her rubbery vulva with my full lips. She wasn’t sweet, not like my cum was sweet, but her slightly bitter, almost acrid vagina tasted good and I started bucking my chin into her groin, licking her slit, nibbling on her tight box. Her clit dripped thin, white nectar onto my tongue, and I licked it, heard her grunting and moaning above me. Her knees squeezed my head tightly, and I increased my sucking. My tongue traveled up and down her dark quim again and again, orally stimulating her smooth, white twat and bringing her closer and closer to climax. Finally, when my tongue was getting a little tired, she erupted into shuddering climax, exploding into a ground-shaking orgasm that instantly drenched my entire face with hot cum. I lived my darkest dreams and drank pussy-juice, swallowing stringy, slimy cum again and again, licking it off of her quivering slit.

“That’s right,” crooned Susan Long, “eat my cum, you little slut…” She fell on top of me.

She rolled off of me a few minutes later, and we both kissed deeply, sharing our cum, intertwining our hot tongues. Then we slid off of her desk and onto the soft carpet, hugging each other tightly, our breasts crushed between us, my thin, tan legs between her fit, white thighs. I shut my eyes and listened to my heart beat.

“You are so beautiful,” said Mrs. Long.

I smiled and licked the tip of her nose. “You are too.”

She smiled at me. “Come home with me tonight,” she said.

“I don’t know if I can,” I said, doubtful.

“Will your parents object?”

I thought, hard. “Probably not…”

“Then you will. I’ll pick you up at you house at eight.”

I was strangely hesitant. “Well…”

“You have no choice,” Mrs. Long said sweetly. “You’re my bitch now. Understand?”

Her dirty mouth turned me on. “Fuck you,” I replied.

“Oh, you will,” growled Susan, then smiled. “Please?”

I nodded, and licked some of my own honey-sweet cum off of her eyebrow. “Yes.”

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